Film Theory: Disney’s Biggest Disasters! (Moana, Hercules, Lion King…)

Film Theory: Disney’s Biggest Disasters! (Moana, Hercules, Lion King…)

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  1. When you want to get the theory done before the end of 2018 but you spent hours looking and calculating Madagascar’s square miles to see how many lemurs would fit

  2. What about the Disney company

    (All Disney products [tv,,movies, sequels,] + pixar+ any company owned by Disney [marvel, starwars abc etc] )

  3. I think it's either dinosaur or mulan. Most likely dinosaur. I'm going with dinosaur. I hope I get it right

    Edit: At first I thought Atlantis but I changed my mind. Lets see what's going to happen

    Second Edit: i was right Dinosaur is the deadliest and atlantis is in 2nd place!

  4. Wouldn't the horses count as sentient because Mulan's horse has a bunch of justifiable actions so wouldn't the horses count?

  5. Ya know, we had no idea what dinosaurs sound like. They could meow and we wouldn't know. We just ASSUME that they "roar" because theyre giant animals. AND!! How do we know that theyre aggressive?? They could be giant, meowing Dino's. ANOTHER THING!! Do we have dino scales?? Cause like if not, them bitches could have fur, feathers, THEY COULD FEEL LIKE A BATHRUG!! We weren't there to document that ✌🏾✌🏾😂

  6. That moment when you have to do a college assignment about Atlantis and you use info in this video (with the actual sources of course)

  7. Dose marvel know count as a Disney movie because trillions died in end game soooooo it would be definitely number 1

  8. Do Star Wars!!
    My money is on The Force Awakens. AN ENTIRE DAMN STAR SYSTEM BITES THE DUST! Not to mention all the people on Starkiller Base!

  9. I think it might be Hercules

    Edit: oof I was so wrong
    Edit 2: wait, he's doing Hercules twice
    Edit 3: oof I was still so wrong

  10. no I remember watching this for the first time and knowing it be dinosaur cuz I'd watched it the night before the first one came out

  11. I'm glad that Dinosaur won the trophy for the Deadliest Disney Movie of all time. I love Dinosaur, it was one of my Favorite Disney Movies

  12. A huge fucking meteoroid impact decimating all life on Madagascar would definitely obliterate everything in a few hundred miles too

  13. 22:56 cough … Between 84–95 million years ago rifting separated Seychelles and India from Madagascar.

    Edit: i thought Mulan would have won but as soon as u showed a dinosaur movie, im like … METEORS!

  14. I mean you ended up with the right answer but your reason for searching for another movie to break the tie was wrong. Atlantis and Hercules weren't tied. Even though they have the same ending death count, Atlantis was winning beforehand.

  15. 10:43 isn’t he going to count the people in the different generations from Moana because that would be like thousands of people which would beat the lion King so I think that Moana is the winner lion King is not that’s what I’m thinking

  16. Isn't the mcu part of disney? And Infinity War wipez out half the UNIVERSES population. And lets say that most populated world have around the same population as earth and there are mabey 15 planets in (most likely more but I'm being nice) that woul mean 59.25 billion people died. Soooooo

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