Film Theory: Disney’s FROZEN – Anna and Elsa Are NOT SISTERS?!

Film Theory: Disney’s FROZEN – Anna and Elsa Are NOT SISTERS?!

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  1. It also makes sense why agnar and iduna would have left to see Rapunzel's wedding, its not only an excuse to tell Rapunzel's parents about how Elsa is doing, its also a reason to meet Elsa's twin.

  2. Nah, Elsa's hair would be reddih brown without her Ice Powers making her hair a snowy blonde

    Of course you would need to cut her hair off to see it lose its magical coloring much like her Cousin Rapunzel's hair (Elsa's and Anna'sMother had a sister with Ice powrs, and a Normal Sister

  3. It’s been six years and we still can’t pronounce Anna

  4. When MatPat said "let it go" it reminded me of how my mother put a "let it go" sticker on the back of the toilet seat… it made us all laugh!

    if you're seeing this

  5. I think the reason Elsa has that hair colour is because of her ice powers. I think this because when Anna has the frozen heart, her hair turned into the colour of elsa’s hair. That’s why I don’t think it’s from the magic flower.

  6. That’s impossible because if the mutter took a bright yellow flower hoe would Elsa have ice powers and white hair!

  7. Also, just to point out that Rapunzel's hair doesn't grow back after it's been cut. She shows Eugene when she's 18 from when it had been cut as a little kid—it's brown and short—never grew back. Therefore, the 3 years connection isn't directly correlated based on the hair theory. It could have been "years and years and years of asking".

  8. 12:12 why is there no blood on the knife? Like I get that it’s a kid’s movie but why show the knife then😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. Actually rapunzels hair wouldn’t have grown. (The hair mother gothel cut when she was a baby didn’t grow back)

  10. Well in 2019, Frozen 2 is supposed to reveal how Elsa got her powers and would be pretty weird to mention things from another movie. In addition, the channel, SuperCarlinBrothers made theory that Elsa has all of the elemental powers.

  11. Edit: I just realized he pointed this out, so this comment seems useless, but I'mma keep it anyway :p
    It only corrects that he says they show up at the end of Frozen when, in reality, they show up at the beginning.

    I can't be the first person to have noticed this, but I only watched Frozen today and am only now watching this video, so here it goes. Rapunzel and Eugene show up to Elsa's coronation. They can be seen heading towards the gates of the palace at around 16:22 of the movie's runtime, as Anna walks out of the gate (as she sings "For the First Time in Forever"). A generous amount of Rapunzel's face can be seen, her new short hair is unmistakable, and she's wearing a dress that is extremely similar to her signature pink dress from Tangled while Eugene is wearing an attire more fit for a prince, keeping his facial hair (which is very light) and his hairstyle, both of which appear to be further grown.

  12. 7:59 matpat, you had the perfect chance to say "touches rapunzel left after not seeing her FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER."

  13. Wait Elsa has ice powers while Rapunzel has hair that glows and heals when she sings and healing tears so there must be some rule of thumb the magic flower is following because even though they are twins,, they have different powers so is the flower granting powers that suit the environment or something else

  14. Well matpat you have overlooked a big hole because at the start of tangle it was shown rapunzel was born without a twin at at the same night was kidnapped by the old woman and if you say she could've been kidnapped or killed at the same night wouldn't they also celebrate her bday like rapunzel lighting lanterns but it seems that they only celebrated rapunzel's bday and at the glass only rupanzel was added

  15. Ok so the new trailer of Frozen 2 is out and you can see that she held a reptile and it sounds exactly like Pascal. And sister have common likings so like….

  16. My parents are right handed and I'm also right handed ,but I can say whatever on the internet so now I'm left handed.

  17. (watching this 2019)
    Well, now that Frozen 2 is coming out this throws your theory right out the window. Sorry Mat.

  18. if both parents having blue eyes means the kids have blue eyes explain how my brother has freakin green eyes, not a single person in my family exept him has those color eyes.

  19. If they are twins why aren't rapunzels parents worried about them both and also wouldn't they send lanterns on her birthday why would they give her up to another king and queen

  20. What do u mean! U say that both parents must have blue eyes to have a blue eyed kid but my moms brown eyed and my dads blue eyed. I’m blue eyed. Please explain

  21. 0:43 If you that that was bambi your wrong, That is actually the precious golden fleece of Athena. That jason collects and brings back to his homeland in greece.

  22. 9:03–9:12
    Wiz: Alright! The combatants are set! Let’s end this debate once and for all!

    Boomstick: it’s time for a DEATH BATTLLLLLLLLEEEE!!!

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