Film Theory: ENDING The Salad Fingers Mystery

Film Theory: ENDING The Salad Fingers Mystery

The wait is finally over, Salad Fingers, it’s finally time. P-pardon? Time for part 2 of your theory. Do it now. Hello internet! Welcome to Film Theory. And I hope you’re ready because in honor of Halloween, it’s time we head once more Into the twisted mind of Salad Fingers. Last episode we stablished that Salad Fingers Is set in the UK, during the year 1939 Trapped in his own mind and force to relieve various Memories from World War 1 We also saw the recurring theme of Salad Fingers Feeling trapped by, and abandoning babies And how his fractured mind constantly hops between different personalities. But, what does it all mean? How do these individuals pieces add up to one overall narrative, and, What the heck does the ending mean? You had to wait long enough So let’s not waste any more time, let’s get right into it. When looking at the 10 episodes of Salad Fingers, there’s a definite shift midway through the series, the first five episodes are filled with bizarre moments, unexplained events, strange characters and veiled plotlines, but it’s in episode 6 “present” that things start to feel weightier, much more intentional, it’s this episode that makes it clear that the random, disturbing moments sprinkled through the series aren’t just there for shock value, but rather possess a deeper meaning, crucial to unraveling the plot of it all. The episode revolves around the first of the finger puppets, Jeremy Fisher, giving the titular present of a horse to Salad Fingers, a gift that seems completely arbitrary, until we see old Horace Horsecollar appear again in one of the final and most gruesome moments from the series. Episode Ten’s visit to Dr. Papanak, where the doctor is launched through the air and latches onto the side of the horse, tearing into it’s stomach. As an animal lover, it’s brutal to watch as the horse stares at Salad Fingers and cries. So clearly, these moments are highly symbolic, but symbolic of what, exactly? Let’s hop back into episode 6, to figure it out. Jeremy Fisher appears and Salad greets him by saying: “Jeremy Fisher! I thought you were out fighting the great war!” So apparently it’s a surprise to see that Jeremy has returned home from the war so early, but this is a line that takes on a whole new tone just a few minutes later when in the same episode Salad repeats it again. “Jeremy Fisher, I thought you were out fighting the Great War.” Things have gotten serious in a hurry. But why is Salad Fingers suddenly so aggressive towards Jeremy? To truly understand that… we need to first piece together their conversation and piece together is an accurate description because believe it or not, the conversation happens in two chunks separated out and removed from one another. One side of the conversation happens when Salad is out playing with Horace Horsecollar at the local toilet, and the second half is in the house directed at the finger puppet. What seems like two fragmented streams of thoughts, when spliced together actually gives us one completed conversation between Jeremy and an angry father. Both played by Salad Fingers’ fractured mind/ Here it is properly laid out: “Jeremy Fisher, I thought you were out fighting the Great War.” “P-pardon?” “I’d like a word with you.” “I don’t understand.” “I’m not one for accusations, but this one’s cast iron.” “What is this?” “I’ve seen you tailgating my daughter with aspirations of deflowering her rose.” “N-no this isn’t true. You’ve got the wrong bloke, squire.” “I don’t make mistakes comrade this one’s textbook.” Flash to Salad Fingers eating a version of himself, and you’re left with crystal-clear storytelling ladies and gentlemen. I don’t know about you but it makes so much more sense now… …Yeah right. What we see in this pivotal moment from the series is a father-figure actively threatening a former soldier, Jeremy, for trying to seduce and deflower his daughter. Deflower, you know, take a roll in the hay with her, create the beast with two backs, break out the old horizontal mambo.. Alright, enough of- Roast the old hot dog. I’m done. Remember, this is Salad rehashing past memories. So the fact that he eats his puppet in the end or cannibalizes the head of some other Salad Fingers seems to indicate that this conversation didn’t quite end all that well for Jeremy. Most likely with the father killing him. Extreme, maybe, but it seems like the father’s fears about Jeremy might have been well-founded. You see, think for a minute about the horse Jeremy gives to Salad, and then remember the fact that it appears again in a doctor’s office to have its stomach ripped out. Knowing what we know about the accusations against Jeremy, let’s say for a second that he is indeed trying to deflower this young girl.And what’s more that he succeeds in doing so. Under this context Jeremy giving Salad Fingers the present of a horse is symbolic of him getting the girl pregnant. Likewise, that means she would need to go see a doctor to have things taken care of. Be it giving birth, or on the flipside, having the baby aborted. And that’s the memory we see Salad relive in episode 10 as at the doctor’s office Salad once again flips through a couple personalities where he starts as the girl getting examined by the doctor. “I suppose you’ll be checking me for nimpers, and camel spots.” a girl who really enjoys her examination a whole lot, before snapping into a new persona.This time, that of the mother encouraging her daughter while the baby is being born. “I know it hurts, just try and sit still whilst the doctor eats your blood.” Ah, the miracle of childbirth at the hands of the swiss army knife doctor. And for as gruesome as this scene is, we can confidently say that she gives birth, since the title of this episode is “Birthday”. So we’re now left with the million-dollar question- Whose birthday is it? Why, it’s none other than our good friend, the second and most crucial finger puppet, Hubert Cumberdale. There are actually plenty of hints to confirm this. Sprinkled throughout the videos not only does Salad Fingers tell us at the beginning of episode 10 that it is Hubert’s birthday today, “As it’s Hubert’s birthday” but also in a very short scene after the doctor’s visit, we see the important visual of Hubert being abandoned on the ground surrounded by branches. Know as I covered last episode, baby imagery is everywhere in this series. Especially babies being abandoned. With Mr. Branches from episode 9 being one of the strongest examples. So to depict Hubert lying there amongst a bunch of broken branches, all while a tree has somehow grown between Salad Fingers’ legs is an important visual symbol Hubert is clearly the baby. But there are other hints sprinkled throughout the series as well. For instance in episode 8 Salad adopting the voice of a scolding parent kicks Hubert off the bed into a tray of muck, saying: “Scrub that muck off at once, Hubert Cumberdale. I’ll have no dirty immigrants in my house.” It’s not just an insult, it’s pointed to the fact that Hubert was born of a black father, Jeremy Fisher, which during the World War One era was a big deal. This was a time in history when immigration into the UK was on the rise, due to the war as a result what’s known as scientific racism flourished a time in which white Europeans used false scientific claims to prove that they were the superior race. Things like saying that the Caucasian brain was anatomically larger than other races, or relating facial structure to overall intelligence. That coupled with the increased immigration caused by the war, resulted in attitudes like the one Salad Fingers expresses in this moment. It’s a key point of seeing Hubert ostracized by his own family because of his parentage. It’s even reflected in the way Hubert tastes. In episode 2, we see that Hubert “Ew, you taste like soot and poo.” Again indicating a different status than someone like Marjory, who tastes like “Sunshine dust.” Hubert is simply considered dirty or unclean. Well how does this all fit with the ending? As a refresher Salad Fingers encounters a table with five other salad finger looking creatures except each is physically mutilated in some way. At the head of the table is a sixth chair. Empty, and presumably for him. Salad is visibly uncomfortable at first, until the mysterious pole lowers down with a gift a hat made out of the remains of the now-dead Milford Cubicle. The present makes him feel at home, and series ends with him saying in triumph: “I shall wear it from here to the grave. What a truly special day” So WTF? Seriously, we just saw a horse get ripped apart, and now this is our big ending? Well, yes actually, and here’s why. Salad Fingers is Hubert Cumberdale. The child born out of wedlock that never found his place. Always being ostracized by a family that never wanted him in the first place. And this ending shows that he finally feels as though he’s found acceptance, a place where he fits in. He’s found his family. Granted, it’s a family of deformed mutants who don’t actually acknowledge his existence, but hey, it’s enough for him and who am I to take that away from our little green hero. So first we know that Hubert and Salad Fingers are one in the same. Well, it’s worth noting that after the doctor’s scene in the forest, Hubert as we discussed gets left behind. Suddenly, when Salad Fingers is back at the house, the birthday party is no longer for Hubert. It’s for him. He’s the one the presents are for. And he’s also the one excited about how the other guests remembered him on his big day. “For me? I thought you’d all forgotten!” It’s also worth noting that randomly Hubert is wearing a top hat in this episode. And what gift does Salad get at the very end of the video? A similar-looking top hat. But it goes beyond that. The Hubert puppet is also the only one to be able to change form. Becoming black goo that burns to the touch. Unlike the other finger puppets, this one is supernatural. A construct of Salad Fingers’ mind. Unlike the other characters, which are more grounded in reality. Hubert is also seen the most, and is one that we see in life size scale multiple times. Even sharing Salad’s own memories. But despite all of this, he also tends to only interact with Salad Fingers’ true personality. None of the other characters that Salad Fingers hops between both Marjory and Jeremy interact with other personalities. The angry father, the disappointed husband. But Hubert seems mostly connected to the true Salad Fingers. So if that’s all the case then it makes sense why this ending is so moving for Fingers. In episode 8, we see just how lonely he is. So much so, that he keeps a memorial of hairs. Five different hairs- each one a different shade and color. “You all look so beautiple together. A gay little quintette.” They’re mementos of his lost family. At the end of the episode he’s forced to get rid of them. Something that is so devastating, that he ends the episode by crying in the corner of his safety cover. So we have five hairs, but also five different people at that final table. Coincidence? I think not. In the end, I have no solid proof. But I can only assume that this scene is meant to be Salad Fingers being reunited with the five people in his life who have abandoned him in some way. People who have either died, or disowned him. Scenes that we’ve witnessed across the series. Some combination of the father figure we saw in episode four who fled to France afraid of being caged by a baby. Kenneth, his younger brother from “Shore Leave” who either died young, or during the Great War Auntie Bainbridge. Probably represented by the gray hair. And the most likely candidate for the voice of Roger the radio. A woman cold and unforgiving to Salad Fingers as he was growing up. Marjory Stuart Baxter, Salad’s wife from episode 9. The wife who left him to care for their baby alone. And then Ivan, the baby he just didn’t know how to handle and had to give away. Maybe even his mother who, if the episode 10 doctor’s appointment is any indication, potentially died in childbirth. Five hair,s and five lost loved ones. Run away, dead, or disappointed. Leaving Salad Fingers, or should I say Hubert, alone. In his made-up reality. Stuck in time and trapped in his own unforgiving wasteland. That’s why the final moment is so important.Tthe platoon is all there and the gift he’s given is a hat. A friend hat, like the one he gave to Hubert back in episode 5. He’s finally accepted. He’s found his place at the table. IIt’s as though Salad Fingers has finally come to grips with who he is, leaving the puppet behind in the woods, and being born again into his true role as Hubert. So the episode titled “Birthday” Actually has a double meaning.Green monsters deserve some love too. What a truly special day. But hey that’s just a theory, A film theory….. Aaaaandd cut! Oh and full disclosure, I still have no idea what’s the deal with Milford Cubicle, or why it’s his skin making the friend hat. Maybe it’s just a remnant of the real world poking in. I don’t know, I’m a theorist, I’m not a miracle worker.

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  1. Notice how the version he ate of salad fingers is sat at the table in episode 10. Idk if it means anything but hey why not haha

  2. Probably to late for this comment, but I think the horse/doctor scene is one of an illegal abortion, an abortion in which the GF dies during. It would explain the brutal nature of the scene (abortion was illegal in the uk at the time and many died from it) and also the sad pleading look of the horse. IMO the argument he's acting out is one between him and the father of his girlfriend. The father didn't approve of hubert because of his race. I don't think it's involving hubert's father because the lines seem a bit to much like he was there for the argument, which is it was his father he would not have known what was said.
    This would also explain why the tree calls him father, Why the thing following him around that loves him is a fetus, and why the baby bursts out or him early and almost kills him. IMO he carries guilt for the fact that the GF and his baby died and feels that he abandoned them. The birthday celebrations are for a child that never got to have one.

  3. After Horice was ripped apart in the stomach he appeared after with stitches instead.


  4. It’s not just DID it’s also reminiscent of an abstract broken world inside the head of someone who’s had a full frontal lobotomy.

  5. I think this is really spot on, save one little nagging aspect for me. I don't think the five are his family, I think they're representations of his family. Originally I thought they were just fragmentation of his mind, but I'm starting to think they're others in a mental institution with him, which is why they don't acknowledge him. He just sees them as versions of himself, I think. The series was him working through all of his issues, but not successfully. By the end, he's just as disillusioned and disconnected as when he started. Late to the game, but still, great video.

  6. Wait, did salad fingers say comrade?! what if he is a result of an alternate history soviet nuclear attack or something, or the one forgotten soul in the Chernobyl catastrophe, and escaped the soviet lack of freedom to the UK amongst all the chaos?

  7. Based on the newer episode that says "when your father gets home" to him, I think that his dad likely neglects him and sees him as a terrible regret, based on the angry father biting the puppet/another salad fingers, I think that it's a literal depiction of how the mad dad lad "bit his head off", and likely attacked him, but didn't fully kill him, as he likely believed that while the mixed race child was a bad idea, needed to not just be taken care of by his daughter, but the sailor as well.

  8. Actually, the mutilated Salads In Episode 10 do acknowledge him. When Salad Fingers says “I thought you’d all forgotten” one of the Salads look at him in a way of saying “Of course we didn’t forget.”

  9. love the Supernatural reference at 10:08 with Jensen Ackles!
    I'm a bit sad its last, first episode of a season is coming out October 10th, but all good things must come to an end.

  10. It's a small thing but saying stuff like "as an animal lover" don't make you seem like less of an ass, if not more. The audience would have no problem if you said "it's a horrible thing" but you just had to put the light on you to remind us what a moral person you are. -_- Again, it really doesn't matter, it just immediately made me thing "what a pompous ass". Love you though!

  11. If Salad was the baby, how would he remember a conversation that happened before he was born? Wouldn’t it make more sense for him to be Jeremy Fisher, and rather than killing him, the father did something that damaged Jeremy’s brain?

  12. For y'all people who keep saying "Salad fingers is gross and ugly. This is why he is "ugly" he and his family were survivors from a zombie apocalypse and a few month's later they got infected and died… But salad fingers survived and from the infection he got his green skin and his long green fingers and a few month's later he got depressed by this and a few month's later he got mentally ill so there you good

  13. Can we just talk about those noises the green dude was making at 5:50. And is that like a real thing where girls enjoy having check ups like that like is that a legitimate thing I’m so confused

  14. It’s strange but in the slendrina the cellar 3 there is a secret some how if u type in on pc del hel bel Mel sel the game will crash only to see the game switch’s to a rare discoverd game named salad Hubert but do u know the wife of or should I say salad fingers puppet is slendrina and Jeremy Fisher is slender man? It’s strange but salad is baldi and baldi was born as the baby of slendrina believe or not in 1767 there was a huge war of silence in the discoverd war of the world war 3 two men is the two slender and slendrina’s husband the two men is the BBQ and the BABY HEAD NO WAY RIGHT?! There is a Easter egg no one discoverd because it’s only if u were the owner the owner even didn’t tho BUT HERE GOES DEEPER at 1983 there was a Video tape was hidden in salads house the video was the film clip of the slendrina the forest bye if u want more details follow me on Twitter on the killer two bye.

  15. I Honestly think the first episodes is "salad's fingers brother" and when the fetus thing captures him that's when he dies.
    Think about it, He kinda got married? and other stuff that would be a normal life. when we see him
    (flying back home?) Thats when we hop into the mind of the current salad boi.

  16. the girl isnt giving birth thats an abortion. she wouldnt be sitting still giving birth shed be telling her to push, and a multi racial baby would NOT have been born back then

  17. Theory: salad fingers lost his brother during ww1 and then lost his own child in the Great War by getting seduced and killed

  18. I don’t know how many times I screamed while watching this.
    I’m sitting near my brother while watching this because I’m that scared

  19. Wait salad fingers and dhmis / dont hug me im scared both end on episode 6??? And at 4:00 some mite say salad is chewing jermy fishers head off

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