Film Theory: Gravity Falls ISN’T OVER! (Bill Cipher LIVES!)

Film Theory: Gravity Falls ISN’T OVER! (Bill Cipher LIVES!)

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  1. We'll meet again, don't know where!
    Don't know when~
    Oh I know we'll meet again some sunny day!

    Keep smiling through!
    Just like you always do~
    'Til the blue sky drive the dark clouds far away

    (That's right people, there's more lyrics than what Bill & Stan sang)


  3. Ok when you said at the end ,,thats just a theori a film theori" and then there was silents i said this:
    -he did this at night didint he…
    And then THAT picture apered on the screen i scream

  4. So the phone that they kept flashing on the screen for the phone call had a date on it. September 12th. That date is (drumroll please) my birthday!!

  5. WRONG well half bill cipher and stan aren't the same if that was true why didn't bill just give gideon
    The pass code right then and there also bill wouldn't have had some much trouble looking for the code in the first place

  6. So does that mean if Stan and Ford are in the arctic ocean if Bill got out of Stan’s mind would he be able to take over the world

  7. You know bill cipher is secret enemy for his different form and the different time that’s means he controls Everyone in gravity falls especially Stanley so that means gravity falls season 3 is gonna be here soon.

  8. What if bill was that one eyed octopus in the Pacific Ocean in weirdmageddon at the end

  9. A different form, a different time…

    Did anyone see that bird land on the Bill statue’s hand in the last episode?

    Does anyone think that the bird could somehow be Bill’s new form??

  10. Wait just saying if he said a different time as well doesn’t that mean it’s possible of the past and possession of Stan in teenager year or younger

  11. yesterday i finished gravity falls and i watched the details at the ending and its pretty certain it will be back
    so "see you next summer"

  12. I know people say that there’s not supposed to be a season three, but we all know that that is what Alex Hirsch is planning

  13. Guys! I know where bill is trapped! In blendin blandin! Think about it, different form, different time
    drops microphone

  14. The song Stan sings could be to Dipper because he has a pine tree his family is called the pines and the main character is a big character and dipper collects all 3 books what ford made Dipper probably has see all about bill and bill may have made a deal with Bill maybe his new form is Mabel because who else can get into his mind but Mabel Stan could be apart of his power he could have put has much as he much as he can and as it says he comes in three maybe he can be 3 beings

  15. Wait you said a different form a different time so that means that bill sipher is almost a god he meet with a god and that also means he is rebirth in the past or the future but doesn't remeber nothing and haves a different body so yes that he still alive but not in standly's head but also he will still remember and also the god is the salamander guy gave him a other life so alsssoooo sorry for saying this allot but that means that bill siphr is every person in his universe but why did bill siphr went to gravity falls universes. I'm not saying that the things you said is rong well a little bit rong but you didn't finish yet and there still a mystery that gravity falls still haves but not in the show in fiction or reality so as I was saying why did he wants to rule the universe's all the universe's that other gods made because he wants to be the goddddd of alllll the gods that's why he killed his own race and if he doesn't get killed again he will remember every thing time by time and then he will have more power and kill every thing so its just his universe's. Now thats a theory a my theory and Me

  16. I feel bad for bill like the axolotl said "saw his own dimension burn. *Misses home and can't return*.
    Says he's happy,he's a liar" like he probably didn't really mean it and based on some things I Read a trauma can cause negative effects on his or her future so that's probably the reason he is such a villain here he must just feel bad or sad

  17. Btw he says A-X-O-L-O-T-L my time has come to burn I invoke the ancient power that I may return (just turn on the captions)

  18. What I if "A different time" is the present for them, that's why Stan wanted the books and dipper and mable changed his mind 🤔

  19. Matpat and me are both therist matpat is smarter than me though and we both have like the same thearys how also I over anilise EVERYTHING that is why people think smart I'm like L from death note but a little dumber same thing with matpat but he has the same IQ as L that's also why I'm super perinoid like shit also spiders

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