Film Theory:  Harry Potter ISN’T The Chosen One?

Film Theory: Harry Potter ISN’T The Chosen One?

The wizarding world needed a hero. They got the wizarding hero they deserved. Or.. the wizarding hero they thought they needed? They thought they needed to deserve. The one they thought they wanted to deserve- Augh screw it, they got BATMAN. [Batman Effects] [Film Theorists Theme Song Plays] The one with the power to vanquish, the Dark Lord approaches… Born to those who have thriced defied him, born as the seventh month dies… And the Dark Lord will mark him as equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives… The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies… [Music Stops] Hello Internet, welcome to FILM THEORY! It’s like Game Theory, but with one small difference. I’ll let you figure out what it is. Now, if that prophecy sounded familiar, that’s because it’s the big reveal that comes at the end of Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, The fifth in the series of books, movies, and ugh, “Video Games,” About the young orphan who gets whisked off to Hogwarts Wizard School with his friends, Ron and Hermione To find out he’s destined to save the world. Honestly, I never got the “Hype.” The fifth book was always my least favorite. Too much of all HP whining about being special. Oh suck it up! Anyone would love to have magical powers. So your different, get over it! But I will say the fifth MOVIE was my favorite in the franchise. Whoo, that final wizard battle! I could watch it for days! And yet, whether I loved it or hated it, I never got the “Hoopla” around this prophecy thing. Yeah yeah, Harry Potter’s the chosen one. He’s the one that’s gonna have to kill Voldemort Big surprise.. Like, did we really learn anything here? NO! We just had a nice filler book to kill off some of the big characters And then transition to some of the darker installments. It always felt like such an anti-climatic reveal, Well, at least it did, until I started thinking about it. We’ve all assumed that it was Harry the prophecy was talking about, Since you know, it’s his name on the book covers, movie posters, and tighty whities. But what if it was all a cover-up, a reus, a brilliant PR campaign to take the attention off the “Other Boy” who lived, The TRUE HERO of the story. And what if this prophecy wasn’t just “No Duh Moment,” But instead, a clue hidden out in the open for us careful fans, about the identity of the TRUE hero of Hogwarts. Sound crazy? Lets break down the prophecy! We know that the Dark Lord refers Voldemort, the evil wizard with the unfortunate nose job, But the rest of the thing is really unclear. We know that “The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord” must have been “Born to those who have thrice defied” ol’ nose slits over here. Okay, well Harry seems to fit the bill. His parents, Lily and James Potter, were both members of “The Order of the Pheonix, A secret society founded by the Hogwarts headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, To oppose Voldemort, so they probably did their share of fighting. That said, we’ve never actually been given three specific examples. So, you know that connection is, meh, at best. What is with these darn ancient prophecies! Why could they never say in clear English what they mean? Hey you, Scar-boy, HP, you’re the chosen one. Go kill this guy. Anyway, the hero also needs to be “Born as the seventh month dies.” The prophecy is so adamant about this, that it mentions it twice. So, it’s oughta be pretty important. Well, after doing extensive research on the subject, I learned that the seventh month is actually July. [Triumph Horns] And Harry’s birthday is July thirty-first, so thats sounds pretty cut and dry, And finally there are those parts about “The Dark Lord will mark him as his equal” and “a power the Dark Lord knows not.” With Harry, these two sort of go hand-to-hand. Voldemort marked Harry as his equal when he showed up at the Potters to kill Harry and avert the prophecy, But instead of killing him with unforgivable Avada Kedavra killing curse, Lily Potter threw herself between them, sacrificing herself in the process. Voldemort was completely blindsided as a mother’s love, something he never knew or felt himself, activated an ancient magic That reflected the curse back onto him, and left Harry with an extremely marketable lightning bolt scar. Seriously, it looks like a temporary tattoo, and don’t worry, it is. But yeah, the books and movies make it pretty clear that the power Voldemort knows not is “Love.” And it’s exactly that power of love that allowed Harry to defeat him in the battle of Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows: Part 2. Ugh, really? “Love is the Power..” Can we.. can we get anymore clichéd here? It could’ve been something cool like uh.. I don’t know, Laser beams. Ok, so lets take a second to step back here and look at the terms of the prophecy objectively. If we’re being completely honest, if we were able to find another kid who was born at the end of July, Had Do-Gooder parents, And was loved at some point in his life, you actually have yourself a pretty darn valid canidate for hero of the wizarding world. Well, make that one very specific hero candidate. You would have yourself; Neville Longbottom. Wait, that’s him? This guy? Oh wow, he actually turned out to be
quite handsome. Did he.. It is strictly Platonic I’m hey, I’m able to appreciate
his handsomeness and in a strictly Platonic way. Don’t be getting ideas. Now I get the
confusion. In the movies, Neville was worse than the third wheel, he was a
fourth wheel to the Harry Ron Hermione tricycle, and yeah the idea that he’s a
hero seems like one of those bits a far-flung fan fiction that surfaced in
some dark corner of Reddit but if you go with me on this one for a minute, I
think you’ll be surprised by what we find. Let’s go back to
the prophecy. Born as the seventh month dies; That was the biggest at least vague
stipulation of the prophecy, and one that would be really difficult for me to
fudge. Funny thing is though, I don’t have to
Neville’s birthday was on July thirtieth one day earlier than Harry’s, and based
on the vague wording I’d say we have at least a few days window here. Especially
if the prophecy is okay writing off “Love is the power he who must have sleep
apnea knows not.” Ok, Next. “Born to those who thrice defied him.” So Lily and James Potter may have done
their share of old defying. Again, there are really no clear examples given to us,
but look at Neville’s parents Frank and Alice Longbottom. These two were aurors. It’s basically
like being a professional Harry Potter, but less pouty and with better pay. Their
backstory kind of gets the shaft in most of the books and definitely in the movie,
but they were a serious power couple who would clearly have been on the front
lines of Dark Lord defense they were so important in fact that Voldemort’s
followers captured and tortured Neville’s parents using the Cruciatus curse to
leave them permanently insane. One of the attackers Barty Crouch jr.
even disguised himself as a teacher and made Neville watch him torture a spider
with that same curse. Anyway if we’re going to assume that the
Potters somehow defied Voldemort three times, I think we can give that same
consideration to the Longbottoms so that’s two major check marks maybe there’s something to this thing
after all; Which leaves us with our last two criteria for being the chosen one:
Being marked by Voldemort as his equal and having a power that Voldemort doesn’t . I
said earlier that this missing power is clearly meant to be the power of love. Que
that Hewey Lewis! All right that’s enough, we don’t want to
challenge copyright police and the movies and books drive the love point home,
but it’s unreasonable to rule out that this power could also belong to Neville.
We’ve already established that his parents parallel the dedication of James
and Lily Potter, maybe even more so as the only way to disable them was to
torture them beyond recognition. A prolonged period of torment as opposed
to Lily’s snap decision to save her son. So, we have just as much evidence to
believe that Neville has powerful love juice pumping through his veins just
like Harry, or then again maybe everyone’s wrong and the power Voldemort
knows not is Herbology. Let’s face it that’s one Neville really excels at, and
Harry eh green thumbs he has not but then what about Voldemort
marking Neville as equal? The lightning lightning bolt scar [trademarked], and the spell that
merged Harry and Voldemort’s souls together are pretty solid evidence for
Harry being the chosen one. Nevel doesn’t seem to have that sort of a connection. So have we hit a brick wall here? Is it
even possible to make a case for Neville with this one piece of evidence blocking
our way? Well as it turns out we’ve been asking
the wrong question. It’s not whether Harry or Neville are
the chosen one. They’re both the chosen one at the same
time. Over that to make them the chosen two I guess? I don’t know. Anyway without
any of us realizing it, JK Rowling has been teaching all of us Potterheads a
little bit of quantum physics. There’s a well-known quantum physics
principal called the “Many-Worlds” interpretation which was coined by Bryce Dewitt.
As we go through time, there are many possible futures for us while we’re
waiting for the future to happen, every possible future is real. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Let me
put it this way I might have cereal for breakfast tomorrow or who knows i might have leftover cake.
Both of those futures are real events, but the “Many-Worlds” theory says that I
decide which one of those real futures i participate in by making the choice to eat
that awesome slice of cake. Because, let’s face it. We all know that
that’s the future i’m going to choose because chocolate icing rocks, and yeah
sure, I’ll regret for the rest of the day, but that alternate future, the one where
I’m super lame and choose to eat cereal and probably do some push-ups or
whatever Ehh sucks just thinking about it, but yeah
that’s still real too – I just chose not to participate in it so screw you health! It
was the point where I made the choice to obey my sweet tooth that determined the
path that I went down but history and future still have all those other
choices within them. Think the past and future like a tree with a whole bunch of
branches all the way through we choose which branch to follow but the
whole tree still exists; And that brings us back around to the problem of Harry
and Neville. Harry, according to the prophecy is the Chosen One. Neville according to the prophecy is also the
Chosen One. Think about it we just went through all
the reasons either can fulfill the prophecy. There’s nothing so remarkable about
Harry that makes him more likely of a hero of the wizarding world than Neville.
Except for one thing, one choice. In this case the only person
who had the ability to choose between these two was Voldemort himself of the
two equally real chosen ones, he could have decided to attack, he chose Harry Potter. He could have just
as easily chosen Neville Longbottom but in choosing harry he gave him an entire
future, an entire identity, as “the boy who lived” in a weird way. Harry should be thanking Voldemort
otherwise he would have just been well Nevel; And if you think this theory
sounds a bit far-fetched, well, listen to someone you do trust “Mr. I Knew The
Answer The Whole Time and Just Chose Not to Share it With You Until the Very End,” Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore actually
explains this theory to Harry noting that it could have gone either way,
between who Voldemort chose to attack, Harry or Neville. In fact from the very
beginning of the series we can see Dumbledore understanding of these
parallels. In a way Dumbledore and Hogwarts Proper treat both of these kids
like they could be the chosen one. Probably because Neville and Harry both
represented equally likely branches of history. in the very first installment
Dumbledore recognizes Neville’s contributions and awards him points for
his bravery and standing up to his friends these points, not Harry’s, end up being
the deciding factor in Gryffindor’s win over Slytherin for House Cup (Idc I’m a Ravenclaw.) What seemed like Dumbledore playing
favorites was actually him catering to the other chosen one. Nevel’s also only one of two individuals
we know for a fact to have actually had a conversation with the Sorting Hat
about which house to go into. Only he and Harry have the self determination to do
this. Following their first year, Neville
repeatedly demonstrated he was both smart and capable, in a lot of cases more
capable than Harry himself. He provided Harry with gillyweed in year four, saving
him from failure in the Triwizard Tournament, helping the quote on quote
“chosen one” fulfill his destiny. While Harry was moping around in the
wilderness for most of movie seven and seven part 2 Neville stayed at Hogwarts, even as it
was being taken over by dark magic. He actively subverted his professors , and
even endured torture and beatings to continue helping Harry. He literally raised an army, Dumbledore’s
Army, and led his peers to fight against Voldemort and his death eaters. Neville
did all of this. Neville Longbottom. Their parallels only
get closer as the series ends. In the final battle with Voldemort, it was
Neville who pulled the sword of Godric Gryffindor out of the sorting hat and
then used it to kill the Guinea; Voldemort’s final Horcrux. it was this and only this specific act
that made it possible for Harry to actually finish off Voldemort. The only other person ever to
demonstrate this ability pulling a sword out of the hat, Harry Potter, and in the
final moments of the battle, in movie 8, part 2 of number seven, when everyone thinks Harry is dead, we
see one person step in to take his place; To stand for him directly and fight
Voldemort, Neville. Harry Potter isn’t actually the chosen one. There is no one single chosen one. Both Harry and Neville are the chosen
ones and each plays out their timeline as this character even if we only get to
see one side of the story in the movies. Maybe JK Rowling set up this parallel to
demonstrate something about fate or about the choices we make impacting the
rest of the world or that no matter what hand were dealt, it’s the small acts of
bravery that matter. That prophecies for all their worth
don’t make you any less special because in the end what it truly shows is this: It’s the choices that you make in your
life. Either way, that’s just a theory, a Film Theory and cut! And next time we’ll
prove that Ron is actually Voldemort! Wait, what? You should continue your Film
Theory marathon by clicking one of the videos over to the right. We have all
sorts of good ones for you to watch right now, so keep going, keep watching.
Stay the course man stay the course. Give the gift that keeps
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  1. no Neville doesn't give Harry the gillyweed that was dobby and it is plainly stated that Neville could have been the chosen one

  2. Came to the comments to see you're talking about Neville. It's stated in the books that Voldemort assumed it was Harry, and because he killed Harry's parents, he became the chosen one. If he had killed Neville's parents, it would have been Neville… We all already knew this lol

  3. so what was the point of this video? sorry, but this is just a recap of the 5th books. And Hermione had a conversation with the sorting hat about being in ravenclaw

  4. Long bottom helped to save the world. Voldy had a list. He chose harry first to kill him and the parlents. Long bottom is on the list.

  5. Only problem with this- Hermione is also known to have a conversation with the sorting hat. The sorting hat wanted to put her in Ravenclaw, but she fought for Griffyndor. Also, Neville did not give Harry Gillyweed. Doddy did, in the book at least. The movie simplified it.

  6. Actually that's a perfect metaphor for not standing alone. There's always someone out there with at least half of the same experiences you had yourself, may it be abuse or anything else. In thi particular case standing together against the ones who are choosing the bad way, because in the end the bad guys won't even know what it feels like to actually stand together because they only care about themselves. Harry and Neville maybe never realized the whole thing but in the end they found the same purpose, defeating the evil that threatens there loved ones. Same in our live, if you connect the pieces of the puzzle called "your life" right you will find your purpose. There will always be people with matching stories, but people nowadays kind of unlearned to recognise them and team up against it. Maybe I am seeing to much in this, maybe I don't. Your choice. I see a lot in this people should learn from and start acting upon it.

  7. Can't you just read a synopsis before trying to make a "theory?" you just took and explained a plot point that was disproven in the books, and used your lack of knowledge as proof the books are wrong..

  8. It was Doby the house elf that gave harry the gillyweed in book 4. the movies got it wrong. Nevil had nothing to do with this what so ever. He did have the book and answer but Harry never asked him.

  9. So the fact that this was stated in the books is ultimately irrelevant, but Neville also couldn’t be the chosen one by the movies alone. The prophecy states that “the dark lord will mark [the chosen one] as his equal.” So Voldemort choosing to kill the Potters make Harry the chosen one.

  10. lol I don't think Matt patt read the books. They go through this theory and mentions Neville's birthday was also in the prediction.

  11. didn’t in the book dumbledore tell him that he might not be the only one that could kill Voldemort and Neville can too?

    EDIT:just noticed the end of the vid

  12. Lol Dumbledore says all of this in the book. But Harry was marked as an equal, Neville was not. That's what made Harry the chosen one

  13. I already knew Neville was the second chosen one but he wasn't marked as an equal
    Also nevelle and Harry were the chosen one's because if nevelle never killed nagini Harry would have lost

  14. MatPatt: comes with a theory
    The Potter heads who found that out ages ago: bruh
    Matpatt: Neville provided Harry with Gillyweed
    The Potter heads: Hold on that was Dobby, not neville

  15. If they were pokemon:
    Hermione= Braixien
    Harry= Lucario
    Ron= Furret
    Neville= God Bidoof! ( That one meme of all the legendary Pokemon mixed with Bidoof in one big abomination)

  16. I thought we all knew they were the chosen ones. Except, if Voldemort picked Longbottom, then they would never have killed Voldemort because Harry had to die. Also, Neville never gave the gillyweed in the book

  17. To be honest I didn't think the “chosen one” was just Harry bc if neville didn't kill the snake so Harry could kill the dark Lord (I wrote the snake and the dark lord bc idk how to spell ;-;)

  18. Surely there would be parallel universes where the prophecy was different right. Who knows, Draco, Ron, Luna, or Cedric could've been chosen ones.

    Chosen people?

  19. wai what if Neville and Harry were the two prophesied? What if Neville was prophesied to help Harry as he killed Nagini so that Harry could kill Voldermort

  20. MatPat is GREAT, and makes compelling videos usually with tons of research and interesting ideas, I recommend him to tons of people. But dude, this one took zero research and it's not a theory. It's cannon! The books literally talk about every singe bit of this and Dumbledore himself tells Harry all of this information and says that the only reason Harry has to bear this burden is because Voldy CHOSE him, therefore making Harry the chosen one. We also know that Neville had a part to play and that's why Harry told him specifically to kill Nagini. Each of the horcruxes were destroyed by someone deep in the fight against Voldy (Diary: Harry, Ring: Dumbledore, Locket: Ron, Goblet: Hermione, Tiara: well, actually that one was accidentally destroyed by Crabb, Nagini: Neville, Harry as a horcrux: Voldy himself, oopsy). Also the line about "powers that the Dark Lord knows not" could definitely be about love, and I think it mostly is, but it could also be about some of the power he accidentally transferred to Harry when he tried to kill him: parseltongue, seeing into Voldy's mind, eventually being the real owner of the Elder Wand, etc.. So your ending about making your own choices and not letting "destiny" guide you is a nice and valid point, but none of this is a theory.
    P.S. For more examples about screwing prophecy and choosing free will, watch Supernatural. 🙂 Harry Potter and Supernatural are my life!!

  21. Don't get wrong I liked the video…but this is all in the books, they give Neville's character more depth and importance than in the movies and explain how Harry is the chosen one merely by luck…so yeah

  22. Also Snape hates Neville because it could have been neville who could have been the chosen one and Lily could have lived…which makes Snape the most vile character in this book, even worse than Voldy.

  23. TL;DW for this episode: If voldy had gone to nevilles house instead of harry's, neville would be the chosen one… yea sounds kinda obvious dont it

  24. 1 : evryone allredy new this
    2 : it was dobby who got harry the gilli weed but i mean you go the movie way the uncannon way

  25. The whole different reality aspect that you discussed around 10:00 is rather obscure. The way I see it is that there is only one possible path humanity can follow. Think of it like this: every action you do is decided from your memories, experiences, and natural instincts whether they are conscious, unconscious or subconscious. In other words every action you do can theoretically be predicted based on your environment, and observing every aspect of your life. You have probably heard of this philosophy before, it is called determinism. Nothing is random. If you roll a dice the exact same way twice then you would get the same outcome, hence the answer on a dice is simply based on how you roll it. The way you roll it is because of unconscious choices that your brain is making. Everything (if looked at by every aspect) is predictable. The theory of determinism is that every thing is predictable. No currently known digital or biological brain has even close to being able to predict everything because you would have to know every single thing that is happening in the universe at one point in time, and examine it each millisecond at a time to see what will happen in the next millisecond. Therefore, bringing me back to the original point, fate, in a form, exists. Everything is determined for us. We can choose between eating chocolate cake for breakfast or eating cereal and doing exercise, but whichever one that you choose is the only possible option that you can choose. In other words. We have no free will, but because the one that we choose is the one that will happen for whatever reason, we also have no free will. In conclusion, there would only be one path that our “tree could take. And let’s face it… that would be one weird ass tree

  26. I am sorry but for the conversation with the sorting hat thing, we also know that Hermione had one with the sorting hat. Or at least it spoke to her, telling her that she also could have been in Ravenclaw.

  27. When Snape informs Voldemort of the prophecy, it’s apparent that both Nevel and Harry fit the bill. Voldemort sends some of his followers to deal with the Longbottoms while he deals with the Potters. Why he chose the Potters is unclear. Personally, I am of the belief that the Potters were fiercer threats as fighters than the Longbottoms, so it makes perfect sense for Voldemort, as the strongest of his army, to deal with the greater threat. Now, love is the power that Voldemort knows not, but how that power is invoked is the reason why Harry is the chosen one. When Voldemort bursts into Harry’s nursery, he doesn’t just immediately strike down Lilly. He had every intention of allowing her to live. Before the attack, Snape begged Voldemort to spare Lilly’s life. Out of respect for his loyal survant, Voldemort thrice demands Lilly to stand aside, and thrice Lily refuses, beseeching mercy and for Voldemort to kill her instead. Only then, does Voldemort evoke the killing curse. Born to those who have thrice defied him. Lily was given three opportunities to save herself, but she still chose to sacrifice herself for Harry. That is what ultimately fullfills the prophecy, and what a self-fulfilling prophecy it is. Voldemort never would have tried to spare Lily if Snape hadn’t begged the boon. I don’t know if Nevel could have been the chosen one. Maybe so, maybe not. It’s all very situational. That’s why prophecies are so dangerous.

  28. Having read the books this theory is just hilarious watching him assume facts that are already correct. Most, anyway. This is film theory though. Then again I still think Neville being the person who might've been the chosen one is still implied in the movies. Anyways.

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