Film Theory: How Disney RUINED Han Solo! (Star Wars)

Film Theory: How Disney RUINED Han Solo! (Star Wars)

Have you ever really thought much about Han Solo’s rank in the rebellion? (Random person) General Solo What? General?! REALLY? The last time the Rebellion saw Han Solo before this, he was planning to BAIL on everyone. I thought you had decided to stay. Well the bounty hunter we ran into on Ord Mantell changed my mind. Then he gets frozen in carbonite for a year, gets forgiven and immediately gets promoted to GENERAL? WHAT? How does that even make any sort of sense? No wonder the Rebellion ends up with such tactical genius as his Vice Admiral Holdo. I wonder how long SHE spent in carbonite (ノ゚0゚)ノ~ *the best intro in existence*
( ˇωˇ) Hello Internet, Welcome to Film Theory! Last chance to hop into an escape pod if you want to avoid spoilers for “Solo” and, well, the entire “Star Wars” franchise Because not only are we heading straight into the asteroid field of movie plot points But this theory might actually spoil Han Solo for you as a character across the Star Wars universe. But hey You won’t be alone. As a fellow Star Wars fan over here I was as excited about Han Solo prequel as anyone and that was about like “Meh.” I’m kind of excited about this. But after watching it I was left with no choice I had to come to terms with the only conclusion you can about han Solo, the handsome hunky space cowboy we all once knew and had confusing feelings about is actually nothing, but an overhyped poser That’s right! The quote-unquote “best pilot” in the galaxy is nothing but a credit stealing Lackey whose success in the entire Star Wars franchise is a complete and total farce. Han Solo is a lie, period. End of story. He sucks and it’s all thanks to what we see in the prequel Aaaaare you still there? Okay, great. For the 12 of you who didn’t rage quit this video after me saying all of that: first off I’m gonna prove that everything I just said is true and secondly I’m gonna make a believer out of you, too. On with the theory! Since apparently none of you went to see solo in theaters I’ll catch you up on this completely predictable plot of this latest movie. Young Han Solo starts the movie by escaping his crappy home planet but OOPS! He leaves his Khaleesi — I mean girlfriend, Qi’ra, Nope, not that one either. “Qi’ra” behind. After debating whether to abandon her for less time than it took me to say this sentence He’s like “peace, I’m out of here.” Han first goes to the Imperial service. But as snooty highbrow thief he finds the work distasteful So he runs away and becomes a smuggler. After completely ruining his smuggler mates’ business prospects and killing off and killing a couple dozen of them in the process, he wins the Millennium Falcon from Lando in a card game. Lando and his… highly progressive droid L-337 go with Han on a mission to retrieve a MacGuffin I mean a hyper evolved energy source, and in the process, they complete the legendary Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs! (if you round down) So this all sounds like yet another fun and wacky Star Wars adventure So why am I going so hard on Han? well this movie is supposed to establish to us why Han has such an amazing reputation as a pilot and a smuggler by the time we Reach the original Star Wars trilogy, but if you actually look at the movie Then go back and even look at episodes 4 through 6 of the original trilogy You can see that Han Actually sucks at all those things roll the tape everything starts when you see him at the opening of solo Where by the way, he’s not a pilot yet and doesn’t have experience flying anything but some measly hovercraft They make that very clear in the opening moments and the early scenes of the movie show that he’s not even good at handling those not even good at handling those hovercraft The only thing we know he does Successfully is Hotwire a hover car which means that he’s skilled enough to have watched about two YouTube videos on how to hotwire something Yes those videos exist and no you shouldn’t watch them for anything. But educational purposes once we see him steal a vehicle he cruises away in a classic Star Wars style chase scene and this becomes the first And this becomes the moment where we see his great piloting skills put to the test he goes in for the classic thread the needle maneuver, he would later be known for and Completely fails he biffs it. He crashes the ship is ruined But okay, I hear you saying it already this movie is to show him growing He can’t start off being amazing at everything. The Karate Kid doesn’t wax off perfectly his first time either and I hear you I understand that I went into this movie expecting that but what if I told you that Han never Learns to fly that this level of piloting ineptitudes where Han starts and where he stays for all the rest of his time Alive don’t believe let’s keep going after we establish the humps exit flying at the beginning of the movie We watch him continue to suck the next time he gets a chance behind the wheel or I guess cleans don’t have wheels So the next time he takes the stick Doesn’t sound right either you gotta really come up with some better piloting metaphors Anyway, we see Han joined the imperial army expecting to learn to fly But we then fast forward three years and he’s a boots on the ground grunt. He’s not a pilot He was expelled from flight schools checked outside Academy We never actually get a sense of how much training he receives But based on what we see next it could have been much the next time we see Han fly is with his smuggler friend back In I’m putting together a crew you ran which if you seen the movie Can’t really be called a success while trying to steal hyper fuel from a train They’re attacked by summer otters on flying motorcycles. Their getaway driver is shot and killed leaving Han in the pilot’s seat And what’s our ace flyer to do he literally runs into the side of a mountain With two or three motorcycle riders to his left He doesn’t think to I don’t know turn right and instead runs himself headlong into the mountain dropping the hyper fuel leaving the mission a complete disaster With two people dead and literally nothing to show for it. Goodbye mission. Goodbye Smuggler money and thanks a lot Han Solo and just to reiterate we’re 45 minutes into the movie at this point and there is still no learning curve on Hans piloting abilities han hasn’t learned anything about being a pilot or a smuggler for that matter between the first scene and now in fact his piloting is just more deadly and more costly than it ever has been but I know you Star Wars fans are really persistent and you’re still making arguments here that none of these early scenes matter because by the end of the movie han is an Amazing pilot. He’s your man crush Monday, and there’s nothing I can say to change your mind well
Let’s just look at that supposedly amazing Kessel run from the end of the movie. And in the meantime Prepare for your man crush to be totally crushed man. Let’s look at how the Kessel run goes down in typical Han style He promises that he can retrieve raw completely unstable hyper fuel from Kessel Which is a planet that just so happens to be a hop skip and a jump through a maelstrom that’s unnavigable for most pilots But not for all ha or should I say not for Lando and l3 37 and here’s where Hans piloting really starts to unravel Let’s talk about l3 37 the robo justice warrior whose name alone is just Pure cringe since it’s a bunch of movie execs trying to be cool by naming their robot and leet-speak according to Lando one of the reasons l3 is so advanced and eccentric is the fact that she hasn’t had her memory wiped in years the advantage to this gives her is that now she has a Vast navigational record that serves as the most detailed and nuanced map in the galaxy such incredible records Not only allow l3 to travel efficiently But also let her to make maneuvers through dangerous poorly charted areas Like asteroid fields or in the case of our Kessel run the Maelstrom She’s in charge of overseeing the navigation of the Millennium Falcon safely through the Maelstrom on the way to Kessel Which she does without even flexing but then on Kessel something unexpected happen namely everyone on board becomes a social justice Warrior – well on Kessel l3 37 tries to free her fellow robots from an eternity of servitude But gets shot the process just when she’s about to go offline permanently Lando uploads her data into the Millennium Falcon to save her AI and bolster the ship’s navigational abilities in the process linking her Consciousness with the ship forever and this this is the linchpin in exposing Han Solo’s lies We now have a droids consciousness linked with the Millennium Falcon Specifically a piloting droid with what’s established as the most robust navigational knowledge in the galaxy It’s only after this point that we see han Solo actually perform Impressive piloting maneuvers and you’ll notice it’s only ever in the Millennium Falcon Don’t believe me. Look at this at the end of solo we see Han finally pull off his signature thread the needle maneuver will Ken’s his failure with the move earlier on in the movie with The hover cars and is meant to show the growth of his skills rights he then goes on to do it twice more throughout the series first and the Empire Strikes Back while he navigates the asteroid and then Again, even more famously to escape the cave But here’s the thing. It’s not him pulling off those maneuvers its l3 We know this not because we see him being a terrible pilot later but because we see plenty of other characters who are definitely not pilots suddenly becoming Amazing at flying as soon as you put him at the helm of the Millennium Falcon in Return of the Jedi Filming witch-hunt never pilots the Falcon on-screen Lando gets a hold of the Falcon and pulls off multiple close maneuvers including the same Thread the needle move getting through the core of the second Death Star and in case you think that Lando might have perfected the move In the time that he owned the ship. How about someone who has never flown before? Period when Rey flies the Falcon for the first time in her life she manages to pull off the same Exact move and then again a few weeks later on crate She does it one more time for good measure and we know it can’t be Ray’s parents passing on good piloting skills since you know Filthy junk traitors That’s one that’s gonna come back and bite him a couple times with my theories of anything to say about it Long story short the common thread through all of this. It’s not the pilot skills eats the ship the ship with L 337 the most advanced piloting droid in the galaxy built into its system Ray may not realize how much the Falcon is actually helping her out, but Han certainly knows. Have you ever stopped to notice? How Han is rarely the person flying when the ship is under attack in Episode four? He actively gives up piloting to Chewie So he could have more fun. I mean be more helpful by hopping into one of the turret In Episode five. Neither hot nor Chewie are in the cockpit with the Falcon is actively under Imperial fire But the shift somehow manages to come out unscathed and how about all those times that Han talks about his evasive maneuvers I know a few maneuvers Yeah, flying in a straight line real evasive there Han you’ll notice that he does this while the navigational system ie L3 is busy charting a hyperspace routes safe enough to make the jump to hyperspace. Let’s face it His name should be Han didn’t do it solo Honestly considering the origin of his name aim Solo wouldn’t be much dumber ladies and gentlemen of the internet I’m sorry to dash your dreams of hunky Han the great star pilot But hey, if you have your heart set on becoming a great pilot like Han Solo when you grow up now You know that even without stepping foot in a cockpit, you’ve probably already hit benchmarks since let’s face it The bar is pretty darn low the only question this theory leaves me with is what I’m gonna leave you with now – did the film makers know I mean I hate to say it but this theory is backed up with a lot of evidence across the movies so much so that I would actually Speculate that the makers of solo may have known what they were doing here I mean think about it the whole movie plays up this idea that l3 is a liberated droid and she’s a cocky pilot She’s too good for Lando’s advances and she takes it upon herself to liberate all droids in the Star Wars universe And that jams up literally buried in the wiring of the Millennium Falcon in the mean time Han Solo a human who never accomplishes anything without her help gets all of the credit for her work spending the next three Movies bragging about all his amazing flying abilities did Lucas and Disney intend to show how incredibly unfair the situation is? I don’t know, but if so, man, That makes me like this movie a whole lot more and with how much I really didn’t like the movie – that helps a lot. But hey, that’s just a theory… a Film Theory! Aaaaaand… Cut.

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  1. Lando was a good pilot, Rey is one of the most force sensitive characters ever, and L3 is in the navigation systems not the controls

  2. The explanation for Rey being able to fly is clearly woman power! SJW movies can't ever show a woman who is bad at something or else how will we know she's empowered!?

  3. This video is so stupid on so many levels. Han didn’t crash the coaxium shipment because he was a terrible pilot, he crashed cause he didn’t have enough faith in Beckett to get rid of Enfys Nest in time. While he’s flying the AT hauler, Rio even compliments him on being “one hell of a pilot.” Also, we have no reason to believe than Lando couldn’t pull off a thread-the-needle maneuver. And Rey was able to pilot the Falcon because she works in a JUNKYARD. Literally one of the first things we see her do is scavenge a Star Destroyer, a ship from the same era as the Falcon. She even knows that Unkar Plutt put a compressor on the ignition line and knows it would’ve put too much stress on the hyperdrive AND says it in unison with Han, who even considers her as a crew member on the Falcon. You can’t just ignore facts that are right under your nose.

  4. Han didn’t lie. He tells Obi Wan that “it’s the ship that made the kessel run in 12 parsecs” he never sold himself as the pilot that made the run in 12.

  5. L3-37 is a NAVIGATION DROID. Not a PILOTING DROID. He HELPS NAVIGATION, HANCE, Good technique. My theory, is that L3-37 taught Han how to be a good pilot

  6. Anyone notice how harsh Luke and Leia were on Han for wanting to take his money and run, despite the fact he had explicitly stated he had to give every penny to Jabba or he was a dead man? Like, his life literally depended on that reward

  7. If this is Lucas' persona for han, that would also explain his desision to make Han be the second one to shoot, as this also shows him lucking out instead of having increadable skill?

  8. SOLO, was actually my favorite Star Wars movie. Because it didn't feel like a Star Wars movie, just felt like a really good Sci-Fi.

  9. Yo Matt. Any true Star Wars fan worth is grit knew that Han Solo was a fake. He's a con man a shyster and if you look through all the old school Trilogy that's all he was. Anyone with common sense could have figured out there was a reason he only wanted the Millennium Falcon. Especially when it's considered a piece of junk that most people wouldn't want to fly. And he's obsessed with money and riches but he'll take a piece of junk ship over other ships he's had access to. I know all me and my Star Wars San friends pretty much universally knew there was something special about the Millennium Falcon. And assumed it was some sort of database our program he had in it. But what you totally left out of the video is how much of a Savage badass he is he's a good fighter he's a rogue with a badass mount. And a good companion. Peace

  10. You know I get it, people love star Wars but why get so butt hurt. It's a film THEORY , sure MatPat gets into the theory but it's just that. A theory. A FILM THEORY don't get butt hurt

  11. Well. I'll take your theory — but I don't think I ever thought Han was a particularly good pilot. Isn't Chewie the primary pilot anyway? Han's more the captain.

  12. This is actually hilarious because it matches his character. This sort of scummy, cocky as hell, "where's my loyalty today" smuggler. Han probably knows he can't fly and that's why he's so fond of the falcon, his reputation is on the line.

  13. Not gonna lie, Han actually being a mediocre pilot and all of his achievements being due to someone else (a super ai ship) seems perfectly in character to me.
    At least as far as the films go, I know nothing about the non-movies

  14. Actually this theory predates Disney. Notice that Chewie can and does fly the ship from his usual seat. Also, what side is the driver on in England? Han has never been the primary pilot or navigator. Before L3-37, it was Chewie.

  15. This theory is wrong by the way because he flew the other ship in Star Wars return of the Jedi and in the force awakens and he learned how to fly in solo did you not consider that mat and he had no choice but to crash the ship

  16. The only defense I can give for Han is when talking about the kessel run he never says he did it. He brags about the falcon saying that it is the ship that made the run.

  17. Rey just picking up the Falcon and flying like that isn’t L3 she grew up a scavenger so she had to build things from broken ship parts and she would make speeders Just lkid Anakin hopped in the Naboo fighter

  18. I mean Leia is a general for the rebelion so we can assume she flew once and Rey well if she can use the force and beat Kylo Ren in a Light Saber duel without training piloting the Millenium Falcon is just consistency at this point.

  19. If you’re not stupid, then you know the movie made him a stupid bitch. They broke Ford down to nada. I like Han but this vid has a solid point. Don’t be a biased fanboy.

  20. But as fans can't we all just agree that SOLO isn't canon? No one likes L3 and the film totally sucks and that wasn't even the real Han Solo? And let's not forget all the times Han was a fucking Legend. As much as i've started to hate the new movies… Let's not forget that when The Force Awakens was alone in the new era it was actually a good film on it's own. And in that film Han dropped out of Hyper Space meters above ground. Something i doubt too many could do. Yes the computer does alot of the work. But the final bit is done by Han… Give him credit. Solo just like the rest of the new movies was made to undermine the classic trio as much as possible… Hey, Poe is a very likable flat character… But he out of the blue is jsut the best ever with no one even taking a sec to say that Han was once the best. Disney wanted that gone cuz they don't care bout no original trilogy. Han is a fucking Pro… Solo did not show the real events. It's just really bad fanfiction made by Disney so they can fuck over George's creation as much as possible.

  21. But… he doesn’t get kicked out for being a poor pilot, it’s for not following orders, and that poor time flying for the crew? He flew fine. The dying experienced pilot even commented that his flying is actually as good as he says.

  22. Also, after he loses the Falcon sometime before The Force Awakens, he becomes a terrible smuggler again. We know this because he's indebted to the rival gangs.

  23. THEORY: Doctor Who spent time on Earth as Sam Beckett, and 'leapt' into Han Solo, making SOLO something like the STAR TREK reboot's 'Kelvin universe'—meaning that the original trilogy needs it's 'SOLO DIDN'T DO IT'-reboot.

  24. Well, that does help to explain why Rey could suddenly fly the Millennium Falcon like an ace even though she had never flown any air or space craft that flew more than 4 feet off the surface of a planet. Now if you can just explain how in the hell she became an instant pro with a light saber, even though she had never even heard of one until somehow Luke’s light saber “called to her” (another first since Luke needed Obi Wan to call the light saber to him).

    Then we need a theory as to how she also managed the force power to control the minds of the Storm Troopers and even best Luke’s best student at mind control? It makes you wonder how she was stuck on that desert planet for so long being an expert on everything she ever touched for the first time.

  25. I personally think he improved in the kessel run. Also, he couldnt be mooching in the kessel run, as they mention there was no navigational information on it. Also, Rey has force sensitive stuff, which if you remember Anakin uses to pilot. Also, han has practiced in the falcon multiple times when we read the 4th movie.

  26. Or we could just say Solo is not canon and ignore it and say that Rey can fly because she's force sensitive, Lando owned the ship first, and Han grew over time. I think everyone would be happier.

  27. dont worry mattpat most of the fandom agrees with you..only the delusional people who cant believe theyre in a world where starwars sucks now will type those rage comments. And disney would rather you forget l33t is in the falcon because Rey is just supposed to be the best at literally everything out od the box because reasons..or maybe jj will (maybe) give her some kind of "backstory"/explanation

  28. this would explain why he was so interested in tracking it down after losing it between return of the jedi and force awakens

  29. I don’t know whether you meant to or not, but you used a crate of rare tea from sea of thieves when you say Han is a smuggler


  31. I thought everyone knew he was a con artist, even from watching the original trilogy I thought that was his thing, lying to Jaba lying to Luke and Ben that's why hes famous hes an amazing con artist.

  32. This theory is not really new. Dr. Who's Tardis and Luke Skywalker's X-Wing made the same thing: create a machine, that ends up being so smart and clever that the question arises as to whether the pilot has to do anything at all.

  33. Yes I remember when the rebellion was started by a future jedi whose father was slaughtered by darth vader trained to be vader's apprentice started the rebellion Via Vader's orders and included Mon mothma and- wait what? The rebellion was started by a tribal? Starkiller is legends now? Well man this series keeps going political and political now. L3-37 is thick though.

  34. This is going to be unpopular but hes right. I dont think it takes away anything from Han as he is a smuggler so lying is kind of what they do, especially say to impress a princess. But for those saying she's not a piloting droid the ideal that she was never asked to fly is insane chances are she probably took the pilot seat multiple times just think how long she's been navigating, chances are the pilot needs to use the restroom eventually lol. Just look at han and chewie every ten seconds its chewie take over buddy. Now the reason this doesn't take away from him is his James bond like arrogance and his hazing skills with a blaster is really why we love Han, plus he almost always makes the good guy choices when it matters. And the man who is suppose to be super selfish litrally sacrificed himself for his friends and belived in his son although way up to his son stabbing him. Yeah he lied hes a criminal when you boil it down by both republic and empire terms so yeah they do that. But honestly if we had a world full of criminals like him the world would be a lot safer and a lot better off, wont be perfect but nothing ever is. Now what got me believing him is when he said both Han and chewie werent in the cockpit and the ship was still performing amazing maneuvers. You cant argue with that, that obviously means that something else is taking over the ship and I domt think even star wars has a autopilot that detailed, if they did you would never need to manually fly it. Plus he made some very good points and presented real evidence truth be told no one here really knows what that robot is capable of, plus I still think the "she's not programmed for flying" argument is stupid. Why? Becouse she's a freaking ship! That's like saying a car wouldnt know how to drive if it had a consciousness. Yeah she was once a robot but she is know a ship meaning she has all of the controls, all of the knowledge of the ship ext. Plus come on you really expect anyone to believe that freaking rey pulled all that off a girl that's never had enough money to be in a cockpit or ever left her planet in her life, just over there doing barrel rolls like a champ yeah dont think so. Now saying that han never learns to fly I think is a big assumption truth is we dont knowing he does or not we just dont have that much info about him. That's also why hes so fun to watch for all we know he can and has a history of anything so expecting the unexpected with him is normal and it's fun to watch. And personally I was hoping that disney since there doing a series about the freaking Feat family would also do one about Han.

  35. when it comes to comments I'm always nice but this time you have Mat pat. first of all Disney and you have just crushed Lucius's and not many people would have completely missed this small detail. So here's a word of advise, STOP CRUSHING other film creators hard work and just go back to doing JUST Lora or other wise you are going to lose a lot of subscribers pretty quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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