Film Theory: How Star Wars Theories KILLED Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

Film Theory: How Star Wars Theories KILLED Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

You know, you can’t get a movie that’s much more polarizing than The Last Jedi. Top critics on Rotten Tomatoes have given it a 96% certified “Fresh” rating, While audiences score it at only 49% positive. On MetaCritic, 94.5% of the reviews from critics are positive, compared to 38.2% of audience reviews. So, whose to blame for this disparity? Ryan Johnson?
Internet trolls?
Porges?! Um, as it turns out, it was….
Me??? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] *Sorry, but game theory is not here, but there is film theory.* Hello Internet!
Welcome to Film Theory! [not game theory] The only show on the internet where talking about data regression and social psychology will actually make you more popular. And speaking of popularity, you may have heard that the biggest film franchise in history had another installment open not too long ago. Ah, no. Not that one, pitches. Though I can’t imagine how they’ve come up with three movies worth of acapella puns. Female movie character: “My fellow aca-people” no puns pls Female movie character: “Oh Im Aca Gee” stop the puns Male movie character: “Listen up aca-ballers” OH MY GOD STOP WITH THE PUNS! Female movie character: “Aca-cuse me?” can i cut the pun parts out pls ugh Oh, they just shoved the word acapella into things where it really didn’t belong. So they didn’t even try Female movie character: “aca-awkward” can we this this movie again but without the horrible puns? No, I’m of course referring to Star Wars. And before I go any further,
I’m going to make two things clear 1. If you still haven’t seen the Last Jedi and have somehow avoided spoilers for over a month, but still don’t want it for you, well then, you should probably both stop watching this video now and also teach me you spoiler-repellent ways, oh intrepid navigator of the interwebs. and
2. I know that every word I’ve ever said about Star Wars to this point has been about as reliable as Hayden Christensen’s acting Christensen’s character:
“What have I done?!” well you said what have i done. But bare with me here today guys and gals because today, I’m not trying to predict Star Wars. I’ve had enough of that. Instead, I’m going to analyse it. Namely how we can explain the huge differences in response to The Last Jedi. A Lot of people loved it, particularly the critics.
“I loved it the second time.” And a lot of people hated it.
“and at this point, I hate the movie so much…” And boy! Did the haters hate it. I mean, right now, there’s a petition written for Disney to remove “The Last Jedi” Stars Wars canon and completely remake episode eight, And you would think that this is just one of those far out fringe petitions with a few dozen signatures. but oh no my friends! Over 80,000 people have signed this thing. This type of extreme divide is pretty unusual. And so I, of course, wanted to analyze what the under lying cause was. But apparently , I didn’t have to look too far for my answer.
It was me the whole time. No joke! Ryan Parker from the hollywood reporter said quote “points of disgust seem to run the gamut, but perhaps the underlying factor can be traced back to expectations borne out of wild theories stoked by fan sites and youtube channels.” Sure, but he could be talking about literally any of the dozens of great Star Wars of- Oh no wait no, it’s definitely me. quote again,
“a prime example of wild expectations not met is a fan-made video on YouTube titled “Film Theory: Rey’s Parents SOLVED” “The fan video, more than 12 minutes long, deconstructs dialogue, looks between characters and even the seating arrangement for the table read of the Force Awakens.” Yeah, okay, but surely this must be an outlier, right? Nope, nope, here’s another. From Nick Johnston at Vanyaland. Quote: “Lurking behind all of this bitterness is a poison that’s obliterating out cinematic discourse: The Fan Theory.” WOW! Not only am I, Matt Patt, small little YouTube creator bringing down the entirety of the Disney empire, I am also destroying the entirety of film criticism as we know it!
With my… Ability to OverAnalyze! Well if claims like that don’t deserve an episode, I don’t know WHAT does. At the risk of getting inception levels of meta here, today’s episode is a theory about theories. Do theories hurt movies and our enjoyment of them? Should I be looking for a new job? Why have I not fulfilled my loser’s half of the bet I made last Star Wars episode and re-enacted a scene from “The Room” yet? All in good time my friends. All in good time. So if we’re going to determine whether theories are ruining movies, let’s start with a pretty basic question. Can we prove that theories fundamentally change our experiences when we watch something? According to psychology the answer is a resounding yes, and there are three principles specifically prove it. The first is known as the mere exposure effect, which states that people tend to prefer things, people, and ideas with which they’re familiar. Heres how it works, in 1968 psychologists set up a study where they show people who dont speak chinese a series of chinese characters, and then asked them to guess what the characters meant. Some of the characters were enlisted only once or twice. While others showed up as much as 25 times, and the researchers found that a subject saw the same characters over and over again, they started guessing they meant more and more positive things. In short, the more familiar something feels, even if it’s something as foreign as an obscured Chinese character, the more likely we are to have a positive reaction to it. And this absolutely applies to The Last Jedi. With any Star Wars movie you’re gonna get a lot of new developments, new characters, new creatures, etc. But The Last Jedi gives a lot of ’em, and dedicates a lot of screen time to them. Notes: Add more Subtitles, Make timing better, and when quoting, use exact words. (Delete this when all fixed)

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  1. But Matpat… When i saw the first minutes of the force awakens i was already sorely dissapointed… Kylo ren nor any force wielder shouldn't be able to manipulate light/Photons by use of the force….
    This would make kylo ren So powerful he could stop TIME itself he could easily just bend lightsabers or just destroy crystals within lightsabers it was above and beyond too powerful and too DUMB…
    And then he acts like a little bitch the rest of the film… Rogue one is the only good film… Han solo film is not han solo… the new saga… doesn't even remotely resemble the old saga.

    Heck if it is about Lore and continuity i can't even begin to express how far off 7,8 and 9 are…
    The prequels held true in terms of what are the limits within the starwars universe and then these newer generation film makes come along and they just open Pandora's box.
    There is no saving Star Wars… For one… i consider 7,8,9 to be non canon pretty much ALL of Disney will be non existent to me. They had everything to their disposal… even getting 5~10 Starwars heavy lore nerds within disney the film would have been at minimum 1000x times better…
    Disappointment is all i can say…
    If they would have hired a bunch of star wars nerds like myself, we could have helped them adjust the script in such ways that it wouldn't break any continuity issues, and would have stuck with the lore but Alas… arrogant people.

  2. You don't get it Matpat, they weren't really attacking theories they were defending the film with the tried and true "Look over there!" method. But why would they do this? Because they're shills, doing the bidding of Disney… Last Jedi wasn't divisive, until the shills MADE it divisive. It was a film that was mediocre at best, anachronistic at worst and the shills paraded it about saying "Love it or we'll call you misogynists"

  3. Star Wars: This is the last time you make a fool out of me!
    MatPat: I made you a hero. You did the fool thing all by yourself.

  4. Last Jedi deserves to be hated. I personally didn’t hate it, but i can see why everyone else did. They turned Luke into basically just Mark Hamil.

  5. To be honest, after the Star Wars ep. 1-6 run around 10 years ago, I have neither watched or read anything about the SW films, not even the trailers. I was positive about The Force Awaken, it set up many things to look forward to. I loved Rogue One. I was like wtf watching The Last Jedi, I almost walked out 3 times. I could not tell why I didn't like it until I started watching some youtube commentaries. I agreed with about 1/3 of them, 1/3 was arguable and 1/3 was just too picky. Still, The Last Jedi was a bad film, many things happened didn't serve the plot; the plot wasn't a good story; It was unnecessarily lengthy; the characters were not likeable; even the previously adored characters were made unlikeable and uncharismatic. A good sequel needs to be a good independent film in its own right, and the Last Jedi was neither.

  6. Lol.. dude your not that important or special, and neither is any of the other film theorists… At all.. you and all other critics or theorists influence is minimal in reality.

  7. Be lucky this isn't Life Theory, or he'd be discussing how Media now has the ability to make up lies in order to avoid fault or blame.

  8. What the heck, I’ve heard about this movie and didn’t know anything about it but havent gotten spoiled for a year??

  9. Actually, it’s the disassociation between critics psychoanalysing everything and audiences who enjoy (or in this case, don’t enjoy) the content.

  10. Don't worry matpat you didn't ruin the movie. my dad hasn't seen a single one of your videos and he still thought the movie was garbage.

  11. Maybe they were waiting to pay off all the stuff in Episode 7 in Episode 9 and were just trying to subvert our expectation of finding out in 8 by not letting us find out in 8 and even distract us from the truth with false claims (ie Kylo saying your parents aren't so and so). But then you guys go and ruin it by not being patient and little babies cause you didnt understand what was happening. But hey that's just theory…

  12. The critics who give bad movies good reviews are paid and get invited to events and are given baskets of goodies.
    The few trustworthy critics like Roger Ebert and Barry Norman are now either dead or retired.

  13. You can't ruin Star Wars. They decided to say "fuck you" to the fans and kill the lore. Unless you wrote Disney Star Wars, you aren't to blame

  14. So I know the disscusion on this topic is rather outdated, but I believe that that reason alone makes my opion more valid. You see, while I love Star Wars, I couldn't call myself a super fanboy. And, I had a rather odd circumstance that made it so that I was unable to see the movie until recently(I was out of country and really busy). This meant that when I did get around to watching it, all of the media around it had died off, and I was gone for such a long time, that I didn't see any of the preamble theory videos either. In other words, I was able to have a pretty darn unbiased viewing of the movie. That being said, It was absolutly terrible. I despised it. It was awful. And a lot of my reasoning was based on the things you said. I found that it was filled with inconsistent storytelling. Characters had completly different opinions, ideas, motives, and abilities than anything up to this point. There were entire sections of the movie that were not only useless, but also kinda borring(I'm looking at you, pointless side-quest that just gave Finn something to do for a while). So yeah, it wasn't film theories that did it.

  15. I must say, the mere knowledge about Chekov's Gun makes me disrespect anybody who writes a story according to it.
    The Last Jedi, in my opinion, was the first excellent Star Wars movie. I enjoyed it exactly for being bold and innovative. It did not try to make the viewer feel satisfied, it was a completely unusual type of storytelling.
    The movie did not focus on it's characters personalities or relationships, it explored the impact of individual decisions in complex systems. It allowed the characters to be ambivalent and unpredictable. Even that terribly random purple haired woman somehow paid off in the end.

    Additionally, it had two of the most impressive fighting scenes I have seen with innovative and courageous results.

    I understand the fans though, as this movie was NOT about the characters they care about, all characters were just small pieces of a bigger picture. It was just simply an amazing movie.

  16. The funniest part about this video is the collider "critics" saying that they loved the movie so much, since when galaxy's edge opened, that same "critic" had a full blown meltdown on "busting his ass being a fan of the franchise, but not getting invited to go."

  17. I honestly think the dichotomy between the ratings is with due to some being blinded by the spectacle and others seeing through the fog of special effects and finding no substance beneath. I for one throughout the movie was like "Oh woooooooww!!! ….. wait a minute… this makes NO sense…"

  18. Disney is about money. Not new ideas. New concepts. Just repackaged lifeless uninspiring and unemotional work. Work meant for robots. Who have no emotions thoughts or feelings. Disney is no longer but a shell of its former self.

  19. Star Wars had non-white people SJW-loving activists. The original trilogy had a black rebel pilot (flew an x-wing) and an Asian pilot (piloted a Y-wing I believe), I think there were at least 2 very heavy to somewhat obese pilots (1 definitely was a Naboo pilot). Let alone there are aliens. Oh and also age diversity too. One of the male resistance fighters was an more older man on the ground forces on Endor's moon. He had a white beard and everything. So Star Wars has had diversity. We didn't really care about if it did or didn't. So your pointers of making this such an SJW issue is weak and winy like a 5 year old who didn't get his cake because he kept mouthing at his parents. If its an interesting character and well written then I don't care if our main lead was an alien. Heck we didn't know what Boba Fett even LOOKED like off his helmet and we were like "that's a cool character". The reason is, I don't find Finn interesting. Poe is slight interesting other than just another Rebel pilot who is good at piloting. That Asian girl who even I am Asian and I find her character boring. I mean look at Rogue One. The Asian monk Chirrut was a well written character. AND HE GETS KILLED (sorry for spoilers). And they didn't like him either because he does martial arts and is a monk. HELLO Chinese and Japanese and even Korean LOVE Martial Arts movies. Everyone of their historical movies have it. I just hate how Star Wars has become dirtied by this SJW-peace of crap. The fact I think people of color like myself should be more ticked off that other people are telling other peoples of how they should depict us. People find that calling an Asian man smart at math and science because he is Asian as offensive and racist. Hell, I'll take the compliment because yes I am good at math. I aced my math more than my reading. I make fun of stereotyping. I am okay with it. That's generally how at times people do get interesting in the culture. Rooting out stereotyping I find is not a smart means. Yes there are bad stereotyping but stereotyping displays uniqueness and at times does prove factual. Like Asians are good at math and science. Well yeah. They are currently CLONING animals and people. I mean that's not some school science project. They advance the tech so much too. Blacks are stereotyped for being athletic well do you see Asians on a American football team? I am not on the team. I'm too short and too small. I'd get squashed. I just find people who cry racism as very whiny. Being butt-hurt over everything does not help. And I think SJWs thinking how I should be treated is none of their damn business. I have my own voice and I can use it. They do not speak for me.

  20. You're wrong about the setup of the Rey's parents reveal. It was Chekhov's gun and used properly. The gun just was not used in a boring and predictable way. Drawing attention to the matter was required for the reveal to resonate. And yes, you correctly summarised the point of that reveal. And personally I liked it much more this way than force users being some elite noble bloodline. The force belonging to everyone was a good message.

  21. Lol disney ruined star wars by sucking. Audiences just didnt like the film for good reason. First off i didnt watch your video till after i watched the movie. I hated it cuase of the stupid plot and the way it threw away the love relationship and established knew ones. Quickly throw away a emerperor who just came out of nowhere after the last emperor ruled for decades. Got over thrown buy vaders son after vader and soldier murdered all the jedi and only obi won and yoda survived. So where did this guy comw fromm so thats why i hated the movie. One two hours of a ship floating threw space and second the disney franchise cliamed it was gonna be better of the return of the jedi.

  22. Alright, there's a lot that is wrong with this movie, but the thing that bothered me the most, more than the poor writing and the horrid use of bathos through out, the flailing around that kept of flipping the script, it's the fact that not only did they rewrite the rules (which could have actually been really cool), they kinda murdered them behind a dumpster and then had their way with the corpse. It was boring, slapstick, drivel with little logic or thought behind (most) it. I was excited after The Force Awakens. They were taking things in a new direction and… doing things. I mean there where some complaints, but they could easily be explained away, BUT THIS, this was a clusterf***.

  23. I just started watching your videos very recently (this month) so not aware of your theories on the recent episodes of SW. Still I think both SW 7 and 8 suck hard.

  24. Every Star Wars film that has come out since the original Three have not been that good the Revenge of the Sith one or whatever that's called that one was good only because of the fight scene at the end but other than the original Three and then after Disney took over they've been terrible there's no reason to try to get excited anymore about these new Star Wars films the franchise is done with we're going to see another 10 movies get made with the Star Wars name on it is really sad

  25. The problem with the idea that theories are ruining movies, is that in my experience it's just not true. I watched at least as many theories on End Game as I did on The Last Jedi, and though End Game did nothing that was hinted at in any of the theories I watched, I still enjoyed it. I left the Last Jedi feeling empty. I watched both theories and reviews of The Crimes of Grindlewald, and somewhat enjoyed that despite the panning it got. The problem I have with the Last Jedi aren't even some of the questionable story elements or contrived moments, it's the general sense contempt that the movie has for the fans, fan theories and expectations. The scene where Luke throws the lightsaber over his shoulder IMHO cannot be seen as anything other than a statement directly to the viewer: "Oh you thought this was important? too bad!", and I feel like it continued to treat the content in this way. Every time a decision needed to be made, I feel like Rian Jonson said, "well which one will the fans be expecting? I'll do the opposite!" That's not good story telling, it's being deliberately inflammatory.

  26. Basically don’t use your brains when you watch a movie. Just look at the pretty colors 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  27. Honestly I personally blame Rian Johnson as he said he was going to ignore J.J abrams own story line for his movie within the trilogy J.J abrams wanted to make. If I blame Theorists then scientists are to blame to.

  28. The movie is actually a repainted version of Empire Strikes Back. Just look at the plots rebels trying to hold a base from walkers in both movies.

  29. This is half true, Rian johnson probably had fun destroying all the theories and his predecessor's work when making TLJ so h'es just an a**hole

  30. Easy rule: If the simple, predictable twist is more fun and more interesting(or more thought provoking) than a complex unpredictable twist, then just use the simple twist.
    For the love of god will movies and tv stop with crazy nonsense twists for the sake of shaking up the audience. Yes I am talking about game of thrones.

  31. OK guys here’s something if you want to avoid spoilers from a movie that you haven’t seen on YouTube , if you see any on the recommended for you page,click on every single video but that video and skip to the end, then refresh the page then,there probably won’t be any more of the spoilers. Wow I can’t believe this is the first time I actually used commas in a comment.

  32. Part of what made the original trilogy such an long lasting masterpiece is it built a foundation of theoretic dialogue. I remember having discussions in college about Star Wars and it’s meanings. So when these movies come to light we are expecting to be shown revelations and leaps forward in imaginative storytelling

  33. I hated the last Jedi. I watched it once all the way through. Couldn't watch it all the way through two more times. Didn't watch or care about fan theories. Movie just sucked. If it were called space balls 2 the last Swartz I probably would have thought it made more sense.

  34. I didn't like the movie for mainly two reasons. It kept Leia alive and killed Luke. They set up a perfect scene for her death that would have been poetic and fitting, but randomly decided to let her go all out of character and live using force powers barely hinted at before, even though Carrie was dead. It couldn't have been too hard to just edit that scene and change the parts of the movie after that with her in it. Also, Luke was killed for no reason that makes sense to me. Yoda faded away from really old age, and Obi-Wan was cut in half, but Luke was only like 45 to 60. Anyway, point of this reallllllllly long comment, Film Theory did not make the movie bad. Sorry if I trailed off on a bit of a rant there

  35. I literally saw zero videos about these Star War films, ignored trailers, and still found myself thinking Last Ledi the worst Star Wars movie ever.

    I'm still confused why half the cast does what they do. Rey barely talks about her feelings or what thinking and ones who do, say really stupid shit.

  36. Then there's the problem that our dear purple-haired martyr introduced. If the ultimate weapon that cuts right through shields is a warp drive driven missile, why wasn't that kind of technology already developed? Instead of forcing someone to pilot it, they could manually lock it onto a target, prepare it to go to warp, fire it out of the port tube, and let it rip. And since it's unmanned, it can be more heavily fortified and be as small if not smaller than a one seat fighter. One of the bigger issues the original death star had was it couldn't really counter small fighters and the star destroyers seem to have that same weakness. The whole war would end up being concluded by whoever could produce the most missiles of this type. Tragically, that looks like the new empire.

  37. I hated The last Jedi before watching your video on it… so no, not for me. You had 0 effect, it was just not what I wanted from Star Wars as a Fan of Star Wars.

  38. Nah, its just that people are tired of sjw shit being thrown in their face, and say the movie is bad, because it is, and critics NEED to say they like it or else they get fired for wrong think.

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