Film Theory: How Wonder Woman FAILED Us!

Film Theory: How Wonder Woman FAILED Us!

Ah, dancing in the middle of World War I; how romantic. Okay, okay fine, then how do the Amazons dance? No-one was asking you Steve. She just said that this wasn’t dancing. Why would you teach her how to dance? Doesn’t she want to show us what dancing is? Right y’already said that like five lines ago, so what is it then? What is dancing? No! No! Stop! Ugh! Stop kissing! You’ve evolved past it; you already said that in the boat scene. Come on Wonder Woman script, you used the rule of threes: 1. You set it up. Diana: These people are just swaying. 2. You reinforced it. Diana: They don’t know how to dance. And then what? There’s no payoff? Has no one in this movie ever written a joke before? It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book! That trick is so old… [audience booing] [intro theme] Hello Internet, welcome to Film Theory, where I like to say we’re equal opportunity movie ruiners. And on that note, today we’re talking Wonder Woman, the highest-grossing DC movie to date and the one that everyone is saying is the best one ever. Huzzah! But hold on to your invisible airplane there, Diana. I’ve got a few knits to pick with your movie. And don’t get me wrong. A comic book superhero movie directed by a woman, starring a woman, is awesome and long overdue. I don’t have any issue with any of that. My issue is actually with the man of the movie, good old Zack Snyder aka, who, I’m taking to task today. Zack, Zack, I’m gonna level with you now, I’m not getting paid millions to write movies, but I do know a couple of things from watching ’em. Like starting a movie with a flashback into a photo, followed by a flashback into a history book does not make the movie the next Inception. It makes it pretty heavy on exposition. Or how about introducing the marksman and then having him do… nothing! I mean seriously, nothing! He’s given multiple opportunities to shoot or learn how to shoot or show that he has any sort of character arc in any fashion and then just, nothing! Even the moral of the movie! Diana: It’s not about the truth, it’s about what you believe. “The truth is what you believe?” What does that even mean? Straight talk Wonder Woman, you’re gonna have some trouble defending that philosophy when Hitler rolls into town in like 15 years. I don’t think many people want the truth to be what he believes. Long story short, watching this movie for as much as I enjoyed it, just made me want to run a channel like CinemaSins every once in a while. [CinemaSins Ding] But what I’m getting at today isn’t about the philosophy of Wonder Woman, or how vague her power set is, or even how a blue silk dress is able to support a full-on sword, let alone Wonder Woman walking with it. No, internet, my issue today is one that is far worse than any of that, because it is so basic that it’s Unforgivable even in a totally fictional movie. According to the way this movie is written, Diana and Steve would never have participated in World War I, they wouldn’t have saved armistice deal, and they wouldn’t have saved thousands of lives from Doctor poison. In fact, Wonder Woman would have never even made it into the war in the first place. And I know you’re thinking it’s because of some magical physics thing or some existential conflict, or it’s something I’ve completely manufactured for the purposes of clickbait, but it is literally because their boat was too slow. That’s right the entire payoff of this movie. Everything after they leave the island would have never happened because this would have never made it from here to London in time. Don’t believe me well stick around because we’re about to unravel the entire logic of Wonder Woman because Zack flippin’ Snyder failed fourth grade geography. Let’s do this! As a quick recap, Steve Trevor crash lands off the coast of the Amazon island of Themyscira and gets saved by Diana, a.k.a. Wonder Woman. Then the two of them set sail for England to deliver Dr. Poison’s secret notebook back to the British, and thus end World War I. Huzzah! They get on a sailboat, they have a super awkward conversation about sleeping together because apparently any humor that revolves around a man and a woman always has to be about sex, and then they fall asleep. After that we have a different scene that isn’t them, and then poof(!), they’re pulling right up to London the next day. They have no extra food or water that we see, you never see a sailing montage, and Diana wakes up in the same position you see her fall asleep in so we know based on movie logic that this is supposed to be the next day and that they made this whole trip overnight. But just where did they come from? Themyscira is unsurprisingly, not a real place, but we do have plenty of clues about where it might be. The architecture on the island looks like ancient Greece, which isn’t all that surprising. Wonder Woman’s whole origin is based on Greek mythology. We hear about characters like Zeus and Ares all the time throughout the movie, her whole frame of reference is built on Greek myths, and even her real-world name Diana is a reference to one of the most famous Greek goddesses. So off the bat, we know we’re in the general Greece-y area, but that doesn’t help out as much as you might think. Ancient Greece wasn’t just the Greece we see today. At its peak, Greek territory extended through the Middle East all the way to India and south into northern Africa. So at first, it seems like Themyscira would be impossible to pinpoint, but lucky for us, there’s something else that narrows the location way down: Steve’s plane. Remember, Steve is in Turkey when he steals the plane that eventually crashes off the coast of Themyscira. Now you might think that planes can fly anywhere, but that definitely wasn’t the case in World War I. Remember, this is 1918. The Wright brothers flew the first plane ever in 1903, just 15 years earlier. And they flew it for literally a hundred and twenty feet and they were basically hovering ten feet off the ground That’s not even an exaggeration.That’s pretty accurate So flying in a plane from World War one was Basically like getting into a kite with an engine and hoping that it wouldn’t fall out of the sky Long story short these things weren’t going too far too fast in this photo from the movie We can confirm that Steve is flying in a Fokker E.Ⅲ. (Sorry.. Uh.. mature episode) A plane from Germany specifically supplied to Turkey in World War 1 starting in 1915 And that’s a pretty important detail because that type of plane had a flight range of a little over a hundred mile Which isn’t gonna be getting him anywhere close to boating range for London Ahh Mother “Fokker”! Even the best planes from World War one couldn’t stay in the air on a single tank of gas for more than three hours at a time They also didn’t fly over 90 miles per hour Which means that at best at ABSOLUTE best when Steve hits the drink he is Absolutely under 300 miles from where he took off so that begs the question where’s takeoff? Again, We’re not told exactly where in Turkey the base is. But the two most plausible sites for the weapons facility would be Istanbul or Izmir. Now Steve’s not an idiot well That’s kind of up for debate, but let’s say that he’s not an idiot He knew he wasn’t making it all the way to London on a tank of gas But he would have known that he could get to the Allied ships in the Mediterranean in a couple hundred miles so best-case scenario again Best-case scenario he’s flying out of Izmir and can make it to about Crete 270 miles away the absolute maximum range that we just calculated for a plane in World War 1. Now Crete obviously isn’t Themyscira because it was on the map and definitely occupied by not Amazon’s back in 1918 but lucky for us there are literally hundreds of other tiny islands in and around that area and the ones that weren’t already owned by movie stars could easily have Substituted for Themyscira. So to make it easy on ourselves We’ll use this General zone as Steve’s crash point and say well now he has to go from here to get to London all right Zach I know it’s been tough for you to keep up with all this geography so far So here’s a nice picture of a duck keep you interested, and here’s that duck in a washed-out color palette And hey let’s add in some explosions Here’s a sky beam am I connecting with you now?? Good! because now we get to the good part Or I should say the part that completely invalidates Literally the rest of the movie because you can’t sail from here all the way around to here over 3000 and 300 miles in one night in 1918. Let me show you what I mean now, I’m no Jack Sparrow savvy But I do know that the boat You’re in has a lot to do with how fast you sail the boat that Diana and Steve take is an ancient Greek Sailing vessel, but that’s bad news right off the bat for one ancient Greek boats were Ridiculously slow. The fastest Greek ship is the trireme which went 80 to a hundred kilometers per day! And it was a huge ship! And it had 180 men rowing it if that weren’t Ridiculous enough Greek boats weren’t even capable of changing the direction of the sails Which means they had almost no control over their direction if the wind was blowing the wrong way Which by the way in the Mediterranean it does all the time This map shows you that the wind in the Mediterranean basically just goes around in little circles Which means in all likelihood Steve and Diana would have washed up in Italy or Literally just gone around in circles between Egypt and Greece over and over again because their freakin boat can’t make a right turn You know how there are all these stories about Odysseus And all those other ancient Greeks sailing around for weeks and washing up on random islands. Yeah, it’s because their boats were basically glorified Driftwood if you keep this really accurate based on the boat they’re using, getting to London would take a whopping TWO MONTHS Let me say that again TWO MONTHS And we have given this thing the best-case scenario Based on all the factors that we’ve considered thus far this means that the rest of the movie would have been over for almost six Weeks by the time they just showed up in the harbor in that circumstance. They might as well Just have stayed home And had Steve discusses above-average specimen some more with Amazons. If I want to get really generous about this We could say that somehow They have a more modern sail and can travel up to the speeds of America’s Cup racers Which is the oldest international sailing competition in history. These boats can go up to 34 miles an hour. Though the fastest one on record went 55 miles per hour Oooh Hoo boy! Slow down! They’re almost hitting the speed limit of a two lane state highway, if they’re traveling at the speed of a sailboat in the America’s Cup they’ll fare a lot better finishing the trip in just about Four days being still missing the vast majority of their own movie and showing up just in time for dr. poisons plan to gas London to take effect But! Even if we give them the fastest sailboat in recorded history, the Vestas SailRocket 2 at 75 miles an hour They’d still need about two full days to go from Crete to that port of London. And that is giving them advantages that are COMPLETELY impossible. So is that it? Have we disproved this movie yet? No! of course not. If the comments section has shown me anything is that it is literally impossible For me to do enough research and approach these topics from enough angles where all of you are convinced that I actually do research on these things But I’ve already beaten you to the punch if you’re one of the better Commenters who actually do leave thoughtful evidence against my theory well you would say Hey, when they arrived in London Steve mentions that they got lucky and hitched a ride from a friendly tugboat. We got lucky. We caught a ride We made some good time. Oh happy day their travel problems are solved except Not so fast there Steve and Zack and comment section not even your magical TUGBOAT OF IMPOSSIBLE TRAVEL Will save you here. First off tugboats in World War one were scarcer than you’d think at the beginning of the war the British Royal Navy only had seven which they mostly bought from private tug boaters. Private tuggers..? Oh, that’s dirty… Professional Tuggies! Oh, that’s worse! TUG – BOATERS IT IS However you want to say it the British Navy did build a couple dozen more tugboats before the end of the war but the majority of them were harbor tugboat Meaning that they didn’t go out into the high seas the bigger deep ocean tugboats weren’t even finished until 1919, and the farthest they went from London was this area here between England and France That means at the very most the tugboat could have pulled them the last 200 miles of their 3,300 miles sail at about 14 knots. 14 knots is about 16 miles per hour or about the speed of an aggressive Twelve-year-old on a bicycle. Needless to say Steve may be getting lucky after that dancing scene But the tugboat ain’t doing nothing for him trust me Zack,I tried! I tried to figure out a way for this one to work for ya. Through river systems Through alternate pathways Through canals that weren’t even built yet Through faster boats but it is time to face the truth The way the movie is written Diana and Steve would literally miss the whole rest of their own Plotline, as well as the entire rest of World War 1! Armistice happens while they’re still sailing around dr. poisons gas reignites tensions and kills Thousands wonder woman doesn’t lead a one-woman charge in a bikini over the open trenches of Europe or survive a literal Firestorm without singeing a single hair. Ares ultimately wins as the war continues indefinitely and forever changes the course of history And no matter how strong and independent Diana may be not even she can change real world geography And now you know the real ending to Wonder Woman Steve and Diana run out of food and water after three days because they didn’t pack enough and are forced to land their boat in Italy after traveling a solid 60 miles, and then they spend the rest of 1918 eating pasta and trying to figure out what the heck Amazonian dancing is. bUT HEY! That’s just a theory A FILM THEORY! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND CUT.

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  1. You say you do your research but if you did you would know that Diana is the Roman version of the Greek goddess Artemis. Also the entire mythology is wrong.

  2. MatPat, you cant be serious… 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    … higher beings obviously took their maps while the entire crew was sleeping and folded them in such a way that they’d believe they were at their destination, and the place they really went to just so happened to be important as well 😤😤

  3. Oh this video annoys me and I love mat's videos. Like calling the ottoman empire turkey, using Alexander the grait's empire as standard Greece. Then there is the minor things like using a modern map for the images.

  4. You didnt consider that she is freaking wonderwoman and she has a lot of powers that might could have make them get to london overnight

  5. I feel insulted that you tought Diana was a GREEK GOD when in fact Diana is a ROMAN GOD while her greek version is called Artemis

  6. How about this theory? Steve and Diana both knew that the boat would be magically transported near to England when leaving the protective shield around Themiscyra which is why they only had food and water for three days considering how STUPID they would be to not take enough food and water with them for the journey and wind up dying or hunting and fishing to feed themselves while the war went on ahead without them? Let us not forget that Steve knows his plane crashed in the vicinity of Crete and he doesn't seem to be worried that they are leaving in a small boat to make a 1000+ mile journey to get to England. Why didn't he complain about how many months it would take to get there? Steve doesn't shit a brick seeing that they are in England after one night so MAYBE he was aware they would be magically transported and that they made even better time with the tug boat helping them. How is that for a theory?

  7. Well, Steve was getting chased on the plane for less than a day. Perhaps a couple hours or so when he crashed and the Germans caught up. So she would be able to make it there

  8. What if to get there and back in a day they went thru a wormhole? Shorting their travels by a day…. Bermuda triangle theory, maybe??? Is that an option here?

  9. truth is not what u believe dumbo, she said its NOT about the truth, meaning you shouldnt always be truthful about everything, sometimes u just gotta do what u believe

  10. This is random, but can someone explain the beginning to me? When he says "That trick is so old"… I'm going to assume that was part of a saying, like "The greatest invention since sliced bread" – does it have to do with the time setting of wonder woman?

  11. 5:10 DONG DONG, YOU'RE WRONG!!!

    Diana is the roman name for Artemis, Greek goddess of hunts, the wilderness, and wild/domestic animals.

  12. Wonder Woman is not the best movie ever, but still better than all over DC movies. Man of steel is the only other movie id say is equivalent to wonder Woman. Then I watched Aquaman.

  13. Forgive me as I'm new to the channel but have you considered that the "gods" actually helped them? Say, Poseidon guided the ship? Or at least his sons or anyone in the sea that wants to help Diana.

  14. All could have been solved if they had kept a line about the island being able to move its location. (Hey, new theory — Themyscria is the island from Lost)

  15. You guys are so cool. I watch these vids to learn new things. Like, I'm apparently a "budding scientist" according to my teachers and it's because if you guys. Thank you, I can learn lots from these videos. Matpat, you should make original content. You all should make a movie.
    Also, i'm gonna sound like a massive nerd buuuuuuut…..
    Diana is the ROMAN version of the GREEK goddess Artemis.
    Maybe ww's demi god properties helped make the boat go fast, or they got blessed by poseidon or all the gods (except for ares). But, I love your videos!!!

  16. The Amazons where in Real life, the Black Sea/Caspian Sea. but you did try to help ole Snyder out sooo. ill give you that one

  17. Or it just took them longer in the first place. Just because we didn't see them awkwardly talking about amazon porn encyclopedia for a month it does not mean they didn't. Watch final two seasons of Game of Thrones to see "just because they are bad at making cuts it does not mean everything happens in an afternoon" masterpiece 😀

  18. Themyscira is not in one set location…it is always moving. That is why once you leave you cannot return.
    As far as the dance sequence…Steve was showing her why people were "swaying" and the intimacy of it.

  19. Lol well we all know that movies dont have logic unless wonder women hoped the ocean and used her sexy strong legs to push the boat the rest of the way. But what ever its a dumb movie that all.

  20. Well if Aries exists then Poseidon most likely exists too. Maybe he made them travel extremely fast. Steve could have been tricked to believe it was a tugboat.

  21. Here’s some corrections, as well as what I think happen.
    – Diana is a Roman goddess, Artemis is what you meant

    -And since the Greek gods are mentioned here, who to say that Poseidon couldn’t have helped.

  22. Ik this is two years old but…is't Diana a Greek goddess that too the goddess of the moon so she can control the tides and like make the tides push the boat even though she is sleeping is't she still a goddess and could have made the waves do so before sleeping idk you guys decide

  23. Not to be one of those painful commenters but big problem. Diana is blessed or something by the gods therefore her prayers big Ol Poseidon would most likely be heard and she may of been able to have the currents and winds cos of Zeus in her utmost favour. Sooo yeah that means make another video about disproving this comment.

  24. Diana is actually a Roman goddess, Artemis is the greek goddess you should be talking about, because Diana is the Roman version of Artemis! Both of them are the goddesses of Virginity, the wild and the moon. They are the patrons of young girls! And they also have huntresses, their maids, their followers, who had to swear loyalty and virginity! It's actually very interesting to look into the ancient Mythologies. 🙂

  25. 5:06 Diana is actually roman not Greek, but since roman myth is mostly based off of Greek myth i'll let it go for now.

  26. MatPat, I know that when you made this the Justice League came out, but when Wonder Woman said she had help, she could possibly nay have gotten help from the Atlanteans, which would have been possible, cus when Steppenwolf first attacked earth the Amazonians had gotten help from the Humans and the Atlanteans, and we know that the Atlanteans can travel several 100 knots per mile under water, so there is a small chance that she had gotten help from a lone Atlantean

  27. I think the Amazons are based on the Greek mythology woman warrior empire called the Amazons in Amazonia with is on the way back from Thrace to Mycenae. So it still wouldn't have worked even if it's somewhere else.

  28. How did the cookie come in the haunted room somewhere else has been part and the whole family members are the eggs in a pool and the other thing I really like sans the end is the same color pink and white as I 6AM the same color and color of the official name here in a different way around this time of the official season of a friend and a bully to the world hole in a movie that was so self swears by my husband that he had to see it as I did and he had to do that so he said it would have been mine

    This random comment took forever

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