Film Theory: Is Dory FAKING? (Finding Dory)

Film Theory: Is Dory FAKING? (Finding Dory)

JFK’s assassination. The Moon Landing. Area 51. None of these conspiracies have anything on… *static* Dory: Keep swimming, swimming , swimming… *Theme Song* Hello internet! Welcome to Film Theory! The show that swears it won’t subject you to a bunch of fish puns in this episode. I mean, were I to to do that, it would be a “TURTLE” disaster. Ha, sorry. I didn’t do that on “PORPOISE.” Arghh, POOP, I need to “CLAM” down. Shrrrrggghhh, I can’t, I can’t keep “FLOUNDER”ing. Someone call a “STURGEON.” Ugh! *BEEP* Okay… No more. It’s out of my system. No more fish puns EVER. I mean, it’s not like anyone’s ever gonna want a Film Theory on ‘Shark Tale’ anyway… Ahh, Finding Nemo. Everybody loves Finding Nemo! And why shouldn’t they? It’s got everything you could want in an animated children’s film. That happens to be about neglected sons, kidnapping, imprisonment, mental illness, and the dangers of the outside world. Marlin: One thing we have to remember about the Ocean. Nemo: It’s not safe. Marlin: That’s my boy! But in all seriousness, that’s the beauty of Pixar. Sure, ‘Finding Nemo’ has cute animated fish talking and making jokes, but beneath the surface there’s some serious adult themes. And what if I were to tell you that there’s a Pixar secret so hidden, so subversive, and so shocking, that no one has yet to pick up on it? Would you believe me? Let’s take it a step further. What if I were to tell you that one fish, Dory, has been lying to us the whole time? Dory: Huh? HO HO. I am on to you, Ellen Degeneres. ‘Finding Dory?’ More like ‘Exposing Dory.’ The truth is comin’ out! Throughout ‘Finding Nemo,’ small fish, against all odds, outsmart bigger predators. Nemo is constantly told that he simply isn’t strong enough to swim in the ocean. Marlin: You know you can’t swim well! Yet in the end, it was Nemo’s ability to swim that saves him from being caught by the humans. Marlin, a small clown fish no one takes seriously, becomes a legend amongst aquatic life after surviving encounters with sharks, jellyfish, and whales. It’s such an important theme to this movie, that it even appears in the closing credits. The tiniest, most nervous fish of them all, Blenny, turns the tables on the sharp-fanged Anglerfish, devouring him in one swift bite. The film boils down to one central idea; Don’t judge people, or in this case, fish, on appearance alone. And if there’s one fish that stands out from the pack, the most vulnerable of all, it’s Dory. At first glance it’s easy to dismiss her. She suffers from short-term memory loss, and as such she has no concept of where she is at any given point in time. She just, wanders around haphazardly from place to place. Sorta like the animated fish version of Mr. Bean. Dory: Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! Dory is constantly making silly and dangerous decisions. Whether it’s approaching sharks for directions, pretending to know whale talk by “slowing down her speech,” or bouncing up and down on a jellyfish like a trampoline! Dory even thinks that naval mines are- Dory: Balloons! Look, it is a party! Who would ever take this fish seriously? Yet, the results tell a completely different story. If you look just at what Dory accomplishes, she’s actually the most competent and knowledgeable fish in the film! Dory successfully barters with a shark, controlling them via vegetarian support group! She may not know what naval mines are, but she sure knows how to shoot a missile out of a downed submarine! She’s the only fish that can read English, and the only fish that speaks whale! Because… Yeah, slowing down her speech was actually the correct way to do it. She’s the fish that knows to- Dory: Duck! -when she sees a seagull, And, most importantly of all, the fish that actually finds Nemo and reunites him with his father! So how do you reconcile Dory’s naive personality, with her shrewd résumé? The answer lies far in the past, Ancient Rome in fact. No! Now, hear me out. That sounds weird, but hear me out. Claudius was the Roman emperor from 41 to 54 A.D. As a child, he was afflicted with a limp and slight deafness. As such, he was ostracized by his wealthy family and considered a disgrace to the name. Basically, he was Tyrion Lannister. These handicaps, though, saved Claudius during the tumultuous rule of Tiberius and Caligula, who killed ALL noblemen and potential heirs to the throne. Claudius, though, was spared, because he wasn’t perceived as a threat. And despite Claudius’s physical limitations, he was an expert political thinker, just like Tyrion Lannister. After Caligula was assassinated, Claudius became the emperor, and under his rule, Rome returned to the prosperity of Augustus’s reign. Aqueducts, new roads, canals. They were all built. And the empire was once again connected. So… What does any of this have to do with a fictional animated fish? Well, just like Claudius, Dory is using a physical limitation to ward off potential threats. Except, unlike Claudius, she actually doesn’t have those physical limitations. You heard me right! I’m saying, right here and right now, Dory doesn’t suffer from short-term memory loss. In the entirety of Finding Nemo, she’s faking it. *thunder* Don’t let that wide-eyed, freckled face fool you. By applying our knowledge of the normal symptoms for short-term memory loss to Dory, we can find cracks in her so-called “story.” It’s time that Dory flops like a fish. There are actually two main forms of Amnesia: “Retrograde” and “Anterograde.” In Retrograde Amnesia, a person forgets everything that’s happened before an injury or accident. Someone suffering from Retrograde Amnesia can still form new memories. However, memories created prior to the injury are lost. This is typically caused by head trauma to the brain. In particular, the Hippocampus, which encodes new memories. Think of Retrograde as the “Bourne Identity” of Amnesia. After Jason Bourne is shot and left for dead, he has no recollection of who he is or what happened. People suffering from Retrograde Amnesia can recall general knowledge, but not specifics. So in the case of Jason Bourne, he can still remember how to kill a man with a hand towel, but he can’t remember the name of the man who taught him how to kill a man with a hand towel. The second type of Amnesia, Anterograde, is commonly referred to as “short-term memory loss”, and this is the form of Amnesia that Dory supposedly suffers from. In Anterograde Amnesia, a person is unable to create new memories following a traumatic event. Long term memories before that event, however, remain intact. A person with Anterograde Amnesia may be able to remember their high school mascot, but they’ll be unable to tell you what they just had for lunch twenty minutes ago. Think of Anterograde as the Memento of Amnesia. Y’know, the indie, lesser seen version of Retrograde’s more common blockbuster. In Anterograde Amnesia, people lose declarative memory: The recollection of facts, but they retain non-declarative memory, otherwise known as their procedural memory. Probably the best way to explain this difference to you is to take you through the most famous documented case of anterograde amnesia ever recorded A patient simply known by the code name H.M 1953, Henry Gustav Molaison had a lobectomy to cure his epilepsy. Basically, had a big chunk of his brain removed Unfortunately, the procedure while successfully curing the epilepsy, resulted in anterograde amnesia. Leaving Henry unable to form new memories. Per records, Henry loved to do crossword puzzles He could fill in all the answers pertaining to events, before his surgery but struggled with any events that happened afterwards. Yet, despite the setback, Henry was still able to retain information through procedural memory Scientists would give Henry the same maze to complete everyday, And when he was asked whether he remembered doing the maze before, he had no memory of have ever seeing it in his life And yet he could instinctually remember how to finish the maze in a reduced amount of time each trial. He was getting faster at the maze, without ever realizing he had done the maze in the past Dory, on the surface shows many of the symptoms associated with anterograde amnesia. When she leads Marlin to the boat that took Nemo she keeps forgetting who he is Dory: Stop following me, okay?! A person’s name would fall under Declarative Memory, so it makes sense that Dory keeps forgetting Marlin. In fact, Dory consistently has trouble with names Calling Nemo, “Fabio,” “Chico,” “Bingo,” “Harpo,” and “Elmo.” But never his actual name. Dory also struggles to remember events that had just occured. While they’re being chased by sharks, mid-way through their escape, she forgets that she’s being chased at all! When Dory and Marlin lose the scuba mask, Dory can’t remember what they lost! All these instances are consisted with short-term memory loss. Just like patient H.M. That being said, Dory does show a strange knack for remembering particular phrases. Especially her personal motto: DORY: Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming! Later, Dory can even remember the address that Nemo’s being kept at! Dory: P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. Dory: *gasps* Those would also classify as Declarative Memory, so… Is that the proof I’m talking about of her faking? Well, actually, no! According to Scientific American™ One of the most common suggestions for better short term memory is to use mnemonic devices! Dory’s mantra of “Always Keep Swimming” fits as a simple mnemonic device. Reminding her of her primary survival tactic. Through simple repeated phrases, people suffering from short term memory loss can actually start to learn and to remember! And as for that address, Dory’s repetition of the numbers is consisted with procedural memory! But then how can Dory read English words, like she does with the exit sign and the scuba mask Without having any knowledge of that ability? By this logic, shouldn’t Dory be unable to read as well? Shouldn’t she have forgotten how to? Well, no! Believe it or not, there are actually multiple instances of Anterograde amnesiacs Learning to play an instrument In these cases, the amnesiac has no recollection of learning the instrument But when asked to play, they can do so extremely well! This is because instruments are learned through repeated practice. Procedural Memory. Think about how H.M. can’t remember finishing the maze every day, but when they ask him to do it again, he can complete it much quicker than the day before! Thus, there’s a scientific precedent for Dory being able to read while still not remembering that she can in the first place. Marlin: You can read?! Dory: I can read? That’s right! I can read! Pretty much every single one of Dory’s accomplishments can be attributed to Procedural Memory. She knows how to speak whale, avoids seagulls, read. All because she’s done so before! Dory wouldn’t remember that she has these abilities. But, instinctually, she would still know how to do them. So then what am I doing calling Dory a liar? Who am I kidding? I just spent an entire episode arguing against myself! Maybe Dory DOES suffer from Anterograde Amnesia Everything seems to check out I guess, sometimes a children’s film about talking animated fish is simply just a children’s film about talking animated fish. Dory! You’re free to swim away. Dory: Hi. I’m Dory. Dory: I-I-I suffer from short term memory loss Dory: Okay, true! I forget things almost instantly! It runs in my family. Dory: Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming! Dory: A boat? Hey, I’ve seen a boat! Dory: Hey, I’ve seen a boat! (repeated) How could Dory remember the boat… …but then forget meeting Marlin? The boat wouldn’t fall under Procedural Memory… Dory seeing a boat would be a fact. A Declarative Memory. And if Dory truly has Anterograde Amnesia… Like all declarative memories, she should have forgotten it just like she forgets Marlin’s name over and over again. It doesn’t add up! The only way for this to make sense is that Dory has been faking it the whole time. Looks like I was right all along. And I’ve got even more proof… Next time! But in the meantime, remember… That’s just a theory. A FILM THEORY! Aaaaaaaaand cut! Just keep subscribing! Just keep subscribing! Just keep subscribing! To make sure you’re notified next week of Part 2 of this video coming out! Trust me, we found a ton of evidence that exposes Dory for the liar that she is. And please, while you’re waiting, click here to check out my friends over at the Wisecrack channel If you enjoyed this video, then you’re gonna LOVE their video about The Incredibles! Exposing the less-than-stellar message that movie has to teach all the viewers watching it. It’s a pretty mind-blowing theory they have over there, so click here and check it out! And, finally, I have the results from last week’s theory about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles In an overwhelming majority, twice the amount of any turtle, your favorite teenage mutant ninjutsu-wielding terrapin was Leonardo He had about 40,000 votes! Everyone else was hanging around 20K! Very interesting! I was very very surprised to see that! I didn’t expect it. Yay, Leo! Congratulations! Big winner! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta pick up the pieces of that broken coffee cup Foot hazard, my friends! I don’t wanna be stepping on that a week from now! Injure my foot! Geez! See you next week!

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  1. If MatPat had a quirk, it would be IQ because of this beautiful scene: 10:10

    Sipping that tea
    Oh no, it's coffee..

  2. I guess this theory is not right anymore 🙁
    Dory has seen a boat in her pass, a dramatic event when she was taken from her family.. maybe she recognised this with the boat?

  3. Blue is the most popular color amongst human, so to me it makes sense leonardo would win. Look into the laundry psych experiment where it was same detergant different colored bottle. Spoiler, blue worked the best haha

  4. ive been thinking about this theory, and I kinda disagree. On one hand, I dont think she has amnesia, but also I dont think she is faking. I think rather she has a mental disability like ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder. I say this because I have ADD and suffer with memory problems like dory. I often forget what Im doing or names and stuff like that, but I can also remember random things that just happened. With my forgetfulness, I qualify for alot of the symptoms of short term memory loss you listed, but I don't have it. Therefore I claim that Dory had ADD, or a similar mental disability.

  5. I think there's two thoughts here: 1. Dory has seen a boat before her trauma and when Marlin asked it triggered the association with a different boat or 2. Sometimes writers make mistakes and YouTubers read way too much into it.

  6. When you realize Finding Dory came

    Mat:Theory is fake
    suide dead

    NEWS:Some nerd kill own self for movie for kids named Fiding Dory

  7. Your theory actually makes a lot of sense as Dory wouldn’t remember the boat, but I’d argue that because it’s just a movie for kids and faking would be a bad message, the writers gave Dory a skip pass as they needed to advance the plot.

    Also, the fish puns were fintastic…I’ll show myself out.

  8. Buuuut…. isn't it possible that certian things stay a bit longer in the mind of those indeviduals? I mean, for a fish, a boat is a BIG THING! While meeting an other fish is nothing special, therefor less likely to be remembered?

  9. See!! I used to tell everyone the Romans made AK 47s and had machine guns. That's how they conquered the world back then. But no one believed me yet just seen footage of exactly that here!

  10. is it weird that i already knew that rome story even before he said it.

    must be my excessive reading of percy jackson

  11. No man hippocampus based memory loss is the Inability to form new long term memories but remaining the old ones I’m a doctor 🥼

  12. How do you know that Dory was talking about the same boat Marlin saw? I think this is false. Say what you will, but I have to disagree.

  13. Or dory seen a boat before short term memmory thats the case completly yoir completely wrong and im a nine year old:)

  14. Yes Ellen is a master criminal mind she somehow was able to corrupt a straight girl to becoming gay!

    (I’m obviously joking)

    She is a gay queen

  15. Ok so, dory remembers seeing a boat as a memory *before her trauma*. Thus, making this movie 100% correct. And you, sadly defeated.

  16. I suffer from short term memory loss and it’s incredibly difficult to predict what I will or will not remember and in what amount of time. We loose even my own name sometimes but will be able to sing the Backstreet Boys songs word for word. Journaling is required to train the brain “we need to retain daily info”. If we stop by two days, we lose daily routine. We remember that events happen but not the details. It’s incredible exhausting and hard to explain.

  17. Not sure if anyone questioned this or not, but all Dory says is "I've seen a boat!". She doesn't say "I've seen the specific boat you're looking for". Based on the sequel, where she's from an aquarium by the harbor, she probably saw many boats and is remembering those.

  18. i think her remembering the boat is a mnemonic perk, like you explained; marlin mentions it multiple times (procedural memory). I think she does have Anterrograde memory loss.

  19. I want to go into a highly detailed talk as I may be 11 I did watch the new and old move and did my home work on it in the new move you can fake something your were bore with in the new move

  20. Teacher: what’s your favorite movie?

    Me: it’s a movie where a dad’s wife and sons get murdered. Then the last son gets kidnapped so the dad has to work with a disabled woman


    Me: Finding Nemo 😜

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