Film Theory: My Hero Academia – All Might’s SECRET Quirk!

Film Theory: My Hero Academia – All Might’s SECRET Quirk!

Did you know that My Hero Academia Swept the Crunchyroll Anime Awards last year? Out of 17 categories, It was nominated in eight and it won seven!!. It’s like the La-La-Land of ANIME except, You know… it’s actually good And it’s not a poorly written,POORLY composed Poorly summed musical with TIRED themes that pander to the egoism of Hollywood oof, huh, that’s sorry I uh…really let myself get carried away there. (yep)Let’s talk about anime #AWESOME INTRO# Hello Internet welcome to Film Theory!The show that’s dedicated to RUINING your favorite superheroes one by one. So far we’ve killed off Luke Cage, Deadpool, Spider-man, Magneto and Wolverine. We’ve taken away Dr. Strange’s magic We’ve wrecked Thor’s self-esteem (ROASTED) We’ve exposed Batman and Wonder Woman for the failures that they are. (yep)We’ve proved that Ant Man and Superman would destroy the world We’ve pitted The Incredibles against each other! and just last month.. I showed you how Black Panthers biggest weakness was the law of Supply and Demand! But today!Instead of just looking at more Marvel and DC superheroes we’re instead turning our eyes Eastward, to tackle the insanely popular Anime “My Hero Academia” Where superheroes aren’t masked vigilantes with Secret Identities, But instead government sanctioned Professionals who work full-time saving lives while employed by various hero agencies And it’s not just the heroes who have the superpowers here!! 80% of the population has some sort of unique power called a quirk Reports of people with superpowers popped up across the globe for long the supernatural became the totally normal Quirks range from mostly useless physical deformities to insane supernatural abilities like converting body fat into synthetic matter sweating nitroglycerin! shooting laser beams out of your belly button or tape out of your elbows!! No, joke those are both real superpowers in the series(woow i must watch it now) overall there are any number of interesting quirks to explore throughout this series ,But today. I want to look a bit closer at the show’s most important hero All Might ,the world’s symbol of peace and#1 most POWERFUUUL Superhero now being so highly ranked would lead you to assume that all might was born with the most amazing Quirk of all time But that actually couldn’t be further from the truth…. His Quirk named: “one for all’ was actually given to him in a world where practically Everyone is born with a superpower all might just wasn’t(hello darkness my old friend…)before being given to one for all power. He had no quirk “I was Quirkless too as a kid” in fact all might was the 8th person to receive the “OFA” trait and the Story of My Hero Academia is all about him passing it on to its 9th user the series protagonist De Deku another person born without a Quirk just like All Might himself “I deEm you WorthAy of mEH poWer my Quirk is yourZ to inherit” This is all well and good the characters are all super lovable the story is super compelling….. except for one thing It’s my theory that ALL MIGGHT was Born with a Quirk if you look at the series lore and the way the one-for-all Quirk behaves all might Possesses a latent Quirk beyond just one for all that maybe even he was never aware of and I’m about to lay down that evidence For you after all as they say on the show meddling when you don’t need to is the essence of being a hero That must mean I’m a hero then right?(Sorry but,no) Maybe my Quirk is the incredible ability to JUMP to conclusions ( get it?) To begin we need to look a bit closer at the range of quirks present in this universe you see the my hero quirks fall into one of three broad category types Transformation Mutant and Emitter Transformation type Quirks as the name implies Transform or change the form of the user’s body in some way Or adds a new feature to the users body for a limited amount of time, for example one transformation Quirk gives the user the power To harden any part of their body thereby increasing its Resistance and defensive capabilities another possessed by the character mount lady is able to transform into a giant version of herself pretty self-explanatory Moving on Mutant type Quirks unlike Transformations are permanent changes to the user’s physiology These are quirks like Frappys frog form Ogiros tail and Tohru’s invisibility these quirks can’t be turned off and then finally there’s the emitter Type Quirks which are pretty much everything else they’re defined as being Activation based so they can be turned on and off and unlike the other two categories emitter Quirks Don’t actually alter the user’s appearance instead the users just able to generate substances or change certain materials around them at will this includes everything from Emitting an aroma that puts people to sleep to emitting sweat that happens to explode more unusual examples of emitter quirks belong to showTazawa who can cancel the quirks of others just by looking at them and to toshishinso who can brainwash anyone who answers one Of his questions thereby forcing them to do what he says and between those three Classifications that encompasses all known Quirks in this universe equipped with that knowledge now Let’s examine all might’s Quirk one for all even though It’s technically one Quirk one for all is actually a combination of two very separate powers first a Quirk that Stockpiles power much like a battery storing energy and second a Quirk that can be passed on to others Just like the passing of a torch as a result of this odd Combination of powers one for all makes each new person to inherit it stronger than the last! one person who proves the power than hands it off to another person it continues to grow as its passed along It’s how All Might user No:8 is able to be the uncontested greatest hero in the world, and how Deku all might’s Successor presumably rises to that exact same status hence the story of My Hero Academia This is the story of how I became the world’s greatest hero, but here’s where things start to get suspicious This is all might’s body when he’s not using the Quirk And this is his body when he is using the Quirk now based on these images You would think that one for all would be classified as a Transformation style Quirk right all might’s body is clearly undergoing a huge Transformation every time he activates the power growing in size and muscle mass ( DEM 20 BICEPS)by like a hundredfold But it’s not the manga very explicitly classifies it as an emitter style Quirk, which again we just reviewed and are defined by not altering the user’s appearance now that might seem like it’s a really minor distinction a Really small nit to pick as to how this Quirk works But then look at this! when Deku uses one for all his body doesn’t change He remains the lean scrawny kid that we’ve seen throughout the series and before you ask no That’s not just because he’s only using 5% of one for all’s power in the manga even when Deku pushes his power output over 20% we still don’t see any signs of Deku’s muscles growing AT ALL! And this is a very MINOR spoiler for the manga, so if you don’t want to be spoiled just skip ahead a few seconds But shortly beyond where we’ve seen in the show Deku is able to temporarily use a hundred percent and even an incredible 1 Million percent of one for alls power and yet his body still remains the same It’s also worth noting that all might’s size doesn’t equate to his strength again mild spoilers ahead but in Chapter 95 of the manga we see what happens when all might gives up one for all he has a few embers of his former power Left but they get used up he specifically says early on in the chapter the Embers inside me have vanished later He talks more about it to Deku the embers of one-for-all inside me are gone And what’s more I can’t maintain my muscle form anymore now this tells us two interesting things first the way This is phrased implies that his muscle form and One-for-all are two different things one for all is gone But also I can’t maintain my muscle form anymore We also see him briefly transform into muscle form in these panels only to revert immediately back But again if one for all were his only quirk and the embers were truly burned out like he says earlier in the chapter well then He shouldn’t be able to do that transformation at all !all of this would seem to suggest that all might wasn’t born Quirkless that he possessed some sort of Transformation ability BEFORE he inherited one for all if you need more proof just look at how grantorino all might’s trainer describes his early days with Hiro He was pretty much able to use one for all right off the bat, of course he had the body going for him So there’s that the scene then cuts to a young all might getting trained and his body looks no different than Deku’s he’s still Relatively skinny he’s not super buff And that’s not all while discussing Deku’s strength training all might even says to him Offhandedly that for some reason he was able to access a hundred percent of one-for-all’s power as soon as he inherited it That’s a weirdly specific detail to include isn’t it that means that there has to be something that set all might apart from Deku and allowed him to handle All that excess energy when Deku can’t despite both of them supposedly starting off Quirkless So what would be so special and? Significantly different about all might’s body that would enable him to use powers right away without a Quirk that would differentiate him from Deku It’s hard to imagine an actual Explanation here all of it seems to point to all might having some sort of hidden Quirk before he actually inherited one for all And it’s not like latent undiscovered Quirks are unheard of in this universe in fact the very Origin of one for all exists in an undiscovered almost vestigial quirk one for all was originally created by a villain named AFO And if you think that gets confusing it does all for one’s Quirk allowed him to transfer quirks between other People now all for one’s brother was seemingly born Quirkless so all for one gave his brother a quirk that allowed him to store up power however Unknown to all for one his brother actually did have a Quirk one that allowed him to pass his quirks on to other People it would have been totally useless on its own, but with the new quirk That was added by his brother those two Quirks combined to create one for all this evil man had a Quirkless younger brother even though Everyone thought he was Quirkless turns out the brother did have a quirk he had a useless power that only allowed him to pass on quirks and SO the stockpiling ability merged with the younger brothers power And that is how one for all came to be so it’s already canon that there can be latent or hidden Quirks in people so why not all might’s Here’s the thing when you look at how it operates one for all Isn’t about muscle strength sure Deku needs the strength and up for ten months so inheriting the quirk doesn’t destroy his limbs an unprepared body can’t fully inherit it your arms and legs would shoot off if you tried to. SERIOUSLY!? Which in and of itself is a bit weird to begin with right? if all might were indeed Quirkless to begin with and then receive the power and could suddenly use one for all from the get-go Wouldn’t he just be under the impression that Deku could handle it as well anyway the actual power of one for all isn’t Mechanical power coming from muscles it actually works by storing up metabolic energy converting it to kinetic energy And then channeling that energy through the body It’s pretty easy to see this in action in Episode two we see all might punch so hard that it changes the weather pure super Strength isn’t gonna do that you also see it in Deku when Deku uses one for all we see the air around him Crackling with green energy. That’s not just for show That’s the excess energy of his Quirk overflowing from his body the same doesn’t happen to all might because his Biceps are actually beefy enough to contain all of it inside him in which seems to indicate that perhaps all might’s latent Transformation quirk is to expand his muscles without really increasing his overall strength It’s a seemingly useless quirk unless he inherits something that requires his body to store huge amounts of energy Just like the creation of one for all to begin with a useless Quirk on its own that becomes super powerful when combined with exactly the right complementary work But lastly think about this before all might pass the Quirk on Deku the only goal of one for all users Passing on their power was to eventually create a superhero capable of taking down all for one that insanely powerful Evil brother who literally had access to all the super powers in the world now with that as a pretty important goal would anyone in their right mind entrust that power to someone with no Quirk of their own and thus no power of their own ?!if you’re looking to keep hope alive that you’ll defeat the world’s strongest Supervillain that just wouldn’t make any sense no the far more likely scenario Is that all might was chosen for his Quirk a Quirk that enabled him to be a bigger more powerful? battery someone that was perfectly suited to use the power of one for all Before inheriting one for all all might believed that he had no Quirk He said as much to Deku who found it hugely inspirational to hear that his hero Also started out as a weak powerless Quirkless person but for as inspiring as a story as that is it’s still just a story if you actually stop and look at the classification of the Quirk how it behaves and even the Motivations of the heroes passing one for all on all might must have had a Quirk before inheriting it from his predecessor At best he wasn’t aware of it until he acquired one for all at worst He outright lied to Deku in an effort to push his apprentice to new and even more impressive Heights or who knows maybe season 3 will prove me completely wrong?, but hey that’s just a theory A FILM THEORY and speaking of season 3 It’s going on right NOW(OH NO AN AD!), and who doesn’t love watching the creators of a series decimate my theories in real time, but matpat It’s only airing in Japan and I can’t speak Japanese ( I DONT CARE, GO LEARN IT) All those new All Might memes that are gonna be circulating on Twitter are going to pass me by oh no my friends you too Can watch season 3 eat away at my theory and be hit with all the new Mimi’s as they’re happening live with VRV That’s right!! all three seasons of my hero academia are available subbed if you’re a purist or dubbed if you hate reading Right on VRV with each new episode of season three going up every Saturday starting Well this past Saturday! (yaaay GO BUY STUFF!) So don’t wait if you’re not on VRV already you’re already falling behind the season for a limited time theorists Just like you watching right now can get a 30-day free trial of VRV premium (ooowwo sounds cool!) Which gives you ad free access to 13 channels including Crunchyroll(TM) Roosterteeth Funimation(TM) and Cartoon Hang Over by going to VRV dotco Slash matpat link is down below in the description and like you heard with both Crunchyroll and Funimation and the VRV family VRV is gonna be your go-to place for all the must watch anime including Cowboy Bebop Which just celebrated its 20 year anniversary a few days ago now if you haven’t seen Cowboy Bebop It’s actually one of my first ever introductions to ANIME it is a must watch for a reason This is one of the anime that all other anime are built upon (OMG THE MORE YOU LEARN!) 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  1. A few thoughts that I'm excited to discuss:
    – As far as "Why wouldn't Deku inherit the same transformation power?" As I understand it, One for All isn't about actual POWERS getting passed down, but rather storing ENERGY. Despite being the eighth in line, All Might is just really strong — he doesn't really demonstrate a lot of other quirks/powers like you would expect. That would imply either A) everyone who came before him had the quirk of "Super Strength" which seems unlikely or B) that One for All is more about absorbing the ENERGY of the users who came before and adding it up in the next person, almost as if you're adding the power levels from Dragon Ball Z.

    – Regarding the "I'm always flexing" explanation from Episode 2…he still needs a certain amount of energy to flex. That's' why he's only able to do it for a few hours and why, as One for All fades away, he can no longer "flex." But wouldn't that still classify it as a Transformation Quirk? His body IS changing. It just feels like an incomplete explanation…It could also be that he's lying. At this point in the series, Deku is still just a random kid, not a candidate for One for All, so presumably All Might wouldn't want to give away too much information. That's also why he avoids the specifics around where he got his injury from.

    – It's also clear that All Might's normal form is his skinny form. As we see in the training clips of young All Might, he was never naturally that buff. And that's him using One for All at nearly 100% right off the bat? Maybe I'm just reading too far into that moment.

  2. This would mean izuku has the power but he doesn’t. I read the pinned comment but if you’ve read the manga you know that (MANGA SPOILERS) izuku can use the past quirks like blackwhip. Sorry I kinda debunked your theory a bit.

  3. so if someone has a quirk and he/she gets one for all the next time they pass it on shouldnt all the powers they possessed be passed on with it, i mean thats how one for all came to be right?

  4. I think All Might having an original Quirk is a good theory, but narratively I feel like it invalidates the link between All Might and Deku as AFO users who started without Quirks, as that’s something that inspired All Might when he first saw Deku

  5. In the very first episode of the anime it says that all might is like the "cool guys" at the pool that are always sucking in the fat and looking skinny in essence all might is just flexing

    Edit: actually it might have been later than the first episode but certainly first 3

  6. Yes all migth can use 100% when he got it but he was the 8th user and deku was the 9th user and you sed that when it is past to a new user it get's stronger so that is why deku can't use one for all's

  7. Wasnt this possibly disproven in the manga where deku gains the quirks from the previous users dont know if any of the previous users had the ability to gain mussle mass

  8. its funny that the second episode of the series debunk this entire theory when allmight say that because of an injury and a lot of surgeries he got to (and i quote) "emaciated state"

  9. well, I mean, it's an okay theory, but if ya look at just clips ya showed in this video, All Might was able to access 100% because "he had the body goin' for him". If he already had a good body, it would only get better. If he was already in good shape, he would only get stronger. Deku however was not in good shape at first. So there ya go. But that's just a theory. AN ARMATURE THEORY. I'm so dumb. Anyway, good theory, but I just can't agree. : ) Also, the hole in Toshinori's stomach can cause him to revert back, while in his younger days, he is only shown in his muscle form…hmm

  10. You do know, that Deku uses one for all outside of his body not Inside, just a fyi (:

    Oh, and all might and Deku have different styles, Deku uses OFA/One for all Outside of body thus creating Shoot Style, All Might Stores OFA In his muscles, not disagreeing just giving advice

  11. Bro there are different types of One For All one is Super Strength Two is You can turn into a bulky guy and last but not least is number three is You have super strength and you can turn into muscle form and not explode. Oh and I forgot number four that you can give it to someone else. So bomb you wasted your time.

  12. All might looks thin naturally because of his injuries. He was buff, as you can’t even have one for all without being physically strong.

  13. Also Deku might have a quirk but to him it’s useless cuz it might be invinsability cuz for him if they thing that he doesent have a quirk then he won’t try to fight which means that he wouldn’t find out that he has a quirk and the reason why the doctor says that he might be quirkless is because he got his quirk after they went to the doctor but that’s just a theory, a film theory

  14. But in first all might didn't have quirk but before all might there is an another hero with one for all before all might have his quirk it's a female

  15. In the latest season 4 deku had a new quirk beacause of his quirk so my conclusion is all might have been another quirk

  16. You didn't explain the form or function of All Might's quirk you idiot. All you said was how much YOU thought he had another quirk rather than explaining what it was

  17. Actually as all might grew he developed his muscles as seen by watching the anime or reading the manga then gets a serious injury that affected his ability to maintain a healthy physical body more like a disease one for all managed to temporarily cure the disease the maker of my hero academia just didn’t emphasise the muscle change in deku and it clearly states in the anime you need a good physique to use the quirk without any repercussions

  18. Wait but one for all stores quirks so if all might did have a quirk it should let deku have that quirk oh yeah and he should get that quirk if all might gave him one for all and he did.

  19. Maybe its because all for one hit All Might's respetory system. in the first episode he said that because of the fight 5 years ago (all might v. All for one )he can only use his quirk for 3 hours

  20. You are wrong because if all might had a quirk then deku (not dayku) will also use one for all 100'/. quikly. When you menstioned (please correct me if i am wronk) kenitik energy that is were you should haved endend because all that kentik energy can make him big 'cause he knows how to use it and all of the rest doesn't.

  21. wait so the reason all might never noticesd is is he accidentally use both quirk at once so if any one else like lets say bakugo were to inherit all for one first of all he would have to be constantly exploding to maintain one for all and second would this mean the 10th user would have the same prob(on a unrelated topic i really wanna see the previous users in action) also lets except that one day deku is gonna pass on the quirk and become not only quirk less butt also a mentore

  22. If All Might had some sort of transformation quirk then wouldn’t Deku have it too since he inherited One for all? One for all stockpiles the quirks of the users before, that’s why the brother of All for one can transfer it to new people and those people can transfer it too. Someone who already has a quirk and inherits one for all can pass down that power to the next user. The next user will also inherit all the previous user’s quirks as well because if the stockpiling ability

  23. I think because one for all is multiple quirks like all for one because in the movie two heroes wolfram said something about the quirk

  24. I friggen love haha 💗💗💗💗💗💕💕💕💕💓💓💓💓💞💞💜💕💕💕💋💘💘💝💝💝💙💚💛❤💜

  25. HUUUUGGEEE manga spoilers

    If All Might had a quirk Deku could still access it just like he did black whip in later chapters…I think it's more likely he uses One for All in that way so other people see him as a scrawny old man .. And if All Might really had a quirk than that means he can muscle up too!

    I am confused :/

  26. It’s really annoying me that your pronouncing DEKU wrong it’s pronounced D-EH-KU not Day-ku it’s really annoying

  27. I'm pretty sure one for all doesn't pass qwirks it just passed physical attributes like strength speed ect it can add to a qwirk but won't pass down that qwirk to the next user

  28. As someone who knows a lot a year later because of the anime having some more manga it’s because all might was able to handle 50% of it without him being hurt and when he says “one million percent” is just him getting all motivated deku has actually never used OFA’s power to the max unlike all might making him more buff sorry matpat but as a weeb it’s my duty to know too much but with the information present you had a good guess but yeah it’s just because all might is just older when he gets it unlike deku he was 17 and yeah he was bigger at the time and if he had a quirk like that then so would deku…

    Anyways good theory

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