Film Theory: Neo ISN’T The One in The Matrix Trilogy

Film Theory: Neo ISN’T The One in The Matrix Trilogy

(Ring) (Ring) Wake up, Theorist. I don’t know if you’re ready to see what I have to show you but unfortunately the two of us have very little time. They’re coming for you. And I don’t know what they’re going to do if they find you. I can help you but only if you do exactly as I say: Watch this video and perhaps you will have a chance. Good luck. (Hang up) (Beep) Hello internet! Welcome to FILM THEORY! I’m glad you decided to stick around because there is much we have to discuss. FILM THEORY When it hit theaters in 1999, The Matrix was unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. Well unless you keep up with any form of Cyber-Punk had ever read a philosophy textbook, were a fan of Japanese anime or kung fu films had ever watched Tron. Uh you get the idea. but hey that makes complete sense when you consider that the films creators, writers and directors The Wachowskis were absolutely massive fanatics of all of those things and wanted to add to those genres with the film that incorporated elements from all of them. And the world they created while accessible enough to be mimicked in hundreds of parodies long before poop emojis became a way to ironically say “I love you” or less ironically “I have to poop” has long been debated and reinterpreted by the same over analytical fanbase The Wachowskis themselves hail from and you know that where there’s over analysis to be had the theorists will follow so I dug through the awesome first movie, the not so awesome CGI of the second, and the philsophical ramblings of the whole series Only to discover that we have been completely wrong the whole time, that the hero of humanity named ‘The One’ he who is prophecised to bring about the downfall of the machines and reload the matrix, is not Neo! desptie his name being a clever anagram of one no.. put aside Keanu Reeves’ highly emotive face the one is in fact …….. “Me” “me too” Agent Smith, The cold hearted, murderous, hater of humanity and the bad guy trying to stop Neo .. Is in fact the hero who sets in motion the destruction of the matrix and humanity’s freedom Let’s see how far this rabbit hole goes … Now I’m gonna assume you need a bit of a refresher on what the heck this trilogy is about beyond white dredlocks and Christ imagery so let me do a real quick recap for you first in the first movie we meet “Mr Anderson” (Bad Agent Smith impression) I can’t do it I can’t do the voice In the first movie we meet Thomas Anderson a Hacker Codenamed ‘Neo’ who is disillusioned with his job, his life, and reality itself until mysterious messages lead him to Morpheus who totally blows his mind when he tells him that the world as he knows it, is a computer simulation and humanity is enslaved by machines, who use this digital reality, or ‘The Matrix’ to keep humanity submissive whilst they harvest their body heat for energy “Whoa” Turns out Neo is the subject of a holy prophecy he is ‘The One’ humanity’s saviour who has the ability to trancend the laws of this digital reality in such an advanced way that he can do Amazing Epic ‘Not-at-all-ripped-off-from-Dragon-Ball-Zesque things All hail the coming of ‘The One’ and the destruction of the matrix .. right? Well… As ‘The Architect’ explains in the second movie in a monologue that’s gone down in history as one of the single most confusing things ever said by an actor in a major blockbuster ever.. Neo’s ‘special status’ is all part of the machines master plan y’see another name of the one is the prime program He’s the result of an imperfect system you know how when you divide numbers together you sometimes get a remainder when they don’t divide in perfectly ‘The One’ is basically all those remainders glommed together into a big number ball and as long as he exists the matrix will remain imperfect and gradually decend into chaos until it crashes and desroys all of humanity including it’s last stronghold the sweaty dubstep-fueled-rave-cave of Zion [Air Horn] Long story short Humanity will be extinct to prevent this ‘The One’s code needs to enter the source which allows the matrix to reload and everything to become perfect and stable eventually Neo goes to the source jacks in fights Agent Smith an AI program tasked with keeping order in the system loses or wins? and since Neo is plugged into the source over at machine city the anomly goes bye-bye and the Matrix is able to finally be reloaded Bringing peace to the struggle between man and machine with blind-jesus Neo being carried off into the light The End! Clear as mud But what’s easy to lose amidst all the black trenchcoats and bullet time effects are the details! for instance let’s look at the aforementioned prophecy Quote … when the matrix was [first] built there was a man born inside that had the ability to change what he wanted, to remake the matrix as he saw fit. It was this man who freed the first of us and taught us the truth. When he died the oracle prophesied his return and envisioned that his coming would hail the destruction of the matrix and the war, bring freedom to our people :End Quote so if neo is truly the one he needs to have been born in the matrix is able to change it and ultimately destroys it to set humans free Let’s start with the first criteria Born Inside the Matrix Uhhh …… NO Neo is not born inside of the matrix he was born in one of those gross harvest pods by the machines he even has the extra electrical outlets on his body to prove it which are so useful during the holiday season to be fair neo was reborn inside the matrix after
being killed by agent smith at the end of the first film but keep in mind that
the Oracles prophecy also specifies quote when the matrix was first built
and as we’re told in the film this is the sixth version of the matrix the
matrix is older than you know I prefer counting from the emergence of one
integral anomaly to the emergence of the next in which case this is the sixth
version mr. Anderson wasn’t around way back then
you know who was though Agent Smith Smith has been there since
the beginning “did you know that the first matrix was
designed to be a perfect human world”… “where none suffered, where everyone would be happy”… “it was a disaster!” he speaks about it in
a way that implies that he was there but not only that he goes so far as to call
the Oracle ‘mom’ in the third movie “you would know mom” so despite him being just a computer
program the idea of birth still applies to look at it a different
way at the end of the first matrix neo jumps into Agent Smith destroying him
from within but that moment fundamentally changes Smith he’s reborn
in the second movie as a rogue virus as he explains to Neo “because of you I’m no longer an agent of this system”… “because of you I’ve changed”… “I’m unplugged… a new man…” which just goes to
show one other way that Smith was born inside of the matrix ok but let’s move on the second part of
the prophecy says the one will be able to change the matrix to remake it as he
sees fit although Neo shows some real promise at the end of the first movie with his jumping inside Smith fatality that’s pretty much the end of his
endeavor to do any kind of next-level hacking neo doesn’t actually change
anything throughout the sequel’s sure he can do some kung fu moves and fly but
that’s about it when it comes to changing the fabric of
the matrix the way it behaves Smith shows far more power I mean check out how the matrix looks by
the end of the series when Smith is at the height of his power it’s unrecognizable and very clearly the
one who made those changes was Smith in his own words “you like what I’ve done with the place?” but MatPat you might be saying don’t you
know that Smith is only special because neo is special with neo jumped inside of
him at the end of the first movie he copy part of himself onto Smith
interesting theoretical theorists so you’re suggesting that neo causes
Smith’s exceptional powers but not so fast the quality that determines if someone
is truly the one is based on the ability to repel against the machines like
Morpheus says yet their strength and their speed are still based in a world
that is built on rules make sense machines are just a series of zeros and
ones so of course they’re bound by the rules of their programming for wait then how do you explain this seed in the
first matrix myth takes out his earpiece while interrogating Morpheus and
explains his desire to escape the matrix I must get out of here I must get free and with the other
agents walk in and see him without his earpiece and they scold in smith is a
program meant to ensure the security of the matrix that earpieces his direct
line with the system and here it appears as though he’s going rogue not only does the fact that Smith is
able to go against the rules and take out his earpiece suggest his heightened
ability to repel but everything he says in the scene is oddly human talking
about smelling and tasting humanity and being disgusted by them it’s the smell I could taste your stink long before he takes on
neo Smith is working against his programming Smith not neo is the anomaly
in the system and now for the final tenant of the prophecy that he would
bring destruction to the matrix and bring freedom to the people and end the
war ok so although the saga ends with the
matrix still intact it gets pretty banged up during the Smith neo final
battle and in reloading one could say that it was destroyed and look who says
that he’s actually going to destroy the matrix you guessed it Smith and the only reason
that the war between man and machine zens is because Smith is so darn good at
tearing up the fabric of the matrix that the machines can’t control them anymore this precarious position Smith puts the
machines in is what gives me 0 the bargaining power to strike up a deal
with babyface over here that allows the humans who want to stay in the matrix
day and the EDM fans who want to leave and head to the concert in Zion go over
that way and get all sweaty do might be the one making the deal but
without Smith’s uncontrollable power the machines would need to end the war in
the first place but here’s the detail that seals the
deal the matrix will reload when the remainder code of the one enters the
source Smith openly says that he’s avoiding
returning to the source after merging with neo in the first movie in his own
words he’s been compelled to resist the call afterward I knew the rules i
understood what I was supposed to I didn’t I couldn’t compelled to stay
compelled to disobey but for that final battle neo uploads
himself into the matrix from machine city at the end of the battle Smith
victorious assimilates neo into a final Smith clone but then this breaks him up
and all the Smiths blow up for some unexplained reason this always confused
me why do Smith lose it’s really unclear
and it feels like a cheap ending for such an awesome villain until you
consider what’s happened Smith infects neo who is jacked into the matrix from
machine city AKA the location of the source when Smith assimilates him his
code is getting jacked directly into that source as the prophecy of the
architect of said the prime program in this instance has been reinserted look
at how Neos body and the wires connected to respond in the moment of his
assimilation in that moment through Neos assimilated body Smith’s anomalous code is reunited to
the source and the matrix is finally able to reload let me make it clear he is the one but
you the unwitting one he’s the savior of
humanity without even intending it or wanting it for that matter but that all
leaves us with one final question and it’s a simple one why does everyone call me old one if
he’s not the one who needs to watch the one the one the one who sure Morpheus in
the dirty sweatshirt gang may just be mistaken but what about the architect or
the Oracle these are two of the most powerful
programs in the system and they should probably know right well one of them does it is rambling
speech the architect says it was the Oracle who
created the one not only does this strengthen the whole
mom argument with agent smith from earlier but it also shows that she’s the
only person who truly knows the one’s true nature the ones true identity I’m not the one sorry kid and what did she do with that
knowledge she chooses to lie to everyone else about it in the final lines of the
franchise the architect and oracle meet in the reloaded matrix with the
architect saying you can be a very dangerous game what’s he talking about what is this
dangerous game well it’s a reference to the lie she
told everyone that the one was neo when she knew it was Smith why would she do this she says in these
final moments that she wanted change but what does that mean well it was the only way that she could
get peace had the machines known it was Smith all along they would have
assimilated him into the system earlier in the war between humans and machines
would have continued but by misleading everyone into thinking it was neo it
allowed Smith to threaten the fabric of the matrix to the point where the
machines had to make a deal of peace with me Oh creating an elaborate live
was the only way to truly change the system the dangerous game was allowing a
rogue program like Smith to get as powerful as he did boy did she do a good job of covering up
the truth since it fold all of us to / for a decade Agent Smith that rainbow over there for
you buddy you truly are the one but hey that’s
just a theory. A film theory. and cut subscribe to your viewer you
will have your eyes open to the truth and the realms of TV and cinema class we
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is long past due that we talk about some marvel more on that next time mr. and or no still can’t do it damp

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  1. I found a hole it never says that the one has to be reborn inside the matrix. Maybe neo was born in the matrix died like the prophecy said and he was reborn in a different form

  2. Your other theory says neo believed he left the matrix but he was still in it they never left the matrix so technically neo was born in the matrixπŸ€” so he could be the one

  3. Neo is the one, the Matrix can't reboot as the anomaly hasn't returned to the source. When Neo returns and plugs into the source, he needs to take what he left in Smith, as the first movie says..

    Smith is simply a rogue program, aided and abetted by the Oracle so the machines (the Architect) have no choice but to make a deal with humanity – represented by the Oracle (Smith's mother).

    If Smith is the one, he is the anomaly, but how has he witnessed 5 previous reboots, he would of had to rejoin the source 5 separate times.

  4. Except that the source is not located in the machines city. The Source door was accessible through the Architect's room. And the Architect treated Neo as the One, the sixth One. He was not lying at any moment.

  5. The thing is that Neo and smith had merged and so on. I think that the dangerous game refers to many things as it is a film so the love part and others are a part of the game as allowing for multiple interpretations and meanings makes replayability sweet. Also people want to see what they like and if theres tons of meaning simply see what you want and a larger audience will likely all like the movie BUT in different ways. More importantly this is about the "one" and its muddled. I think they were both the one but with very different circumstances the theme of choice is important. Lets say neo wasn't the original one well he definitely became it as neo merged into smith or vice versa (gained partial powers enough to make a diff) because of this the actual one whoever it is doesnt have to go to the source directly and also doesnt have to have everyone die. Essentially splitting the one, lying, merging etc. however you want to explain it or be as technically correct as you want allowed for another option besides the normal two choices. The dangerous game was that the oracle allowed/planned for this to happen and the new option may have been complete annihilation for everything, maybe worse, etc. Thats why it was dangerous as NO ONE (pun intended) truly knew what the new option would entail. The oracle is a true gambler even if she calculated quite a bit of it. Also I think the Neo=One thing is more than a play on words I think its because he wasn't the original one but rather became/reborn the one. Choice is what matters in the movie but then again you can always argue that the oracle had the most choice. So maybe the biggest theme is the circle/cluster of it all.

  6. Excellent presentation, very provocative and witty.Β  I think that Neo and Agent Smith are not separate beings, they are alter egos.Β  I think the films reveal a very deep connection between the two of them.Β  Their destinies are entwined in each other.Β  The One may actually be the complete unity between the two of them.

  7. I think that Zion is another layer to the matrix. Think about it how was neon the sixth version? That means that there was six in the Zion reality. So the matrix is within another matrix, isn't it?? I think this will be discovered in matrix 4. Just a thought…

  8. I said it was Smith the entire time! It just makes sense. HE is actually born in the Matrix, he brings it down by releasing everyone (in a way). And honestly, he is pretty cool.

  9. Video games are fairly close to virtual worlds. You know who respawns in virtual worlds? The player. You know who doesn't? The non-player characters. The agents should have obviously been the humans, or at least also humans.

  10. city of the machines and this ''reality'' wast simulation too
    all movie is about risky game between Oracle and Architect
    the apple and candy Neo received from the Oracle are binary codes

  11. Questions ? which one is player one > and is the creator and the programer the same guy or two different people ?

    and it could be a man playing a machine AI playing a touring test

    playing each other in games of life and combat? 6 times how many rounds to see who's the better player>

    the perverse thing about it all is they're playing with real lives Maybe? !

    They did say anybody connected to the Matrix is a or programed Agent syndicate but!? It really was eplaind once and many people in the Matrix never turns into an agent just police and people of authority in high places

    so in a way it goes into who sold their soul/ accepted being a battery for the Matrix unit system in which is an

    underlining thing put on by the vampire scheme<< anyone>> in The Matrix can be transformed For Better or Worse !! Manipulated lives

    the W Brothers never say all that but it's right in front View behind the story of the Merovingian mystery.

    Evan Neo and the crew of the navika nezzer go through transformations in all hindsight.

  12. Yall missed the point, they both are the one the Oracle told neo Smith was him but his dark side so it took both together as one to reboot the system….. though I will be honest if that is the case then the end of part 1 should have rebooted it

  13. He isn't the one , That's because in the Future they will make another movie continuing and showing you how He is indeed the One ;P You're just too dumb and slow to realize XD 8P and for you to think that me me me is the one … makes you dumb and slow … Coz that's not 1

  14. Of course smith is the one. He is the one that corrupts the matrix and forces the reset. He was always the one to bring about the restart. It was inevitable. He said so himself.
    Why is this just a theory? This is how I have always understood the matrix…

  15. Neo was the one who bargained peace in exchange to get rid of the Smith program, so, with his sacrifice he gave peace to his people. Nothing like this has happened before. Also, Morpheus told Neo about the prophecy he was told by someone else and then he did not have a clue that the Matrix they were fighting was the 6th version, implying that Sion has been destroyed 5 times. 5 times humankind has been lied to in order to preserve the system. So yes, Neo is the one, Smith was the instrument.

  16. Smith is a NIHILIST. PERIOD!

    That's why he turns AGAINST the machines!


    But, as "The Oracle" pointed out: "every END is just a NEW BEGINNING"…

    Neo, the One, negotiated freedom for his friends, and the people of Zion, WITH the "leader" of the machines.

    Neo defeated Smith by "losing". Thus, exposing the falsity of Nihilist philosophy when it is countered with a belief in life – and "free choice".

    Once Agent Smith – and all of the people who blindly followed him – REALIZED they were following a FALLACY; which nihilism is: unless you hate yourself AND THE REST OF HUMANITY. At that point you may choose death. But, MOST PEOPLE CHOOSE LIFE!


    And the machines keep their word. Which, as we have seen recently, is a dying HUMAN COMMODITY in this world…

    Most will still choose to follow, and live in their fantasy world. But, for those who want it: the choice to leave for a deeper truth is now freely available to those who want it.

    But, the SAME rules would still apply as in the original Matrix: you can't go back once you leave. Opening PANDORA'S BOX, is a one-way ticket…

  17. So basically no one escapes the matrix. Its like a diamond with different facets whereas the
    masses of people are moved from one facet of it to another. Different aspects of the same

  18. at 2:03 on the lower left corner a frame appears with a rainbow of people and a formula stating ((a to the n power) times abundances) over (f times the squareroot of katherines)

    … anyone knows whatthe fuck?

  19. Whould it kills Neo to not destroy Agent Smith in the end of Matrix1 like that? 😎

    If he didn't do that, there were no Viruse Smith at all. πŸ˜’πŸ™„

  20. Not so fast Film Theory.

    Cut the loose of man in the first Matrix buddy.

    The man that in [first] matrix that had the ability to chang anything and remake the matrix as he sees fit, DIED. Remember?

    and The Oracle prophesied HIS RETURN.

    There is NO NEED that man to be alive from First Matrix till now so this section of quote isn't match with your theory.

    And about the Oracle envisione, that his coming would hail the destruction of the matrix and the war, is also match with Neo. Because mere existence of him EVENTUALLY did end with hail destruction and war: he copied himself to Smith and Smith became viruse. It's true but THIS eventually end with that prophecy.

    In the prophecy, Oracle didn't meant who doing this changes (Neo or Smith). She merely says existing of The One, whould lead to such a destruction and war. In fact, the destruction and war by existing The One, was inevitable.

    I'm beginner at learning En. so forgive me if I had bad grammar.

  21. I see it that way: Neo is the One seen from human perspective, and the ORACLE is the One from machine perspective. SHE created Smith, playing a "risky game". Smith himself didnΒ΄t have choice. When he remembers what he is going to say, he realises his determination.

  22. Neo was the one and Oracle was guiding him to the source just as the previous ones. but after Neo destroyed Smith and cause him to reborn as a winner virus, Oracle changed her plan to save two worlds. in the beginning, Oracle didn't know that because she couldn't see past the choices that are not understood yet (as she said)

  23. I think smith was destroyed because neo was virus (or either way) and when he penetrated neo's chest with his fist the virus hit in the program and destroyed it…

    Just a wild guess

  24. if neo is not the one how is it he is a able to stop the machines with his mind outside of the matrix? that theory still confuses me

  25. When I watched the final battle for the first time, I assumed that all Smiths were destroyed then because Smith has uploaded his code and the machines had quickly came up with an antivirus.

  26. Neo makes Smith who he is, in the sense that he makes him out of control threatening the whole matrix and therefore the main power source of the machines if he takes over. This gives the One the choice, humanity's choice, intrinsic in the matrix: shut everything down by letting smith do his thing or erradicate Smith, restart the matrix and zion by sacrificing himself and allowing the cycle in the matrix to continue existing (neo's the 6th appereance of this "choice"). Neo is humanity's ultimate and unavoidable choice of whether to continue or not inside the matrix result of giving humans free will in the program.

  27. Whoever created this video is A GENIUS, and I would like him to befriend me on Facebook. Here's a link to my profile there:

  28. If the Oracle knew and lied to everyone she's actually the one. Without her lies it couldn't be done. So the Oracle is the one.

  29. Neo sacrifices his life for honor. He sacrifices his life to prove that he is not Smith. He knew it that he can't save zion.
    Hollywood don't believe it but I believe him.
    You were shameless, you are shameless and as long as u fucking live you will be shameless.

    This is from Neo.

  30. After binge-watching The Matrix with my dad for the sixth time, he actually had this same theory. He told me that it makes sense that agent Smith is "the one", pointing out most of the facts you so kindly did too.
    I think it makes perfect sense that agent Smith is "the one" and not Neo.
    Great theory πŸ˜‰

  31. The child who gets hijacked by Smith. Smith could just be making a joke, because he has already hijacked the child. It would match his personality….

  32. Funny thing is I said pretty much this whole speech to some friends of mine back 2004 after watching all three movies back to back. I'm totally down with this Theory and is aligned with my own understanding of the films philosophy.

  33. I'd say, it's rather "Neo is not The ONLY One." In my opinion the position of "The One" is not to be taken by just one person, because ONE person dying for the whole world or freeing the whole world is just an analogy to Jesus, which became clear when Neo died as if having been crucified. But that should not be the point of THIS story, because this story is supposed to give ANOTHER perspective, not that one which we know from the Bible.
    Besides, I would like to point out the fact that in at least three other films of this kind – Equilibrium, Logan's Run and the Star Wars trilogy – the main characters killed the highest villain – The Tetragrammaton in Equilibrium, the Central Computer in Logan's Run and Emperor Palpatin in Star Wars. All three of them stood for "God", as is the case with the "Architect" in the Matrix, since "Tetragrammaton" means "four letters" (which are JHWH), "Architect" is the Masonic term for "God" and the central computer can only be God, 'cause there is no higher "central computer" than that of God. True, the Emperor Palpatin looks more like "The Devil", but if you consider the fact that God is DUAL, meaning composed of both "Good AND Evil" (just like Yin&Yang), it becomes clear that the highest Force in the Universe IS God, regardless whether he is being pictured as white or black. And besides, black suits him much better, for the simple reason that his Nature IS BLACK – evil, that is.
    So, my point is, if in those 3 movies mentioned above the highest Instance is being killed, the same should be the case in "The Matrix". Neo – or Agent Smith – or both – should annihilate the Architect and the Oracle, 'since those two are the highest Creators of "The Matrix".
    If instead of that, the fourth part goes back into the past, showing the younger versions of Neo and Morpheus, the story will become just another action movie without sense or without a finale. I mean, I wouldn't mind if Lana Wachowski wants to make more than just 4 parts, showing the final solution in part 5 or 6 or something. But if part 4 is supposed to be the last one, and if the Architect and the Oracle don't get annihilated, the movie will be the WORST as its POINT is concerned.

  34. watch 'The Matrix-Awesome Deleted Scene'. There there they have told who is the one. They have deleted that scene from the movie.

  35. No Neo is the one but when Neo jumped in Smith their dna got attached and then Smith was also the one this means that Neo and Smith were both the one!

  36. 6:00 "When the matrix was first built" That prophecy was a lie and made for the humans..
    It also means when the 6th matrix was built because that is what they are referring to.
    This guy doesn't research enough.

  37. I don't know matpat, the second movie fight scene with Smith always brings emotional chills to me.
    I mean, the moment he takes that iron pole, I just watch him in awe and imagine myself being him
    I know it's now realistic but, I find that the best action scene ever

  38. Neo was born in the Matrix cause earth is the matrix aswell and those machines are on earth which means Neo was born in the matrix!

  39. That is why oracle and seraph were on earth after Neo saved the world cause the world is another half of the matrix very simple to understand!

  40. Smith lost because he killed Neo they are technically the same person if one dies the other dies aswell because they are ONE!

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