Film Theory: Pickle Rick ACTUALLY WORKS! (Rick and Morty, Feat. DAN HARMON!)

Film Theory: Pickle Rick ACTUALLY WORKS! (Rick and Morty, Feat. DAN HARMON!)

Boy, that ‘Tales of the Citadel’ episode sure had a lot of Easter eggs in it, huh? Return of evil Morty and all that… Lots of theory fodder in there. Am I right? Don’t worry. I’ll get to that one soon enough. But there was one detail that I wanted to point out that isn’t enough for a full episode and one that all the next day Analysis overlook that I wanted to talk about, specifically this chart. See how reverse Rick outrage is at the end of the chart, But still has a 15 percent approval rating which is higher than the rent is too damn high Rick? Well, it’s an incredibly smart jab at one of the most subtle ways news media can and does bias what it’s showing you. Looking at the Graphic, most people would think that reverse Rick outrage’s at dead last… But he’s not and that’s even if they see him at all! They buried him in the back. It’s an easy way to discredit a candidate, a technique that was famously used during the 2012 presidential Election to undermine the strong poll results and growing popularity of Republican candidate Ron Paul. Long story short, the reason I’m pointing this out is to not only draw attention to an underappreciated Rick and Morty Easter egg, but also to tell you just be aware. Sometimes the data doesn’t lie, but the way it’s presented does Hello Internet! Welcome to Film Theory, the show where we take your favorite series, let them marinate in our salty mind brines, and pop out crunchy DILLicious! (nice) Theories just a short time later! And with that as the opening sentence of this episode, two things should be made immediately clear. #1- We’re talking about pickle Rick today. “I’M PICKLE RICK!!!” And #2- I’ve got pickle puns for days Picking him up wasn’t even that cumbersome, or should I say: cucumber some? Nope, I really Really shouldn’t. Sure, season 3 of Rick and Morty may have taken a little bit longer than expected to arrive, But honestly this was nothing compared to the way we’ve got coming for season eight and Game of Thrones. “Winter is coming. Now It’s here.” Now, We just gotta wait like two more years. When it comes to Rick and Morty, the wait was Totally worth it. Season three has delivered on both the lore side and the science side. Now in the past, I focused mainly on the lore bits. Click the link in the corner of the screen if you’re behind on those. But I’ve never actually spent any time getting into the nitty-gritty of what makes a Rick and Morty not only the funniest show on TV But also the smartest. Parallel universes, Reality simulations, memory altering-parasites — the list of things to explore are as endless as the channels on an Intergalactic cable box. But as someone who appreciates Memes as much as science, no analysis of season three would be complete without a look into the science of Pickle Rick. Not exactly whether Rick could realistically turn himself into a pickle; He can’t. But instead, how possible Rick’s alien-esque Cockroach and rat mech suits would be. A quick recap in case you missed this episode: Rick turns himself into a pickle to escape family therapy “I turned myself into a pickle, Morty.” As a pickle, he gets washed down into the sewer drain where he’s surrounded by Cockroaches. He bites the head off of one, but then manipulates its brain with his tongue to make it walk the next we see him He’s fashioned a suit of cockroach armor to kill rats. He dismembers one, Fuses its limbs to his pickle body, connects his brain to the rats, and then goes on a good old John Wick Style pickle murder rampage. You know, a classic Rick adventure, or should I say, “A Vlasic Rick adventure?” “Uh, no you really shouldn’t say that.” Cynical Hypothetical Viewer. You’re sounding a bit older and more grizzled than usual. “Yeah, 30 years of vodka will do that to you. I’m Dan Harmon, I’m the co-creator of Rick and Morty!” Ho- Wow Welcome to the show. Wait did you just come on the show to tell me to stop making puns…? “Well, not just to tell you to stop making puns. I just wanted to save you the trouble of making this episode. Pickle Rick is something we just made up. We thought, ‘Hey, What’s a funny vegetable we can turn Rick into?’ and we land it on a pickle.” Uh sorry, but you’re wrong. “What do you mean, pickles are hilarious!” No, obviously a pickle is hilarious! What I mean to say is, and I hate to correct you But it’s not technically a veggie. A pickle is a fruit because they have seeds. Pickles are technically a fruit of the vine. It’s decided by the US Supreme Court,. “But it’s made from a cucumber…” Yeah, fruit too. I mean, if you want to get really specific, Cucumbers are a pepo, which is a type of berry, and a pickle technically fell under the classification of condiment? But don’t worry, people will debate it out in the comments. “Well, whatever it is We just thought making Pickle Rick would be funny. We do a lot of scientific research for the show, but this wasn’t one of those times. Pickle Rick is not rooted in actual science.” Yeah, I hate to be the “but actually” guy, but uh, actually- “the existence of this channel tells me that’s not true.” Okay, so maybe I really love correcting my favorite creators, just not to their faces. But regardless, I wouldn’t be too sure of that one either, Dan. Tell you what, stick around for the rest of this episode and if you’re still not convinced by the end, I’ll give you 25 smeckles. “You know we made those up too, right?” Fine, lunch if I don’t convince you. I’ll buy you lunch. “Hmm, well I have watched all the episodes of Hoarders on my DVR, so I guess I’ve got some time on my hands. Let’s do it.” Awesome! We’ll investigate this together!

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  1. You are analyzing what you know but dont forget Rick is a Genius and he can go across different dimensions he maybe mixed in some unknown elements to protect himself from death while being a pickle.

  2. Well, considering the high intelligence of Rick, I'm pretty sure he did think of salt poisoning. He is the kinda guy who has a plan B for the plan B's plan B. He definitely created a serum or another method to avoid death. But hey. That's just a theory. A fan theory! Thanks for reading…
    (Best MatPat impression 2019)

  3. Well matpat i may be a high schooler who has done no research but it may be plausible for rick to survive as a pickle for a little bit regardless if the sodium. He was dying anyway without the other body systems and if there was lasting damage when he does turn human again he probably took that into account when he made the serum to make him human again.

  4. 13:10, did you just use overwatch as a salt measurement?
    id like to defend the game since its made a quantum leap and is better than ever….
    BUT I agree even as a hardcore fan

  5. Well I know it works,I was the one who SAW him on the counter..Just a week ago me summer and hunger games summer went out cause rick was too wasted to get off the couch. It was fun 🙂 we got icecream and we went back to the post apocalyptic world so we could enjoy this life 🙂

  6. So all this time rick was learning all about the brain idolize since the start why he did that inception to Mr golden fold and did cloning to so he has a copy to see what would happen when the time comes to take the citadel down

  7. I wish there was like a superlike button. A like so powerful you get like 1 a week or something. That's what I'd give this video.

  8. he's a pickle in the streets but a Rick in the sheets if you catch my drift (the awkward music in the background and the quote woke up my little sister and i got scolded by my parents because they thought i was watching an SPG with an S theme)

  9. welcome to the comment section, it consists of " cancer, hate, cuss words, 8 year old's wanting to date, threats, fake love comments cause they want a shoutout and kermit jokes" oh shiii… and uhhh "caution, side effects of reading these may give you, depression, anger, P.T.S.D, adhd, suicidal thoughts, cancer and small cock syndrom" so… yeah… you have been warned

  10. Wait what the hell Dan Hartman made community they took that show from regular TV backpack where you actually talking to Dan Hartman could you please tell him to bring Community back to regular TV I can't afford cable I can't

  11. It’s Pickle Riiiiiick! I loved the part when he just frickin destroys the rats he’s a savage and he pins down the rats with nails

  12. I had a strong feeling that Ron Paul was undermined by the media or some other entity up there. How did you find the actual data that you were referring to?

  13. I had a strong feeling that Ron Paul was undermined by the media or some other entity up there. How did you find the actual data that you were referring to?

  14. Yo matpat you didnt have to pay him because there is one thing that you forgot its pressure when you BITE a pickle then you feel the brine so then it would tecnically be possible but you just can't get hurt sure there are some on outside BUT THE NERO SYSTEM IS ON THE INSIDE so its basically the one hit challenge (get hit die)

  15. I'm a little late to this conversation. The salt content would definitely kill him. Rick even admitted in the show. Unless I'm mistaken, he told Beth he was dying when he asked for the syringe. I'm just saying, I think matpat might have one this.

  16. Hey there I might be the only one to ponder about this but there seems to be a lot of confusion about which reality/dimension/universe the characters come from, for example at the Jerry Jamboree, and the Atlantian Mixup, you’d think The Ricks would’ve included a scanner in the portal gun to figure out where they belong, it would be interesting for Our Rick as we know as C137, or maybe have it available only to the Federation, or the Citadel as an interrogation device, anyone else think about this???

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