Film Theory: Rey is the Next Darth Vader! (Star Wars Episode 9 The Rise of Skywalker)

Film Theory: Rey is the Next Darth Vader! (Star Wars Episode 9 The Rise of Skywalker)

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  1. Skywalkers where Chiss children that where force sensitive and were used to navigate their ships safely throughout the outer rim. You learn this in the stories of Darth vader and Thron. I don't remember the name of the book but that's where Skywalker comes from.

  2. When I see the movie I hope this does come true I am more afraid Disney pulling a you didn't see this coming digia making kylo Ren the enemy again

  3. The force awakens:
    Establishes an interesting mystery and ends on a cliffhanger that is slightly ambiguous but mostly has a clear direction

    The last Jedi:

  4. the two figures morphing into one, and then showing herself, could also be interpreted as the Schwartz (both the Light & Dark sides) being the source of her creation. that would be some plot twist if they turned out to make her the 'chosen' one, and that it would turn out to not have been Anakin. BUT, if written well, and presented in an interesting way, it could turn out to be a good surprise in the end and explain some of the mary sue shit a Little bit as well as the foggy past. Anakin does have a mother, while mary sue had that cave experience and can't even remember her parents. The Schwartz might be mysterious, but it does not lie.

  5. I refuse to be hyped by a star wars story ever again. Not after ep 7 and 8. What you proposed sounds awesome af. No way we will recieve it in 9. No way we will recieve any kind of "long term scheme" that would bear fruit in this movie. It will be flat, simple and a cash grab.

  6. Before watching this I know you don’t have a good track record so you’re probably gonna get it wrong but good job anyway.

  7. I don't think Disney has the balls to make Rey a villain. They are all about female empowerment and won't let her be the "bad guy".

  8. Well, if you think about it, Anakin was created by Plagueis to kill Palpatine as a revenge plot as well. As Shmi Skywalker said, Anakin was conceived immaculately and, as prophesied, brought balance to the force, helping the Emperor to kill enough Jedi until (in the movies anyway) there were only 2 Sith and 2 Jedi left. And then when the Dark side outnumbered the Light, what with only Luke left for the Jedi, Anakin then kills the Emperor, completing Plagueis' revenge.

    Palpatine essentially copied the same contingency HIS master had: create a force-child that will grow up to get revenge on his killer (which he probably suspected would be Vader, since that's pretty much how Sith Lord's are replaced by their apprentices). Sheev obviously didn't expect Vader to immediately die though, so Rey follows her next directive in heading the next Empire.

  9. Thank you! I have been asking since December 2015, how the hell did the galaxy allow the same shit to happen to same galaxy TWICE????? How did the Star Wars galaxy pull a John McClane Die Hard 2 scenario?

  10. Even if The Rise of Skywalker is good or great, it cannot fix the stupidity of The Last Jedi. Rose crashing into Finn despite her holding strong to her sister’s sacrifice. The entire Canto Bight and DJ the hacker plot. The dreadfully boring slow paced space chase. The pointless Walker battle. The dickhead Jake Skywalker scenes. The excessive jokes. The excessive gotcha moments. The excessive subverting expectations. The Blues Brothers 2000 also subverted expectations and it also sucked ass.

  11. Lucasfilms, Disney, Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrams, and Rian Johnson: “SW fans are upset because their online theories are wrong & the films are not living up to the theories”.

  12. So he made her on a dead desert planet that once had the spark of life? What other desert planets do we suspect he made a person on?

  13. Would be a huge slap in the face to the fans… Rey is the face of light she is this generations Luke. To have her turn would be a huge disappointment to all the women and little girls who see a powerful female hero. To have her turn would almost create the idea that women are not strong enough to resist temptation etc etc… I don’t think Disney would want to deal with the push back about a man having to save the day because a woman wasn’t strong enough to be the central “good” or light side banner holder… now a twin… clone… Palpatine possessed…. force vision I can see but not turning…

  14. Somehow I feel like this isn't going to be true as much as I want it to be. If it is I will forgive Last Jedi which is one of the biggest disappointments in my entire life, right up there with Metal Gear Solid 4

  15. We know that Ben has fallen to the darkside, so lets say he changes his name to Ben Skywalker, and he rises to the lightside, there you go, there is the reason for the title of the new movie.

  16. I’m surprised that he didn’t mention the whole Anakin immaculate conception thing. I mean we know his mom but who’s daddy? Palpatine??

  17. In some old star wars games like star wars empire at war (forces of corruption) do a theory abot the forces of corruption and play the game if you want but please do a theory about forces of corruption PLEASE!!!!

  18. Bruh also it’s confirmed in the newer darth Vader comics that Palpatine made Anikan through the force and yes I know I’m extremely late

  19. Sounds awfully familiar to theories out there. The same as some and just a step less than others. Like the one that is this only Rey is just a body left for Palpatine to transfer to once he's ready and able. The theory states that originally Palpatine was going to take over Anakin's body but then he became burnt toast so he was no longer ideal. AND another theory is all that plus that Palpatine isn't actually Palpatine, but Plagueis. That the Sith's rule of 2 is actually just a set-up for one Darth body hopping to stay practically immortal. The new body has to be trained and steeped in the Dark side for the transfer to be successful, so Rey falling to the darkside is what dooms her to lose herself as another takes her body.

  20. Here’s another theory Rey is not apart of empire her parents could be iden verseos daughter because not all children have parents that have the force like Aniken.But there’s the fact that the father of iden was a commander in the empire and probably knew darth siddes and probably had injection in his daughter as order to keep palpteen blood line going.

  21. Can I just say how Mat Pat was Right about Rey being in the Dark Side I went “MAT PAT WAS RIGHT?!”

  22. Actually…this theory could work because if you watch the official trailer, there is a scene where they show Rey with a double sided red lighsaber and she is wearing dark robs like a Sith.

  23. What if sheev is a skywalker, so he would rise in this one. It makes sense cuz sheez could’ve influenced the midiclhorians in shimi to make anakin. He could’ve made rey too.

  24. Okay, maybe Mat has always been wrong with his Star Wars theories.

    But I actually really want to see this plot that he's set up because it would be an incredible plot twist and be so. freaking. good.

  25. Another theory! To turn rey bad and kylo good, rey kills leia, the death of his mother sends kylo into a sense of regret. We may possibly see this in the trailer where rey is hugging leia whilst crying….

  26. Here we have a popular and good theorist that has little to work due to some of the worst storytelling of our generation . I strongly hope that Rey becomes a villian, I really want to like the character. Would be a great twist to, even if it doesn't turn out the way the video depicted. Because I think the people have BEEN growing tired of Disney's completely incompetent handling of Star Wars.

  27. You know what, I'd be happy if they did this plot. But if they have Rey become the new Sith Lord, have her go full evil, not conflicting evil, I'm talking Darth Sidious evil. Perhaps even have her kill Leia in front of Kylo which is what turns him back to the light and see's the error of his ways and what he tried to become. Make him realise that he doesn't want to be Darth Vader, that he doesn't want to be what Rey has become, before then confronting Rey in a battle to the death.

  28. If this theory happens to be wrong again, you must make a theory of whether it is possible to create a Death Star and whether you can survive in it

  29. Palpatine better be force ghost. If he just comes up with full flesh alive that wouldn't make any sense. plot would be like Palpatine used his all remaining force to creat Rei the skill learned from his master Plagues or something

  30. this theory is fantastic, too bad disney dont give a rats ass about it and the next movie will probably end up being garbage tier, though if i hear good things about it i may see it, that or if someone else pays for the theater tickets and such

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