Film Theory: Rey’s Parents SOLVED! (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

Film Theory: Rey’s Parents SOLVED! (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

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  1. Iden looks exactly like the female that was shown in the Force Awaken when the Republic was destroyed by Starkiller base. Didn’t JJ Abrams hint that her parents was in the movie in an interview?! Hmmmm….

  2. what if, Rey IS Leias, but NOT Hans,?,
    or maybe she had her like Anikan was born?
    she was the reason Hans and Leia split up and that's why the awkwardness between them would be in the scenes where he realizes who she is.
    It's JUST A THEORY, {please like this so mat pat might see and do a new video for the new movie}

  3. Sooo… I saw the teaser trailer from episode nine and in It Rey hugged Leia while crying like those "I missed you" cries.

  4. While usually I’m skeptical of magazines printed by stores that sell 30 pound buckets of mayonnaise… 😂

  5. That lightsaber was never Obi Wan’s it was Anakin’s… Obi Wan took it from Anakin so yea even the shit u should have gotten right is wrong… lol sorry g

  6. Dengar
    Been to Jakku
    Has British Accent
    Age Works
    Known Ladies Man
    Dengar is Reys father.

  7. A year late, but actually the porgs were designed because of the place where they shot that part of the movie had so many birds they couldn’t bother to remove them all, so they just created a new creature…

  8. NOPE, Disney just decided they're not important at all! Bam! Mic drop! Holy crud this new series is terrible…

  9. All of these things are wrong . Because Han Solo , had 3 children one being Kylo and the other 2 one was like the best Jedi/ sith master ever. than the twin sister killed the sith brother so no you at wrong think again

  10. From all the five-thousand videos of youtube about theories of reys parents this is the one with most proof and more stable, I 100% believe in this theory.

  11. I think Han has a brother than they never mentioned and hooked up with leia after she dumped Han and they had Rey

  12. Her father could also be Anakin. Luke said his sister has the power of the force. Luke's lightsaber was Anakin's. Obi-Wan took it from Anakin on Mustafar after their battle. Anakin was also a good pilot, strong in the force being the Chosen One. It would make sense with the Skywalker saga. Her mother I haven't gotten that far yet. Can't be Padme. Don't be harsh. You can tell me I'm wrong don't really care.
    Edit: She hears Obi-Wan's and Yoda's voice when she grabs Luke's lightsaber right. Who were two of the three people Anakin was close to? Obi-Wan and Yoda. Obi teaching how to be a Jedi, duh, and Yoda teaching him about how to control his emotions about Padme.

  13. Okay, anyone remember the ending of part 8? With the young boy and him using the force to pick up a broom? Just, a random orphan boy? Well… I have an inkling. Episode 9, what if it had that more bittersweet ending that was originally planned for the original Star Wars films? With chaos, and Luke walking off into the sunset like in a Spaghetti Western, Han Solo dying after escaping. Well… what if Episode 9 were to end that way, and Rey is left to find her way, allies scattered across, and Palpatine being dead, but Ben taking on his role. So Rey needs help, and stops on some desert planet to pick up supplies… only to find a young man using the force, easily and naturally. They chat, and she asks who he is. He says his name, but that he doesn’t know who he is. And Rey, with a knowing smile, saying “Maybe it doesn’t matter who you are now, but maybe who you will become.” It rhymes, and it’s a mix of what could’ve been, what has happened, and what will be. Instead of a boy having the force and learning of an evil father and being someone’s only hope, someone whose bloodline meant everything in his story with his mission, maybe for this kid, for Rey… it doesn’t have to matter.

  14. This theory could technically still could be true kylo said her parents are nobodies to him they are nobodies at this point he killed Han and Leia and the rest of the resistance was on the run

  15. Bro. How the hell do you get the British flag wrong? It's in the top 10 most iconic flags in the world and literally all over pop culture and even on other flags.


  16. Hey Matt patt this is all I got for who her parents are, her father is palpetine because all he did was force her into the world just as darth Plaguous with anakin so she’s Rey palpetine

  17. Your theory still has merit. I think creators themselves are too blind to know. Think about it – how rarely has a creator made a story and been on top of everything? Whoever makes Star Wars isn’t GRRM.

  18. Rey, Like Anakin, has no Father. The Light manifested in human form as it did with Anakin. This may be unique among the Skywalkers only.

  19. This just makes me confused the last Jedi is hopeless, if I have a character that have no parents I should make a flashback what his or her parents looks like.

    DO IT!!!

    and then make some dumb theory about it and the one the fans think is the one that will happen and then make a completely different way of it happening.
    sounds like something YOU would do, MATPAT!!!

  21. hi mat pat i was wondering if you could make a theory a theory that you will love but of course i want you to do a theory about Phineas and Ferb Karl is EVIL there is a episode where Karl is evil and i was wondering if you could tell me if its true is Karl showing his true anger

  22. I realize this is after the Last Jedi but if we all think back for a second before the Last Jedi came out and only think about the time we had in between the force awakens and The Last Jedi how on Earth can anybody think that those are the three choices at all. None of them hold any weight whatsoever. I generally love your Phil theories however this one was complete garbage because you put absolutely no thought into it whatsoever

  23. Han Solo isnt a good pilot he is a lying bastard!!! Its the millennium falcon that has a super good cordinason system, because its memory wasnt reset in 3 years……

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