Film Theory: Spiderman is DEAD! Web Swinging’s Tragic Truth (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

Film Theory: Spiderman is DEAD! Web Swinging’s Tragic Truth (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

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  1. I found a mistake, if spidermans g- force is hitting him every time he swings it depends how high and long he swings for, because he doesnt get swung in a circle every time he goes around town)

  2. He has spider sense because it is a reference to spider’s ability to feel the vibrations of nearby movements

    Disney: Ha ha Matpat. Spiderman’s spider sense makes sense ha ha ha ha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  3. That spider-bite changed his DNA, Why do you think that that didnt change his bonestructure or maybe it made him tougher in some other way where the organs arnt at risk?

  4. but can't you position your body in such a way that the centrifugal force of your blood spreads evenly when you swing or more specifically after you let go of your web/rope and do like spins, pirouettes and mid air impact repositioning?

  5. The entirety of spiderman story is made up on the fact that a bite from a radio-active spider was able to change Peter's dna, because of which he has super strength….strong enough to hold a vehicle coming at 60 miles… totally ignored this fact…..yes it is scientifically inaccurate that a spider bite can change human dna to this extend, but if you do assume it to be true, your theory is totally flawed

  6. Spiderman can lift 10 times his body weight, so that means everything else is ten times stronger on him. Or his bones would break when he lifted a car up.

  7. I hate to say it but it is more then possible to survive a speed of 40+ miles per hour into a dead stop. I personally have. I got hit by a car moving 55 miles per hour then flying into the air at close to the same speed coming to a dead halt on the right side of my body just 33 feet down the road. All I got from it was bad road rash and a broken ankle and hairline fractured rib cage. @FilmTheory

  8. 3:03
    So does everyone remember that scene from Homecoming where Ned says "if i were you, i'd just stand at the edge of a building and shoot it off the edge", or something among those lines? Well ignoring the obvious baby gravy joke (hence the girl who looks back with a disgusted face), i just now realized that could be referencing the scene shown at 3:03

  9. I think in the ultimate spider man cartoon series when Peter b. Parker was chasing the goblin through the multiverse, he met many people like spider man noir, spider ham, spider man 2099 and also a spider goat

  10. Spider-man has super durability, and propper blood control thats just kidda there . i love you matpat but I felt the need to come back years later and inform you so that you know so Spider-Man web slinging he's fine web slinging for a normal human would be deadly without a doubt

  11. When the parachute opens for a skydiver they can see anywhere from 3-6 g in a good opening, and way more in a bad opening. Now a really bad opening can cause a lot of damage or death, but 3 g is very common. Even a normal human could easily handle the 3 g from casual swinging, let alone someone who has experience with g-forces and has adapted somewhat to them, LET ALONE someone with a reinforced skeleton and musculature like Spiderman. I'd also add that we usually don't see him in "pencil" form with his whole body rigidly aligned, which would more easily allow blood to reach his feet. Normally he has his feet either lifted ahead of him like a normal human would in the forward motion of swinging on a swingset, which doesn't let his blood go so far from his brain and would actually force blood back towards his brain if most of his body is ahead of him in the swing. Or he has his feet tucked up under himself, which also doesn't give the blood as far to go and he may even be able to squeeze his enhanced leg muscles in this position to force blood back out of his legs.

  12. How does spdier m neoNi notvdie from cocusnsuiikj s cuon concussikn o not get concussion ahhhh I might have one orrrr stroke

  13. The human body can take 5 Gs before passing out, a trained pilot can take more before needing compression pants, since training factors as much as pants I'd say spider-man's super strength could be used as an explanation for the high Gs, as for the force, you don't give enough credit to the human body, someone can hit the ground at 30 miles an hour and take little to no damage when completely relaxed.
    Source: Discovery, "Human Body: Pushing the limits" episode on strength

  14. Mat, you do have to remember that peter sometimes wears suits made by reid richards and obviosly tony stark, which probably would have thougt of this, plus peter is a genius, so he could have also foreseen this.

  15. Spiderman survived getting slammed into walls, falls from like 1000 ft onto a lake but this is crossing the line? His bones are so much stronger than a normal person dude

  16. I think maybe that the radiation made Spider-Man evolve extremely fast and also, maybe he has a special type of “Exoskeleton” because he can survive a lot of attacks in the comics, so I think the superpowers kinda come with special stuff

  17. 2:43 i think it's because spiders have hairs that are highly sensitive to vibrations so i guess marvel decided to make spider sense that on roids after all the spider that bit Peter was genetically altered.

  18. maybe his suit is a compression suit and the first time he swung was the only time he took a lot of damage that and the fall but I don’t know if he would survive (prolly wouldn’t)

  19. Can someone tell matpat spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider and not a normal one? Plus the radioactive spider must have had its body changed too well maybe this is just a theory

  20. Cool fact about spiders is that they are hydraulics meaning that instead of musles they move by compressing and decompressing the fluid in the're body making the're legs push out or pull in. That is why spiders curl up when they die because there is no fluid pushing the're legs out anymore.

  21. Blaw Blaw Blaw
    I hear it all time with no proof that I can feel ,and see .

    1 Billion Trillion Million Thousand years ago thair was a Big Band the size of 1 Trillion Million Thousand Billion TNT that made every thing go from Water to Snake to Fish to Lizard to Bigfoot to Human .

    Not one Scientist on YouTube talk about something that is not Darwin no Brain Crazy Theories.

  22. Spider sense makes sense, it just doesn't align with the limits of your sense. It's more than obvious that spider sense is an abstract reference to how a spider in being perched on its wed, is in a place of functionality enhanced perception as the web lets it detect subtle atmospheric changes which preface incoming danger…you are kinda stupid for such an intelligent guy.

  23. You are one stupid Dumb-Fuck to not comprehend how Spiderman's enhanced musculoskeletal system allows him to not suffer G-Lock with anything under 24 G. Also are a stupid piece of shit for not comprehending the enhanced toughness of his overall structural integrity that's backed up by superhuman healing… it's ok that you are stupid….

  24. One of his powers could be g force resistance like a spider but hasn’t been debunked by marvels so I’ll go with it

  25. Pretty sure spider-sense is taken from the fact it's hard to hit spiders sometimes. People used to assume it was because of the amount of eyes but then scientists apparently noticed it was the hairs on the spider that reacted to the changes in air pressure. So yeah, spiders can essentially know whats behind them by feeling the change in pressure, giving them a chance to move. I doubt spidey uses the same thing though.

  26. Spider-man has super durability so a harmful thing like smacking into a billboard like that would be deadly to us but painful to him

  27. Good theory, but youre not taking one thing into account. Spider-Man has been proven to have a healing factor, which could repair some of the damage done to him on major impacts like in Spider-Man 1, and can keep him from passing out in the middle of web swinging.

    After all, this is the same healing factor that allowed peter to stay alive for almost 3 times as long as any other comparable character who was snapped in infinity war. Think about it. When Doctor strange got snapped, he had about enough time to say one thing to tony before he disappeared, but when peter started turning to dust, he had enough time to walk over to tony, collapse in his arms, cry for a few seconds, collapse on the ground, and say that he was sorry. And that was his own body fighting against a literal reality shaping force, nothing else. Such a healing factor should be able to stand up to the g-force experienced on major impacts and keep Spider-Man alive.

  28. ur forgetting the foot hitting the rock slowing down his 40mph to ad least 20mph as he also slows down towards the time he gets to the building on the left.

  29. for some reason this is the worst theary ever idk i dont like it bc it fucks the movies for me like i love all the other ones but idk xD

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