Film Theory: Spiderman vs Spiderman Battle Royale!

Film Theory: Spiderman vs Spiderman Battle Royale!

We now return to the continuing Adventures of Theory Man! “Help! He stole my purse!” Can’t help you there but, did you know that Ant-Man could’ve saved half the universe by crawling up Thanos’s anus. Oh um. Thanks? Theory Man away! Once again, the day has been saved. Thank you, Theory Man. Thank you. Hello internet welcome to Film Theory, where today we’ve got an episode that’s sure to get all your Peters tingling. For two decades, we’ve been inundated with Spider-Man. Films, series, video games and oh so many memes. This summer’s release of Spider-Man: Far From Home gives us our third live-action Spider-Man movie franchise in just 17 years. So, as our universe, not to mention the rest of the multiverse approaches complete Spidey saturation, it’s time to figure out once and for all who wins the Spider-Man Battle Royale. Which Spidey reigns supreme? First, let’s set our ground rules and clarify what this video is and what it is not. This is a comparison of the observable, measurable Spider powers demonstrated on-screen by our beloved webhead. Only the theatrically released feature-length Spider-Man films will be considered. This is not a popularity contest nor, is it a Best Actor contest nor, is it a Best Hair contest ’cause let’s be honest, that one is no contest at all. Andrew Garfield, you have got yourself some remarkable hair. And, what we’re answering today is actually pretty darn simple, “Which Spidey would win in a head-to-head fight?” Three franchises, three Spider-Man’s. Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker in Sam Raimi’s Spider-man trilogy. Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker in Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” franchise. And now, Tom Holland as the MCU’s Golden Boy, Peter Parker. In our theoretical Battle Royale, everyone is gonna fight in their standard costume. That means Tobey Maguire’s character doesn’t have to fight in his Homemade-Human-Spider Costume but, he also doesn’t get the Black-Symbiote Suit either. Likewise, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man doesn’t have to wear his homemade costume but, he’s also not gonna get access to the Iron-Spider Suit or Stealth-Spider Suit featured in “Far From Home.” Our goal here is to eliminate as many variables as possible so we can judge them based purely on their Spider- Manliness alone. Our Spider-Man will be judged across three categories strength, web, and agility. Which necessarily takes Spider-Sense into consideration. From those three categories, which ideally are boiling down the essentials of any good Spider-Man in battle situations, we’ll be able to determine which Spider-Man reigns supreme. Round 1! Strength! This one is actually a pretty straight forward category because the films give us really clear data to work with. It’s actually incredible. It’s kinda nice not to have to, like, backdoor our way into these things for a change. All three of our Spider-Men in their respective films basically, do the equivalent of the Hercules Hold from the World’s Strongest Man competition. (OKAY) Toby with the speeding train, Tom with a ferry that’s been sliced in half, and Andrew with a car dangling off a bridge. So, which super impressive feat is the most super impressive in the immortal words of Olivia Newton-John or more accurately for our case the immortal words of Newton comma Sir Isaac, “Let’s get PHYSICS-AL” *funny Mat :|* Associate professor Michael Milford and research fellow Juck C.Lightner of Queensland University of Technology tackled the Hercules Hold moment from Spider-Man: Homecoming determining that Tom Holland’s character applied a force of over 31,000,000 Newtons in order to keep that ferry together. Which he managed to do single-handedly for about six seconds before Ironman eventually came and bailed him out. Now that is a lot of Newtons but, is it more impressive than Toby Maguire’s famous train stopping scene from Spider-Man 2? To determine how many Newtons Toby’s character applied let’s check in with Newtons second law of motion, shall we? Which tells us that force exerted by Spider-Man is equal to the mass of the train times the rate at which he brings the trains to a stop. A New York City subway car weighs in at about 33,000 kilograms and the train in the scene actually has itself six cars. Shots inside the car suggest that the train is about half capacity. Meaning that the weight of the six cars plus the weight of the passengers inside, is gonna’ be approximately 241,578 Kilograms in total. So that, my friends, is our mass. As for our acceleration or in this case DEceleration we see Toby’s character bringing the train from exactly 80 MPH to 0 MPH in 47 seconds. That means the rate of deceleration is going to be 0.752 meters per second^2 Plug em’ into the formula and we get ourselves 182,000 newtons of force which, is way less than what Tom Hollands Spider-Man had to exert I mean let’s give Toby’s character some credit for pushing his body to the limits for 47 grueling seconds compared to Tom Holland’s relatively breezy 6 seconds but there is no way around it, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man exerted over 170 times as much force in his Hercules Hold. Tom’s Spider-Man is definitely the stronger of these two. So, where does Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man fit in? At a glance, holding a 2011 Chrysler Town and Country as it dangles over a bridge doesn’t seem quite as impressive as stopping a train and wouldn’t you know it, it’s not. The Town and Country has a curb weight of 4,652 pounds but, let’s call it an even 4,800 with a kid inside plus whatever personal items the family might have in the trunk. Andrew’s character is pulling directly against the direction of gravity so we can easily use Newtons second law of motion once again to determine to force involved in Andrew’s Hercules Hold. Which comes out to be roughly 21,000 Newtons. Now, that is a far cry from the force Tom and Toby were exerting. Plus, Andrew’s grip eventually gives out just after 40 seconds. Get good Andrew Garfield. So, Tom Holland’s and the MCU’ Spider-Man wins the strength category in a landslide. He gets himself three points, Toby gets two points for second place, and Andrew gets one point for last place but, a point in my heart for that beautiful hair. Next up, Webbing. Not only is it Spider-Man’s weapon of choice, it’s also his mode of transportation. So, webs are going to play a huge role in any Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man fight which of our three Spider-Men have the best, most versatile strongest web? Spoiler alert! It’s Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and it’s not even close. Spider-Man in the MCU has the Tony Stark Advantage™ when it comes to webbing. 576 pre-loaded web shooter combinations Sticky-web, Ricochet-web, Taser-web, Stun-web, Spider tracers, Rapid-fire, Web grenades, Web wings WEB WINGS PEOPLE There is no two ways around this one. Tom’s character wins the web war and he has the Tony Stark to thank for it. So, now it’s just a battle for runner up position Andrew Garfield’s webbing is also man-made The downside to this though is that he could potentially run out of web fluid or get separated from his web-shooters while in battle. The upside is that he’s able to tweak his web formula and make it impervious to electricity for example. However, it’s tough to imagine electricity playing a major role in a Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man fight So, who knows how beneficial this improvement that we see in the movies would actually be for our purposes in today’s episode. In Toby’s case meanwhile, his webbing is created in vivo. He’s not able to manipulate his organic webbing but on the plus side, he’s never going to run out. Except on the rare occasions when he’s like you know, super sad and stuff. But, as impressive as Toby’s train scene is as a demonstration of his strength it might be an even more impressive for his webbing. are all on full display in a way that
Andrew Garfield’s web never is in the amazing spider-man films and if Andrews
Peter Parker had made more elastic webbing maybe when Stacy would have had
herself a smoother landing at the end of the amazing spider-man 2 so Tom Holland
wins the webbing category hands-down and receives himself another three points
got to give second place to Tobey Maguire for that organic unlimited
webbing that’s pretty much the equivalent of real spider so which yet
again leaves Andrew Garfield’s amazing spider-man once again in the final
position looks like Tom’s running away with this thing but that’s a fast there
is one final category to discuss agility will use agility as a catch-all category
for spider-man’s nimbleness speed and reaction time of which spider sense is a
major part first let’s acknowledge a couple agility similarities between our
three spider-man all three see more or less capable of avoiding bullets praise
and all three Peter Parker’s have similar foot speed trust me
I went through their running footage frame by frame and they’re all just
within a few miles per hour of each other nothing so major that it merits
mentioning here but reaction time is where the spider-man really
start to differentiate themselves because not all spider senses are
created equally let’s start off by acknowledging that all three Peter
Parker’s have sporadic use of their spider sense at best they all appear to
have a grasp on it for only a fraction of the time resulting in them getting
surprised by things like this and this and this but when they are wielding
their spider sense it’s a metric we can totally use for comparison in the first
tobey maguire spider-man film there’s a really useful sequence where we see his
spider sense in action from Peter Parker’s point of view the fly in
particular is helpful because we know a housefly beats its wings at about 200
times per second from Peter Parker’s point of view that fly is flapping its
wings two times in two point six to five seconds meaning his spider sense is
helping him see the world about 260 times slower than real time as for Tom
Hollands character there is very little evidence that his spider sense or Peter
tingle is very useful as it relates to reaction time at all for instance in
infinity war his spider sense only tingles after Thanos his ship has
already arrived at Planet Earth at a point where any normal kid on the bus
could have glanced out the window and seen this thing so his Peter tingle
seems to be more of a state of alertness rather than an ability to experience the
world in slow-mo and react to life that much faster as for Andrew Garfield his
reaction times do appear to be enhanced host spider bite I mean snatching a fly
out of the air is pretty darn cool but it also doesn’t necessarily mean that
he’s seeing the world in slow-mo to the degree that Toby’s character does that
being said there is an argument to be made that Andrews spider sense is way
way way better than anyone we’ve ever seen in a movie ever consider this scene
where he’s literally dodging bolts of electricity a visible bolt of lightning
travels at about a third of the speed of light or 220 billion miles an hour so
dodging a bolt of electricity is obviously far more impressive than say
seeing the world at 260 times slower than usual but is the
amazing part of the Amazing Spiderman the fact that he’s actively dodging
those electrical bolts or does electro just have himself a bad case of
stormtrooper aid let’s look at those slow-mo clips again if we go frame by
frame we see that spider-man is looking at electro before the bolt of lightning
is shocked we also see that he makes no elusive movement until after the bolt
passes beneath him looks like it’s fair to just chalk this one up to Electro’s
bad aim or more accurately the inconsistent CGI work from the people
working on this movie but wait Andrew still isn’t down and out just yet
sure he might be benefiting from Electro’s bad aim in this one scene but
in another scene we actually get a moment similar to Tobey Maguire’s fly
andrew is seeing the world in a slowed down state where he pulls a Jimmy
Neutron brain blast and predicts the movements of the electricity foreseeing
that it’s gonna go up the handrails and eventually hurt the civilians reaching
for them then we see him able to react accordingly in order to protect them
clearly this means he’s faster than electricity and thereby the fastest of
all our possible spider-man right well yes and no you see he’s certainly faster
than electricity the problem here is that he’s faster than electrodes
electricity and when you actually stop and do the math in these scenes these
things are actually shockingly slow pun definitely intended this panel is
happening on the TKTS booth in New York City’s Times Square the top of this
iconic stairwell is 45 feet across and we see Electro’s electricity travel to
the center of that handrail in exactly ten frames for a movie that runs 24
frames a second that’s five twelfths of a second to go twenty two and a half
feet extrapolating out that math we see that Electro’s lightning actually
travels at the astonishing speed of thirty-six point eight miles an hour
and when I say astonishing I mean astonishingly slow I mean that is
slightly faster than me driving through a school so but it’s clearly nowhere
close to the billions of miles our of actual lightning and it is still
significantly slower than the flapping of that flies wing
sorry Andrew Garfield I tried I just can’t justify giving you the win here
the fly snatching is admittedly more impressive than anything Tom Holland
exhibits though so the totals have been tallied can we get ourselves a drumroll
please all right if that’s the best you got in third place with four points we
have Andrew Garfield spider-man gold star for being smart and sciency and all
but this ain’t no gold star contest just like it ain’t no best hair contest just
get over it look at the volume of that hair it’s no wonder he’s a movie stars
were just lowly youtubers next up coming in with seven points we have a two-way
tie for first place that’s right we all thought the table was gonna run away
with this thing but it turns out that Toby has the grip strength to barely
hold on so there you have it folks in the Battle of spider-man’s there is no
clear winner we dug in exam the data and no clear winner could wait a minute my
theorist tingle is going crazy I’m sensing a lot of you screaming at your
screams right now because there’s a spider-man movie I haven’t mentioned yet
it’s a feature-length spider-man movie it had itself a theatrical release and
even though it’s not part of a franchise it should be considered according to the
rules that I laid out earlier that movie is of course spider-man into the spider
verse but how do we go about comparing the animated characters in spider verse
to the live-action characters in the franchise’s easily actually because one
of our live-action spider-man actually crosses over into spider verse or at
least one of his multiverse equivalents crosses into spider-verse see there’s a
compelling theory that Tobey Maguire’s Peter B Parker is the exact same Peter B
Parker featured a meme to the spider verse and the theory is supported by the
fact that the producers at one point considered casting Tobey Maguire as
Peter B Parker’s voice I mean it’s come out since after the movies released that
Peter B Parker in the movie isn’t actually the same spider-man that we see
in the Sam Raimi movies but he’s definitely going through the same types
of adventures and life experiences so even though he’s not the exact one he’s
pretty much a multiverse stand-in for the exact one so by the transitive
property of equality that would mean that Peter B Parker from
into the spider-verse equals Tobey Maguire’s spider-man from the Sam Raimi
trilogy which would then also equal Tom Hollands MCU spider-man they are all
relatively equal spider-man so if we want to know how Toby and Tom would
stack up against the other Spidey’s and into the spider verse all we need to do
is look at how Peter beep Parker stacks up to off first let’s look at penny
Parker and the spider mob from their performance in spider verse we know
enough about this duo to not give them the win despite being highly ranked on
all the usual Spiderman comparison lists spider is a dud in spider-verse winds up
being the only Spidey character defeated in the final group battle as for
spider-gwen spider-man Noir and spider cam they don’t necessarily prove
themselves stronger than Peter B Parker during the end fight either all three of
them fight valiantly and at least survived the final battle but so does
Peter B Parker no matter how badly I want to give this win to spider-ham
I just can’t these three cameo Spidey’s just didn’t have large enough roles in
spider-verse to separate themselves out from the rest of the field sorry but da
da da da that’s all folks however miles gives us a lot to work
with throughout this movie he goes directly head-to-head with Peter B
Parker who remember we’ve established is our Tobey Maguire character standing
miles is invisibility lets him get the best of Doc Ock whereas Peter B Parker
is easily captured by her plus miles successfully steals the goober away from
Peter B Parker without him knowing it later in the movie miles in Peter B
Parker go at it while fighting kingpin and in the end miles proves himself a
better fighter by getting the best of Peter be true miles is going against an
older out-of-shape Peter B Parker but the flip side of that
coin is that miles has only possessed his powers for a few days at this point
he hasn’t had any time to properly hone his skills and reach his full potential
seems more than fair to consider Peter B Parker’s old age balanced out against
miles ‘as inexperience so in the end Peter B Parker who’s as strong a
spider-man as our live action choices have to offer gets himself
bested by Miles Morales in a direct head-to-head confrontation and that can
only mean one thing Miles Morales wins in a battle royale
against all the different Spider Men Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland may
portray the strongest Peter Parker’s in cinema but Peter Parker is no match for
Miles Morales the strongest spider-man in all the films just goes to show that
the best spider-man film also happens to contain the best spider-man but hey
that’s just a theory a film theory and if you want to see
more spider-man content check out this video on the left where I analyze the
physics of spider-man’s deadly web slinging it turns out that spider-man
should have died multiple times over regardless of his super-strength or
while you’re here make sure you click the button on the right to subscribe and
with that I’m off next week let’s take a break from superheroes shall we

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  1. Since a lot of people are asking about the Far From Home finale, two things we factored in but didn't expressly write into the episode:

    1. Across BOTH MCU movies, Peter's use of the Spider Sense is inconsistent, just like the other Spidermen. Writers tend to "forget" that it exists when they need to put Spider-Man in danger, and so sure, Tom Holland ends the movie having "mastered" the sense, but we have no evidence that he'll be able to continue using it from this point forward (and we guessed he probably won't, because it'll make him too OP if he can predict EVERY move headed his way). We have to go by what we've seen…and his sense up until the end of FFH hasn't been great.
    2. Yes, he "masters" the Spider Sense at the end, but is it giving him faster reactions times? He's able to SEE THROUGH THE ILLUSIONS of Mysterio…which helps him avoid bullets and avoid the gun…but his REACTION TIME is still on par with the other Spidermen (at least when it comes to avoiding LOTS of bullets, which they all can do). It gave him better intuition. So again, largely a wash when compared to the other portrayals of the character.

    Don't get me wrong…Tom Holland is my FAVORITE Spider-Man. But FFH didn't give us the confidence that the Spider Sense was that much better than anyone else's. As such, when it comes to power set, in our estimation, Miles in Spiderverse still wins.

    But like I said, it's a theory. There are TONS of ways to analyze the question. I'm really enjoying reading everyone's thoughts on the issue — keep 'em coming!

  2. I know no one gives a shit about Andrew but when it came to that speed test it was kinda bullshit, I completely agree with where you were coming with electros powers but surly his reaction time was greater when he was dodging bullets at 8:57 I mean it’s not going to change the outcome but still

  3. I like Miles and he had more powers than Peter. Peter's edge come in from his intelligence. They show Miles is smart, but Peter has done some insane tech stuff. He takes down a lot of people by creating custom goobers to take them out. Straight fight edge goes to Miles, but like Batman do not give Peter time to plan.

  4. Why was durability not a factor ? and agility wasn't agility you just used spidey sense. Tom Holland wins agility from the fight on Titan alone

  5. people ignoring that is a fight BETWEEN spidermans not spiderman against society SJWS, so saying the N word or even hugging whatever doesnt mean anything LOL, desperation to grab likes with shitty humour on youtube nowdays is sad….

  6. I don't think miles is strongest
    The film have to show him stronger because he is the main character in it
    If go through comics then we can easily see that Peter Parker is stronger than miles ever could be and in the animated movie Peter have no intation to hurt miles so his spider sence just doesn't work on it
    But it just a theory a film theory

  7. this is stupid i hate this way of seeing who would win based on categories you mark down the strength (which i might add was done terribly due to all the Hercules pull also factoring web strength and the fact matt used only the hercules pull and not the poing where they lifted the heaviest thing) web, and agility and in order to level the playing field you put tom in his homemade suit because it’s no different from Andrews or Toby’s regular suits because it’s only a suit with web shooters no advantages nor disadvantages and then you analyze their behavior in fights notice how they would act in a fight and how would they might take advantage of each other how Andrew because of the spider since might dodge and deflect Toby and Tom into each other and how they all act angry or under adrenaline like how in Spiderman one Tobey Maguire‘s Spiderman got the upper hand on green goblin once he mentioned Mary Jane you might also want to pick a moment in their lives that they are fighting each other if it’s right after uncle Ben died for Andrew he would still be in his angry vengeance phase and probably be more aggressive you can’t just analyze what they’re good at you also have to analyze how they act and how they would actually fight each other if they were actually in that situation or else it’s 100% in accurate

  8. Tom Holland’s Peter tingle is waaaaaaayyyy stronger in Far from home he didn’t use that movie in here even tho he said it was already in theaters

  9. What about the Tom Holland scene from Captain America Civil War when he had the metal thrown at him and his back was turned and his spider sense warned him

  10. Symbiote Spider-man is the strongest I'd say! It's because it's the strength of two powerful entities… plus the Symbiote would negate all there Spider Senses..

  11. I'm really confused about the score I get Andrew Garfield score but Tobey Maguire had seven points but Tom Holland had eight 2 + 2 + 3 that's is 7 but 3 + 3 + 2 is 8?

  12. But Tom Holland shouldn’t be allowed to use the stark suit but rather the scarlet spider suit because it is just totally cheating… like… I should NOT HAVE TO EXPLAIN

  13. You know…Tobey's Spider-man has organic webs…so you can't say that Peter B and Tobey's spidey are the same.

  14. me : wait I have a joke I guess thats why they call him the ultimate spider man🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    other people: 😐😑😶

  15. Tom would win because in far from home his spider sense warns him and he dodges a bullet at point blank range. PS at the end

  16. …that was a surprising twist ending…looks like certain folks didn't like the result and they're really telling in themselves in the comments.

  17. I've seen 1 spider man live action film, 1 animated film, and 1 video game. So I can say with authority that spider cow wins.

  18. So in my experience in being a spiderman fan is miles morales can be defeated by tom Holland cause he can use prowlers temperature vision with ironman tech and remember the 576 spiderweb thingies

  19. Tom Holland is still the best (and has the best hair) he also, in my opinion, has the best movies. don’t attack me

  20. So Matt acknowledges that Peter B Parker is no longer in his prime and then instantly forgets that when he compares Miles to Tom and Toby’s spidermen? Did no one notice this?

  21. What about spider gwen? I guess she's not a spiderMAN, but the contest could have been more inclusive, and he let in peni parker and a pig, so come on

  22. Miles morales is a good character but they completely fucked up the essence of spider-man with his 2 added powers. Spider-man is suppossed to be a high risk, high reward type of fighter. He's suppossed to be vulnerable but capable, now he's just a hiding coward with a stealth takeout. There is basically no need anymore for him to fight, he should just sneak up and stun whoever he's after. and if he doesn't, he's basically being an idiot that doesn't use his powers effectively. so he shouldn't have them.

  23. Toby should win because when you're webbing comes from a billionaire who figures out on time travel in his spare time that seems a bit unfair. it should have been a competition between home grown suits and powers not a lucky boy who got help from his adopted father.

  24. Andrew Garfields spiderman killed [RIP] Gwen Stacy. When ever his Spider-man shoots webs, he retracts his arm, as a motion of pulling back. With her rescue and thus demise, he never did. Thus he killed her

  25. Still think Miles and MCU Peter would end up in a tie. He's invisibility wouldn't work on Peter, this Peter is really acrobatic, more trained and has superior technology, which is enough to make him equal in power with Miles.

  26. In Spiderman into the Spiderverse, when Peter B. Parker tells you his origin story, on the front of the comic book it says The Amazing Spiderman aka Andrew Garfeild

  27. Just because those are the heaviest things the respective spidermen do in the film's, doesn't mean that's the heaviest things they CAN do.
    Stopping the train was obviously his absolute limit, but holding that boat together was not his limit

  28. The scenes use to make the connection between Peter B Parker and Tobey’s Spidey aren’t from PBP’s origin story they are from the original Peter Parker, the one who died tho. Right? Right?!?

  29. What about the fact that MCU Spider-Man's web snapped while simply holding the weight of an elevator? (which i assume weighs less than a 2011 Town & Country)

  30. I believe Tom Holland’s Spider-Man should’ve won because of all the reasons stated and because SPOILERS BELOW

    In the final fight against Mysterio, Spiderman was able to dodge bullets and also destroy dozens of drones with his eyes closed. Also he was able to stop a gunshot that he couldn’t see or hear because of the illusion tech Mysterio used.

  31. Well way to bait and switch, a. This is more of a ffa rather than a battle royal, and b. title card has the spiderverse on it, and you wimped out on including them

  32. No Iron suit, but welcome to use his super webshooters rather than his own? Isn't the train still accelerating when Spider-Man begins to attempt to stop it? I think the forces applied are actually way different here, it's elasticity and feet applying friction to bring the train to a stop. The impulse and peak application of force is very different. Same thing with measuring the ferry, water, the direction of forces the actual way the ferry would move if split in half… With the forces of the water filling the ferry it might actually pull the ship together to some extent. There's also no way the full mass of the ferry is being influenced while on the water and the angles and fulcrum points really are gonna shift a lot. There's so much that seems to be pretty grey here. We also never measured any form of defensive resilience. What kind of hits do they each take and how much does it affect them?
    The Miles Morales insert is just straight up arbitrary. There's nothing really measured here.

  33. I say Tom Holland would be better then Tobey Maguire, not because he's my son, but because he won two out of three contests

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