Film Theory: Spongebob and the Secret Under Goo Lagoon (Spongebob Squarepants)

Film Theory: Spongebob and the Secret Under Goo Lagoon (Spongebob Squarepants)

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  1. Spongebob is my favourite show! Thanks for doing more theories!

    Just a question… am I the only one who wants a miraculous ladybug theory!

  2. or it's from Mineta chucking hundreds of sticky-balls into the waters of the USJ sorry I just watched like 50 episodes of MHA I need to stop bringing this up!

  3. purple acid? called phosphatase, and hey is it just me or do those things coming out of the water look like bubbles or what. so maybe its acid covered bubbles but the water or the bubble cancels the acid effect that would explain why it blows up at the end and would explain why plankton wanted it.c;

  4. I'm cautious matmat, I never touched that shit ever and I'm 13… Yeah you not alone, I was also scared to jump in mud because I heard cells live, and all living things breathe and came to the conclusion that if mud stuck to my legs, it'd suffocate my leg cells, cause ya know they breathe… I realised this was stupid when I was 9 or so

  5. Ok, if that eyeball shaped "bubble" is a single cell, how fucking massive is the DNA inside? Like a spider web, and the nucleus would be huge!!!! Holy crap I'm terrified

  6. Me: Do they float?

    Matwise: Yes… they float… they all float… AND YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!!! reaches out menacingly

    Me: shoots Matwise in the face with a shotgun WELCOME TO AMERICA, BITCH!

  7. What if the whole context behind this horror series is Mary is trapped in the house and garden that looks like her parents house is because that is the house she remembers best through her childhood, and her mind resorted to that location, because she is currently trapped in her own mind, she is in a coma trapped with all her demons. That is why she can't escape. What if the shadow represents the regret that actually put her in the coma in the first place, that her actions resulted in the consequences that led to her being trapped in a coma.

  8. I cant relate. I was never around algae when I went out to lakes. If I were around it I just ignored it. I was told not to touch moss by someone and my childhood was filled with belief that moss and algae were the same

  9. Ok well the jelly fish also probs taste like licorice to Patrick from the jelly they create. Dang Patrick, you like dead jellies. That's pretty disgusting……

  10. But you never explain why Sandy was so terrified I get why like she would be terrified because they’re a bunch of jellyfish and that must mean that there was like so choppers would be near them but some people I don’t think we’ll get that so yeah

  11. i used to play in the algae, with toys like those cheap submarines that go up and down with baking soda,i myself never went in it, i always thought it was tiny lilypads, probably cause i was a retarded kid with adhd, but thats beside the point,.

  12. Check out this video on how brilliant Spongebob is and how it helped shaped millenial humor >> 🧽♥️🍍

  13. yo pat i tried to eat and touch but i didn't care about that killing me thing but my mom stoped me ;-; i'm weird to =3

  14. Childhood:exists
    Horror movie:that’s easy!
    Nightmare:nah that’s my!
    Death and hell:Suck a doink!
    Apocalypse:ur moms gay!
    starts fighting

    Film and game theory:hold my beer

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