Film Theory: Superman FAILED US! Why Justice League is Earth’s Greatest Threat

Film Theory: Superman FAILED US! Why Justice League is Earth’s Greatest Threat

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  1. So what you're saying is everyone who ran near sonic is now dead? well…
    rip tails
    rip amy
    rip shaddow
    rip knuckles
    rip cream


  2. Batman knows Superman is Clark Kent. It’s hinted at in BvS (albeit never said outright, but considering this is Batman, and he requests Clark Kent at Luther’s event, it’s easy to tell).

  3. Can you do a theory about the ending of the original super man were super man turned back time by flying around the world

  4. If Flash saved them that fast, didn't he kill them in the process? I know that for some unknown reason whenever someone has super-speed, they automatically have super endurance as well, but the people he rescues have neither, no?

  5. Maybe to the critics. I loved the return of Superman in all his power from death. Even taking out Batman just to make the Batman fans rage when he got thrown like a rag doll by Superman. Also taking out the Justice League like they were nothing.

  6. Doesn't Superman have a telekinetic power That he could use in a similar manner as the Flash does his speed force.

  7. Sooo how come you never shit on the terrible Marvel movie??? Everytime you do a DC video it seems u go out of your way. The Bias nature of your superhero movies SUX.

  8. One of superman most basic powers is xray and heat vision (not laser eyes) so he could totally see him. Also fun fact: superman can shoot mini fully clothed sentient versions of himself out of his hands

  9. This flash doesn't run at light speeds from what we've seen so far (the Batman dream doesn't count) watch Gubz's video when he rated the live action speedsters

  10. OK. Here's a way that Superman could do this and NOT end the world.
    Like MatPat said, The Flash has the Speed Force, thus rendering the laws of physics to a moot point around his body. Because Superman is in such close proximity to The Flash, he has limited access to the Speed Force. To the point that he could go as fast as he wanted, and not end the Earth.

  11. 3:45 Spaces Balls is my favourite movie!! 10/10 recommended if you love weird comedy and Star Wars! It is maybe a two hour parady of Star Wars? It is a parady if Star Wars though

  12. they've made super man too op even in comics or the animated series i don't ever remember superman even a match for flash's speed ….

  13. Even if Flash doesn't make massive earth-shattering events by running Superman racing him would because he doesn't have the speed force

  14. The writers of the comics are stupid and have no comprehension of the laws of physics. Same is true of the writers of the movies.

  15. Matpat Superman does Generate a field around his body and it protects others say Superman has jimmy in his arms and a bomb goes off Superman turns his back but the explosion engulfs his entire body but jimmy is safe. He doss generate a bio field I forget the name of it

  16. The worst thing is is that the whole reason why I went to go see it is for two reasons I like DC better the Marvel and my favorite character is The Flash

  17. Title is kinda clickbait. The real reason superman doomed everyone is explained at 10:19, (I dont want to spoil)

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