Film Theory: Thanos vs Ant Man – Cracking Endgame’s Biggest Meme!

Film Theory: Thanos vs Ant Man – Cracking Endgame’s Biggest Meme!

-forward in time, to view alternate futures. How many did you see? 14,00605. How many do we win? One.

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  1. That moment you realize this video was posted on your birthday…

    Well thanks on ruining my perspective on life

  2. But remember that scene in endgame when antman expanded, breaking through the hull of a freaking advanced spaceship

  3. not only is antman likely to die on this theory alone, but thanos's skin is indestructible (so says the russo brothers when asked why dr strange didnt use a sling ring on thanos) so even without the evidence in this video he would be killed anyway cos he would die expanding

  4. What if antman placed a vibranium object in Thanos's pooper and expanded the object, say caps shield. That should do some damage.

  5. Couldn't Ant-Man just grow big and snatch Thanos like a doll to take off the glove with the stones? Just a thought I had after this video.

  6. Then just enter the mouth or nose, go to the brain, hopefully don’t suffocate in liquid, then explode, and leave through the mouth or nose.

  7. Ant man is the most op hero ever bcs he can just never get hit if he can jump a lot then just do what the vid is about XD

  8. How do we know Thanos actually has a butt? He is an alien, right? Idk, maybe they mentioned/showed/proved he did and I just didn't pay attention…

  9. May be he could just shrink stuff out of metal down take it up thanos ass and then just let it expand with his discs

  10. What if Ant man took a Vibranium marble with him on his trip up Thanos’ butt? Then he set up a device on the marble that caused it to grow larger than Thanos himself and escape before it detonates. Now you may reply that his butt might withstand that too, But(t) don’t forget that Thanos wore armour for most of Endgame. Why wear armour if your body is as strong as the strongest metal? That means Vibranium Would withstand his Collin and explode Thanos into pieces. I find it funny that Vibranium sounds like vibrate and I’m talking about it going inside a butt, snicker
    I wrote this all on the can 😛

  11. Guys Ant-Man destroyed a building in Endgame so I think that he can destroy the Thanus :←get it a Colon.

  12. This is how ant man can kill Thanos

    Antman will go in thanosis stomach and will expand and explode him


  13. what about the time a Thomas the tank engine exploded a house and crushed a car it would have needed much more force

  14. thanos dosen't go there butt-naked and he has a belt

  15. but you have to think about it too, in the 2nd example where Lang can't break through the wall of the school, his suit was also malfunctioning, si you also have to take that into consideration. 🤷🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️🙎🏽‍♀️

  16. One serious problem with this theory: all these calculations assume Ant-Man would grow to his normal height and weight from within Thanos, but it’s shown in Captain America: Civil War that Scott can grow to his giant size directly from his ant size. I propose that this would result in a larger force, possibly enough to break through Thanos’ tissue, though without a solid figure for Scott’s weight when enlarged, it’s hard to get the exact figures.

  17. Coming in VERY late but I'm happy I knew the answer before the video ^^
    I was like either A he kill Thanos easily….or B and more likely Thanos's strength and durability would not only allow him to survive the attack but barely even feel it. 🙂
    Thank you Matt Pat your a gentleman and a scholar and I appreciate the videos and work you put into it. Learning is fun again and not work ^^


    Thanos : I am inevitable
    Me : (shoves thanos up my bum and flushes him down the loo
    Also Me : No, You are DOWN THE TOILET BOWL!!
    (i apologize for that)
    Edit : THIS IS THE FUNNIEST FILM THEORY I EVER WATCHED!! poor thanos must be rolling in his grave

  19. So that meme doesn't work, but its still a good starting point. Have Scott shrink a cannonball down and take it inside his ear or nose ("You should have gone for the head!") and then expand it beyond its original size. Thanos' body might be able to crush a human body, but any hard solid material like a steel ball (yeah I know cannonballs are usually lead) can't be crushed in quite the same way. Or even something a bit pointy-er like a sword. Or my personal recommendation: a steel tank trap like the Czech Hedgehog (Google it). Imagine that thing suddenly appearing inside your ear canal.

    Also, can Scott shrink Thor with Pym Particles? If so what about Stormbreaker? Have Scott take Thor inside Thanos' body and let Mini-Thor go ham.

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