Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)

Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)

Warning and spoilers for infinity war incoming Look at all the YouTube channels just Starving for clicks too many channels to watch them all but to snuff them all out at once Instantly that isn’t mercy with a snap of my fingers half of all YouTube channels will disappear [song] At last I could sit contentedly and watches oh No, no, they all had second channels Hello Internet Welcome to film theory where let’s be honest here for a second atop YouTube channel getting dusted overnight It’s probably the single best way to get people reinter ested when they were just starting to get more to the youtuber You know what wasn’t boring though Infinity war I gotta be honest. It was so much better than I expected It was such a well-balanced movie the perfect mix of action Humor and drama all that and they crammed 60 characters in without making it feel rushed or bloated It was so good It had to have had Superman wetting his tighty whities or tiny reddys I suppose perhaps most impressive of all was Panos easily one of Marvel’s best villains nay best Characters for being this big bad bad Titan, he was surprisingly relatable and sympathetic well as much as he can be sympathetic and relatable for someone looking to wipe out half the population of the Galaxy if you’re still with us, but haven’t seen the movie yet because all the theaters are still sold out Let me catch you up Thanos the giant purple blue Sari pink Doc fine Thanos the rainbow type watched as his planet became overpopulated and started to run out of basic resources police suggested a random culling of half his planet’s population the other Titans found this suggestion so they ignored it eventually the planet couldn’t find a solution and destroyed itself in the process leaving Thanos with the universe’s biggest case of i-told-you-so so to prevent other planets from experiencing the same fate big Papa Thanos made it his life’s work to randomly eliminate half the life of the universe He mentions that he’s done it once before on gamora’s home planet of sin, and then it worked out pretty well Since I don’t have the clip from the movie since it’s still in theaters to prove it. Here’s a dramatic recreation of that scene I was a child when you took me I see Smoking a lot I see you What what’s wrong with my shadows? What do you want my Santa you’re here? Do you want me to be Gamora and you be Thanos here Let’s do it that way then I was a child when you took me our serve, dude No, no, we were happy at my home play Going to bed hungry Scrounging for scrubs your planet was on the brink of collapse I was the one who stopped that you know What’s happened since then the children born know nothing but full bellies and clear skies It’s some paradise because you murdered half the planet a small price to pay for salvation You’re insane And Earth is next on his hit list at the end of infinity war We actually see nanos succeed though of course that random cooling process just so happens to specifically target those characters whose contracts aren’t about to expire but you know what we’re Gonna give vanos benefit of the doubt here in a sum that he isn’t secretly working for some dark secret Overlord but here’s the thing for as Absolutely insane as Thanos his plan sounds and for as much as we as an audience Don’t believe what he’s saying about the state of gamora’s whole world if you stop and look at the economics statistics And historical precedents Thanos may actually be right You heard that correctly? When you’re up the numbers it turns out that Thanos the mad tight the data be as bad as you might think First let’s talk population growth since that’s the underlying driver of all the economics here there are two main population growth models that exist today the exponential growth model and the logistic growth model the exponential model basically says that as the population grows the rate at which it grows will continue to increase and get faster basically doubling every generation and this Kinda makes sense. Right if I have two kids at each one of those two kids have two kids now There’s four those four kids each themselves have two kids and now there’s eight each Generation doubles or in science class how you learn that one bacteria dividing Every twenty minutes could produce five Thousand billion billion bacteria in just one day then you leave class if you never touch a doorknob again But you can see that for humans. This doesn’t really work We all have different numbers of kids or no kids Or we live in a place in the world where it’s illegal to have more than one kid as a result There’s the logistic population models where population growth begins slowing at a certain point reaching some type of upper limit called the carrying capacity Usually this is the result of environmental factors in the case of bacteria. It might be the walls of the petri dish You just run on a roof and for a lot of demographers the people who study human populations they believe we have a carrying capacity to specifically around 11 to 12 billion people now that sounds like it’s a lot but remember we’re at 7.3 billion people right now So we’re actually not that far away the idea that we would slowly approach The carrying capacity of Earth was first posited by 18th century demographer Thomas Malthus If you want to learn more about Malthus and the philosophy of Thanos watch the musical Urinetown anyone anyone No No one’s interested in a delightful musical romp through a world where you have to pay to pee fine then watch the wisecrack channel Who did an excellent video on that very topic that you could watch right here after the theory is over. Don’t worry I’ll link to it during the end screen so you won’t forget to watch it The TLDR of Malthus is theory or Malthusian ism. Is that quote? The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce Systems for man or as Thanos put it. It’s simple calculus This universe has finite resources finite if life is left unchecked life will cease to exist It means correcting but Thanos factored in something that mult has didn’t and that is carrying capacity with humans Our carrying capacity of eleven to twelve billion comes less from the restrictions of the environment and more from our own economic behavior the global birth rate has been dropping since the UN started keeping track of it back in the 1950s falling from 37.2 births per thousand people in 1952 1955 to 19:4 births per thousand people as recently as 2010 to 2015 that is a huge difference and he can’t blame declining resources for it since over the same period of the gross world product increased over nineteen times from about four trillion to about 77 trillion, so what’s the problem here? Well, it’s infant mortality, or should I say lack thereof? it may seem strange that more babies living would actually cause a Population to decrease but here’s the thing your great-great grandparents lived in a much rougher world than we do they lived at a time where unfortunately it was just very Unusual for all your children to live into maturity each child that did live however could help you work your land or manage your home when it was unlikely that you could afford to hire much labor on your Own you could also marry your children off for dowry Zoar political capital and because of all of this it was socially advantageous To have as many children as possible however nowadays There are just far fewer economic advantages to having kids which is admittedly a terrific thing for me to be saying when my wife is Praying rn8. But seriously, it’s true. There aren’t our e’s anymore if anything your child is likely to cost you money on the wedding and the education and while they live in your basement looking for a job and Speaking of that time is another key factor here as the amount of time that we spend raising Each child has historically trended upwards if your medieval father didn’t show up to your Pony League Dousing tournament because it was too busy fighting the Crusades whipping the serfdom into shape literally and figuratively. Well, that was just Expected but if your modern-day father here in 2018 misses just one little league baseball game because of his work You’re gonna get yourself a Lifetime movie of the week. He was so neglected as a child We can actually see this playing out on the world stage today where many of the most economically developed countries Populations are stalling Japan had record low numbers of children at just around 15 million this year and in Europe, the average couple only has one point six children that’s not even enough to replace the existing Generation collectively this means that the human population is no longer growing exponentially like many of the fear-mongering news outlets proclaim impact since 1960 we’ve had absolutely zero exponential growth whatsoever We’ve had an absolutely linear growth and this is the crux of tanis’s plan You see if the human population we’re still growing exponentially Well, then Thanos his plan would have only set the world’s population back by a single generation or about 25 years But because our birth rate is dropping and our population growth is linear It’s a good indicator that we’ve moved past the midpoint of this logistic curve known as the point of maximum Growth what that means is that Humanity is done growing at this accelerated rate and instead we’re moving towards a flat no growth population In short it doesn’t really matter how many people live on earth as long as we’re able to sustain our current lifestyle So if you cut the population in half at this period in time you effectively also cut the maximum population in half Meaning that thanasis plan would actually have a permanent impact So for a guy who looks like a linebacker who’s taking one too many hits to the face He’s actually really thought this out on top of all this in Santos as model the scientific and cultural Advances that have been made aren’t removed from the world and so the world even theory continues forward at about the same rate of Advancement just with a carrying capacity of 6 billion instead of about 11 billion Its experian by the way fewer people that we have on earth today Even though I was researching this I couldn’t believe it. I was a bit skeptical so I kept digging you see tano’s employs basic laws of supply and demand to say that when half the demand is Moved by removing half the population crisis should plummets. This seemed to me like it was a bit of an oversimplification But believe it or not historical evidence supports Thanos in this too now There’s obviously no real-world example, where half the population literally disappeared in a snap But we do have a very well-documented situation Where about a third of Europe died in a matter of a few years the black death? There are some very interesting things that happen to the European economy as a result of the Black Death That weirdly made some European lives better and I can already hear the vitriol in the comments. Let me make it clear No one here is saying yay black death. Whoo. What a great idea This is all in the name of social science and Marvel movies this economic history article on the Black Death notes that the general Wages rose by 40 percent in the years following the Black Death while at the same time rents for property actually plummeted as there were fewer people to occupy houses or work land this meant that the demand for Houses fell and as a result of falling demand the price of homes Followed suit since people needed to farm less land to feed fewer people land that was once needed for crops before was suddenly diversified into ranching increasing the supply of manure and meat which in turn increased the output of the land that Existed had even further drove down food costs food prices dropped about 15% On the whole in the years immediately after the plague to lower food costs lower housing costs and higher wages the people that were left kinda Benefited from all of that death thanos that his twisted brain could conceivably call that a paradise where those who remained thrived Who knows maybe in this situation of millennial would actually be able to afford a house? So are we looking at a potentially real victory here under Thanos as rule Well, it’s kind of hard to know for sure because when it comes to economics There are all sorts of dominoes knocked down the line that can cause a massive amount of blowback with a huge global Crisis like Thanos says snap and falling prices It changes the picture for a lot of these same issues for instance with the costs of having a kid much lower and a huge Depopulation of earth people would likely feel afraid sure to have more kids than they currently do potentially pushing the carrying capacity higher than where it currently is as we jumpstart our growth rates again China now less concerned with Overpopulation would start to loosen their population control laws as well as many of the other Environmental laws that may be helping to slow the effects of things like global warming today And the rest of the world would probably follow suit also interestingly enough earth would most likely close off its doors its atmosphere space port things basically It wouldn’t let other aliens in because you know the first few aliens to make it to earth all tried to kill us That sort of xenophobia would likely Center its back in terms of becoming culturally integrated into the rest of the galaxy too bad You can’t build a wall around an entire planet actually I think you can it’s called a forcefield economic solutions aren’t a snap literally or figuratively the fun thing about this episode Is that it was a fun thought experiment. It doesn’t matter It was simply a test of math and statistics But at the end of the day human life is priceless killing off half a population is never a solution plus Let’s all face it There’s no denying that Thanos is definitively a mad Titan because guess what there is an easy solution here You just snap your fingers and double everything or why stop there. You make it infinite Seriously Thanos you have yourself a gauntlet of unstoppable power think outside the box, but hey that’s just a theory a film theory and Remember that wisecrack video I mentioned midway through the episode. Boom. There. It is on screen I love the guys over at wisecrack. And if you enjoyed these sorts of pop-culture thought experiments Well, then you’re gonna love their channel. This is their assessment of the philosophy of Thanos, which is insanely interesting So honestly do yourselves a favor if you enjoyed this video? Which obviously you did you made it to the very end of it. Click the button you see on screen right now Give it a watch learn something new and told that matpat said yeah, give the video a watch if you enjoy it Give them a subscribe They’re what most deserving channels on YouTube producing some of the smartest content out there at a time When honestly the algorithm makes it really hard to do smart educational content So show them some love and that’s about it in case you missed it Here’s my prediction theory on Deadpool, which we’ll see if it comes true and then couple days and I will see you all next Tuesday

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  1. Thanos: I will wipe out half the universe
    Random person: what if the number is un equal
    Me: then someone will be very unfortunate
    Mat pat: 0:29 vsauce3

  2. I just came from watching the five video series on Irelands Potato Famine from 'Extra History', and you when realise how similar some of the reasoning British politicians had behind not doing anything to help at least some of the 1.1 million people who died during the famine are to Thanos's reasoning, any logic in his arguments just fly out the window. Seriously, watch that video series, then ask yourself if the universe would be any more grateful to Thanos than Ireland was to England – ie severing ties between them forever.

  3. What would be the best if Thanos wiped out families instead of single people so only friends would mourn them, and only planets that actually needed it

  4. To me the biggest problem about Thanos' plan isn't the genocide, isn't anything about population growth, it's that his plan targets half of all life. Not half of all sapient life, just half of all life. That means he is basically solving one resource crisis by starting a much worse resource crisis. It's kind of like trying to put out a campfire by burning down the whole forest.

  5. This ins just wringe in so many ways. Malthus himself was proven wrong, for predicted human extingtion st a far lower number, he, like you, wasnt able to take innovation and usage of new reccources in Hits equation. In a World 200 years sog the carrying capacity was far lower then it is now and in 200 years it will be far greater than 10-12 billion, since research leads to the use of other reccources. And with half the population wipped out the research would suffer tremendously. Also we have, in production a quiet decentralized knowledge system and therefore we would loose knwoledge as well as production standards. Always remember one central planner like Thanos never will be such effektive at innovating and finding solutions like billions. For more Information on this topic visit the Channel: Foundation for Economics Education. They made 2 Videos about Thanos and his believs.

  6. everyone on earth right now could fit in texas comfortably only problem is is condensed population in certain places

  7. I'm pretty sure earth can handle it just that we live so close to each other it make it seem like there not enough room.

  8. No what about food?
    Food is made of life forms
    Meaning half of humans get half of food meaning collapsing poorer countries and madness and chaos all over the world

  9. me: 1.6 childdren?
    mom: honey say hi to your new 6/10ths of a baby brother
    me: why didnt you tell me we live in EUROPE

  10. Hey. Sam Wilson, James “Bucky” Barnes, and Peter Parker were all snapped.
    “Oh hey guys, see ya got snapped too.”
    “Aw come on!”

  11. 'Earth is next on his hit list' Uhh no. Earth meant nothing. Half of all living creatures everywhere died when Thanos snapped his fingers, not just half on Earth.

  12. Buddy… Thanos was right, if I was him I will talk to Avengers and fuck them up badly! But in the end of a day, I will snap my finger OF COURSE.. ..

  13. If thanks snapped half of the world to solve the world hunger problem would he not just kill more than half of the world? If he snapped and one of those snaps snapped away a guy in a car and he would not be steering anymore, would the person not run into another car causing that person to die. Also if he did all of this to solve world hunger would he not kill people that brought the supplies to the places. MAKING WORLD HUNGER MORE OF A PROBLEM. ALSO THERE WAS NO POINT FOR THANOS TO DO THIS WE WHERE FINE AS WE WERE

    Sources: YEET

  14. ya dut if Thanos kills halfe of all population he also atackse new population witch can kill newwer speiss that are from new universise

  15. I wouldn't worry too much about running out of things like food

    Considering how much is wasted it could be said there's more than enough to go around even if we reach that carrying capacity

  16. But also, what if it is diffrent on other planets? On Titan, the growth wasn't lineal and if he did it, the population would return in 20 years.

  17. Honestly, if Thanos had just altered fertility rates, such as making fertility rates responsive to population growth related changes, then he may have solved the problem permanently in almost every situation, all without having to kill a bunch of people. The effects may take a little time to see, but hey, good things come to those who wait after all.

    I mean, all powerful gauntlet, nothing says it can only carry out simple of tasks. . . unless there is something in canon that does limit it's power by preventing it from making more complex changes to the universe, but I'm not sure if that's something they thought about. Would kinda make it the gauntlet less than all powerful if that's the case.

  18. Thanos made several false assumptions about the universe:
    (1) Resources Are Finite — Ummmm They are called INFINITY STONES For a reason….
    (2) Killing Half of Life Would Bring Balance — If we lose even 10% of certain species, we all die…
    (3) Killing half of Life Would Eliminate Poverty — poverty is not caused by overpopulation
    (4) Killing half of Life Would Prevent Overpopulation — it's called REPRODUCTION, do the math

  19. Thanos was right to kill half of all life. Thanos implies negative consequences to actions – high population, he wipes 50%. Negative consequences have a bigger impact than positive consequences. And there’s the question – next time resources need to double, what is Thanos doesn’t want to, or he’s dead, or he doesn’t have the stones? Planets die anyways.

  20. Actually if Thanos depopulated the earth the old way, I mean killing the half residents of the earth manually, then I don't think they will just leave the earth, other alien will also contact earth

  21. I know that if i had the infinity gauntlet with the infinity gems, i would enslave the multiverse

  22. he was mad, but he without knowing, he was "right", but he got rid of every resources, because the resources are alive too and he was thinking about the resources when he did that, so he was wrong, but right, but actually wrong because you forgot that he killed a lot of people that were at planes, helicopters and stuff like that, so the transport could be lower and our food and resources wouldn't get where we are and people would start to starve and make their own farms having a lot of children again to help them on their farm stuff and that would make the population grow and that would doom us

  23. It's amazing how much this story would have changed if an Avenger simply yelled "Hey Thanos, just double all resources!" and Thanos just realized it and everyone lived happily ever after!

  24. Yes, if thanos snapped way back when, it would be alright. But today, with out highly interconnected world, would lose millions of jobs and people we need. No one would become better, because of the same interconnectedness we celebrate today.

  25. Dont forget about the logistical nightmare that would ensuefrom the snap, supple chains would come to a screeching halt killing off more than half the population by cutting off access to needed resources to sustain current societal norms. The only way the snap works is if the snap acts like a scalpel culling off the non working class which in turn would hurt continued pop growth by culling children as i said before to limit the massisve logistical impact. Either way in theory his plan works, but only in theory. Matpat said that tho towards the end of video in fewer words.

  26. Now I know it's a fictional world where objects have reality-warping powers but doubling resources wouldn't be a stable long-term solution. For instance, let's say you wanted to double the number of crops we had. But the land only has so mach nutrients. Now all those extra plants will be malnourished and most likely die until they reach the previous equilibrium state. Also, there's only a finite amount of sunlight hitting every square meter of earth. Even if you doubled the plants, the amount of energy they received wouldn't change. So let's say you wanted to increase land itself. How would you do that? Dry the oceans? That would drastically change the earth's climate and cause massive unforeseen consequences. And if you made the earth bigger, its gravitational field intensity would increase and life would again have to adapt to this, especially complex life. As you see, doubling the resources isn't a solution either.

  27. Thanos is not only evil, he is also WRONG. More info in these videos:
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

  28. Id say that it wouldn’t be possible to double or make infinite of recourses, seeing as that would make matter out of nothing, which breaks the most firm law of relative physics (I think that’s what it’s called). He would be creating atoms out of nothingness, and an infinite amount of recourses? Where TF would all of it be?

  29. Thanos, didn't succeed, in the movies an the comics it was indicated that thanos wiped out half the population of ALL LIVING CREATURES which are also animals and plants aka the food resources
    So thanos just turned it from 2/4 into 1/2

  30. Tbf were probably going to do this to our self with global warming were getting closer to releasing pandora box of deases and bacteria that was frozen.

  31. These aren't my words but a friend said something on the lines of;
    A) Why couldn't he use the reality stone to clone all resources rather than doubling it since he can break all laws of science with it and manipulate reality?
    B) Even wiping out half of the population would only be a temporary solution. He would have to always keep it low.
    C) Even keeping a low population would only be a temporary solution. Eventually resources will eventually run out.

    Should Thanos have basically done nothing?

  32. 75% of Earth's population would have made a bigger difference. But Thanos could have been kinder about doing it such as erasing the memory of those that died so that those that lived would not remember those that died.

  33. Earth will suffer the same fate, once recources run out due to overpopulation and overconsumption all life on the planet will starve to extinction.

  34. Theory: The Earth's biosphere can no longer sustain the ever growing human population. In order to prevent disaster and the possible end of the human race the the US military developed a biological weapon which has a mortality rate of 50% (The Thanos Virus). They will soon unleash the virus upon the world.

  35. Titan couldn't find a solution to expanding population?? hehe, lame low-tech species, goodbye..
    Population growth myths aside – population just doesn't matter to a space faring species, planets just aren't that important…
    A Dyson Swarm can support trillions of people, no problem…
    The universe doesn't have limited resources at all, Thanos pulls that idea out of his butt…
    It's an idea based on old 20th century high scarcity economic ideas that are out of date.
    There are no high/low population, energy and food issues, just distribution issues..

    Remove half of our population and we go back to the dark ages, with a few reactor meltdowns and other eco-disasters thrown in..
    The idea of a growing population in a limited space being a problem on a grand galactic scale is absurd.
    For a high tech species, space is limitless and suns are plentiful, but planets, with their annoying gravity wells, are mostly just a good place to dump rubbish…
    The idea of an advanced species running out of expansion space is idiotic, it's not about planets, that's parochial low-tech species thinking. Need living space? Dyson swarm, Need resources? Fusion, asteroids, solar orbital farms etc etc

    The infinity gauntlet could create the limitless energy and matter needed to expand the population of the universe forever..
    Only a bastard wouldn't use it for such… 🙂

  36. The "Resource in the universe is limited" argument is MUTE!!!!
    First: Watch "the universe is bigger than you think."
    Now you understand, why this alone says all there is to say but let's go on.

    Second: Energy = Mater in our universe as well as in this fictional one.
    With science as far advanced as many of the fictional races (including humanity…wakanda…tony) they are not far from
    being able to use energy to create Matter. Which means, as long as i have energy i can create food.
    I can use technology to make a dead planet liveable again. i can create artificial living space in form of space stations.
    So it does not matter how much life should grow. We would NEVER run out of resources.

    The universe would probably die before life could get to the point of even thinking about taking over 1% of the universe.

    Third: Life keeps itself at check. In nature through famine, hunger, destruction by natural disaster, over breeding leads to weakness in the bloodline which can even lead to extinction.
    But what about higher lifeforms like the humans. We have war, murder, politics, sexual orientations. For example there are studies that show that sexual tendencies can drastically impact the growth of dense population. There are accidents that can wipe out an entire species. which leads to my next point

    Fourth: The universe is merciless! death is imminent, for all life at all times. Our solar system alone is chaos that could destroy us any given time.
    To say that "if life stays unchecked it will grow out of hand." is like saying that people just don't die….
    death is life and life is death, there is a balance without your wizzard god gauntlet!

    In the end the entire argument is a human one, since here on earth this problem is very real.
    Resources are limited, so is living space. And our technology is FAR away from fixing these problems.
    THANOS IS A MONSTER! through action….
    But a Hero in Heart, although confused about life…

  37. Verry good vido! Just kinda sad that you didn't take the oportunity to mention that Thanos killed more than half of earths population.
    (His snap killed half of the population, which lead to plains and cars crashing which in return killed most likely some more people)

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