Film Theory: The GROSS Truth of Bakugo’s Quirk! (My Hero Academia)

Film Theory: The GROSS Truth of Bakugo’s Quirk! (My Hero Academia)

MatPat: Oh man, I can’t wait for the new episode of My Hero! “The U.A. Sports festival”— “I’m sorry, Izuku”!—”Deku, you b*stard”!—”Young man, You too can become a hero.”— *Midoryia’s crying*—*My Hero Academia Outro* Spongebob Narrator: One week later. MP: Oh, man. I can’t wait for this new episode of My Hero Academia!—”Internships”— “I’m sorry, Izuku!”—”You b*stard!”— “You too can become a hero.”—*Midoriya’s crying*— *My Hero Academia Outro* S.B. N: One- MP: YES! I can’t wait for this new episode of My Hero Academia! “Stain”— “Izuku”—”Bastard!”—”Become a hero”— *Midoriya crying*—*MHA Outro* Is it just me or am I starting to notice a pattern here? *The Best Intro Ever* MP: Hello Internet, welcome to Film Theory! The show that always sweats the small stuff. Speaking of sweat, You know what I hate? Katsuki Bakugou. With the sandy-haired, hyper-aggressive bully from My Hero Academia. I know, I know, I get it! He’s learning to accept others and blah blah blah blah blah, but seriously dude, get over yourself! Katsuki: “I don’t need any of your protection, dammit!” It’s one thing to be stubborn and cocky but jeez, dial it back once in a while. Katsuki: “I just wanna say: I’m gonna win.” Other Charaters: “Get off the stage!” But even I have to admit that, despite his obnoxious personality, he has got himself one heck of a fascinating superpower While quirks in the Hero Academia universe can range from Godlike to totally useless, when Bakugo spun the wheel, He definitely landed closer to the godly end of the scale. If you don’t know the show, Let me tell ya, he’s got himself the power to produce massive Explosions, but the way that he activates that power, like Bakugou himself, is um less than pleasant. You see, Bakugo’s quirk isn’t just making things magically explode. He’s no Yoshikage Kira. *To Be Continued Meme Soundtrack* Instead, Bakugou’s explosions are a byproduct of his actual quirk, Which is that he sweats nitroglycerin, or to be more specific a substance, very similar to nitroglycerin, which he can detonate at will Katsuki: “Since you’re such a stalker, by now you know how my quirk, Explosion, works. I secrete nitroglycerin-like sweat from my hands and make it blow up.” MP: Essentially, the sweatier he gets, the bigger his explosions are. And over the course of the series, We’ve seen Bakugo make some pretty darn big Earth-shattering kabooms. Even without his special grenade gloves that store up his uh fluids to create bigger blasts. So of course, all this raises the obvious question: How much would Bakugou have to sweat to create blasts as big and powerful as he does? Welp, you outta know by now that that’s the exact sort of insane Question that I answer on this channel. So roll on some Old Spice and make sure that you’re wearing an undershirt, *Some movie quote I can’t quite hear that’s about sweat* since today, we’re literally working up a sweat to prove how hot under the collar this anime Character gets. And spoiler alert! He’s producing more sweat daily than the gaming room at your local anime convention Oh, yeah, it’s that bad. To begin, We’re told that Bakugou’s sweat is basically identical to nitroglycerin. And since science knows a lot about how much nitroglycerine Expands when it explodes, I’m measuring a given explosion from the anime. We can work out pretty easily Exactly how sweaty Bakugou would have to get to produce it. Now, one thing I’m not gonna do is look at what Bakugou can do in his hero costume since those grenade gauntlets of his are designed to store his sweat over time, thus making their explosive power more based on how long he’s been wearing them as opposed to how much he’s actually sweating. That said, the newest season of the anime has given us a great benchmark. In season 3 episode 3, we’re given a quirk training montage where each character is trying to push their quirks to the limit in order to Expand their powers. We’re expressly told that Bakugo is So, not only are these visually the largest fireballs that he produces in the series, We also know that Bakugo is intentionally pushing himself to his limits here to unleash his full strength; both in terms of explosion size as well as how fast he’s making those explosions happen. At first, I thought I could just measure the blasts using Bakugou himself as the measuring stick, since he’s right there and we know that his canon height is exactly a hundred and seventy two centimeters, Based on the character stat cards that pop up between commercial breaks. However, I wanted to be as precise as possible which, when it comes to Bakugou, is a bit of an issue. He has that super saiyan perm thing going on that makes it hard to figure out how exactly his height’s being measured. And he almost never stands up straight Lucky for us though, Bakugou is not the only measuring stick that we have at our disposal here. He’s standing next to an oil drum—the exact same kind of oil drum that his fellow Classmate, Todoroki, is using for his training. And with his good posture and flat haircut, This icy hot honor student makes for a much better measuring stick. We know that from heel to head, Todoroki stands at 176 centimeters tall. That means, using his height in this manga profile picture as a baseline, We can determine his pupillary distance or the distance between the centers of the pupils of his eyes. A measurement that’s often taken by optometrists during eye appointments. On average, male pupillary distances are between five point three centimeters and seven point seven centimeters And Todoroki’s pupils are exactly 7.62 centimeters apart So it falls right in that range. This measurement can then be translated over to the training montage To measure the barrel from side to side in this shot. Which gives us a barrel diameter of seventy nine point eight eight centimeters. Finally, we can apply those barrel measurements to the one standing next to Bakugou to measure the diameter of the fireball. Aaaaaannnnddd Here’s where we run into one other snag. You see, we’re never actually shown the full scale of the fireball that Bakugou creates. Despite it being a distant shot that we can clearly tell goes above the treeline. So we’re just gonna have to settle for measuring the part of the fireball that we can actually see in this flat on shot but Trust me even that it is more than enough If we cut a chunk off the fireball starting at the widest point before it goes past the edge of the screen, we get a dome that’s 2,545 centimeters across by 716 centimeters tall. Plugging those numbers into this formula, which measures the volumes of spherical caps, gives us a total volume of two thousand four hundred twenty-eight point two cubic meters or two million four hundred and twenty eight thousand two hundred and seven liters of Exploding gas. That certainly sounds like a lot, but to truly understand what that means, Let’s dig a little deeper. Doing a little research, We know that when it explodes, nitroglycerin expands to a little over twelve hundred times the volume of its original liquid form. So all we have to do is divide the volume of the Explosion by twelve hundred to see just how much sweat Bakugou would need to produce it. Leaving us with a final grand total of A whopping two thousand twenty three and a half liters of sweat.To put that in perspective, an average human Produces between point eight and one point four liters of sweat during an hour of exercise. Or, for a fair point of comparison since Bakugou’s using hot water to open up his sweat glands, an average person produces Just one liter of sweat after fifteen minutes in a steam room. Bakugou is sweating at least 2,000 times that amount in the five seconds between Explosions in this scene—and remember, that’s just part of the fireball. The whole thing is three to four times the size of what we Can actually measure which means that Bakugou is probably producing closer to six Thousand liters of sweat in five seconds, from just the palms of his hands. That’s about a hundred and fifty times the total volume of liquid contained in the average human body. And if a real person were truly sweating that much liquid, they’d shrivel up and die like a prune in a fraction of a second. But let’s just ignore that problem for a moment and assume that Bakugou’s quirk somehow Compensates for this rapid fluid loss by other means; the same way it prevents his explosions from blowing his hands off. I mean after all, this is a universe where a guy’s whole body can be made out of Teleporting mist or a guy’s face can be made out of flame or a guy could have teeth that turn into magically long blades So who’s to say what is and isn’t possible with these darn quirks? Assuming that he wouldn’t die from it, in terms of liters per second, Bakugo is sweating over a million times faster Than the average human being. Let that sink in for a minute He is sweating a million times faster than you. If you were to stand with that barrel in an Olympic swimming pool, He would be able to fill the entire thing with his sweat in 34 minutes and 43 seconds. Every 30 minutes, he’s sweating the amount of an Olympic swimming pool. Egh, gross! Movie Character: “Hey! Sweating is the act of a healthy body.” MP: Of course, Bakugou isn’t gonna spend all day in sauna conditions. But even at regular temperatures, he’d be sweating buckets on a daily basis; literally sweating buckets! On an average day, a regular person’ll produced between 500 and 700 milliliters of sweat. At a million times that rate, Bakugou would be sweating between five and seven hundred thousand liters every single day. Which, let’s be honest, would probably mean he’d need to drink a little bit more than eight glasses of water per day to stay hydrated. And it would definitely mean that I wouldn’t want to sit anywhere near him in class or on a bus. Clearly, Bakugo is going in the completely wrong direction when he chose his hero name. Katsuki: “King Explosion Murder.” Midnight: “I’m gonna say that one’s a little too violent.” MP: *evil MatPat laugh* Forget all that. With palms sweaty as yours, buddy, you’re better off calling yourself the Swamp Thing. But hey! That’s just a theory! A film theory! Aaaannndd cut!

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  1. Dub vs. Sub…
    The reason I choose to use DUB in the edits of these episodes is that many people who enjoy content on this channel either listen to the audio with video turned off or are visually impaired and physically can't see the screen. The dub allows these videos to stay accessible to everyone, enabling those Theorists to understand the important quotes we're using without having to read text in the video.

  2. Ok but the fucking thing is ,he controls it.thats part of his quirk.he controls how much he releases ,that’s why when he doesn’t use his gauntlets it hurts because he’s literally tearing apart his muscle fibers because of the strain of forcing his arms to sweat nitroglycerin.👌🏻

  3. Maybe next you could tackle the "Dabi is a Todoroki" theory. Ya know, the one where Dabi is secretly Touya (don't know how to spell it) Todoroki. It's an EXTREMELY prevalent and we'll believed theory. Anyway, cool theory dude!

  4. Actually, nitroglycerin has a sweet smell to it, so he'd actually smell more like caramel than like an entire locker room. It also has a sweet taste, so Katsuki would also taste like caramel.

  5. nitroglyceryn like substance maby this substance expands much mote when explodes maby one drop is what it takes for his medium blast jumps

  6. Bakugou's quirk is one that is turned on or off meaning his sweat is only explosive when he wants it to be im assuming his quirk isnt as simple as that though like all might said sometimes a persons quirk isnt what they originally thought my theory is that he has the ability to convert sweat to nitroglycerin aswell as increase the rate at which he sweats

  7. Fun Fact: Nitroglycerin-the stuff Bakugou sweats- has a sweet, burning scent. If u think Bakugou is smelly due to sweating know that this man has sweet caramel-like scent and tastes like caramel.

  8. I was thinking, Matt you should do a video trying to figure out when is bnha actually happening since it’s obviously some time in the future but how many years tho? Since already 9 people had one for all which is lots and lots of year in the future but I was wondering how many years though? ( just a video idea if you need any)

  9. OOOOOR it's exactly as the show says and the chemical is only LIKE nitroglycerin not nitroglycerin. In which case you should be figuring out that bakugo's version expands many MANY more times than normal nitroglycerin and calculating how powerful it is based on how much he should be sweating. Which would be far more accurate and interesting.

  10. Aight, imma just say ( No judgement, so don't come at me) that Bakugo's "sweat" isn't really sweat. It is Nitroglycerin. When Nitroglycerin is heated or burnt, it smells like sugar or caramel. So ig that smells good. Also, keep in mind that Bakugou clearly keeps up with his health and hygeine. So, even if his sweat was actually real, he would keep up with his hygeine and bathe or whatever responsibly. Tbh, i dont really know what im saying. Im a freshman high off caffeine and anxiety of makeup work after missing 3 days of school, so you can deal with this explanation lol.

  11. Matpat: lets calculate length in my hero acadamia
    Also matpat: using an oil barrel and the distance between the average males centre of pupils

  12. Bakugou's quirk can be unreliable at times. I know in those heavy gauntlets you're bound to sweat a lot, but still, you wont always be sweaty, and that's his weakness

  13. I mean, it's totally possible for Bakugous sweat to produce a substance such as nitroglycerin, although just amplified in explosive power.

  14. My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone.

  15. 0:59 Don’t worry Mat, I hate Bakugo as well he doesn’t deserve to be a hero! The only reason he is in UA is because of his quirk

  16. But his sweat can’t be the water from his body because he doesn’t sweat water, unless he drinks the lighter glued as water or he can somehow make the water into the stuf

  17. Couldn't his sweat just expand more than nitroglycerin so a smaller amount would be needed to create the same size of explosion?

  18. he has his mother and father's quirks together and his dad's is oxidizing stuff so does that mean he can make stuff rust and decay as well as blowing shit up

  19. Name: MAT PAT





  20. Ok, so I read the manga and it basically said in one of the extra blank pages that bakugo's dad also has explosive sweat and his mom… something about controlling your body if I recall. Basically he can control how much he sweats is what it explained.

  21. Ok what if Bakugo has hyperhidrosis and since he sweats "nitroglycerin" he wouldnt shrivel up, I mean it would explain a lot

  22. Maybe that's why midoriya loves him think about all those pheromones he releasing and how soft midoriya get near him maybe he has the art of seduction he just don't know it

  23. You hate Katsuki Bakugou? Well sorry but he won the fan favourite characters as first place.
    He beat EVERYONE.

  24. Me: don’t do it… itll ruin the show to you. You just got into it… don’t do it
    Me also: clicks on video

  25. Hey, I know this will get lost in the comments but, I think it would be really cool if you could do a video on Kirishima or his past or something, since season 4 is coming out and we see a lot if our shark boi. Maybe you could talk about the theory that he is the traitor or that Gigantomachia is his dad or something. Thanks for hearing my suggestion. Hope you have a good day Mat Pat! 🙂

  26. Bakugo is mah fav..
    I dont know why myself..
    Maybe because i only look at his determination and his overly explosive confidence
    To move forward I guess

  27. mangga readers dont care about this shit cuz he did make bakugos personality (intentionally) as explosive as his quirk

  28. Something I thought while watching this was “What if he can turn off his
    Power and not produce that amount of sweat until he does so at will…”

  29. matpat… i suggest you watch the japanese version with eng sub… it's a LOT better than the english version !

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