Film Theory: The Horrific Reality of Toy Story (Toy Story 4)

Film Theory: The Horrific Reality of Toy Story (Toy Story 4)

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  1. Woody:
    “You must bring joy to children and do nothing else!”

    Me: Is that all you do?

  2. I child are don't growing up on Disney I never love toy story I never watch snow white I never know what is dambo I hate The sinderela all Disney just look to me as a big mass of happines and child stupid things I being dramatic as a child I remember me the first movie I watch was star wars I want to see my hero lost a real man with a really problem stack at his world with a complicated history until I growing up and see what I lost but I really love the lion king

  3. If you thought that having toys being violently tossed around and abused by their kids was bad, just remember that some guy out there on reddit used to fuck his teddy bear as a kid every night, and then imagine that bear existing in the Toy Story universe.

  4. While watching this video, I was interrupted by an ad about Toy Story 4’s DVD release. (They knowww…👻)

  5. If toys are brought to life by the imagination of children then how are the aliens inside the claw machine alive if they weren’t played with yet. Or the “decoy” buzz light year if he was in the box the whole time?

  6. I know my toys insist I see the moving time to time and will not insult my I leave them somewhere near disappear and come back to where I live

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  8. just my opinion, the character forky exist because it's a criticism or "mirror" of kids in this era… from generation to generation there's a
    differences from attituted, self-esteem, ect.

  9. This whole video seems like a bunch of baloney…
    I mean it's like he's got nothing to do so he sits down and starts ranting about Disney using a whole lot of stupid reasons and facts that either don't make sense or don't matter at all….
    Some people just can't take life and it's joys in a positive way….
    Smh… We've got bigger and more pressing problems to attend than the crap that this dude cooks up in his mind while he's free…(which must be a lot, considering the imbecility and insignificance of this 15 minute long video.)
    And a stupid ad promo at end….PATHETIC!

  10. When I was four I was scared of this movie before I even saw this video so the fact that I saw this video is so funny because and now that I look back on it I have I have a reason to be scared lol😕😕😕😕

  11. It is no secret that most humans are in a bubble right now or their cognitive dissonance keeps them safe- but true story, DISNEY and COACH leather have joined forces and created a line called DISNEY X! Disney has been dark for years so if you want your child to be as messed up as possible then let em keep watching. This is called our reality.

  12. And who the hell isnt freaked out by those “Magic” dolls?? Duh they’re in the movie for a reason! No way I want my kid to watch!

  13. Disney: Wheres matpat more kids are going to his channel and he is exposing us
    MatPat: hey kids the mouse is going to take over the world

  14. Is it weird that 5 years ago i always say "hello guys" to my toys when i got back from school.. Don't judge me i was 9

  15. Wait… if a child's imagination is what brings toys to life, then how was the Buzz from the toy store, that had never been played with, alive in the second film?..

  16. I think, given the language you’re using, you should put a trigger warning. I’m not saying that as a “I feel attacked” but the way you’re saying stuff could really trigger someone with PTSD and trauma.

  17. Wait, if kids gave life to toys then how did the barbies and the duplicate buzz lightyear get life if they havent been used by a kid yet in Toys Story 2?

  18. Tbh I've been waiting for, this theory, ive been wanting for it. It always bothered me that the toys just kind of existed for some reason. I mean how does it work really? How do they well become sentient??

  19. MatPat: YOU didn't get a choice in being born, did you?
    Me: No, and I didn't have a choice of dying multiple times either.

  20. The only thing I'm getting from this is LOVE, CHERISH AND PLAY WITH YOUR GODDAMN TOYS! Oh? You're an adult? Whatever, play like a child, your toys need ya.

  21. Why hasn't anyone noticed the underlying theme of preparing small children to have sex with adults? It reminded me of the "Show Dogs" movie, which got pulled for similar sex scenes. I was amazed, it was horrifying! Don't let your kids watch it!!

  22. Just going to make my comment real quick, then run away fast as I can…

    Humans do not instill life into their toys, the toys are alive from their beginning, as we see in Toy Story 2 when Zurg and Buzz 2 come out of their boxes very clearly 'alive'

    Okay now keep going through the rest of these unoriginal, non-theory related comments, I'm running away now.

  23. 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    (But bu-kish but bu-kish)

  24. I never liked toy story. When the first movie came out, kid me decided that the humans looked too ugly for me to tolerate. Also, I thought Woody was terrifying for some reason. Still do.

  25. The toys are still alive after being burnt. They are just scattred. In pain. For all eternity. It doesnt ever end. It only beguns.

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