Film Theory: The REAL Reason Wolverine is DYING! (LOGAN)

Film Theory: The REAL Reason Wolverine is DYING! (LOGAN)

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  1. I work in an hospital but, anyone should know this anyway – all bones are connected to nerves, ligaments and etc… If you remove someone's skeleton and replace it with "adamantium" – u still need to connect EVERY nerve for it to function with the rest of the body and to the brain. Even if Logan heals in a few moments, the nerves wouldn't function with metal – some nerves would work if u changed the human bone for a cow's tibia but, not lifeless metal. You can't remove someone's forearms and put crowbars, the metal will not respond to the brain's signals. The person will not be stronger, the person will be handicapped. If you change a bone for a lifeless piece of metal, the arm will never move again even if the surrounding tissue heals.

  2. so…. he is dying from adamantium poisoning because his body cant regenerate due to his old age like it used to. exactly how it is in the movie.

  3. So his healing factor which protects him from pretty much everything and lets him recover instantly from any damage, doesn't include regulated telomerase?

  4. There’s one thing that’s been overlooked in the movie they say they add a gene therapy to remove X genes from everybody and the added this therapy in everything

  5. Quit putting your punk ass face all over the video! The video is cool and all but honestly seeing you paste your face everywhere is really annoying

  6. It’s because the thing that was put in the food to prevent mutants. I think it messed with professor X’s powers, and Wolverines healing factor

  7. Ummmmm the movie is supposed to make us know this….. i mean you talk shit on my 5th grade science teacher all the time but she taught me and most people all of this….

  8. So ‘Logan’ is set in the about year 2024… Correct?
    Then in X-men Apocalypse it was about 2050, but that time Logan looked perfectly fine and so does the Professor X
    So Logan went back into time and corrected and changed the timeline, causing an alternate or maybe branched off timeline which he could’ve been either living in, and in that timeline, between 1971 and 2019, something must have happened that caused the ageing effect of Logan which we don’t know

  9. has anyone ever considered why logans teeth aren't silver? you're teeth really are bones and as we've been told, his skeletal system, every bone in his body has been converted to a nearly indestructible metal. so why would his teeth remain white while all his other bones are now metal and silver in color?

  10. Dude, ever think about how your whole title and thumbnail is a
    Spoiler? I remember seeing this in my recommended shortly after Logan came out, and it totally ruined the movie for me.

  11. Not really whats in the crops is that mutant suppressant it effects the mutants of today by making there power not work so hes aging faster and his healing power are not working he drinks whiskey like its going out of style its made from corn hes posoning himself with the mutant suppressant

  12. Actually remember age stops when you healing factor so it is the adamantiam so the genes won’t act like that and you have a full healing factor in your genes and the telomeres wouldn’t be cut off like that the healing factor would cover it the adamantiam is actually killing Logan his brother saber tooth has a full blasting healing factor does he have adamantiam no no he doesn’t

  13. My theory is that in " The wolverine "
    The old chinese guy mentioned that he can change logans mutations to a normal man where he can know how it feels to get in love get old and die like any man. So when we see the scene where he's fighting the metal samurai his mutations transfer to the old chinese guy making him young and wolverine's appearance starts to change. So in conclusion the old chinese guy affected logans healing ability by transferring logans mutation to his .That's why we can see logan isn't healing like he used too.

  14. What's really killing him the scientist explains near the end of the movie they have food and the water they genetically modified and poison that's eluding to GMOs today in food and Floride that's added to our tap AND bottle water!!

  15. Wait…. but what prevents his healing factor from repairing his telomeres after each cell division? I don’t see how his healing factor wouldn’t because it supposedly repairs his body and cells from any forms of damage, so how do the telomeres not reform after each division?

  16. This theory is totally stupid. The cause is fully explained in that movie(logan). You ruinning the actual matter. 😑 watch the movie first perfactly then come to give theory, voxod. 😐

  17. This doesn't make sence, if logan is dying for the reasons you said, he should have died many years earlier. If the dna theory is correct, then he should have aged FASTER than other people because of his healing factor. His cells devide more, so the telomeres get worn down faster. And for that reason his hair should have greyed earlier and his mutation would've dissapeared many years prior

  18. So dumb. If film says it’s because adamantium it is. You can’t tell writers and directors they are wrong, it’s their world their decision.

  19. Not all metal rusts, only ones that have iron molecules in it. Things like gold and silver cant rust, and adamantium isnt an iron made metal. Rust is called iron oxide for a reason

  20. The film Logan dosent even need super heros or any of that. All that stuff is just a side plot and ive watched the film like five times and i still cry

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