Film Theory: The TRUE STORY of The Conjuring Horror Movies – What REALLY Happened?

Film Theory: The TRUE STORY of The Conjuring Horror Movies – What REALLY Happened?

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  1. One time my little eight year old little sister started watching the conjuring with my 9 yr old neighbor 😂 what they wanted was Annabelle which isn’t much better…

    (They watched the Annabelle one)

  2. i went ghost hunting as an event at my college with a man who worked closely with the Warrens and it was really really freaky. i had some weird experiences in the buildings we were in

  3. I feel like meg ruined my fearful perspective of oceans because of one fact sharks like that big don’t exist anymore……or do they

  4. So Bathsheba is another framed one like Blair witch

    Man they need to really build an entity (falsely) framed recovery community

  5. a story from a couple of ghost hunters does not make that story true or real .These films were based on stories from a real couple that are portrayed in the films.Based on a true story is a much abused term .Just because the couple that came up with these stories are real doesnt make anything they say or write true.

  6. Lmao, all you losers being all scared of your cross on the wall turning upside down. JUST WEAR A CROSS ON YOUR NECK LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  7. That Annabelle curse is fake, i went there last summer and did exactly what your not supposed to do and i'm still here. From what I've heard from the locals is that it is a place of heavy drinking. Lots of drunk teenagers driving on the streets so crashes aren't that rare. The fact that it lines up with the crash is just a plain coincidence

  8. Very interesting video. Also as a decendent of Ed and Lorraine warren i appreciate the amount of research you put into this video


  10. Actually an interesting fact about most any horror franchise ever is the fact that the upside down cross is actually Peter's cross,characterized that way because Simon Peter, the disciple of Jesus, was crucified upside down, saying that he was not worthy to be crucified in the same way as his Lord, right side up. A Satanic cross is actually a right side up cross with two horizontal lines and an infinity sign connected to it at the bottom.

  11. ME: (sees into)


    also ME: i'ma just sit here reading comments and listen to MatPats sweet/cute voice

    MatPat: (changes voice)

    ME: CRAP

  12. With the Blair Witch Project, based on a true story is used to build up scares. They just want to make the film scarier by making the audience think what they show really happened. Every found footage film out there does it and just because they make out that what they show actually happened doesn't mean it has to be taken so literally.

    These movies are pure 💩 but without the happy face

  14. Matpat: the scariest thing in the world……..


    Matpat: the truth


  15. these videos are so good that I keep switching over to other paused videos in another tab and just listen to the audio assuming that the video is a still image, and I will still be interested in whatever the contents are, before I inevitably re-read the video title and realize that it wasn't a big brain moment
    everyone puts in so much work in every video, of course the people that work on the visuals make it a ton better too (as I would prefer something other than a still image)

  16. 0:39
    wait… look at the video in bottom right of the screen… the plush in the background…. on the shelf….
    (srsly though, read SCP 729-J's article. It's hilarious.)

  17. for some reason when I imagine a demonic Nun trying to sneak up behind someone it is a six foot MMA veteran fighter or special forces soldier, if you can scare him then you are scary.

  18. Not a big fan of how they made annabelle look in the movie. Like the doll that shes based off of is like a raggedy ann doll or some shit

  19. all of warrens cases are real all the exorcisms they did is and was real all hauntings they helped wit are real mat pat is fuckin idiot and ghosts n demons are real who ever takes mat pats theory over mine and the warrens them selves are idiots and are idiot ass sceptics

  20. they were not hoaxes they were true events god i hate this channel its full of idiots im former pagan turned lucifiran abd btw bliar witch is based off of bell witch haunting dumb ass

  21. "Don't turn around"

    Raises my middle finger behind me: Bitch I fucking dare you let's see who's really gonna be afraid Casper

  22. Dude – this is irresponsible. Ed and Lorraine Warren never did an honest thing in their entire professional lives. Lorraine was at least sincere and deluded, but Ed was pretty much the worst. Even pretending that those two weren't the worst kind of lying hucksters with your audience is an abdication of your basic responsibility to at least not make the world a worse place. You claim in your Dawson video to like critical thinking? This is actively hurting it.

  23. I'm sorry to burst your bubble but ghost cannot exist scientifically. This is because, if they exist, they will be made up of pure energy as by definition they do not have any matter. So to stay forever, they would need some continuous supply of energy. Also, even if they exist, they won't disturb you because they'll be spending their own energy which is going to reduce their lifespan. It's all thermodynamics.

  24. mattpatt: "based on real-life cereal killers."
    me when I was 5: "cereal killer?"
    me when I was 5: "OMG SAVE THE CORN FLAKES!!!!"

  25. i think i want to make a horror interactive movie where theres a scene that we should pause then i let the viewers/audience open up a scary facebook account or insta story to make everything haunting

  26. If a scary movie was based on a true story it makes it 100× scarier. I remember not being able to sleep at night when I first watched "The Conjuring" because it actually happened (of course there was some additional stuff that didn't happen but still)

  27. im in my moms room finishing homework when matpat says to not turn around, I turn around jokingly, see my moms face, and damn near had a heart attack lol

  28. I actually live in Romania pretty close to the Castle where they shot The Nun… the Castel isn't haunted just it was one of "Dracula" castles

  29. I watched "The Conjuring" recently and I cried…tears of joy. Like seriously, I'm the only person to cry tears of joy while watching a fRiCkInG hOrRoR mOvIe!

  30. Matpat: don’t turn around to see that shadow behind you

    Me: ha I’m out at 3AM in a bad neighbourhood so there is no streetlights so no shadows

  31. I was sitting and watching this in the dark, creeped out but not enough to turn on lights or anything but then my computer randomly turned on without me touching it and only certain lights on it turned on and I had to turn on the lights I got so spooked

  32. Is it scary that I live in New England more specifically Connecticut when I was watching this I got a little scared

  33. I like that most people (Including me) always says that people in horror movies are dumb since they always turn toward the noise and says out loud Hello, Who's there, etc.

    But in reality, we would probably do the same.

    That's just my thought lol. I still think most people in horror movies or dumb tho.

  34. see a ghost at the end of the hall. Just walk towards it. What's it gonna do? Kill you? I bet those boys wouldn't even expect it. They'd prob run away themselves.

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