Film Theory: What is Ultra Shaggy’s TRUE Power Level? (Scooby Doo x Dragon Ball Z meme)

Film Theory: What is Ultra Shaggy’s TRUE Power Level? (Scooby Doo x Dragon Ball Z meme)

Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level? It’s over 9000! What? 9000? There’s no way that can be right! I mean seriously that CAN’T be right. Here let me show you. Hello Internet, welcome to Film Theory, the Velma of YouTube channels. I’ll let you decide exactly what that means. Today we’re taking our first look at the series that taught us that monsters are really just greedy people with access to Extremely convincing rubber masks. Scooby Doo! A show that sustained itself as a staple of children’s cartoon programming since the late 60s, I mean think about that a show your Grandparents watched as kids is still relevant today. Next thing You know, we’re gonna be seeing a reboot of the Flintstones with bamm-bamm dabbing and wearing supreme Yabba Dabba Doo! *dabs* Hopefully not, but where Scooby, Fred, Velma, Shaggy, and Daphne have found their home lately has been in the memeaverse Joining the hallowed ranks of Sponge Bob Shrek and Elon Musk. And of those memes one in particular has impressed us with its power level. Literally ultra Instinct shaggy now in case you have better things to do with your time than scour the internet looking for the meme of the week Heck, that’s too generous meme of the day if it’s lucky comes one that started at the end of last year and Really took off back in January It comes from a somewhat unusual scene in the made-for-tv movie scooby-doo legend of the phantosaur. Roll that beautiful bean footage Just your typical cartoon fight scene, right? weeeeell Kind of, but Shaggy’s calm demeanor and his ability to predict his opponents moves got YouTuber midea to remix the scene with some Dragon Ball super music opening the floodgates to dozens of spin-off memes and with that a new Z warrior entered the fray. Ultra instinct shaggy. Fight Goku ultra instinct shaggy holds firm! Ultra instinct by the way is a reference to the latest and strongest transformation for Goku in the Dragon Ball series Basically some intergalactic jelly beans decide to hold a tournament of power because, no season of Dragon Balls complete without one of those, across multiple universes with all the losers getting erased So to save his universe deus ex goku needs to achieve his new level, which unlocks all the powers that he’s ever had access to Before as well as any potential power, he still has dormant. It’s hard to unlock It’s even harder to master and it comes complete with a brand new hair color for our favorite saiyan, white! here Everyone was making fun of me with my purple hair. Long story short true to Dragonball tradition Shaggy becoming a Z warrior prompted all sorts of speculation and joking about his new power level A petition even went around to get him included into the new Mortal Kombat game Mortal Kombat 11 I mean it didn’t happen, but it did prompt this awesome tweet from serious crater at Boone So I thought I’d try my best at being a Scouter device today to explore what’s really going on with Shaggy How is this character, Sixty years into his career, been able to harness this newfound power? And what exactly is that newfound power? Can it be quantified? What is his power level? To find, out tune in next time to Shaggy ball Z! Or you can just keep watching this episode of film theory. To start we’ll need to understand the source of Shaggy’s powers You see what makes this meme even more interesting is the fact that Shaggy is always the scared character He’s always the coward. So for him to suddenly become such a skilled fighter is… unexpected, to say the least. luckily legend of the phantosaur explains the transition and in case you’re wondering about what a Phantosaur is it is literally a phantom dinosaur. Hey, I can’t blame him after 60 years of people wearing rubber masks You got to start stretching for new ideas Anyway while on a standard scooby-doo style adventure, shaggy finds himself locked in a dark cupboard filled with monster masks This sends him into a catatonic state with the doctor giving him the diagnosis, “acute threat avoidance hypertrophy disorder” And he’s ordered not to investigate any more scary mysteries or even step foot into the Mystery Machine He told him not to get into the Mystery Machine. That’s why I repainted So to try and cure shaggy from this crippling fear, the gang decides to try hypnosis. “No, it’s more like Hypnosis, but not the boring old-fashioned kind of hypnosis. Psycho luminescent reprogramming. PLR” the PLR process hypnotizes shaggy so that when he hears the word ‘bad’ He literally becomes fearless until he hears the word again And this isn’t nearly as unrealistic as it might first sound. You see, Shaggy starts out diagnosed with acute threat avoidance Hypertrophy disorder a disorder that doesn’t really exist but if we break down the meaning of each of those words we can actually find some pretty similar real-life issues. Acute just means that the symptoms come on suddenly, threat avoidance is Obviously referring to Shaggy’s overwhelming fear responses Hypertrophy just means to enlarge. So while cardiac hypertrophy may be problematic because you have an enlarged heart, muscle hypertrophy would actually be rather Desirable because you got yourself those gains, son In this case the enlargement that we’re talking about would be of the threat avoidance Area of the brain which is the amygdala in real life. Amygdala hypertrophy is a real thing It can occur when someone is suffering the effects of acute stress disorder similar to and often a precursor to post-traumatic stress disorder sufferers of acute stress disorder find themselves Overreacting to negative stimuli after some traumatic event just like we see happen with shaggy after he gets himself trapped in that monster Closet and believe it or not, true to the movie, hypnosis has actually been shown to help reduce the effects of acute stress disorder So it looks like scooby-doo story here is actually rooted in some real-life science At least way more real-life science than I ever would have expected. But then how does all this explain him turning into son Goku? well The ultra instinct fight scene that started this whole thing Happens while Shaggy’s in one of those fearless states in a movie mister Hubely makes the point of saying that his PLR is more powerful than your standard versions of hypnosis. “This is completely different” It’s so powerful, in fact that it even reprograms Hubely himself later on in the movie so it seems likely that what shaggy is undergoing here is a hypnotically induced super saiyan-like transformation, a concept that for as absurd as it sounds once again, is unbelievably backed up by real-world science the soviets back in the 50s and 60s believed so strongly in the power of hypnosis that in the 1956 Olympics they had eleven hypnotists come along with them It seems ridiculous rights until you start looking at the numbers the Soviets managed to out medal the Americans that year Ninety-eight medals to 74 now. Obviously, this isn’t really a transformation and it’s more correlation than it is causation Otherwise you would see all countries bringing all sorts of hypnotist along with them to the games Nope the scientists who studied hypnosis tend to conclude that it helps put athletes into a flow state a mental state of being fully immersed in the activity that they’re doing clearing their mind and putting their everything into what they’re doing at that very moment the crazy thing about all of this is that it’s almost identical to how ultra instinct is described It’s how Goku is able to unlock this new transformation in the first place ultra instinct requires that the fighter literally stop thinking stop overanalyzing and just exist in the moment, which is why users of it are able to react Instantaneously to attacks that are happening around them It’s also like Vegeta with his highly analytical mind. It struggles when he tries to master ultra instinct form He’s overthinking. He can’t clear his mind enough to enter the necessary flow state So does that make shaggy the scooby-doo gods your equivalent of Goku Wow Not quite power levels in the Dragon Ball series are usually determined by Scouter Devices measuring the amount of ki energy that’s possessed by a single character Although this number should theoretically remain somewhat stable throughout your lifetime intensive training Natural aging and form changes such as going super Sam can change your total power levels Shaggy is still bound by his human limitations and lack of training though His reaction time certainly is faster when he’s in this quote-unquote “ultra instinct mode” He still needs time to think about how he reacts to attacks and he’s missing out on all of those really nifty glow of So what exactly then is his power level in addition to his fight against the biker gang Shaggy’s other shining moment comes at the end of the movie when he leaps across a river Jumping up a set of falling rocks to reach a hole in the roof Shaggy is now jumping from a falling rock and gaining a huge amount of altitude from each jump So not only is Shaggy having to create enough force to jump from rock to rock But he’s also having to do it before the rock He’s on loses too much of its own altitude user Brenda la on LiveJournal actually shared a collection of old scooby-doo comics with information about all of the characters and Shaggy’s height is given at 6-foot for 1.822 meters. So using Shaggy as a ruler in this shot We can estimate that shaggy is crossing about 5.5 meters in the course of about three seconds using three separate Hops shaggy also has to at least maintain his altitude. And in fact, we see him gaining an altitude with the subsequent two Hops bouncing over a meter off of each rock as he waits for the next rock to fall now Consider how this needs to work for shaggy in a normal force diagram of jumping the ground isn’t moving So it’s exerting a force equal to your weight Accelerated by gravity into the ground when you want to jump All you need to do is exert some extra force downward into the ground and that propels you up off of it But now imagine the ground is also accelerating downwards at the same speed just like we see the falling rocks do in the scene Sure You can still jump off of them but actually gaining any additional height is gonna be significantly harder instead of getting the full equal and opposite effect of your downward push you now have to account for the fact that the rock is Falling as well,instead of force equals mass times acceleration Like it would normally be for any sort of jump now It becomes force equals mass times acceleration to account for your jump plus mass times gravity to account for the falling rock We see shaggy hit four rocks in total and three that we see a good measure of his collision time with each of them takes About two to four frames each about one to two tenths of a second So if we factor all of this in along with Shaggy’s listed 160 pounds or 72.5 kilogram weight We find that each single leap. That shaggy is making is gonna take an astonishing 5428 Newtons or 1220 pounds of force now in 2014 Žydrūnas Savickas set a world deadlift record of 1155 pounds and Shaggy has to beat that three times in the course of a couple seconds. That is Superhuman levels of strength not quite the power of flights But he’s getting pretty darn close and in the Dragon Ball universe Flight or high jumps are definitely something that we can use to help calculate overall power levels Now the Dragon Ball encyclopedia Kanzenshuu has an incredibly comprehensive Look at various characters power levels throughout the series which will in turn allow us to give some rough comparisons to ultra instant shaggy So let’s look at Shaggy’s power set Shaggy has fast reaction times above average strength and the ability to almost fly But not quite his jumping ability is just really good and really fast Where shaggy gets his clearest limitation is not being able to create any sort of energy or ki related blasts Now look across the franchise’s history The original Dragon Ball series is the only time that we see this level of more grounded Realistic lighting before power levels started to grow out of control during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament We see Goku square off against his future wife chichi during the course of their sparring we see her demonstrate many of the same skills that Shaggy uses in the phantosaur movie fast reflexes and Superhuman jumps but no actual flying. So according to the encyclopedia her power level at the time was 130 the next power level up that we see from there is 139 as showcased by Jackie Chun aka Master Roshi in disguise during the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament here He demonstrates many similar skills as Chi Chi, fest reflexes, stronger attacks than normal except there is one key difference Or should I say ki difference? Haha get it? ki difference ki Anyway in Jackie Chan’s battles against both Yamcha and Goku shows his ability to harness ki realtated attacks Leading to taps the Yamcha battle in particular shows why Shaggy wouldn’t be able to hold his own in the fight like this SS ultra instinct Shaggy’s power level is best estimated as comparable to chi chi’s level 130 Maybe just slightly more based on that series of extreme jumps But we definitely know that it’s gonna fall somewhere between 130 and 139 man, I feel like a ‘your movie sucks’ review It’s not a 130 but it’s also definitely not a 139. So let’s give it a 130 and a half I might change that number later, but that’s what we’re gonna go with Now that being said it’s worth noting that all of this is without shaggy doing any training up until this point He’s just been a hippie who lives out in a van running away from mysteries giving a little practice with Master Roshi in the gang shaggy could absolutely Ascend reaching higher and higher power levels until finally he’s able to Stay just as useless as the other Z fighters on the sidelines as they watch Goku do all the work Hey, at least he won’t die as much as Krillin. So Shaggy’s power level might be a bit disappointing Definitely not enough to match Goku but you know where the two are comparable appetites on that one shaggy might truly have Goku beat but hey, that’s just a theory. A Film Theory!! aaaaaaaaand Cut!

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  1. Thing is, Goten knew how to go Super Saiyan without knowing how to fly and Goku unlocked ultra instinct and mastered it without flying because the tournament wouldn't allow it so….

  2. Ultra Instinct= concentration + power of belief + basic knowledge of attack telegraphy + wack haircuts + blue aura + light based attacks/projectiles

    Shaggy does not have Ultra Instinct, but is as close as an UNTRAINED mortal could come.

  3. If I can show you, there are beings of my creation that are x999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 more powerful than Shaggy. And their power is increasing x999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 every second

    They cannot be defeated with any power, their power is infinite

  4. I find it funny how people are just worshipping shaggy so blindly and dislike this video thats backed up by math
    If he is around 140 or so and thats 1% thats still at best 14'000 when its 100% 28'000 at 200% heck even at 1000% he still is just 140'000 so calm down your meme hats guys

  5. 130 is just like 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of his max power

  6. Actually ultra instinct is available to all rasees get ultrainstinct including frezza race namekian sayin human and majin

  7. You remember the dinosaurs and the 6-9 mile rock that hit and killed them. That was shaggy after one day of Wendy’s.

  8. The over 9 thousand thing was an accident of an English dub it normally "8 thousand" or " Over 8 thousand"

  9. If his power level is only 139 or so why is he able to beat Chunngus and Thanos? Thanos even had the Infinity Gauntlet. Answer me that Matpat.

  10. Hey mat pat I have a challange for u, Explain why
    1. Sayains become stronger after a fight
    2. Why do saiyans hair turn gold

  11. Shaggy: Like, not true, man. The Shaggy you speak of is a Shaggy I personally created just to throw off those who think I was weak, like Thanos. Like, he totally underestimated me, man!

    Scooby: Raggy's not rying, berieve him, ruys!

  12. I mean in the fight scene, of course he's gonna hold back because
    1. He wants to have some fun
    2. He doesnt want to blow up the planet with a single punch

  13. Heh, such a shame Mat didn’t just read the manga, sure the anime shows he is pretty week but in the manga Shaggy was able to even beat Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann AND the drill.

  14. Sorry matpat but if you look into it you will find that the CREATOR of dragon ball was saying how power levels are a load of horse hockey and then we’re just there to show how pointless they were.

  15. Do you under duress shaggy power
    Shaggy: yeah whoever said my power level was only 100 hahaha there were wrong my power level is over over 9000

  16. You could've taken in account the speed of the rocks, I believe it changes the speed, therefore the strength, that shaggy needs to put in his legs. Or so I think. I mean, if you tried exerting a strength onto an object but it was the exact same speed as your arm, it wouldn't do jack, that has to be the same when you actually outspeed the object, right ?
    And I'm not talking gravity here, but the speed of the falling rocks.

    Plus, just because Shaggy didn't use the kamehameha or other techniques in the movie, doesn't mean he's not capable of it. Lack of technique is not the same as physical limitations, and we see no character stronger than Shaggy, so there is no proof his power level is actually beyond Jackie Chung's in the end…

    Unless I missed some dialogue from the Tenkaichi budokai, I didn't take much time to watch the db series…

  17. Uh, my grandparents were tilling liberty gardens and rationing rubber, nylon, metals and gas when they were kids…. Or were not drafted so as to keep working the farm to feed the troops.

    How old are this channel’s average viewers?

    Also, to quantify Shaggy’s power level you need to know one thing:

    Also also:

  18. I'm pretty sure their math about needing to subtract the acceleration due to gravity of the falling rocks is wrong, not that it would change all that much here. Although there are also some misunderstandings of DBZ cannon here, this is otherwise about as responsible a take as you could ask for on a topic this stupid to make a video about.

  19. Then how much energy is he using to be able to run on air after staying in the same place in the air for about 5 seconds?

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