Film Theory: Why Morty WILL KILL Rick! (Rick and Morty)

Film Theory: Why Morty WILL KILL Rick! (Rick and Morty)

Thinking about Rick and Morty theories can get really daunting. Like remember the episode with the brain parasites that you could only identify if you couldn’t think of any bad memories of em? Well, I don’t have any bad memories of Rick and Morty… so does that mean the show is a parasite? Oh boy it’s gettin’ weird… (Introduction Music) Hello internet, welcome to Film Theory!! the squanchiest show in all of squanch “Your language has the word squanch in it a lot.” So with the new season of Rick and Morty starting July 30th, I’ve been digging through everything I can find about the series and uh my mind is going to some really weird places. Like you know how Rick created a microverse where the inhabitants had to perform the same repetitive tasks over and over again to generate the electricity that Rick’s spaceship runs on? Well What if our world was created simply to power another, more intelligent civilization? I mean you laugh, but consider this: In the show they had to step on Gooble boxes. In real life, what repetitive tasks came out of nowhere and now has everyone mesmerised? Fidget Spinners! But that’s crazy, right? It’s not like we have any evidence that fidget spinners exist in Rick and Morty’s universe, let alone that they were invented by Rick except I mean, what’s that on the jacket of literally every Rick on the council of Ricks? (Explosions!!) but hey, that’s just a theory, a film theory! Annnnnd Fade back up because episode isn’t over yet. Putting aside conspiracy theories about whether our fidgets spinner crazed society is just a teeny-verse powering a miniverse created by Rick today I want to look ahead to the future of Rick and Morty to theorize about one of the show’s most fascinating and threatening characters, Eye-Patch Morty. Otherwise known as evil Morty. If you need a refresher course, Evil Morty’s only appearance is in the season 1 episode “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind” wherein he and an evil rick Assassinate a number of other Ricks across multiple dimensions and then try to frame the show’s main Rick, Rick C-137 for the crime Oh, yeah by the way, fair warning don’t, and I repeat do not play a drinking game where every time I say either Rick or Morty during this episode you take a drink. I guarantee you’ll be dead by minute five. Anyway, by the end of the episode Evil Rick is killed and Evil Morty sneaks away uncaptured. Blending into a sea of freed Mortys. But here’s where it really gets interesting. It’s revealed at the end of the episode that Evil Rick was just a robot, and that it was Evil Morty who was controlling him via a control in his eyepatch the whole time CLEARLY that is a HUGE Cliffhanger to end on, and based on what the creators are saying, Evil Morty probably won’t be hiding out for very much longer They’ve definitely been a little cagey, but just listen to how the creators of the series talk about this character “We probably talked about Evil Morty in their writer’s room more than we actually spent working on episodes that aired” “When we want to come back to something really cool like like Evil Morty, I want to make sure I know what’s his motivation, What’s his backstory, what’s going on? And it has to be inspired” So it’s just not a question of IF Evil Morty comes back, it’s WHEN As for his motivations, well What if I told you that Evil Morty was Rick’s previous Morty? you heard that right! The rickest of all Ricks, Szechuan lovin’ Rick Sanchez main title character Rick, that Morty with an eyepatch is his Original Morty and that Evil Morty’s revenge on Rick is likely to be a major factor in upcoming episodes Oh boy, here I go a’ theorizing again. Just call me Krombopulos MatPat. Now before you swiftiest Rick and Morty fans get all bent out of shape and fold yourselves in half twelve times. I will say that I’m not the first person to think that evil morty used to be paired up with Rick C-137 But while I’ve seen the theory, I haven’t really seen much evidence for it. That makes it much more of a Hypothesis than a theory really, by the same token at this point enough has been said on the internet about Rick and Morty that I Can’t be sure that any theory about the show hasn’t been thought up before I mean there are some people online who believe that Morty’s grandmother is Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus because uh because Summer has red hair and Miss Frizzle also has red hair and likes science and heck even Arnold got the unique experience of shoving Magic school buses way Up his butt anyway TLDR even if you think you’ve heard a theory like this before you’ll want to stick around because this is the theoriest of Theories when it comes to tracking the true story behind Evil Morty, and that’s the wayyyyy The news goes! Now you might say off the bat that there’s no way Evil Morty could be Rick C-137 Morty because our Rick already has himself a Morty, and you’re right except for one thing We can prove that our current Morty in the show isn’t Rick’s original. In close Rickcounters when evil Rick is going through Rick C-137’s Memories we get a flashback To Rick picking up morty as a baby which causes them to well up with tears not only is it a really touching moment It’s also crucial for piecing together Rick’s back Story based on Jerry crashing into morty’s room and “Something Rick and This Way Comes” and also knock next time You know I mean I’m sitting in here. I’m 14. I got a computer in here You know we know morty is 14 years old and based on official descriptions of the series on places like Google play and Facebook We see that Rick has been “missing for nearly 20 years before arriving at his daughters Doorstep looking to move in,” this fact is also confirmed in the show when Beth says that she “I used to have to Draw into family photos with a crayon.” Thus the current Morty cannot be Rick’s original morty Rick’s been gone for over 20 years But morty’s only 14 meaning that rick would have been around when morty was a baby Now obviously none of that math proves that evil morty is the morty that we see in that memory But there are some other clues sprinkled throughout the episode that strongly suggests a connection Let’s listen to a bit of what evil rick has to say about Rick’s relationship with morty “We both know that if there’s any truth in the universe it’s that Rick don’t care about mortys.” now well
They might initially seem irrelevant remember that everything evil rick says in the episode is coming from Evil morty since rick is just a robot controlled by the eye patch with that new understanding It’s obvious that these are words coming from a morty who is fed up with Rick one who resents rick for the mistreatment He’s undergone resentment that probably comes from being experimented on, tortured, maybe even abandoned. Let’s write those down one at a time evil Morty is obviously cybernetically enhanced Since we see at the end of the episode that is eyepatch connects to some wires behind his eye. And we have proof that Rick C-137 Isn’t shy about mechanizing his morty. in the season 2 episode the rake’s must be crazy Rick lets us onto a little secret about an enhancement that he gave to morty Morty:”a long time ago I implanted you with a subdermal chip that could call upon Dormant nanobots in your bloodstream To restructure your anatomy and turn you into a car.” Morty: “Oh my god!” and at the end of the episode we get proof that he’s not bluffing (Car Noises) We also know that evil Morty is aware of how Ricks camouflaged their brainwaves by hanging out with morty “See, when a rick is with the morty the genius waves get canceled out by the morty waves How can we be sure that evil morty knows this? because evil morty sets up a Matrix of kidnapped and tortured Mortys for his fake rank all to make it seem like the robot Rick under his control was a true Rick committing these crimes and of course Rick C-137 was Surprisingly familiar with this concept “You get a whole Matrix of morty’s and put him in agonizing pain That creates a pattern that can even hide from other Ricks. I fiddled with the Concepts like this once. On paper morty on paper.” he concludes with oddly specific Detail that “I mean you can accomplish the same result with like 5 mortys and a jumper cable. Which I also wouldn’t do!” sure you wouldn’t rick so you say But take another look at the visuals we get From Rick C-137’s memories and we get ourselves the remarkably quick peek at a morty with wires hooked up to his hand getting delivered an Electric shock. we know that he did perform this experiment on our morty our M orty certainly would have remembered it meaning that the most likely test subject of that experiment is Rick’s first morty Evil morty after all how would he have known that putting morty’s in pain would camouflage his brainwaves if he hadn’t heard it from a rick the Cherry on top of all of this is that it sounds an awful Lot like Rick has had experience with an overconfident Smart morty before then went on to betray him at the end of the episode when morty’s looking for some gratitude from rick for saving his life Rick is fast to shut him down by saying a cocky morty can lead to some big problems can be a real bad thing for Everybody and deflecting any further commentary by telling morty he’d explain it to it when he’s older And an oddly specific detail for rick to just toss out there Which makes it seem like he’s hinting at the fate of his first morty But all of these things together and what we have a rick who had a party on which he did Experiments, including cybernetic enhancements and brainwave masking tests and an evil more tea with no rick of his own who has cybernetic enhancements knowledge of the Rick Brainwave cloaking and an intense hatred For all of Rick kind seems like a match made in heaven. There is no God summer Gotta Rip that band-aid off now You’ll thank me later But here’s the kicker In close Rick counters Rick C-137 s portal gun shows that he’s been to all the dimensions where evil morty has killed a rick He claims He was being framed and that his portal gun was tampered with Remotely either way it proves He has a relationship with Evil morty if he actually was going to the crime scenes it means he’s been following the comings and goings of evil morty for a while now if his portal gun was Tampered with by Evil morty Why why would Evil Morty kill all the other Rick’s but then spare Rick C-137 Why would his goal be to frame that one particular Rick because evil morty the original morty knows that the biggest? humiliation for the richest of all Rick’s would be for Rick to be punished by himself the Council of Ricks Rick’s he considers to be lesser versions of himself It’s the ultimate revenge for a morty with an axe to grind I’m the rick and so were the rest of you before you form that stupid alliance you wanted to be safe from the government So you became a stupid government that makes every rick hear less rick than me if you like that mind-blowing revelation well
Then make sure you hammer morty that Subscribe button if you don’t subscribe to the film theorists within the next 30 seconds and I guarantee that this timeline is going to divide Thanks to your uncertainty you only have yourself to thank what happened Maybe rick was trying to create a super morty one just as smart or smarter than himself to help him take down the galactic federation Without the council of Rick’s getting in the way He enhances this morty mentally in Robotic. Lee But then bails when he senses that morty is getting too strong or too cruel or too independent he finds the Mortiest Morty He can to disguise his brain waves and starts over in a new dimension C-137 that hasn’t had a rick in decades So he can start again from scratch this of course begs the question will evil morty get his revenge You didn’t do it. Ahhh… There you go.. There’s the timeline split you didn’t subscribe.. Thanks a lot guys… Now we have to deal with two absurd timeline I mean unless you subscribe! Which is probably a good idea anyway, because a season 3 of Rick and Morty coming there’s gona be a lot more theory in your way. Oh my gosh. Thank you. I was getting awkward in here I’m glad that I was able to cure your uncertainty now. We can continue with the episode no more Uncertain time line Splits will evil more do you get his revenge? There are already some clues that point to yes? But this time the revenge isn’t going to come directly from Evil morty plot twist It’s going to come from our morty because Evil morty’s plot all along wasn’t necessarily to kill all the Rick’s himself There’s no way he ever could know it was to turn all the morty’s against all the Rick’s I mean think about it Why would evil morty use a robot rick in the first place if his only goal is to assassinate? Rick nothing about his plot to assassinate Rick’s required anything nearly as elaborate as an eyepatch controlled atomic on it Could have just gone from dimension to dimension Using the element of surprise to kill Rick’s and still hack Rick C-137 s portal gun to frame him for the murder It’s not like any of the killings were caught on tape No by creating a fake rick that he used to kidnap and torture those Morty’s, Evil morty is able to indoctrinate an entire army to fight his cause for him and again what a dramatically perfect way to Overthrow a Rick: by getting his morty to turn on him. Evil Morty further fans those flames when the Morty’s break out and attack robot Rick. “Do your worst you little bastards! Kill me! Do it! Doooo I-I-ITT!” Remember those words have to be coming directly from Evil Morty. Sounds an awful Lot like he’s encouraging Morty aggression toward Rick’s. Looks like you stole a trick or two for Emperor Palpatine. “Do it.” “Do it.” But would other non-evil Morty’s really turn on their Rick’s in these ways? They already have. In the Rick and Morty comics– Yes there really are comics of Rick and Morty– So if you still need more of a fix inject those puppies into your eye holes! Just… watch out for the eye hole man… Issues number seven, nine, and ten, feature a story Arc in which Morty is Transported to a world without Rick’s and seeing the differences between this world and the world his previous Rick had destroyed this Morty vowed to rid the multiverse of All Rick’s. We see that resentment bleed over into the main Morty in the comics which I should mention is Morty from Dimension C132, a similar dimension to C-137, but still one distinct from it as he sees that in a world without rick he becomes intelligent and powerful: Concluding that rick is actually holding him back from reaching his full potential! And as for our Morty, Earth Morty, We’re seeing the same thing start to boil over in the show. Let’s revisit that scene when Evil Rick, saying Evil Morty’s words, confronts Rick C-137 with how to treat Morty’s: “We both know that if there’s any truth in the universe, it’s that Rick’s don’t care about Morty(s).” Now compare that with the words delivered by our Morty in the season three premiere When he’s spittin’ some hard truths to Summer about Rick. “He bailed on mom when she was a kid. H-he bailed on tiny planet! And in case I never made this clear to you, Summer, he bailed on you! He left you to rot in a world that he ruined! Because he doesn’t care! Because nobody’s special to him Summer!” Sound familiar? And if you think that’s all talk don’t forget that if Rick had given morty a real gun near the end of that episode Morty would have shot Rick right in the head. Because at this point Morty has no illusions. When Morty’s back is up against the wall, he’s decided that he’s going to choose himself and his family first over rick whether we get evil Morty back or not, his influence will be there in Earth Morty… just waiting to rear its ugly head. Who knows! Maybe Earth Morty will one day reveal himself to be the real identity of evil Morty? But that’s just speculation. In the meantime I’ll just let rick himself foreshadow it. “Oh it gets darker, Morty. Welcome to the darkest year of our adventures.” But hey hold on a minute I think most of us watching this channel can agree that Rick and morty being back is like the best thing to happen to TV since like the last season of Rick and morty Seriously when the audience of this channel gets more excited about rick and morty than it does for game of squatching thrones you know if you got yourself a dedicated audience the only Problem with that though is that rick and morty is still just a half-hour TV show leaving you with 167 hours and 30 minutes of your week to Do one stream of parallel universes where every waking moment is full of smart funny thought-provoking Well-Written animated series well before you start engaging with that oddly specific dangering my friend I have found that dimension for you It’s called the crunchyroll dimension if you like Rick and morty Then make sure that you check out one of their newest shows restaurant to another world I had never seen or heard about this thing until watching it on crunchyroll But basically instead of going to new dimensions using a portal gun in restaurant to another world you go to new dimensions using a grungy Restaurant that’s no, joke. They actually go through a grungy restaurant where the universe’s weirdest Monsters hang out it’s like Rick’s portal gun met with the star wars Cantina, but then there’s also Dragon and her Yeah restaurant to another world. You’re going to want to check that one out and not only check it out but check it out in style click the link in the description to get Crunchyroll premium for free for 14 days or just use the special link that given exclusively to us theorists Slash Matpat M8 Ep 80 no more pullin anime episodes with incomprehensible selling off the dark quarters of the interwebs Crunchyroll has episodes one hour after they air in Japan and Super High quality And practically any device given to us by the gracious generosity of the big giant heads in the sky and most importantly of all them We’re wondering what’s watching next when the credits roll after a rick and morty episode because crunchyroll that only has the new stuff but also must-see anime classics Like Cowboy Bebop Beautifully written beautifully animated if you haven’t seemed Cowboy Bebop and are even remotely Interested in anime as an art form it is culturally in heritage that you watch that series now even if you don’t like anime It’s an incredibly compelling story that you’re going to want to watch from beginning to end the bottom line Is there’s tons of content to cover the time after rick and morty ends and the day after and the week after? And the months when they decide to take a random midseason break what even is that by the way? What do you need so many great? You don’t see film series stopping for a midseason break? Oh youtube you’re unforgiving click the link in the description and fill the void in your entertainment calendar Slash M A T P A T Slash Matpat 14 days of premium for free and hey that’s just a theory a film theory and Wubba lubba dub dub I am in constant pain because we don’t get midseason break suck it up TV. People. Why do you guys get paid all the bucks?

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  1. I think that Rick snuck back into Beth’s house to see Morty because he knows he’s going to be his partner that’s why he comes back

  2. I mean it's not like it's gonna shut down the theory or whatever I'd just like to point out it's very possible Rick did the tests on c-137 Morty and just erased his memories with the memory eraser from the "Morty's mind blowers" episode. Just wanted to point that out is all. Keep up the amazing theories MP love you dude!

  3. Morty wouldn't remember getting shocked? Isn't there a whole episode based on how Rick removes/covers up his memories when they prove too much for Morty?

  4. there are

    smart rick
    nutural rick
    dumb rick

    smart morty
    nutrul morty
    dumb morty

    there are 15 combinations
    or 9 combinations
    a rick pare noi motty
    or a morty par
    and then theres the
    rick and morty pare
    createing 15 combinations

    but lets just keep it too 9

    so there is about
    60 infinitys
    if its 15
    or 36 ininitys
    but the amount of a place like the rick city thing
    there is about
    well take out all the dumbs by natrual dumbs and natrual nutrals combos of nutrul nutrul inellacece and dumb and bumb intelegince pairings it make not much diffrece really

    theres 6 factions
    the good rick factions, the nutural rick, the evil ricks faction, the nutral morty faction, the good morty faction, and the evil factions,
    these factions have the smart version in control.
    this means that a nurtal party with a normal intelagce morty or dumb morty would exist in any faction includeing a rick versions too, if paired with a smart morty or rick,

    theres 7 factions in the morty universe. all minding eachothers bussness, cus theres no point in such silly games, where as a faction of good smart morty adn rick have there own seprate faction comptly sepreated
    this makes up of
    not just 9 faction actually there is 12 factions

    a good morty with a good rick will be completly spreated for a good morty and bad rick,,, including the nutual duos and evil duos
    duos will not be mixed with these none duos

    so there is
    and mix
    meaning there is about

  5. "our Morty would have remembered it"

    Entire episode dedicated to the fact that Morty can and has had his memories segmented and wiped several times…

    (Although, I don't remember if that episode came before or after this old ass theory.)

  6. yeah, no restaurant beats a time machine that works on urine and karaoke in frequently asked questions about time travel – the leak is in the gents, just to clarify.

  7. Even if Rick's current Morty was hooked up to wires Rick could of erased that memory from that Morty's mind and then destroyed it.

  8. I like the theory that Rick C-137 stole his original Morty from his family and forced him to become a genius then abandoning him when he became too smart

  9. He could had cleared Mortys memory, we do know he can do that without Morty knowing. With that said, I still believe Evil Morty is Rick's original.

  10. 5:39 I'm 70 percent sure Rick just turned Morty into a baby by accident with one of his inventions since you can see Morty also picking up rick who is laying down with tiny hands

  11. I feel bad for the Morty in that memory, because he looks worried at the fact wires are attached to his fingers, and then he randomly get shocked by someone he trusts…

  12. Makes alot of sense when you take in to consideration that rick removes memorys from his current morty but if he didnt to his original just think how messed up he'd be

  13. I know this Came out I know this came out before you're one of the later on episodes but check into the one I can't remember the name but checking to the episode where they are doing the election and election Morty or whatever you want to call him is actually evil Morty as it states inside of the photos that one of the other Morty's found

  14. Last theory MatPat said that morty and rick leave and hop to different dimensions and also talked about rick leaving for 20 years and that would be a different dimension so

  15. New theory. Rick is morty. Evil morty knows this, which explains his speech at the end of the third season. We haven’t seen the grandma yet, because the grandma is Jessica? Thoughts?

  16. My friend MasenVerse (A YouTuber) debunked the whole Rick couldn't have been there when Morty was a baby. He could've left for around 20 years before Morty was born and arrived when Morty was a baby

  17. Yea but rick could have come back before Morty was even born Before Morty was even a thought and if he wanted to kill Rick he would have. killed him already because he must have had thousands of chances and Rick being Rick would know that Evil Morty isn't his real Morty which is Morty C-137 which is why your theory has a flaw

  18. Also, if Evil Morty is so smart then he would have realized that the plasma gun was fake and he might have not even cared about his sister because guess what, Evil Morty is evil and obviously not caring so this is the real Morty.

  19. This is not the right video but did you do the we watch a diffrent rick in each episode because I can prove that we watch only one Rick and Monty because in a quick glimps in the abc’s of Beth at the end on the fringe mr poopy butthole and rick are in a photo hugging each other

  20. In in the episode Morty's mind blowers it reveals that Rick can remove memories from morty himself and every one else So he could of removed Mortys memory of receiving the electric shock

  21. Rip this Theory it gets busted in season 3 where morty finds all the memories so Rick could just have erased it but good theory

  22. Wait if you cut the demnsion and go back years that would change your age witch means Rick is older then he should be at all. Wow

  23. But what is the evil Morty's goul he just wants revenge ? But the why would he not just kill him and that's is why every Morty

  24. What if evil morty killed normel morty or brain washed him or something else now he's on earth and will kill rick when he can

  25. proof that evil morty is rick of morty or rick has another morty because in the song morty falls and rick shoots his portal gun to get HIMSELF out of that world but morty stays there and gets eaten by the monsters on the worlds

  26. In the comics Rick was trap reliving the same day over and over again and admitted to commit the worse most unthinkable crime and that includes leaving Morty to be devoured by giant frogs .

  27. 8:12
    Yeah, thats kinda true.
    Its not like Rick could erase memory or something like that.
    That would be insane……..

    The universe is a hologram, reality is a illusion, buy gold BYEE~

  28. I'd think evil morty was doofus Rick's previous morty from a dimension that has every smart person was swaped with every dumb person It make sense … kinda I think I heard it somewhere but I dont remember it

  29. The genius waves get cancelled by the morty waves
    We know rick can make and transfer his consciousness into disposable bodies like Unity can, he did the bugs, and several other ricks, or his toxic self, or younger clone
    He can extract memories from Morty and store them, he can his own supposedly.
    So its a good theory as any that maybe its a rick that took over a morty body and faked a robot controlled puppet rick, layered with morty arrays for camouflage.
    Besides his long game was to infiltrate the place with the biggest concentration of intellect and morty waves, disposability and resources.

  30. rick and morty have been shot multible times though out the series so when you said at the start of the video that they could be parasites (PS. i know thats a joke) to be honest I dont think so……

  31. The reason why morty doesn’t know about the electric shock was because of the mind blowers.

    Evidence: check in one of the episodes called morties mind blowers where rick takes away some of the bad memories from morty

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