Final Girl Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Abigail Breslin, Alexander Ludwig Movie HD

Final Girl Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Abigail Breslin, Alexander Ludwig Movie HD

Veronica, would you like to come with me? Where? To a place where I would teach you things. You like learning things, don’t you? What kind of things? I would be training you. For a very important job. What kind of job? The kind most people can’t handle. Ah there’s the new waitress. What’s his obsession with blondes? It’s just his type. What did I miss? What do you guys do out there? We hunt. (screaming) O— who’s a beautiful blonde you got hooked for us this time, man? Is this seat taken? What are you doing Saturday night? Washing my hair. No, you’re doing that Friday night. You’ll meet me here at eight o’clock. With, uh, clean hair. And red lipstick. Hello boys. I’m Veronica. So, are you ready for a game? Depends on the game. Now, I want you to run, Veronica. And then, what? We Hunt you down. RUN! There’s no one person more powerful than the other. Only the one with the most will, is the strongest. You gonna have to do this mission alone. I’m going to enjoy this. You are an interesting girl.

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  1. The most senseless movie EVER. Why did they kill the trainer's wife and daughter? They were supposed to be teenagers during the movie, and 12 years of training this chick went by… WHAT WERE THEY 6 WHEN THEY KILLED HIS FAMILY!???

  2. I'm so angry at this movie, what a wasted concept, why wasn't it edited with another structure so it isn't so incredibly obvious what's going to happen, why wasn't it marketed as a traditional horror and then it subvert expectations when you see it or something, why not make a little bit of effort to tell the story as it deserves to be told. It's like the movie is just an excuse to make a cool trailer and some arty pictures.

  3. I was expecting this to be a good movie to watch because of the unique concept. Turns out I just wasted my time. 😫

  4. first of all, if this guy was such a cool teacher and he knew the killers, wouldn't it be more reasonable to hunt down and kill the bad guys himself? instead of spending year on training tiny girl to fight 4 strong serial killers, messing up her childhood, making her a murderer and endangering her life. there are so many plot holes. especially as a student you should really think the script through. I bet they failed the exam.

  5. We need to bring back master pieces like the Karate Kid, Harold&Maud. Soon there will be CGI acting. Sharon Apple is gonna start touring.

  6. It's an Illuminati thing they do that all the time they played the most dangerous game all the time and I'm supposed to pretend that they don't and I'm supposed to pretend that this is an original movie

  7. The only thing I would like to know is how they spin the boy's motivation… I'm happy to know this story ends that way, but what's the purpose of a trailer if it reveals everything? Sincerely, the whole story is there.

  8. Abigail Breslin, action hero. Am I the only one on yt psyched by such an unlikely concept? Check yes or no as you wish.

  9. aight i don't like abigail because of what she did to michael clifford and this trailer made me think even worse of her ;-;
    They spoiled the movie AND she's a bad actress ?
    I knew she was bad at song writing but who knew she was bad at acting too lmao

  10. i really enjoyed this movie i wish all girls can be like her giving the drink is like itachi sending them all under a genjutsu if you ever saw naruto XD

  11. More than the fact that they showed the entire movie, I'm still focused on comparing the picture of the sweet Definitely Maybe girl and this blood smeared faced Final girl side by side.

  12. After years of watching the trailer over and over I finally watched the movie I think last year or the year before, but it honestly just felt like a short story.

  13. Did I enjoy the trailer ,yes
    Will I watch the movie, no
    Because the movie was spoiled in just 2 minutes

  14. probably the worst movie ever made. and i thought i seen worse.. like my god the plot was good but the execution… jesus couldnt even save. waste of money smh. i got ideas for movies. holler at me .. lets talk.. 🙂

  15. dec 22 1979.
    kildenperfkt. oh, yeah. twin. you win.
    ruslana is tamara, a solo.
    nattlyfats. so kidtwin. has befahe.

  16. I'd never heard of the film, watched it for Cameron Bright and Abigail Breslin. WHAT HILARIOUS TRASH!
    How do three guys dressed like 60s Vegas hipsters, driving vintage cars, terrorize a small town while being unnoticed?
    It rains all the time in the movie, but they routinely go out to the woods and plop down on upholstered furniture left out in the open.
    And in more than one scene, they're in a car and it's pouring on the back window, but nothing is falling on the windshield.
    This film wants to be like a David Lynch masterpiece, but instead of being strange, it's stupid.
    Abigail Breslin and Cameron Bright have grown into gorgeous adults, but this film sucketh bad!

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