[sparking electricity] I discovered “Rocky
Horror Picture Show” when I was in college. I had a shaved head and
I wore false eyelashes to ballet class every day. And here I was,
I saw this movie, and its character called
Dr. Frank N Furter, and I saw myself. And it was so unbelievably
transformative for me. Oh, Rocky! As soon as we cast
Laverne Cox, we made a statement that we
are doing this movie again for the 21st century. So it’s not a remake,
it’s reimagined. We agreed that there had to
be a real reason at the center of this project that
would inspire us all and give us the courage to
move forward with this idea. Suddenly the name
Laverne Cox came to us, and we all immediately
loved the idea. And we discovered
that all of her life she’d wanted to play this
part, so she knew the material, and she was respectful
of its history. Tim Curry’s performance
is so iconic, and we really are trying to
find our own spin on everything. Kenny Ortega has some
really imaginative ideas on where we can go
with this that we didn’t go the first time. LAVERNE: I think
it’s really exciting that our cast is so diverse. There’s a reference
that everyone involved with this project
has for the original. We’re not competing
with the movie. If we wanted to
compete with the movie, we’d make a movie
for the big screen. This is a celebration, a total
tribute, and a thank you. That’s what we’re doing here. [sparking electricity] [thunder]

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  1. Guys that's not Adam Lambert in the group photo session! Are you trying to fool one of the strongest fandoms in the world? lol

  2. I'm soo relieved this is rather a tribute than a 'remake'.. however, I cant help but cringe at the production (editing + creative execution) or if – it is too 'photoshopped' and from the clips that I've seen the music reminds me of Glee…  o_o

  3. Okay, but… Frank N. Furter isn't Transgender. He's a transvestite. He still identifies as a man, he just likes wearing women's clothes. That's a big difference. I love Laverne Cox, but I feel like casting a women, even a Trans woman, is just going to confuse the issue even more for people who don't know the difference.

  4. THEY SAID ALL THE RIGHT THINGS. <3 "It's not a remake, it's reimagined," "We're not competing with the movie, it's a tribute – it's a 'thank you'," BE STILL MY HEART. I fucking love me some RHPS. All day everyday.

  5. Hmmm, I'll try to reserve judgement and keep an open mind (although at this point I'm thinking, why mess with perfection?).

  6. I laugh when I hear the word 'reimagined." From what I've seen, they're copying the movie even down to the accents. I saw an interview with Laverne where she said she was having Tim teach her how to speak with his accent. Some reimagining.

  7. When they said it was a "Tribute" instead of a "Remake", now i'll watch it. I was just salty because I didn't know if they were like trying to replace the original or not. I'm gonna give this one a try, not as if I wasn't already.. xD

  8. I hope that this is better than I am expecting. I am a Laverne Cox fan but I agree with Richard O'Brien that they may have missed the point. Frank is a subversive character and half of his power came from his gender. Having a transsexual play Frank takes away much of the shock value Richard was aiming for, Its almost a sanitised watered down version of the show . I hope I am proven wrong as I am a huge fan of the show.

  9. people who complain about this being "remade" have never gone to a local theater where this is "remade" every night. it's a play. and different actors fill different roles in plays all the time.

  10. I don't know why people would get mad in the first place. "The Rocky Horror Show" is a musical so it's supposed to be done multiple times by different people, not just have the one movie with Tim Curry. I think this is gonna be great!

  11. If you want to see an incredible theatrical performance ("play") of Rocky Horror – and remember, it was first a play before it was ever a movie – type in BBC Rocky Horror. It will be under Ben Forster Base. I'm absolutely in love with Kristian Lavercombe's Riff Raff, as well as David Bedella's Dr. Frank. They have fun with their roles – wait til you see him in bed with Brad (Ben Forster- an incredible vocalist) — so funny! Go check it out. I watch – or at least listen to – parts of it every day! My favorite part is when Riff Raff is singing from the castle, during "There's a light at the Frankenstein Place."

  12. 2016 Rocky Horror is just a Lamb SAD SAD Weak Remake But so have most Re Makes the last 15 years Add One more to the Pile!

  13. for everyone who is criticizing the casting, Kenny pointed out they went going to "remake" the film to compete they are reimagineing it and it's also to introduce the 21 century and they aren't trying to compete with the original

  14. Doesn't it kind of lose its point in the song when he flat out says he's a sweet transvestite… If it's a transgender woman saying it? That that's not what that is.

  15. I'll watch it before I judge I just hope all these claims of respect for original spoken of is backed up buy a quality product I mean fox did a really good job with grease so expectations will be high but I will give it a fair shot

  16. Ok. My only concern is that this is going to confuse people who can't tell the difference between cross dressing (transvestism) and being transgender.

  17. yessssss thank you and for bringing Ms Cox to the network there are so many others on the Trans or Drag Queen world that can make a show give it more life look at Rupaul and his show that is what I live for sometimes and the Rocky Horror Show is icon just like Rupaul…..I loved going to see the live shows in the East Village theatre every anniversary or for Halloween I hope they have one again this year!!!! It's gonna be nice to gather my girls who watched the show with me to have a Rocky Rockin Horror Show night!!!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍👿👿👿👿💃💃💃

  18. Unoriginal, uninspired Millennial CRAP. Laverne Cox doing an imitation (British accent and all) of Tim Curry is sad. No thanks.

  19. You know, they should've rename it "The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live" because FOX did do "Grease Live" why not "The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live" instead? Just a thought though, no hard feelings FOX right? Thank you!

  20. No estoy de acuerdo en que lo hagan Tim Curry se partio la madre haciendo ese papel, puesto que el no es un drag, y ponen a un trans a hacer el papel de algo que ya es en su vida real, ni el esfuerzo. Malos actores en protagonicos y buenos actores en secundarios, se pasaron.

  21. I don't know how good she's going to be on playing the part but she got big shoes to fill in the original he is great actor same with the guy who have to play meatloaf the one who has to play as Susan there are a lot of good actors there

  22. Laverne is gorgeous, but I think personally, it's Tim Curry's overpowering maleness and perfect balance of flair that left you questioning everything that I found most attractive.

  23. WHAT IF GREASE WAS MADE FOR THE 21ST CENTURY HOW MAD WOULD YOU BE? sorry but Frank-n-furtur is a TRANSVESTITE not a TRANSGENDER! I love Laverne and want to see her in more rolls but im not very stoked for this one.

  24. Laverne has a great voice, and I think she sounded great, but she just seemed too feminine to fit the role of Dr. Frank N. Furter. Maybe if I'd never seen Tim Curry's version I would see it differently.

  25. It really makes me sad to see how they dragged Tim Curry into this. He's clearly not well after what he had to go through and if you ask me they only brought him in because Richard O'Brien said that they hadn't understood the context of Rocky Horror. With Tim Curry they could say "Look, we're totally the thing, he's in it.". That being said it was a very poor tribute or whatever you want to call it. Watered down, sanitized and so not sexy. Laverne is a good actress but this whole thing with her as Frank just doesn't work. Frank is a transvestite, not transgender. It muddles everything and seems so utterly weird.

  26. How could they have got Frank'n'furter so fucking wrong….? it may be a tribute as someone down below said but its a fucking terrible one. Having a woman as frank n furter might please the fembots but it killed the movie. Sweet transvestite? remember? duh!!!! fucking retards.. this movie is shite and will go down the way of richard o'briens sequel..proving that if you think too much about it sometimes you get it all wrong wrong wrong… Adam Lambert wouldv'e made a far far better choice as Franken'furter. Not because of his sexuality but because of his voice, his acting ability and the fact he is a fucking man….. have we lost sight of equality so much men no longer have the right to play the role written for a man? even if he is dressed as a transvestite it is a fucking man!!!! Sad….. no wonder it was played on free tv last night. It has already bombed so much it isnt worth keeping off the airwaves and trying to make more money off it. It sucked.

  27. Ugh Frank is a transvestite, not a transgender. You can't cast a woman for this role, regardless if she's trans. A woman dressing as a woman is not a transvestite. Frank is a man and uses male pronouns in the original because he is a male transvestite, not a transgender. In this "tribute," they have frank using female pronouns. It just ruins the point for me. You can't sing, "I'm just a sweet transvestite" if you aren't a transvestite.

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