Fire Engine for children. Car full movies 20 MIN. Fire truck kids cartoon. Firetruck for kids.

Fire Engine for children. Car full movies 20 MIN. Fire truck kids cartoon. Firetruck for kids.

Hello! As you can see I’m driving my favorite red
Land Rover. After all that repairing inside and outside
the car, my SUV going so fast!!! I’ve decided to drive around the city. (fright) Wow! Fire-truck!? It went so fast with siren on! There should be big fire somewhere! (worried)
I’m going to follow it and see what happened, maybe they will need my help too. OMG. It’s going so fast, not easy to follow it. Look! Fire-truck even didn’t stop on the pedestrian
crossing. It means they really need to be fast – urgent
call! Ohhh! The Fire-truck turned to my street…..that’s
interesting…. Whose house can it be??? OH NO!!!!!!! That’s MY house!!! I cannot believe it! ALL house is in a fire, it goes from all windows……and
garage!!! What happened? WHY??? (imploringly) Dear firemen, stop the fire,
please!!!! Fast, fast! My house can be completely burned! What will I do then?! That’s great that water goes from everywhere
– from the car and from the hydrant on the street. I hope they will save my house…
(thinking) How could that happen!? So big fire… I don’t remember leaving something On! Interesting! Trouble….Big trouble – the roof has been
burned. Now I will have to change it….. and do the
whole reconstruction of the house……(disappointing) I still cannot believe it!!! (sigh) Firemen still cannot stop the fire. It’s terrible. I just cannot watch how my house is burning. OH!!! So pity! The fire seems to be less now……..Thanks
God! The smell is not very good but the fire is
gone! That what is important! Dear firefighters, I’m so thankful for your
help! Thanks for rescuing my house! Big thanks!!!
Fireman. So Handy-Andy, we stopped the fire! It was very difficult because fire was everywhere! The reason of the fire was the saucepan – you
left it on the stove and didn’t turn it off! It started to burn and caused the fire! Next time always check all electric things
and the stove before you leave the house! Handy-Andy. My friends!!!! I feel so silly! Shame on me!!! I’m really guilty! How could I forget about that saucepan on
the stove?! We have to be very careful!!! This situation will be a good lesson for me!
(more optimistic) Now I have to get ready and do reconstruction in all house!!! But I can do it!!! Be careful, my friends! See you soon! Bye!!! Hello my friends! How are you? Today I have started the reconstruction of
my house. I’ve got all necessary tools for it. And of course we’ll need to clean after
– I’ve already prepared a mop, a bucket and a vacuum cleaner. Do you remember what happened with me couple
days ago?! Remember the big fire?! It all happened because of my inattentiveness. I left the saucepan on the stove and went
out. I was lucky that firefighters came in a few
minutes and stopped the fire. Thanks to them my house didn’t burn. Now I have to start the reconstruction! I have a lot of work – to install new windows, to
paint the house – I need a lot of energy for this! The house is really damaged badly. All windows cracked because of the fire, frames
were burnet. Oh! Also I have to change the roof completely. Let’s start from the windows – first we
should take off old frames on the second floor, then on the first. All right! Done! Also we need to take off the door in
the garage. We have done it! I called the crane. It is going to help me with a roof. It will take the roof off the house using
the winch and crane hook. With its help, the work will be much faster. The crane will also install the frame for
new roof. Great!!! Look how fast is everything going! So. The frame for new roof is ready. Now we have to put (lay) tiles. Let’s start working! Wow! Look at this New Roof! It’s even better than it was before. Now it’s time to paint my house. What paint should we take, my friend? Green, red or orange? I like the orange on the best! This is a roller; I am going to use it for
painting. The color is very nice! To paint with a roller is much faster than
with a brush. Ok. Now we have to do the cleaning! Let’s start from the kitchen – the fire
started right here, that’s why everything is black here. Oh! I have to wash everything very well. // Look! I did it!!! Now my kitchen is shining like new one!!! I’m on the second floor now – cleaning
the bedroom and the study. Everything is black here too. A lot of work. But I CAN do it. Take a look – do you like
it now? I think that now the whole house is clean! Look how beautiful the house is now! We just have to install new windows, that’s it. Here are they!// let’s get started. // First install them on
the ground floor, then on the second. We did it! Great! Good job! I almost forgot about the door for garage! Now it’s done too! The reconstruction is finished now! We did a lot – I even
cannot recognize my house! It seems like there were not any fire! And I hope it will never happen again! Thanks so much for your help! See you soon! Bye-bye!

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