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  1. I love the part where Pyro becomes an angry, crimson, italian entity that literally has the abiliity skip 10 seconds into the video.

  2. Is ray a male prostitute? Is that why he always takes off his shirt?
    He expects that all the females that watch him will ask him how much he costs?

  3. He wouldn’t be a venezolano gang member, he has a more south Ecuadoreño/ Norte Peruano look, the shaved hair and all with the jacket. VERY Peruano

  4. Lmao that insta guy is pretty weak lmao, i lift more than him and have more athletic control than him lmao, fuck that weak ass

  5. hahaha isnt it so funny how the guy took off his shirt while playing basket ball? boy that was so funny i spat out my starbucks all over an african child

    (assuming i have enough money to even buy starbucks and even drink that shit to begin with)

  6. ohmygod hes in jail!!!11!!!! YES GUYS WE LOCKED UP ONE OF THE RETARDS, everytime a retard is getting jailed up im editing it in
    Ray Diaz:

    in jail (yay)

    Jake Paul and Logan Paul

    not in jail (big gamer f moment)


    not in jail (big gamer f moment)


    not in jail (why)

    pyros dad:


    my life:

    but… things that dont exist cant be locket up…?

    uhhh… those brothers who pretended they are dying:


    uhhhhhhhh… there are quite a lot of retards… well uhh… what now?

  7. I hate mostly everyone pyro makes videos on, and agree with a lot that he says. Just never felt the urge to sub because It seems extreme suspect to only be able to critique other people who clearly are garbage to genuine human beings

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