Flight of the Phoenix Movie : Hollywood vs Reality

Flight of the Phoenix Movie : Hollywood vs Reality

There was a remake of a 1965 film called
flight of the Phoenix that came out in 2004 today as part of my Hollywood vs.
reality series on pilot movies we’re gonna see just how realistic it was
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the 2004 edition flight of the Phoenix this is a pilot movie that stars Dennis
Quaid Tyrese and Giovanni Ribisi who strangely enough I met in an elevator
several years ago and he was actually super nice nothing like the Sheldon
Cooper he plays in this film but let’s get into it
I guess I need a ride to Beijing not on this flight goober anybody know who this
guy is it’s a long story get on board AJ
start us up you the boss Frank okay all set mr. President I think it’s
about that time that we do checklist as the two Bills
what do you say Buddy why change good thing go ahead good buddy allow me to
grab my bulletin seatbelts I always like to have a little something strapped to
my lap windows doors and hatches close and secure so no one can’t disturb us water injection that’s what she said check Gyros set and uncaged just like yours truly and last but not least cowl flop til the cows come home alright I think we are ready to go you going to kiss your lucky man I’ll make it happen right now. Clear left. Clear right. here we go First let me talk about how much fun these guys are actually having on the flight deck there
is nothing better than if you’re flying with someone that you have a great
relationship with and you’re having fun you’re flying you guys are joking around
but still working and you’re getting paid for it there’s really nothing
better than that and that’s basically what’s happening in this first scene
these guys have obviously been flying together for a long time they have their
little rhythm and routine it’s awesome and it’s a lot of fun if you ever get to
do that usually in the airlines you’re not flying with the same people again
and again so you’re not able to build this type of rapport in two or three
days I mean you could but it’s not that normal but if you’re flying charters or
lots of different random type of flying and you’re flying with the same people
you can find something you get along with really well and just have a blast
while you’re working and that’s basically what’s happening here the one
thing I wasn’t sure of is he said he’s gonna get his checklist out but he
called a bulletin allow me to grab my bulletin I don’t know if that’s
something that they called it back in the days this is a world war two era
aircraft it’s a C-119 called the flying boxcar it came out just after World War
two and I don’t know if at that time they were calling checklist bulletins
but so I wasn’t sure if that was a Hollywood goof or just something that
came out at that time now these World War two era planes had
radial engines and I’m not gonna get into explaining how a radial engine
works because it’s not very relevant for this film and I think if I tried to make
a video explaining that my editor might kill me you saw I did the how does a jet
engine work video and it got broken up into two parts and I think that was
overly complex for him to put that all together so we’re not gonna get into how
they work but you notice that he was putting in those shotgun looking shells
into that canister the radial engines of this time had something called a shotgun
starter so it’s kind of fitting so those shells that were actually getting put in
there what they do is they fire off into the radial engine and actually kick
started or jump-started and then the combustion of the end
it actually takes over from there so that’s what you see him loading up and
there’s actually the shotgun shells that they have and obviously he’s putting
those in there so he can load those up and put it in that’s what fires off and
gets the engine started alright now that that’s established let’s get back into
the film that’s a big one Frank what do you want to do try kissing that
lucky man again Frank if we go back we’d have to get refueled
God knows how long that’d take let’s go up to 14 I have never seen one go up that high before watch the climb about 700 feet a minute you’re the boss Frank now the topic of safety this is
something that’s very important for a lot of up-and-coming pilots you see the
captain is making this poor decision of no we’ll just go anyways even though
it’s very obvious that this is gonna be a really bad situation that they’re
flying into there’s something that you learn when you get to the airlines and
human factors it’s a symptom called get-there-itis it’s basically where despite
what the risks are you feeling the desire to complete the mission basically
complete the flight despite the fact that it’s very obvious that the
situation is different than what you had planned for so it’s a very tricky
situation when you’re first officer and your captain said no let’s do it what my
recommendation to you is if you are a first officer and you do have this
situation is to voice something to the captain in a delicate way saying you
know maybe I’m lacking a lot of experience but this is something that’s
making me really uncomfortable that should trigger something in the
captain’s mind to go okay maybe there’s something I’m not seeing here then he or
she will eventually explain to you what their ideas and why they think it’s safe
it’s your choice at that point to say no I don’t think that that’s a great idea
that opens up a dialogue in a very gentle way versus if you challenge the
captain saying this is a stupid idea that’s generally not gonna result in a
good outcome if you say I’m not comfortable with it that should open the
door for some dialogue one of the things that doesn’t really make sense in this
scene is that they’re flying low they’re flying I don’t know maybe 7 or 8000 feet above the desert now I’ve flown a lot in South Texas and that’s
not like flying over the deserts of Mongolia but I will tell you that when
you’re flying low like that over a very hot area you’re one very hot and two the
ride usually sucks the C-119 can go above 20,000 feet so it doesn’t make any sense
why they’re flying that low I’m guessing that’s just a Hollywood aspect to get
them into this trap of flying into the sandstorm but you generally aren’t gonna
fly a plane that load that doesn’t really make any sense alright let’s get
back into the movie It looks like its going higher we will go around it set a course 180 due South about 200 miles aught to do it alright we are coming around it ok ok oh god remember what I said earlier about not
speaking up Tyrese is obviously very uncomfortable in the situation you see
him exhaling and getting really nervous it’s because he didn’t speak up and now
the captain has put them into a corner again I know it’s uncomfortable to speak
up especially when you’re new and you’re lacking experience but it’s a lot less
uncomfortable than getting jammed up into a thunderstorm so make sure that
you speak up because it’s not only you that are dependent obviously if you’re
flying passengers you’ve got passengers you got the rest of your crew
all of them are relying on you to challenge the captain if they’re putting
you into a bad situation this is actually a very realistic scenario I’ve
flown with guys that are saying hey let’s go and we’ll take off and I’m I’m
thinking no that’s a massive thunderstorm that we’re about to take
off into and I did that now I was very new and we were about to take off the
captain said no let’s take off and I go that’s a massive thunderstorm and that
cell is right over the end of the runway and he said I think we’re gonna be okay
and I said I don’t really feel comfortable with that can we just wait a
couple minutes it’s gonna pass and then we can just continue the flight and he
said yeah sure no problem so we called tower and we actually pulled off to the
side and everybody behind it said the same thing so he waited a couple minutes
now this captain had probably 15,000 hours of experience and we probably
would have been fine but I wasn’t comfortable with it and he respected
that so it’s important to voice your opinion now something that’s not too
realistic is Dennis the captain in this movie isn’t really leaving himself any
out that’s kind of pilot 101 you generally aren’t gonna get pilot in this
current day and age that are going to jam themselves up into a corner meaning
okay we’re not gonna get there we’ll climb up above it oh it’s now even
bigger okay let’s go into the middle of the storm and let’s see what we find out
then that’s generally not what guys are gonna do because that’s pilot 101 so
that’s not very realistic you want to have yourself a plan A obviously and
then you want to B and in this situation you’re probably gonna want to
a C in case it doesn’t work out he’s getting himself deeper and deeper into a
corner and that’s not something you really want to do but again you want to
have yourself a backup option in case Plan A or B isn’t working in this
scenario all right let’s get back to the movie We are in trouble here AJ check the map find the nearest place we can set it down our best shot but it’s 300 miles south of the basin maybe we can outrun it Here we go you’re putting the gear down well never get back up again if we don’t Mayday Mayday repeat mayday mayday any station copy AJ ready the passengers so Tyrese gives them another option here
of going to a different airport and the captain saying no will outrun it that is
just poor decision-making if you research a lot of accident
investigations you’ll see that it’s a chain of events that leads to an
accident now in this situation the captain is making a bunch of poor
decisions and the first officer Tyrese is having the option to challenge him
but he’s not doing that and so in not challenging him he’s also
making bad decisions so that’s how this is leading into the accident I see the
gauges on the instrument panel really spinning around like that that’s not
something that you’d actually see in an aircraft in a normal situation and I
realized they’re not in a normal situation but they’re still flying so
you generally aren’t gonna see your instruments actually spinning around
like that I think that’s more of a Hollywood effect now the captain decided
to put the gear down and the reason that he did that is I believe a lot of
aircraft their landing gear is actually powered through a hydraulic system and
that hydraulic system is powered through the engines so if he’s anticipating
losing both engines he’s thinking if I don’t put the gear down I’m never gonna
be able to get it down and obviously if you’re gonna crash land you would want
that extra level of protection when you’re hitting the ground now if that
doesn’t make any sense you what I’m saying just leave a comment in the
section below and I’ll try to think of a different way to explain it but just
imagine that a hydraulic line is actually getting powered from the
engines and he’s thinking if those engines die he’s gonna crash land so at
this point he already knows he’s jammed himself up and it’s gonna crash alright
let’s get back to the movie and finally some really Hollywood
aspects of this movie come out the max speed of the c-119 is 240 knots roughly
so I’m not sure how he’s able to have so much speed in momentum that he’s able to
blow through these massive mounds of sand and skid halfway across the Gobi
Desert but that’s the Hollywood aspect of it
all right so the prop blowing off the front of the engine and then speeding up
and then shooting into the plane I don’t see how that’s possible but let’s just
imagine that it does happen and then the rudder snapping off as he’s stepping on
the pedal I guess is now creating a failure with the inability to correct it
which was causing the plane to invert but I don’t really understand why that
would be the case normally you would just bank your airplane into that
operating engine but let’s just say that that happened but it doesn’t really make
any sense why he was able to roll it all the way back around and get it level but
let’s just imagine that that’s possible then there’s a bag of tools that flies
out the back of the aircraft and perfectly slices the backside of the
plane into two equally nice pieces I don’t see how that’s possible or how the
aircraft would be able to sustain it but this is Hollywood you know and this is a
world war two era plane and they say they don’t build them like they used to and
those World War two airplanes you seem like they could fly in one wing so I
guess anything’s possible next you see the guy getting sucked out the back of
the plane now the plane isn’t going that fast and it’s acting like he’s standing
next to a large pressurized aircraft that just had the door blow out
if that was the case in real life then skydivers wouldn’t need to jump out the
back of the plane they would just get sucked out the back of the plane so
that’s clearly an effect of Hollywood because he’s trying to hold on and he’s
just getting sucked out the back so that doesn’t really make any sense so that’s
really more of a Hollywood thing and the last thing that’s also very Hollywood in
this is the people are getting their hair blown back like their Beyonce at a
concert so there is gonna be wind spooling around in there but they’re not
gonna be looking like they’re standing in the front of a wind tunnel with their
hair getting blown back like that so that’s obviously just for the effect of
Hollywood all right let’s get back to it I have an
idea I have an idea I can get us out of here I can get us out of here I’ve been
examining the plane you see the the c-119 is a twin boom design and and the
starboard boom here isn’t damaged which is great because if the starboard engine
stays where it is at the forward end of the starboard boom this boom then
becomes a fuselage becomes the plane what do you know about airplanes
I designed them mr. towns that’s what I know about airplanes who do you work for
what company Sizemore and Pratt they’re in Long Beach they do mostly
experimental aircraft mm-hmm and you understand that engines got a
2,000 pound thrust yes so yeah so when it gets started it’s gonna tear your
little bee apart well you’ll just have to be careful this time the design is
perfect the only flaw is that we have to rely on you to fly it so in theory what
he’s saying is actually possible in this aircraft here he’s basically saying this
section of the aircraft is actually not damaged so with that not being damaged
he’s able to recreate a fuselage out of this portion here attached both wings
and the plane would fly and I’m not an aircraft engineer but in theory it makes
sense to me and I do find it a little funny the interaction between the
engineers and the pilot and I got to imagine that there is some of this yin
and yang between pilots and engineers when they’re coming up with new aircraft
so it is kind of funny where the engineer saying it’s flawless you’re the
problem because I could see some engineers
actually saying that or thinking that now this next thing I left in there
because I think it’s probably the most unrealistic portion of this movie I’ll
show you I was going to play that next man first you can’t tell me that those are
the best dance moves that Tyrese has he looks like Kevin James in hitch next
you have a businessman who obviously has brought his golf clubs and golf balls
out to the desert to practice and stay good and the best that he can do is hit
the ball about 30 feet that doesn’t seem very realistic and finally and I realize
I’m running on a bunch of stereotypes here but I think every flight attendant
out watching this is going to agree the likelihood that if your plane crashes
and you end up in a deserted place like this and both of your pilots are in as
good a shape of Tyrese and Dennis Quaid are in this movie are just basically
zero so this entire scene was completely Hollywood for sure alright let’s get
into the last scene in the movie Hang on all right so let’s just assume that
everybody is able to hang on to the aircraft in his very steep nose up climb
when he comes out and then banks it over like that let’s just imagine that that
happened I don’t quite understand why therefore weight and balance have five
people on one side of a wing and two on the other that doesn’t really make any
sense to me I don’t understand the logic behind that why you wouldn’t just pair
up two people unless it was something to do with the wing construction or
something like that but if it was strong enough to hold the weight of the
airplane in flight you would think it’d be able to hold a 200-pound person
hanging on the side of it all right crew so that’s the end of my Flight of the
Phoenix review if you like the movie I’ll put a link to the movie in the
description below thank you for all of you guys that have been leaving comments
requesting different movies for me to review I’m really enjoying doing this
series if you’re liking my Hollywood versus reality series consider hitting
the subscribe button and the Bell notification that way every time a video
comes out you’ll know about it I actually have a whole list of different
movies you guys have requested me to review so I’m working on those as I have
time on these different layovers in the comments section below let me know
would you trust the fly on an aircraft from an engineer who was actually a
model aircraft engineer I look forward to hearing from you until then keep the
blue side up usually when you get to the airlines
you’re not flying with the same people again and again so usually don’t be it
now the captain decided to put the gear down and the reason he decided to do
that was a lot of landing gear is powered through a hydraulic power
that doesn’t even make any sense the captain decided to put the gear down and the
reason that he decided to do that I believe is a lot of aircraft are
actually powered now the captain decided to put the gear down and the reason he
sided to do that is a lot of hydraulics oh my gosh flight of the Phoenix was
actually a really great movie I’ll put a link to the description put a link to
the description

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  1. Some bloopers or outtakes at the end of the video but thanks for watching and commenting and for all of those who have subscribed, thanks for being part of the 74 Crew!

  2. the plane had more lift on the left wing due to the additional thick part of the wing which provides even more lift than the thinner parts and adds to the length of the wing. this was compensated with 3 more people on the left wing.

  3. In the original movie, building the new plane from pieces of the old one seemed plausible, but in this one, most of the crew didn't seem capable of the job at hand, and would probably have gotten hacked to pieces by the Arabs charging over the sand dune.

  4. in a situation where an emergency landing in a sandy, Sahara like desert is probable, is a landing gear even a good idea there? I would imagine the gears would a) bury into the sand and rip off b) bury in to the sand and flip over the plane, while a belly landing might slow down the plane more slowly and gently? or am i wrong here?

  5. Planes are de-iced because 1/2” of ice can destroy the wings ability to create lift so I’m pretty sure a bunch of bodies would mean no lift and therefore no takeoff or flight!!!💩

  6. The 5 people on one side and two on the other may be to counter the rotating inertia of the large prop on a now single engine, and very lightweight aircraft with a huge powerplant; which could lead to unstable yaw and roll during cruise and throttle application. As I don't think they moved the engine from its first configuration, its probably an easier way to manage it. You are generally not going to get that issue with a turbine with the rotating mass being closer to the axis of the turbine, and the very large turbines being mounted in a twin configuration with a very heavy aircraft will offset that a lot.

  7. 1. In a storm, the most stress happens to the wings and control surfaces. I don't think there is a good reason for the propeller to come off. The propellers dont even come off when they strike the ground due to one of many reasons…
    2. The antenna on the top had no reason to break off as it is designed to stand nearly 300 Knots straight headwind. If there was such a sudden and powerful crosswind to breake it off, the airplane would flip.
    3. The aircraft to have all the materials onboard such as the welding machine, electrodes for steel (to manufacture and attach the new landing gears to the body), as well as aluminum electrodes (to weld the wings to each other)!

    Too much BS! I enjoyed every minute of it at the time though! We want to believe and the moviemakers know it!!!

    Thanks for the nice, entertaining and educating video!

  8. in 1994 a boeing b-52 crashed because a pilot buddy holland did some dangerous maneuvers the copilot told don't get on the airplane unless im also on so the copilot did the right thing he didn't trust buddy holland for piloting the b-52

  9. Like may people who are too young to remember the original flight of the phenox.

    However I have seen the original and the new remake and both were good.

    And yes I would trust an engineer who only makes models to build a plane because models are just scaled down versions of real planes.

    However every single time I see this movie I am reminded of the 1993 movie ConAir.

    As for all the mistakes the captain made that ran up to the crash yes I agree with you on the fact it's not a good outcome to not voice your concerns over safety risks to a senior captain many fatal, accidents have happened that way.

  10. I usually fly with a Friend on his BE58 and thankfully we have achieved that level of trust and partnership on the cockpit and a very good CRM.

  11. Early in this video, you said the C119 is also known as the "Flying Boxcar." But according to the story of Louis Zamperini, the B24 is the Flying Boxcar. So are they both nicknamed Flying Boxcars?

  12. It always irritated me that when they crash, there are dunes all around them. When it is time to take off, they have absolutely FLAT and compacted desert in front of them to a convenient cliff that was never mentioned previously in the movie.

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