Fracture: It’s more than just a picture | Fracture

Fracture: It’s more than just a picture | Fracture

This picture, it’s a memory.
It’s a beautiful day with a special someone with a great smile.
This is Fracture. Just upload an image,
place your order, and it will show up at your door
beautifully printed, directly on glass,
with everything you need to display it on your wall.
A picture is a discovery. A picture is a triumph,
and a feeling, and a connection.
And this isn’t just another frame, not just another canvas.
This is new. This is a Fracture.
Visit and print one today.

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  1. Can't use it.  Galleries have strict rules on the hardware to hang photos and artwork and your method doesn't adhere to their rules.

  2. Its a cool idea but probably hasn't been perfected yet. I have ordered two Fracture small photos. They look nice from a distance but up close you can see the dots like from a bad home photo printer. Using the same 10 megapixel camera I have got glossy photos from Walmart that look better.

  3. Is it possible to get it done with varying levels of opaqueness. I'm thinking of a shadowbox-type project that has 3 levels; the back is the parents, the next 1/2 – 1" is one of their children, and the last (front) pane has the youngest with the idea of the parents always being behind the children.

    Anyway, opaqueness level options?

  4. How does this compare to ceramic photos? In terms of color authenticity and longevity (i.e., fading over time). We want to place the photo indoors, but in a room that's well lighted with ambient sunlight (but no direct sunlight will hit the photo).

  5. I went to your web site to place my order and after entering all credit card info, I clicked on something and it all disappeared. When you fix your software, let me know and I will place my order.

  6. I have had quite a few pictures fractured and have had very great results ! I have given them away as gifts and they have been very well received . I know that I will be a returning customer!

  7. Cool pictures but has anybody noticed that @ :24 seconds it looks like he's doing the robot when he turns and walks away.. 🤖🤖🤖

  8. They use a soy boy 👦🏻 in the commercial who probably wears a onesie to bed at night with his teddy bear

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