Free Solo – Trailer | National Geographic

Free Solo – Trailer | National Geographic

[music playing] MAN 1: Does it feel different
to be up there without a rope? MAN 2: It’s obviously like
much higher consequence. MAN 3: People who know a little
bit about climbing, they’re like, oh, he’s totally safe. And then people who really
know exactly what he’s doing are freaked out. MAN 2: I’ve thought about
El Cap like for years. And every year I’m like,
that’s really scary. I’ll never be content unless
I at least put in the effort. El Cap is the most
impressive wall on Earth. It’s 3,200 feet
of sheer granite. It’s the center of the
rock climbing universe. Obviously I get interview
questions about it all the time. Oh, would you like to do that? You’re like, yes, for sure. [music playing] MAN 4: So you got a
girlfriend now I heard. MAN 2: It’s awesome, pretty much
makes life better in every way. WOMAN 1: It’s really hard for
me to grasp why he wants this. But and if he doesn’t do
this stuff, he’d regret it. MAN 5: Everybody who has
made free soloing a big part of their life is dead now. MAN 2: I haven’t been
injured in like seven years. I suddenly start getting
injured all the time. WOMAN 1: What if
something happens? Aah! WOMAN 1: What if I
don’t see him again? MAN 2: I could just walk away. But it’s like, I don’t want to. MAN 6: I’ve always
been conflicted about shooting a film
about free soloing just because it’s so dangerous. It’s hard to not imagine
your friend falling through the frame to his death. WOMAN 2: I think when
he’s free soloing that’s when he feels the
most alive, most everything. How can you even think about
taking that away from somebody? MAN 2: No mistakes tomorrow. I’m starting to become afraid. If you’re pushing the edge,
eventually you find the edge. MAN 7: I can’t believe you guys
are actually going to watch. Hey, Jimmy, do you copy? Just started climbing. [breathing heavily] [music playing]

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  1. Oh god its massive….one needs to develop his character, discipline, meditation, diet and..and last but not least grow fire in his heart to succeed. Gods blessings sure a part in this venture.

  2. Absolutely incredible.
    This is a feat beyond my own comprehension to big extent. Right now as I’m watching ‘The dawn wall’ where Tommy Caldwell climbs el cap during several DAYS and still that is after years of practice, planning and attempting routes..

    And this guy free climbs it in mere hours. With meticulous, repetitive practice of course.. but it’s still just unreal. Can’t imagine the feeling of being on that wall, seeing expert climbers practice their way up el cap with ropes and falling, falling falling and retrying over and over.

    The smallest mistake, grab the notch on the rock just an 8th of an inch and it’s over.


  3. Watch the Oscar-winning documentary feature #FreeSolo, playing across select cinemas across India starting April 12th.

  4. I watch this movie often. Many people fail in achieving their values in life because they haven't invested much real "skin in the game" and their passions get diluted as they live their ordinary risk-averse lives. When I start any business project now, or anything worth doing, I'm "all in" or I don't bother with it. It's a game-changer.

  5. Watched this movie, then watched Dawn wall, and then watched this again, honnold and Caldwell are both fantastic

  6. Is anyone here after watching Amy Poehler talk about on Seth Meyer’s show? I didn’t know about this

  7. Is anyone here after watching Amy Poehler talk about on Seth Meyer’s show? I didn’t know about this

  8. This movie is about polygamy. A genius climber, a seductress woman trying to take away his super powers and a jealous red haired boyfriend

  9. I love when his girlfriend is crying saying would he stop if their relationship was a priority and just calmly says, "this relationship isn't a priority". I had to stop the film I was laughing so hard. I think in pretty cruel but I'm not that heartless.

  10. it seems like none of these climbers have never practiced any kind of mindfulness or meditation before attempting these life-threatening feats. he compares himself to samurai, but appears to have have very little psychological or philosophical attachment to himself or others. there are people who suffer from mental illnesses who struggle with suicidal urges every day and manage to not kill themselves, but they're not having award-winning films made about their daily experiences…

  11. იიფ.. ..იიიფ..იიიფ… მოფრინავს სული…. იიფ!

  12. He obviously doesn't know what "Tweaker" means… he thinks that means a weird kid… uh, no… it means a lowlife drug user.

  13. Dont even have to watch it. The fact that they even released this trailer and footage means hes alive.

  14. I climbed two rungs of a ladder once, had an itchy ballsack so climbed down carefully… just to be safe. i figured if i went up the next rung and needed to scratch that itch… i could fall to my death. feared for my life that day!

  15. I'd need to train that long just to watch footage of Alex without my palms sweating. The guy achieved something so utterly terrifying that it should be beyond human achievement, but he did it anyway. Absolutely blown away, scared, excited, glad for him and I hope he never does anything like it ever again.

    I want this guy to live till a ripe old age so he can look back and think, yep, I did that. He deserves that moment, that pride, that sense of accomplishment that makes a long-life fulfilled.

  16. This movie gave me good bunch of panic attacks. Even though I knew he made it. I knew he didn't fall and die but it made me so uncomfortable when they showed how high he was climbing at.

  17. Just watched this, Simply Brilliant. And by the way credit to his girlfriend for digging deep to understand what had to be done.

  18. I've climbed El Cap a few times, including the Salathe Wall which is most of the route he climbed, and the thought of doing it unroped doesn't fit in my brain. There is nothing to put it next to.

  19. In the movie every thing is great, he is named as the best free solo person in the world. But things just go down hill once he gets a girlfriend. It's are really sad story once he breaks his back, then she leaves him for his producer Jimmy Chin.

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