French Kiss Official Film

French Kiss Official Film

Yes, sir, I do like my job. No, sir, I am definitely not
being ironic. No, sir, I did not travel
3,000 miles to fail. Yes, sir,
the presentation’s at 5:30. I’m at the Marriott now. Yeah, I’m listening. Excuse me! No, I’m listening. Miss? That’s very funny, sir. Right, no, you’re not joking. I promise, I’ll be there at 5:00. I know, you’ll personally
pack up my office if I — Right. I have so many ideas, I don’t even know
which one to open with. Yes, sir. Will do. And thank you so much
for this oppor– [ Speaking French ] Sorry, I don’t speak French. [ Speaking French ] No! No! No! Wait! Okay. My laptop! No! What? [ Speaking French ] I don’t speak… Je ne…French? [ Speaking French ] Eiffel Tower is good for you? There. [ Vehicle horn beeps ] Sorry. Excusez-me? Oh, yeah. No problem.
Just keep the change. [ Horse whinnies ] Are you lost? You speak English! Oui. A small bit. Don’t tell me.
You’re looking for the Eiffel Tower. Have you by any chance
seen a laptop? It’s silver,
and it might have wings. Was it flying? Yes! No, haven’t seen it.
Sorry. Hello? I don’t believe in magic! I just want my laptop back! [ Laughter, indistinct conversations ] Hi. Pardonner. I think I’ve been drugged
or something. I’m looking for my laptop. Has wings and it flies? [ Chuckles, speaks French ] I don’t… Je ne… You are very funny
for a living man. Oh, thanks.
But not really. You’re looking
for the wrong thing. I’m going to be looking for another job
if I don’t find it. Jobs. They come, they go. Yeah, well, they come in pretty handy
when you’re alive. No offense. Maybe, but then again, I have never heard anyone
on this side say, “I wish I had spent
much more time working.” No? [ Indistinct whispering ] Oh! She waits for you. Don’t forget the Eiffel Tower! Are you real? That’s up to you. [ Cellphone ringing ] -Yeah.
-Seriously? You were due here
half an hour ago. I had to put two speakers on
ahead of you. I’m on my way. Taxi! [ Vehicle horn beeps ] Okay. Excusez-me. [ Speaking French ] Yeah, I’m late.
I just have to… You have to sign in, please. Thank you. Where the hell have you been? Is there any way
we can discuss that later? And now,
better late than never, our next speaker:
Ethan Holloway. Sorry I’m late. I’m usually the most on-time guy
in the room. Well, today has been
kind of unusual. Yeah. Well, I’m also usually
the most prepared guy in the room. But…I’m not really prepared
for anything right now. Then again, maybe today
I’m prepared for pretty much anything. Hey! Hey! I seem to be collecting things
that belong to you. Those you should keep. I don’t think I need them anymore. You never really did.

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  1. Thank you @Marriott Hotels for the beautiful reminder to open our eyes and experience the world around us!

  2. Marirott, could you post a playlist of the artists/songs featured in this piece?  I love the music as much as the film!

  3. Merci!  Un film vraiment émouvant!  Brilliante idée, Marriott!  Bravo à tous les actrices et acteurs, l'équipe et surtout, le réalisateur/scénariste visionnaire M. Gray.

  4. What I got from this is "Spend more time having a good time, enjoying the beautiful sights around you." However, a line of work is essential to survival, so one should balance work with fun. I think this show should've ended with him find a new line of work; one that isn't as lucrative as his last, but lucrative enough to pay all of his bills, and yet he loves do to, then he would not really be working. That would be a victory for everyone, I think.

  5. Music by Warner Chappell PM, published in Italy by Machiavelli Music
    French Kiss – Marriott 
    Track: Bon Bon Bon (Pedigree Cuts) – Warner Chappell PM

  6. Fun film and a romantic way to see Paris again. I will pass this on to my friends.
    Thanks for the memories!

  7. Margaux and the glasses are a type of Muse that helped Ethan “see” the reality of his life; that his boss, job and general outlook have led to a miserable existence.  Once his eyes are opened to the reality of his mortality and the wonderful world around him (Paris) he decides to walk out on his conference and implicitly his job, all to kiss the beautiful Muse that opened his eyes.  What a terribly romantic and self-destructive life lesson; unless of course you’re independently wealthy or without bills to pay and only working for fun.  What a shame the story didn't have Ethan speaking at the conference from his newly centered heart with a "TED Talk-like" inspirational speech about his companies' technology innovation empowering the human experience and instead of his boss being a grumpy jerk Ethan’s new "vision" allows him to see that his boss wasn't the real problem but it was Ethan himself that allowed his life to devolve into an all work and no play existence.  Then cutting to the end of his emotional plea his peers give him a standing ovation.  With camera glances around the room we see Marriott Hotel knowing staff nodding their heads in understanding and smiles because they see both types of people walking through their doors every day and take joy in the fact that a new group of “the enslaved” has been freed from their bonds of self-inflicted indentured servitude.  Oh yea, then Ethan kiss the girl and they all go to a Marriott banquet room with a great views of Paris and party 🙂

  8. Great film, i liked it so much, i watched it all the way till the end. i also love Paris 🙂 , most beautiful city on earth 🙂

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  10. Tyler sounds so much like his dad john ritter look like him a bit more his mum side on looks she is a good looking person this movie it ok

  11. Je suis super dessue jai regarder juste pour voir natoo et je mapercois quon la voie que 20s c une blague 😠😡😢😢

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