FRIENDSHIP BRACELET | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

FRIENDSHIP BRACELET | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

(tense, dramatic music) – Shit, we’re losing her. Bone saw. (saw whirring) (jackhammer whirring) (Julie humming) – You gonna be able to save it, doc? Ow, what? – I feel bad. – Good morning Abby, morning Lisa. – Morning, doctor. – I like your bracelets. Where’d you get ’em? – They’re called friendship bracelets. You kind of have to–
– We’ve had ’em forever. – My birthday is this weekend. – Oh my gosh. Thank you. We’ll definitely try and make it. – That would be so
great if you could come. – Totally. (students chattering) – We should go. – Yeah, right. (students chattering) (tense, dramatic music) – Happy birthday. – [Julie] I can’t believe you’re here. – Where is everyone? – You’re the only ones who came. (clock ticking) Do you want some punch? – Sure. – [Julie] Lisa? – I’m okay. (clock ticking) – This is weird. We should leave.
– Just five more minutes. – No, let’s go to your house, I’m leaving. (clock ticking) (tense, dramatic music) (woman screaming) – Hey, I’m gonna make some popcorn. Do you want any? – Yeah, go for it. (popcorn popping) (television blaring) (dog barking) (insects buzzing) (microwave beeping) – [Woman] You’re reading
that creepy shit again. – [Woman] (sighs) It’s for
my thesis, and you know it. – [Woman] Hey, why aren’t you dress? The limo’s four minutes away. – [Woman] You guys know, I gotta study or McMillan will flunk me. – [Woman] Please, you
don’t even have to try. He passes you every
semester for looking the way you do.
– Shut up. He is not like that. – [Woman] Ugh, you say
you like being adultified but then you always do this. You owe us, bitch. – [Woman] And how stupid
do you think we are? Have fun, Luke. – [Luke] Guilty. – [Woman] You’ll find it in
your hearts to forgive me. (tense, dramatic music) (bumping) (television blaring) – Is your brother home? – [Lisa] Alex? (television blaring) (tense, dramatic music) – Hi.
(Abby and Lisa scream) – [Abby] Fuck. – Julie, what are you doing here? – I figured it out. If we’re gonna be best friends, I have to open your hearts first. (slicing) (tense, dramatic music) (heavy breathing) (shucking) (screams) (tense, dramatic music)
(blood spurting) (drill whirring) (Lisa screaming)
(tense, dramatic music) (dramatic music) (Abby screaming)
(drill whirring) (screaming) (staggered breathing) – No. No. No, no, no, no. Please, please. (taps) Please! (tense, dramatic music) No. (tense, dramatic music) No! No, no, we can be friends. Please. – I have to open your heart first. (drill whirring) – No, no, no, no. No, no! (screaming) (Julie humming) (tense music) – [Narrator] Watch new vids every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Only on CryptTV.
(dramatic music)

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  1. Xin chào !!!, có ai việt nam không???
    Mình có một chuyện muốn hỏi là còn bộ phim nào có phụ đề tiếng việt không

  2. Alot Of People Is Afraid Of Anything Like Ghost 👻 Myth Creatures Some Like That But They Should Be More Afraid Of Humans Like Killers Beacuse They Can Kill You Than Fake Things

  3. I kinda don't feel bad for Julie. Yea I know she just want friends and stuff, but by the looks of it, I feel like she put something into the punch so she can open their hearts. I'd avoid her too

  4. Porca di quella PTN, meglio perderla che trovarla una pazza del genere. UFFFFFFFFF, tremenda cazzo.😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😬😬😬

  5. Imagine killing the only 2 people who were nice to you. I feel sorry for her but like, they cared about u and you’re just gonna murder them

  6. No way if I did I would have went but left like they did and I would die. And first off how did she know where she lived?

  7. Rule#1 of surviving the crypt tv universe:
    Don’t be a bitch or dick of any kind be nice to everything and everyone and you have a 82% chance of staying alive. Unless it’s mordeo then ur fucked

  8. Ngl I would go to her party I would be her friend she seems nice and I felt like her too when no one wanted to be my friend plus her dress was beautiful

  9. Wasn't expecting this to be that gory but that's a plus. Tall chick wasn't worth a damn, she threw her friend into danger, didn't try to help her, and she didn't even try to fight back, she just screamed and begged for her life.

  10. Isit just me as a big lotr fan that I noticed the populair girl had a map of Middle-earth hanging over the bathroom door? Guess I am just being crazy as usual.

  11. Those popular girl weren't that bad, they went to te party, they didn't throw the invitation, they didn't say anything just to make fun of her

  12. This was fantastic but I think they should have stuck around for the party, lol.!‼ I really enjoyed it‼ thanks Crypt TV 👍👍

  13. I don't understand, who wouldn't be her friend?? Her mask is adorable and she seemed like a very friendly person. If only those two girls wouldn't of been, buttholes they wouldn't of had to go through that🙁

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