[Full Movie] The Monkey King 3, Eng Sub 西游记女儿国 | Myth Comedy 神话喜剧片 1080P

[Full Movie] The Monkey King 3, Eng Sub 西游记女儿国 | Myth Comedy 神话喜剧片 1080P

English subtitle was added by Q1Q2 Team. It’s a legend story about a ladies kingdom, which was in the west The queen of the kingdom was a banshee She used to absorb men’s spirits and semen to keep her young and beautiful It’s a dangerous road for many outside men This Year, Monk Tang and his disciples come. They were on their way to Old India. to worship Gautama Buddha and get the Scripture Disciples. Hum? Here is so inhospitable that we can’t keep going. Wukong (Monkey King)? I think you are the suitable one to find the way. Thank you. Master, I have a good idea. that I don’t need to do it by myself also we can find a way. What is that? Let Pigsty do it! Ah? Master, that’s not a good idea! Master, look at him! Alright. Good. Hum… Master. I also have a good idea. that I don’t need to do it by myself also we can find a way in this desert Brother Sha! You idiot! Hum, I won’t go. You idiot, I ask you to do You go! You go! Won’t go? You idiot! Won’t go? Go! Wukong. Brothers. Don’t fight. Don’t fight. I will go, I will go. Idiot! What a deadbeat you are! Look at our Brother Sha. He will go, that’s enough Damn Monkey A lot of Damn bad ideas Master, you saw he only knows how to bully me. Master, you always spoil him. Master! Master! Master! Master! Master! Cropland with a lot of cucumbers over there. Really? let me take a look. Pigsty Master, there. Ha… Disciples, There must be the Ladies Kingdom. Let’s go. Ahead Full Master, Take care. Master, wait for us. Wait us, Master, Master. Master, wait for me. Hold on, Master. The Money King 3: The Ladies Kingdom Sisters, sisters, come out, Breeding Race Quickly. Breeding Race? Disciples, guess what it means. Master, They must think we are manly. Those women are attracted by us. Pigsty, you are right. They must think I’m so handsome. I like the monkey-face one. I like the white skin one, he seems a nice one. The man with big beard, honest, is not that bad. The white one is best. That’s the one I am talking about. No, I mean the horse. Oops… Master, be careful. I’m afraid there are some evil demons. Wukong, you are so nervous. Yes, Master. Don’t listen to him. There is no monster. My Goddess, Monk Tang comes. Ha… He finally came. It is worthwhile, I’ve be waiting for long time. Ha… Brother Sha, take the horse quickly. OK, OK. Open the door, Anybody in? Pigsty, don’t be rude! Yes. Idiot! Amitabha. We come from the Eastern Tang Country, We will go to Western to worship Gautama Buddha and get the Scripture We just pass through here. May we stay here for a while? Don’t be angry! I apologize on behalf of my disciple. Please don’t yell at me. My patience is limited! Don’t be mad, Master. Wukong, She is yelling at me! Don’t be mad. Hit her, hit her. Blind her! Blind her! Pigsty, break her legs! Master, Master. Monk Sha, hit him! Old thing, I’m telling you…Master, don’t be mad. Don’t yell at me! Don’t be mad. Amitabha. Don’t yell at me. Don’t be mad. I tell you…Don’t be mad! My patience is limited! Wukong, knock at the door. Master, maybe you are better to do that. I’m afraid they would be scared by my monkey-face. Alright, No one can resist my handsome face. Hum, Pigsty Who are you? Why do you come here? We came from the eastern Tang Country, embark on a pilgrimage, passed through here. Mind if we sleep here for the night? Your horse, your monkey, your pig, do you sell cattle? Grunt, grunt. You men, why do you come here? What’s wrong with the man? What is the difference between men and women? You don’t know our country is strange, We can’t take any man in, but woman… it doesn’t matter. That’s right, the people here even don’t like me, they are strange, strange. You come in quickly, it’s dangerous outside, You are so strange, say, what do you want? Wukong, don’t be rude. He is a little off, he is always so suspicious, don’t be mad. Alright, alright, I’m going to let that slide. Come in. Quietly. Don’t make any noise. Uh… why is your voice so strange? Cough, cough. Because the weather here is cold. I got the flu I have a bit of a cold in my throat. Uh..but… go inside. Go inside OK. Why are there on men in your village? You don’t know here is the Ladies Kingdom, Men… Ah… Quick, quick, quick! Hide, quick! Why are you panic? Alas… I think female soldiers of her Majesty are coming. What? You bring them. Hide, and stay there. Don’t get me in trouble. Alas… I’m coming. Uh…my Lady.. Here is no man. Who cares about that? Let me ask you, if there are some monks from Tang Dynasty? No, there is no man. Amitabha. No monks? How dare you! Come, tie him up! Get him out of here! Stop! Let’s talk about this. Amitabha. Are you the monk from Tang Dynasty? That is such a load of crap. What can I do for you? Master Tang, her Majesty invite you to the Imperial Palace, by the way, you can get the pass stamped. Amitabha. Her Majesty is also a woman? Ha, ha, ha. Of course, her Majesty is waiting for you. Amitabha. Go, quick! Hum, Master. I come with you. Why do you come? How disappointing! Uh…Master, think it over. If her Majesty looks ugly, I can take you away. Alright, alright. Go. Pigsty, brother Sha, stay here and keep an eye on the place. Quick, come in, tell me what the hell is going on. Why didn’t Master take me with him? Quick, quick, quick. Brother Sha, Master is, uh… that’s a good thing, why didn’t he take me together? Why did he take the monkey? Uh…brother wants to protect Master. You’re so silly. I’m sure they are going to eat some good things Hum! Come, come. You always thinks about eating. Hum! That’s alright. That’s alright. Dad. When does it ever stop? Don’t talk. Hum! Masters, don’t, don’t… We…we are not monsters. Not monster? If you aren’t monsters, what are you talking about stealthily? I heard, this child call you dad. Say, quick! What do you want? Master, It’s not what you think. I think you might be mistaken about… What? We dress up like this, because men are intolerant here. Well.. men are intolerant? We dress up like this, for this reason. Quick, tell me more. In fact, our country… Quick! In fact, in our counrey women and men were equal, lived a happy life here. Afterwards, there is fewer men here. All men who came to the Imperial Palace, never came back. The rumor has it man can earn money in our country, but they came to the Palace, never came back. What? It was terrible! So I ask you to hide. Those female soldiers come to catch men, or catch you. What? Us? Alas… Get up, get up. I’ve heard her Majesty may be a monster. What? No! I must…I must tell brother now. Brother Sha. Yes? Stay here. Didn’t take me together? Hum! Your Majesty, the monk from Tang Dynasty is coming. Amitabha. Master Tang, I is waiting for you. Your Majesty, you are very beautiful. What? We came from the eastern Tang Country, embark on a pilgrimage I know, brother Yu Di, What did you just call me? Brother Yu Di. Master. Don’t talk. Master, the pass. I said don’t talk. I’m talking with her Majesty. Call me again. Brother Yu Di. Again. Brother Yu Di. Come here. Sexy. Come here. Come here. Come, quick. Ha, ha, ha. Sexy. Come here. Come here, sexy. Come, come, play with us. The pig. stop. What? Are you calling me? Yes, we’re calling you. Come, come. I’m coming. I’m here. Your Majesty, on the way, I’s gone through all this hardship to arrive here. But, my first disciple, he can kill devils and monsters, he saw through tricks of monsters at the first sight. Your Majesty, You are so beautiful, aren’t you also monster? How could it be? Am I like a monster? I think you aren’t. Certainly. When I arrived here, I want to find some alms, but a old woman won’t let me in. Your Majesty, could you stamp our pass now? No rush. brother, It’s late, you can… stay here and eat dinner. No. OK. No. Yes. Alright, alright, just as you like. Wukong? I don’t carry the pass, could you bring it here. No. Wukong? Wukong, don’t ruin it. If you don’t go, I will use the Tightening Hoop-Incantation. Alright, don’t. I’ll go, I’ll go. Ugh. Come, sexy, we are here. come in the house. Come, come, I’m here. Catch me, sexy. Sexy, I’m here. Come here, sexy. Come, come, I’m here. Catch me, sexy. Come. Here. Sexy, I’m here. Come, sexy. Come, come, sexy, quick. Sexy, here. Come, come, sexy. Come, come, I’m here. Catch me, sexy. I got you. Come. Come. Come, quick. Come. I got you. What do you touch? Help! Help! Brother, brother, help me, quick. Brother, help me, quick. Help me. You didn’t know she is a monster? Monster, don’t run! What is this? Brother, Smell horrible. You idiot. You didn’t know she is a monster! I…I didn’t see it, brother. Pig-headed idiot! Yes, I’m pig headed. Look for hits? No, no, brother, I want to help you, I heard the Empress of Ladies Kingdom is a monster. I know. What? You know? You know? Why you don’t protect Master? Master is talking with her Majesty. He has no time for us. What? What should we do now? Hey, hey, hey, hey. are you the Monkey King? Brother, why does this man look exactly like the man of Tian Zhu Country. In fact, the man of Tian Zhu Country is eldest daughter of daughter of mother of my uncle. Hold on, let me think about it. Your uncle’s mother is your grandmother. Yes. Your grandmother’s daughter is your mother. Your mother’s eldest daughter… is your sister! Exactly, It’s my sister. Don’t be mealymouthed about it. Do your family all like this? Well… Five hundred years ago, five hundred years… Shut up! Get out of here! Get out of here! Quick! Brother, he is slower than brother Sha. I’m starting to lose my mind! What…what should we do now? Go. What? Alas. Brother speaks ill of me behind my back. Hum, brother. Don’t take me together to hit monster, now you speak ill of me behind my back? Monster? Good, I will catch you today, let my brother see. I will catch you! Brother, come here. Your Majesty, may I help you? Come, sit here. Come closer to me. Closer. Amitabha. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Your Majesty, what do we do with this monk? Sun Wukong is with him. I have to wait a full moon, then eat him. Otherwise, I will eat him now, in case anything bad happens. Your Majesty, we shouldn’t be afraid of Sun Wukong. Well, do you have a good idea? This is too easy. You can marry Monk Tang in the night of full moon. Let his disciples go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures. Then you can eat Monk Tang. Ha, ha, ha. That’s great, just do it. Well, go get ready. Ha, ha, ha. Yes. Ha, ha, ha. Monster, don’t run! Monster, don’t run! Uh, brother, where the hell did the monster go? Ah? Brother Sha? Brothers, why are you come? We’re searching for the monster. Yes. I’m searching for a monster too. Brother Sha, let me tell you this monster is lucky, if she run late, I will catch her and kick her ass. Kick her ass? Uh…brother, is here the monster’s nest? If you want to know, just ask the Guardian. No, no, no. Who is just call me? Is Monkey King? I thought it’s you call me, Monkey King. It’s really you, Monkey King. Nonsense. Why does she look so familiar? That’s was not important. What’s important is brother is the Monkey King five hundred years ago… Look for hit? Brother, it’s just a joke, hey, hey. Alright, you go back. I’ll go to the Imperial Palace, and see what our master is doing. This monkey, never let us go to the Imperial Palace? It doesn’t matter. I don’t care. I’m going to bed. Dead monkey! You should get ready. Her Majesty will marry Master Tang in a couple of days. Who is Master Tang? Why does her Majesty want to marry him now? Don’t ask, go to get ready. If the Lady knows, we’ll be punished. Beauty, what can I do for you? Master, her Majesty said she wants to marry your master. This is the bride wealth, there is some gold and silver, food and drink. Please take it. Good, good. Pigsty, brother Sha, come out to take it. A lot of good stuff here. Master is incredible. Of course. Her Majesty said your master is smart and handsome, he is just right for helping her Majesty to rule our country. You certainly deserve it. Take them and go. OK, thank her Majesty for us. Well, have a safe journey. I’ll report to her Majesty. OK, take care, take care. Well, this is good thing, why does Master forget me? Master is irresponsible this time. Why does he want to be a King? I don’t care. There are so many good stuffs. I have a good idea. Come, come, come. Your Majesty, do you really want to marry Monk Tang? Well, do you disagree? I don’t dare. I just heard his disciple is not a man to be offend. You talk too much. Get out of here! Indeed, she is a fox. I’m right. I’m gonna beat you in your face. Master? Master? Wukong? I’m here. Here. Where are you? I’m here. Wukong? Master, you should leave now. Her Majesty is a monster. I come to save you. Don’t scare me. A monster can’t be so beautiful. Alas, Master, think about it. On the way down here, all beauties we met are monsters. I don’t go. You can go. Uh… With Pigsty, Monk Sha, you can go. Master! Master, why don’t you believe me? I don’t want to talk about it. It seems if I catch this monster, Master will believe me. Come here. Monkey King. Don’t talk! Just listen to me. Well… Nod your head if you understand. Shake your head if you don’t understand. Alright. I will turn you into her Majesty. And you talk to my Master. Do you get it? Alas, just talk to my Master. Just stall him, don’t let him leave the room. Great. Hum, it’s not bad. That was it. Look for hit? Go. Go. Go, go. Your Majesty, you are beautiful today. That was it. You looks different today. That was it. What is the matter with you? That was it. Can you say something else? Something else? Say anything else. Anything else? Don’t repeat. Just say anything else. Anything else? Don’t repeat. Just say anything else. Anything else? Just say anything else, don’t repeat. Anything else. Say anything else! Don’t repeat! Talk to me. Anything else. No, it’s… Anything else! It isn’t anything else? Yes, it’s not anything else! What is it? Say anything else. Say anything else. Brother. Why do you come? Uh, hey, hey, hey, it’s just I miss you, hey, hey, hey. You’re not my brother. I’m your grandfather Sun. You’ll kill yourself Ha, ha, ha. Be quiet. Look. Alas, brother Sha. Hum? do you think brother can lick the monster? Alas, brother is always good, that’s not really the thing. And we have Xiang Yao Kettle. Uh… You are right. Look, look, brother’s got power now. Come on, let’s go. Hum, hum… what do you feel? Fox, Didn’t you see that one coming, do you? My brothers prepared this Kettle for you, made of Kun Xian Rope of Laotse. Just get yourself be captured Yes, fox. Don’t fight it Once you are caught, you can’t get out. Yes, certainly. Hum. Alright. Brother Sha, stay here and keep a closer eye on her. Pigsty, let’s go. Let our master see if she is a monster. Why don’t let me go? Well… Pigsty, stay here, Brother Sha, let’s go. Fox, fox, why would you do that? Why did you offend my brother? That monkey is quite the shark. Look at me in the eyes. From now on, I’m your master. You can only obey my order. Did you get it? From now on, you’re my master, I can only obey your order. Yes, Master. Say anything else. Don’t repeat. Anything else? No. Say anything else. Anything else. Why can’t you understand? Just say anything else. Anything else. No, say anything else. Anything else. Why don’t understand me? I mean you just say anything else. Anything else. Say anything else. Anything else. No. You… Uh… Stop, Master, don’t talk to her. Wukong, her Majesty is… why is she so strange today? Of course, she isn’t the true Empress. She is the Earth Grandmother. You dare prank me? You… I’ll use the Tightening Hoop Incantation. No, Master. Alas, Her Majesty is a monster. Don’t prank me! You’re all monsters. Master, brother is right. Her Majesty is a monster. Brother Pigsty is keeping an eye on her. Really? Of course. Go, I’ll check it. Uh, Master, don’t you marry her Majesty? No. Wukong, help me change clothes. OK. Alas. Hey, what on earth do you mean? Master, look, this is the monster. Brother, help me. Clam down, I’m here. Why does everyone keep hurting me? Pigsty is puzzled. Brother, what should we do? You idiot, you are puzzled be a monster? Brother Sha, slap him, slap him! Brother? Brother? Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Pigsty, you’re puzzled by that monster! Brother, you see this wood? I didn’t mean for it to happen. Alright, let’s stop saying these things. Think about how we save Master. Uh…call him. Who? Five hundred years ago… Who is calling me? Shut up! Tell me where our master is now. Don’t talk. Draw it. Oh. Go… Go, save Master. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared. I’m not a monster. I come here to catch the monster. Hum! Brother. Monster, call your master out! Master… I’m not a monster. Yes, brother, she doesn’t look like a monster. What are you lurking around here? I…I want to save the Master Monk Tang. What? Save my Master? Hum? Why? Here is the thing. I’m a lady’s maid of her Majesty. A long time ago, Her Majesty was seriously ill. From then on, her temperament changed. And men in Ladies Kingdom are less and less. There are many female ministers I never met them. So I think Her Majesty is a monster. I’m only a normal people. I can’t fight her. When I saw Master Tang, I know he can save us. So I followed a female minister and came here. I wait here and want to slip in. I see. Well, you go back. We’ll save our master. Yes, my brother has great magic power. Catch the monster, save Master, just leave it to us. Thank you, Masters. Please catch the monster and save my country. OK. Monster, get ou! Brother, It is a full moon tonight. If I eat you, there will be none to equal me. Ha, ha, ha, ha. I will rule the word of monster. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Monster, get out! After fixing your disciples, I will go back and eat you. Wukong, help me, quick. Monster, get out! Monster, prepare to die! Monster, let my Master go! Ha, ha, ha. How dare you! You stink, worse than mine. Enough talk. Let’s fight. Alas, I forget you are puzzled. Kill each other. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Brother Sha, slap him! Smack him! Until he sobers up. OK. Brother, wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Brother! Wake up! Wake up! Ah, I thought it was something else. You are just a fox, a monster like you, how dare you catch my Master! Well… save Master first! Alas, brother Sha, uh? see my face, is it like a pig head? You are a pig! whoops, my face… Wukong! What? You naughty monkey, you don’t have parents, otherwise I must punish you! How many times have I told you? When a female monster caught me, you should save me after getting my signal. I… Go, you idiot! OK. Do you hear me? I was doing missionary work. Master, you are our benefactor. I don’t know how to pay you back. Or… could I marry you? You are the Emperor, I’m the Empress. Master, this… I’m not sure it was a good idea. OK. What? No. OK. No. OK. What shall we do? Master, don’t worry. The money is ready. You could go. Master, do you really want to do that? You could go. Master! Go. Brothers, let’s go. Brother Sha, go. Go. Disciples! Wait me! Master, why do you come here? Don’t you marry the Empress? We thought you don’t come. Why don’t I come? Help me. Go. How could I give up a forest because of a small tree? It is a pity. Anything else. Say anything else. What on earth do he mean? Master, elder brother, come and save me! I will eat Monk Tang. You tell me, why did the monster catch Pigsty? Why didn’t catch me? I’m upset. Come, catch me! I’m coming to catch you! Elder Brother? Master was caught by the monster again! Master. Please, don’t do this. We can’t go on a pilgrimage. You see, the monster hits me. I know, you will take care of me. Master. Take care. Brother left and won’t come back. I’ll eat you now. Ah. Where are we going? Save my Master. It’s over. We’re down.

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