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Lift this hand up Two hands Do this 5 times Do it close. Trainer ji I have been working on the Treadmill for a month now & still I have not reduced weight Why? Even after a month, you have not reduced weight? Even the equipment is new, lets see! Wait, I will check! Its working fine right? Then what happened to you? You try again Hubby, you were planning to go to your village, when are you going? You idiot How dare you tell me like that? How dare you tell me like that? What did I say, I said I will go in the morning! Hey bro, seems like you are working too much today! I am enjoying to the fullest! You think you will lose weight because of cycling? No doubt, I will surely lose weight How can you be so confident? Mmm I am thinking as if I am going to McDonalds & doing this! Trishul My charging is draining off, shall I take rest for sometime? You can be there for some more time right, will turn on battery saver? Now only 10% battery is left, shall I take rest now? I am playing my last round in the game, can be there for some more time right? Oh God Just 1% battery left, will get switched off now Atleast now let me rest, please… I have just kept you for charging, be with me until you get charged fully! Uncle Where are you going uncle? Nothing, by just eating & sitting I am putting on weight? Yes, I am able to see. Should you tell that separately? Yes & SDFS Gym has kept a challenge for us Challenge, what challenge uncle? If you work out for 75mins continuously Hey not the workout which you are thinking If you do gym workouts They will give a prize money of 1Lakh rupees What, 1Lakh rupees? Yes 1Lakh rupees Thus going to SDFS gym for winning the prize money And will be able to reduce my tummy too! What are you going to do? My dad id losing faith on me uncle I only don’t feel like trusting you, how can your father trust you? Uncle Okay, tell me whats the matter? I played a drama like I got Fits this morning with my father for cupboard keys With keys in his hands, he gave me another iron rod piece Auto He went off Sravya You are not like before, you have changed Now what happened & why did you get that doubt? Whenever I kissed you before, you used to close your eyes & feel it! But now you are not feeling it! Oh that… Whenever I close my eyes, I am losing 1000rs from my purse thus stopped closing my eyes!! Yes that project is done & next project meeting at 4 this evening! I will take care of that Okay What is this? Why is my wife calling me now? Is it power cut during her serial time? Hello Where are you? In office, what happened? Our maid went away with someone, her husband just informed So wanted to check if you are in office!! Hey if you are sleepy, park the car aside don’t mess with others life! Okay Who is it? Bro, what is the time? Its 7 Its 7, okay. Sleep Who is he? ** Singing ** What is the time? Master Masteruuu What sir? What is the time? Stupid fellow he also wants to know time from my watch only! It is 8 Okay, now you sleep! Let me sleep properly you idiots What happened? ** Thinking about what might be the time ** Sir Sir Hey sir What bro? What is the time in this watch? Entire Hyderabad wants me to ask for time What happened? Its 8.30 bro Its 8.30 Okay Hey your work is to drive & not sleep, do driving! You guys will not let me sleep? Now see Now let me see how will you ask time! Its been many days I have met my girlfriend ** Singing Song ** I don’t have watch Do I have or what? Master Master Who is he? What sir? You don’t have watch right? Its 9.20 now Why to stick paper for that? You can ask me right?

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