Fun Bucket | 227th Episode | Telugu Comedy Web Series | Nagendra K | TeluguOne

Fun Bucket | 227th Episode | Telugu Comedy Web Series | Nagendra K | TeluguOne

Oh God In LKG itself if he is asking Shanti to come for a movie What if he goes to higher classes? It is scary to even think about it! I should complain to his dad urgently! G Prashanth son of G Satyanarayana Hello Hello Am I speaking to Mr. Satyanarayana? Yes.. Satyanarayana speaking.. who is this? You are the father of one of our kids Is it? Anjali No sir Sunita No Ramya No sir Mouni No Hey Sauji ** Telling many other names ** There is nothing wrong in the seed being like this when the sapling itself is like that!! I am your Prashanth’s teacher speaking!! Oh, tell me madam! Coronavirus has reached Hyderabad also itseems! Yes bro, even I am very scared Getting scared to go out! There are some masks itseems right, buy them Both of us will wear! I bought shoes last week It was written made in china in it Look at that car, it will be written made in china in it! Bought a phone last week, it was written made in china in it In the TV which we bought, even in that it was written made in china Why are you telling me all this? I know all that I never expected that even our death will be made in china!! Stop stop stop Open your mouth Blow God Police ** Getting scared of police checking ** Why is no one coming? Why has he parked the car there? Why is he not moving at all? Excudse me sir Where is your driver? My driver’s wife eloped with her driver They have gone to sort that issue Drunk & drive test is happening ahead If you park your vehicle here, it will create traffic go home sir How sir? My driver is not there right? You drive for yourself I am a responsible citizen of this society sir It is incorrect to drink & drive & you will also charge a fine of Rs.10,500! Very noce sir You should be an inspiration to everyone Wait sir, will call our driver Listen Ramesh… Drop sir home & come!! What happened, why are you so late? Bought a new shoes & they are very tight Not feeling like wearing them They will get normal after sometime, lets go! Hey where Will change my shoes and come But why? Will wear these after 2 weeks Doctor, is everything okay? Yes Is the baby fine? Yes fine! Will delivery happen in 2 days? No need to worry, things will be fine Is it a boy or a girl? Asked simply Your native place is Turpalam right? Yes mam Then why did you travel so far? Are there no hospitals in your vicinity to deliver babies? No no, why did you think so? There is Ganga hospital near our place ** Tells all the hospital names in his village ** Are you crazy, then why did you get her here with only 2 days for delivery? After the 1st delivery, the doctor called us & said the 2nd delivery should be far! Thus I bought here mam New constitution which has come to immediate effect Feel like drinking tea Read the headlines Who will press my legs? Hello Subbarao ji How are you? The climate is very nice Listen, get a cup of Tea for me Getting it.. Tea must be strong Okay hubby ** Thinking of making FD ** Listen, get me tea Wait, I will get Take it Why are you so angry? You think I have 4 arms? Work in office is so tiresome! Listen Get a nice tea I will get it when ads play inbetween this serial Stupid fellow, he will come & ask tea now & then Hey Not you, I am talking about the serial Mom are there signals available? Are you able to listen to me? What are you doing mom? Hey I am fine mom Hey Unable to bear, boss’s torture in the office My head is aching, go & get tea Don’t disturb me, will get it when I am free! Your hands & legs are fine right, go & keep for yourself! Mom, you tell me I have one boss in the office & one at home Fold it without shriks Okay It’s been many days I drank tea you made What? No no nothing I was planning to keep tea, thus asked if you also want Go Take Yukk Tea is extremely bad like your face Is it, sorry!! Hey Uday Hey Corona man Where are you going buddy? Planning to go to ATM & draw money! Okay, I will also come Sure So many people in queue? Bro you got discharged yesterday only right? Did the virus effect still not reduce? Come on.. Bro, come here What bro? Idiot, I have to go home now & take dettol bath! Saw how I iritated? Can you see her coming, she studied along with me Without marrying me she married someone else See how I irritate her now Hey Suchi… Seems lie your hubby is a big fool right? What does that mean? He washes ladies clothes itseems right? Idiot… Stupid Thank you… Saw how I irritated her? Why do you want youself scolded by everyone? Hey you have girlfriend right? Yes She is still with you, did she not find anyone else? You and your dirty mouth, idiot… Yes, I want that only scold me more. Why do you want me to scold more? Don’t you know, pretty girls fall only for idiots itseems Thus telling everyone to scold me

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  1. భార్యలను మరి అంత తక్కువగా చూపించకండి
    ఆడవాళ్లు అందరు మరి ఊహించినట్టు లేరు
    అందుకు example నా భార్య
    తను దొరకడం నా అదృష్టంగా భావిస్తున్నా
    ప్లీజ్ ఆడవాళ్ళని తక్కువ చేసి చూపించకండి

  2. చాల బావున్నాయి జోక్స్ సూపర్ 👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌

  3. Friends mee videos Anni superb ga vuntayi cinema lo vache chatha jokes kanna mee videos cha ala baguntayi evaru yemanna pattinchu Kovaddu keep going all the best guys

  4. Anni jokes chala bagunnayi Anna husband and wife jokes before 1970's to after 2020 excellent ga undhi video

  5. I respect your hard work towards entertain us but story lines are older, plzz update bro. Previous episode's are better then this. No worries do some better. Thank You guys. We r waiting for ur next epi…..

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