Funny Justin Bieber Interview | The Diego Show

Funny Justin Bieber Interview | The Diego Show

>>DIEGO: Okay. Hi. Welcome to the Diego show. Uh, the best show in the whole wide Mexico. [Intro music] Uh, today we have a very special guest. His name is Justin Bieber. Thank you for being here Justin.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Thanks for having me.>>DIEGO: You have the number one song in the universe
right now.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Yeah, it’s number one in the world. Yeah.>>DIEGO: Universe. What. Uh. So. Can we hear it? Can we play the song please? Play the song? [Soundtrack – What Do You Mean?]>>DIEGO: Wow, that’s really good.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: You like it?>>DIEGO: That’s really good.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Thank you dude.>>DIEGO: I really felt the emotion. So tell me what it’s like to be Justin Bieber?>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Uh, it can be hard sometimes. Umm.>>DIEGO: Like for me, it’s terrible.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: In what way, what do you mean?>>DIEGO: Like my wife is crazy.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Yeah?>>DIEGO: She like checks my phone, like everyday.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Yeah. I mean you just gotta be conscious of just
like if you’re gonna message someone just delete the message. You know?>>DIEGO: Yeah. Ok.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Or be good. Or just like if you love your wife, just don’t mess around.>>DIEGO: Uh no. Ok we’re going to take a quick commercial
break. We’ll be back right after this message.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Okay.>>DIEGO: Blockbuster. Tell me about your new album.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: It’s been taking a long time. Uh, probably about three years now.>>DIEGO: Wow.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: It went through a lot of different transitions of like figuring out what I wanted to release and how I wanted to release it and what timing
and all that stuff is and it all goes…>>DIEGO: Wow, three years.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Yeah.>>DIEGO: Three years ago I, I was not married. It was much happier days. If I give you a beat right now, could you
freestyle?>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Maybe.>>DIEGO: Okay. [music] One. Two. Three.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Alright. Yo, hanging out with Diego.>>DIEGO: Wow that was cool.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Yeah, that’s it?>>DIEGO: Yeah, that very talented.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Appreciate that.>>DIEGO: Could I try?>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Yeah, yeah go ahead. Do you want me to give you a beat?>>DIEGO: Could you give me a beat?>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Yeah.>>DIEGO: Let’s do it. [Beat box from Justin Bieber]>>DIEGO: My name is Diego and I hate my wife. That’s pretty good, no?>>JUSTIN BIEBER: That’s it?>>DIEGO: I like … I thought it was pretty good.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: What’s something awesome about your wife?>>DIEGO: Well, every Saturday she leaves the house. And she, she goes to supermarket. She goes to supermarket to buy groceries.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Okay.>>DIEGO: I, I, she goes to supermarket and buys groceries. I love that.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Why?>>DIEGO: Cause she’s not in the house.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Okay.>>DIEGO: Do you want to have children one day?>>JUSTIN BIEBERr: Hopefully.>>DIEGO: Why?>>JUSTIN BIEBER: I just, I don’t know, I wanna see little versions of myself. I think that could be pretty cool.>>DIEGO: Sounds a little scary, no? Can you do impressions?>>JUSTIN BIEBER: I don’t really have any, but I can do the face of like …>>DIEGO: Like who?>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Robert Di Nero.>>DIEGO: Robert Di Nero?>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Cause he be like… I don’t know. What about you, do you have any impressions?>>DIEGO: That was pretty bad.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Yeah, I know, but do you…>>DIEGO: Where do you see yourself in ten years?>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Hopefully, I have like a Grammy and I am like just further along in my career and settled down a little bit. What about you?>>DIEGO: Me?>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Yeah.>>DIEGO: Uh, divorced. It’s interesting being a puppet.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Yeah, it seems like it would be different.>>DIEGO: You … we always have a hand inside of us.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Yeah.>>DIEGO: You, you must know what that’s like, no? Thank you so much for being on my show Justin. Thank you Justin.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: No problem.>>DIEGO: Congratulations on your success.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Yeah.>>DIEGO: Number one song and the new album.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Thank you.>>DIEGO: Are you touching my hand?>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Yeah.>>DIEGO: Oh, it’s nice.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: What are, what are you feeling right now?>>DIEGO: A lot of emotions.>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Yeah? It feels so right.>>DIEGO: Okay, could you stop?>>JUSTIN BIEBER: Okay. Okay. Sorry. [music]

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  2. OMG!! When he was like you always got a hand in you when your a puppet and then he said you must know what that is like I died laughing😂😂😂

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