Funny Neeti Palta  Roasts Zakir Khan ( Sakht Launda) | Fight Comic | Comedy Munch

Funny Neeti Palta Roasts Zakir Khan ( Sakht Launda) | Fight Comic | Comedy Munch

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  1. ese kisi ki physical appearance par roast. …orr agar zakir roast kare to isse suddenly feminist thing will come out …..sad…..!!!

  2. lol good ! Roasting a comedian is fine till you don't take it seriously ! They take it supportive ,the way they crack it on others !!

  3. Kon he re ye lavdi saali,kach kach kar rh h zihaadi behudaa aurat,aurat v h ki ni doubt h,kaahan se aate h bc ye sab lavdi saali log

  4. Mast li yaar isne toh log nak kata sakte hai but Zakir man no words….. But Zakir Bhai ka face was like I have so much to say..

  5. I don’t understand why in India making jokes on someone’s looks is considered funny.. this is not humour, this is derogatory. Shame on Neeti Palta👎🏽

  6. I wanted to comment something against her.. but looks like comment section is filled with that.. coze bhai ke fan nahi hai bhai ke dost hai..!!

  7. Super se upar yr charity bhi koi chiz hai 😂😂
    Tumlog sirf apni naak kata skte ho yaar Neeti love you ur awsm

  8. That's actually RACIST. People are not ugly because of their SKIN COLOR. That's actually pretty offensive and mean, it's not roasting, it's RUDE, he seemed to take it well though, poor guy! Haha

  9. Don't call yourself a stand up comedian NEETI PALTA. Keep the roast aside but every time I saw your video it makes me think a bit to find comic sense in that so don't act like u r a smart comedian.. Ohhh I know I can't call u female comedian. That's make ur feminism grow up. I believe women should be empowered but not you neeti palta. Bhai vo connected hai Humse. He haven't played any male card for that su ces(sorry male card doesn't exist na and female card also doesn't exist ut you use it in a manipulative way showing yourself liberal… Bullshit. Now if I say you go get f**ked by urself then nobody should offend as the world can be progressive for men too if u think that too. And forget everything tune bhai ko bola hi kaise and remember…
    Sachin sabka baap hai🖕🖕🖕🖕

  10. Hahaha she had nothing to talk about his skills so she started taking about his colour and financial condition . SHE WAS NOT FUNNY AT ALL

  11. If you really want to roast someone ,just don't judge them by colour.
    This was probably worst roast because you were being racist.

  12. मेडम नामज़ के बारे में सही नही कहा आपने ऐसे तो पैर छूते हो झुक के तब भी कोई भी लेलेगा

  13. Religion k upar aur color k upar roast karna ghalat baat hai .

    Comment box check kar le ulta yahan tera roast ho gya palta

  14. zaker bhai
    Plz 5 times namaz padiye
    Inshaallah aur imaan paaka honga aapka aur allah aur tarique denga

    Jai Hind

  15. Namaz ke had Tak mazak nahi plsss …. Jhukaake maardete musalmaan bjp ki tabhi to saalo ki gaand phat ti aur kamzoro ko group bankar maarte hai … Gaand me Dam.hai to ao hand to hand

  16. I really felt that the namaz joke was over the limit. I mean you can't just say anything just because you want to roast someone. Have at least some standards.

  17. Neeti you are an awesome comedian but roasting zakir on his colour is not a good thing to do it is actually very offensive

  18. Look at her,

    They stand for MINORITIES,
    They stand for WOMEN,
    Because they are MODERN.

    But when they mock a person for their looks, thay are NOT RACIST,


  19. I will never understand the comedy of roasts. I somehow find it more offensive than funny, even though I know, it's not serious. Just seems unnecessary.

  20. She is a good comedian but this is completely racist …. You can roast him based on money, personality anything but roasting based on colour and religion is really bad 😟

  21. Agar ye America me hota….to abhi tak dark skin wale comment pe Bandi jail me hoti.
    Aur yahi ek bandi ko kahdo yo unki maa chud mere skin color pe comment kaise kiya

  22. Kya faltu hai yaar, Abhi kale gore pe jokes , usse accha toh 8th class be bacche udate hai ek dusre ki.
    Professional Comedian ?
    I think not.
    Too lame .

  23. Its not roast actually. Its like insulting someone for their skin color and personality. If a guy would say things like that to a lady. Then 80 percent of feminists would be furious. Blody boycut wali budhou aurat khud ko sudhar pehle 😇

  24. Ise joke krna nahi insult krna kehte hai didn't expect like this thing from u mam, rly disappointed 😠😠😠😠

  25. Neeti Was just Awesome…I love both Neeti palta Nd Zakir Khan Nd it's not a issue to be offended because it's a comedy Nd we all should take it as comedy Nd not an insult…Both Neeti Nd Zakir is successful Nd both are capable nd well known Nd Well deserved comedians…At last Neeti did an Absolutely Great Roasting…Love you Neeti palta Nd Zakir khan…keep up the good work…

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