FUNNY PICTURES taken in Japan by foreigners. A new view on Japan.

FUNNY PICTURES taken in Japan by foreigners. A new view on Japan.

I took a picture of this girl’s pantsu! Especially at night, the lighting is so beautiful! The naked barbies all across the back wall… – They were naked?-
Yeah in plain sight. Hey guys this is Cathy Cat! And today we will go and ask Foreigners about a recent fun picture they have been taking here in Japan. So let’s go and ask Foreigners in Japan! What is the most recent fun picture that you have been taking here in Japan? Please show me! – I went to Yoyogi Park.
– And what is that? – It’s Torii gate. It’s really pretty, I wasn’t expecting there to be so many big green tall trees. I am visiting from Canada and it’s just nowhere near that green there, it’s pretty. It’s just cool the architecture and the style… It is not something I have ever seen really anywhere else, so yeah I also got this picture of this cat by the shrine and that was… Nakano, a park in Nakano because we went to Nakano Broadway. Nothing was open yet so we went to a park. It’s just a cat sitting on a shrine. I thought that was really cute and really Japanese. What is the most recent kinda funny picture you have been taking in Japan? Can you put it on your phone and show me… I took a picture of this girl’s pantsu. I bought this figure… I bought this figure and I took a picture of her pants. Right … ok… Keep that open. Which figure was it? Her name is Sophie from PriPara. It’s this really cute Anime and I was looking everywhere for her figure. I finally found it and the first thing I did was make sure her pants are there. – Did you buy the figure in the end?
– Yes I did. – So she has purple pants – YES!
– You checked that? – YES! We were in Miyajima Island. You know, in front of Hiroshima. We were in front of the main shrine in the sea. It was really funny because it was raining so much, that after those pictures we were like all wet all over and we had to come back to the hostel. Oh dear… but it looks very pretty! We had so much fun even if there was so much rain! We went to the forest, so it was amazing. Ok, please show me a picture that you have recently taken in Japan! This is our first picture in Harajuku. Ohh Harajuku station! Why did you take a picture there? Coz I found it’s a very unique building to remember as a tourist very clear more memories in Japan. How about you? What’s your picture? This is a picture of a temple that we took in Asakusa. You know it was very beautiful there. Especially at night, the lighting is so beautiful. – What time did you go there?
– We went there at 7. How about you? What’s your picture? This is my picture. There are three girls from our members And they are tourists from Poland. They wore kimono. That’s very nice. Where was that picture taken? In Asakusa. There is a bus and it said banana poodle. – A what?!
– It said Banana Poodle. I don’t know why but it just said banana poodle. Alright, somewhere on the bus?… Yeah We were just walking along the street looking for breakfast. The bus was there. I am quite obsessed with poodle things and I find it funny whenever I see something like that. There was a shop up the street and it’s all pink insi de so I decided I am moving in there. Alright so what can we see in the picture? They have this little bunk bed set up and everything. – Inside the store?
– Yeah. A little couch and a little beauty… like a little dresser and there is barbie dolls and everything set up as well. So I thought it was pretty cute. The naked barbies all across the back wall… – They were naked?
– Yeah in plain sight! Oh I see… Well cool that’s all the questions! Thank you very much! On that now, let me show you my fun picture from Japan. Actually when I put this picture up on Twitter it got more likes than any of my other twitts EVER! Because this is actually a cute little animal that crawled out my cabbage I think it was very organic. They really did not use any pesticides on this. I started squealing because suddenly something moved on the plate… It was big I swear… Japanese insects are like… HUUUGE. So that was my little friend that lived with me. I gave him a new home outside in the garden. How about you? What is your recent funny picture that you’ve been taking? Please, please upload it on Twitter, put in the Hashtag #AskJapanese And I’ll have a look and we’ll read it together. Looking forward to see what your recent funny picture is. So thank you very much for watching! We asked more Japanese people click the top right of the screen Thank you very much for watching, catch you soon here on Ask Japanese. Oh and if you should do our subtitles thank you very much! Looking forward to more of those! Thank you! Bye!

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  1. :O I'm early it seems. yaay 😀 I am thinking about going to Japan sometime in the future, not sure when, yet 🙂

  2. "visiting from Canada"

    Clearly from a shithole like Alberta then, because BC definitely has that kind of scenery :^)

  3. I didn't have my phone with me at the time, but a few days ago when I was out walking with my dog, a deer jumped out of the forest, right in front of us, other than that, I don't really have any funny pictures, unless you want a picture of my entire Spice & Wolf collection.

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