Futurama – The Science of Comedy

Futurama – The Science of Comedy

With great science fiction The World of Tomorrow should always shed some light on the issues of today. The story told from the perspective of the future can be humorous and satirical… …but it can also be uplifting and inspirational and swear to get a perfect blend of everything, which it what makes a show like Futurama so significant. Futurama premiered on March 28th 1999. Created by Matt Groening and written and developed by David X. Cohen, and it tells the story of Philip J. Fry, a 20th century pizza delivery boy who is cryogenically frozen and thrust into the retro futuristic world of the year 3000. Fry: “God, it’s the future my parents, my coworkers, my girlfriend I’ll never see any of them again YAHOOU!” And it took that grand Sci-Fi adventure concept and weaved it into a heartwarming character-driven sitcom. Futurama could have very easily
been a formulaic workplace comedy set in the future but with it’s incredible
world-building interesting thematic exploration and all the mean potential
you could ask for Fry:”Shut up and take my money” It was able to subvert the expectations of being just the 31st century Simpsons club. Groening: “I love the American family and so what
The Simpsons that was my take on the American family so what I’ve done to the
American family with The Simpsons we’re gonna do the science fiction with
Futurama we poked fun at all but, all the ridiculousness and the trivia science
fiction and at the same time we honor it.” Professor: “Hail Science!” Futurama has a genuine love of
science and science fiction and that’s no surprise coming from a creative staff
that’s been dubbed “The most over-educated cartoon writers in history” With three PhDs, seven master’s degrees and over 50 collective years at Harvard University. David: “We had several actual scientists in our
writing staff I was a mere master’s degree in Computer Science but we had Ken Keeler PhD in Applied Math, Bill Odenkirk PhD in
Chemistry and Jeff Westbrook PhD in Computer Science so if those guys
couldn’t answer it we, then we made something up” Bringing science and
mathematics into the writing adds a stronger logical structure at the stories being told. Take the episode “Prisoner of Benda,” for example. When writer Ken Keeler was given a chance to design and prove his own mathematical theorem to solve a body swapping scenario in which no two characters could swap minds more than once. The episode was unanimously acclaimed for its intricate plot and complex writing and earned Keeler his second WGA award
the first as well as the first for any animated project went to the 2003 episode “Godfellas”, in which Bender becomes his
own microcosmic god, much like the famous sci-fi novella by
Theodore Sturgeon Bender: ” You know, I was God once” Cosmic Entity: “Yes I saw, you were doing well until everyone died” Futurama offered so many interesting
insights into life and it used more than just humor to entertain its audience. I don’t laugh as hard watching Futurama
as I do when watching something like South Park which had an episode similar
to “Godfellas”, where Cartman is worship by a race of seamen. I mean aahh people Cartman: “They think i’m God YES! I am God of the Sea People!” And where South Park use that premise as a catalyst for the humor, Futurama took a more philosophical
approach exploring theology and the relationships between men and whatever we considered gods. Fry: “Wow, that’s pretty deep” Futurama has
always been the master of hiding brilliance in plain sight, bridging the
gap between comedy and arithmetic while bringing humanity into the science. David: “There’s not a lot of things in that category comedy science or comedy
science fiction so there weren’t a lot of role models and I think it took us,
took us a little while to figure out how to do that but I think what ultimately
happens is the more seriously we took the math and the science and at the end the
science fiction element the better the comedy worked too because we had sort of
this serious set up side and then the characters petty concerns play very well
as comedy against you know the fate of the universe and billions of years of
history and that kind of stuff so so really what we found to our surprise is
take the science seriously, take the science fiction seriously and the whole
show works better that way” It’s got a broad toolbox at its disposal
when constructing a narrative and that allows it to tackle meaningful issues
like global warming, multiculturalism and racial prejudice. And explored through the lens of a cartoon it doesn’t have to sacrifice its comedic
identity. Futurama understood that the future shapes a lesson for the present and satire doesn’t always need to be steeped and pessimist. Underneath that zany space adventures, there’s an incredibly intimate story about love, friendship and the significance of one person’s role in the universe. Bender:”You’re a pimple on society’s ass and you’ll never amount to anything” Futurama had a hell of a ride and after
14 years and 7 seasons, it’s gonna be dearly missed. It’s a show that touched millions of people by respecting the intelligence of its
audience and somehow found humor in academia It may be gone for now but after four
different cancellations, you never know what the future may hold for this legendary piece of animation. [End Music]

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  1. Great video. Awesome how you had the hypno toad at the end there. I love this show. It can never go stale

  2. Of course, having a 20th century Masters degree is like having a 30th century high school diploma. And a Ph.D. is like being a Junior College graduate.

  3. I honestly think that as good as The Simpsons was back in the day, Futurama was better. Maybe it's because I'm a science geek, but Futurama is one of the best shows ever. As much as I miss it, I think it's good that it ended when it did, because it didn't have a chance to become stale like the Simpsons.

  4. A show who touches the nerds and geeks and anybody who love science and a show which inspires younger audience how cool science could be. Cause everywhere there is science. I never watched a series which was greater then futurama. And do you know what ? i dont underatand every joke but i know i will understand more after finishimg my it-bachelor and i look forward to watch all episode after getting my bachelor in a long marathon, to look if study was worth ^^

  5. I'm a man. 47 yr and if someone would have told me 35 yrs ago that I would watch and love a cartoon I've would have said they were crazy. But I love Futurama and Simpsons

  6. Futurama is great but I feel like it peaked in seasons 2-3 and never really managed to reach that high again. I don't mean that it became a bad show or lost it's identity, but the writing never felt as sharp or dense as it was for those two early seasons.

  7. I don’t want futurama to come back, all great things come to an end and as sad as it is better died a hero then become sponge bob

  8. We watched that bit about global warming in school. As a Futurama fan, I almost couldn't believe we were going to watch one of my favourite TV-shows for education at first

  9. The episode where he finds out his brother named his son after him is my all time favourite, the next is the fossilised dog one. Not gonna lie they both hit me way too much in the feels

  10. Bender represents Jesus btw. I am not trying to be a missionary, I am serious. Like Jesus, he has a clear function; and like Jesus, he drinks alcohol.

  11. Man Nostalgia trip. I binged watched all the episodes over a 3 month period, a show has never truly replaced it since. I miss the shoe to be real. I hope it does come back.

  12. I may not have understood every smart joke that was placed in the episodes, but when I read an article about the stuff I missed, I appreciated them for being there. I'm also happy this show ended the way it did. It wasn't the greatest ending, but it ended on a high note when it was still good. It didn't overstay its welcome, like simpsons is doing.

  13. In one sense, poke fun at, is just another way of saying plagiarized. Not that I don't love Futurama, but citations would be nice.

  14. I hope Futurama never come back on air. It had a perfect ending, and I waited years for that ending. I fear that, if they come back it would ruin this perfect series <3

  15. Awesome, I’ve bought all the DVDs then again with the Blue Rays. Thanks guys, you are all very much missef. (Ed. missed)

  16. Prisoner of Bender is a rip off of a Star Gate episode, am I the only one who remembers that episode when they meet that Merlin looking Gaold hunting wizard.

  17. Honestly, The Simpsons should've been canceled instead of Futurama, I still watch Futurama and the show is great, Simpsons brings nothing new to the table today.

  18. Don’t lie

    You cried when Seymour waited for fry to come back
    And when fry was able to be with his mom one last time thanks to nibbler

  19. One of my favorites, for sure !
    Bender representing the true evil side of human nature , Cain , an unnatural creation , being represented by hypno-toad.
    Toads are the symbolism for Canaanites.


  20. I've paused this video at about two minutes and twenty seconds to speculate in the comments on whether or not you will speak on the extremely subtle and amazing running jokes. My favorite being one that starts in the Octoberfest episode when the Professor asks Fry what his name is and Fry responds with "Most folks call me Orange Joe." This joke comes back in the next season when Fry is warning everyone not to do something and the Prof. says "Yes, everyone, listen to Orange Joe!"

    As far as I know, that nickname never returns or is used again in the series. It's one of the most subtle and satisfying jokes to catch.

  21. One of the greats, science plus comedy equals a perfect cartoon and Futurama did that, I still watch that show to this day

  22. Y'know what I love about it? Most shows get more cynical and miserable and snarky and bitter over time. Futurama does the opposite by showing Fry's family being nicer people, his relationship and friendships improving, and even the likes of Hermes, Bender, and fucking Zapp become nicer over time and develop actually vaguely nice qualities. It's just kind of sweet, compared to most shows which make their characters nastier over time for cheap laughs.

  23. Awesome tribute!! I'd prefer to watch reruns than have Futurama become this zombie show nobody watches anymore like the Simpsons or Family Guy. On the other hand, they could be like South Park and still be relevant. Also I'm supporting this channel on Patreon after the sutil suggestion of my master: hypno-toad. Thanx!!!

  24. Show still holds up today, my older brother has all the VHS tapes we recorded back when it aired and it's all in boxes in his shed and he gets really pissed off if I even look at his shed, he's a nice guy but he's a complete jerk about this stupid shed, I wanna buy the boxset of Futurama and experience them on DVD.

  25. So I watched this video like a year ago or so and after watching it I binged watched futurama for the first time and God damn it's a good show

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