Gair Kaanooni {HD} Hindi Full Movies – Govinda, Sridevi, Rajinikanth – Hit Film – With Eng Subtitles

Gair Kaanooni {HD} Hindi Full Movies – Govinda, Sridevi, Rajinikanth – Hit Film – With Eng Subtitles

Asha.. what happened.. is
it a boy or a girl? Asha.. Asha.. Asha.. Excuse me Mr. Dalal.
– Yes. Here’s your baby. This.. is it a boy? Oh no.. it’s a girl.. congratulations. It’s a girl.. and you are
congratulating me?! Don’t you feel any shame?
Take her away. Where shall I take her?! Take her to hell.. throw
her in a dustbin. What nonsense Mr. Dalal..
don’t be so rude. Decosta.. Hi Mr. Dalal.. congratulations..
you have got a daughter. What congratulations man..
I am being ruined here. My wife’s father.. my father in-law.. He is owner of five shoe factories. He has kept one condition that if
my wife gives birth to a boy.. Then he’ll transfer all the
factories in my son’s name. And if she gives birth
to a daughter.. Then he’ll donate his property to
beggars and make me a beggar. He seems to be quite a fool.
– Oh yes.. But if I become a beggar..
I will not be alone. You also will become a
beggar along with me. What are you saying man?! Oh yes.. because we are partners. If we are partners in profit.. Then we will also have to
share the loss equally. I will tell the whole world..
I will tell the law.. That you were just an ordinary
medical assistant.. That you bought duplicate
certificates.. And you became a doctor by those
duplicates certificates. And your wife Julie will
immediately divorce you. Oh shut up man. Now I will tell you a way
to shut down this shut up. My problem will be solved
if you help me. And your problem will also go away.. The solution is this.. I will change my daughter
with some.. ..boy who has taken birth
in your hospital. And I will adopt that boy. Congratulations inspector
Khanna.. you’ve got a boy. I have got a boy?! Oh no.. its you who has got
a boy.. we have got a boy. Thanks god.. are you all right? Oh yes.. but we both were
waiting so much for you. Oh.. both of you were
waiting for me?! Oh yes.. myself and your son. Oh! Well junior inspector.. did
you like your parents? Now you will have to
come back home early. Why? Because we both will be
waiting for you now. Congratulations inspector sahib.. Now when are you going
to give me sweets? I will go and bring sweets..
and imported chocolates. Oh my baby.. So you are sleeping. Hello.
– Is this a boy or a girl? A boy. Whose boy is it?
– Inspector Kapil’s. Shut up.. I don’t want a daughter who will
take away alimony with her. I want a boy who will
bring alimony with him. What are you doing Mr. Dalal? Oh Ms. Ruby.. I’ve heard that you want to go to
London to you’re your boy-friend? Otherwise he will
marry someone else. Am I right?
– Oh yes. I’ll give you the money for
return ticket and expenses. I will give you everything. If you change the registration
of these children. Okay? Okay. You have given birth to a boy. Boy.. but nurse was telling
me that it’s a girl?! That nurse has gone mad.. it’s a boy. But a girl is also incarnation
of goddess Laxmi. What Laxmi?! When a girl is born.. she takes
away all the money in alimony. Come on give me my boy..
oh my dear boy. You have got a daughter. What?! Oh yes.. you’ve given
birth to a daughter. Number 108. From where have you
brought this child? Bring my boy. This is your daughter only.
– No. Mr. Dalal said that he’ll give
me all the expenses for London. If he doesn’t give me then
I will tell everyone. Oh keep quiet.. speak slowly. If he doesn’t give you..
then I will give you. Oh yes.
– Give her some coffee. Oh yes.. how much sugar? What sugar man! Don’t you know that today’s girls
care about their figure? They don’t consume sugar
but saccharine. Sugar makes you overweight..
specially girls. While she is drinking this coffee.. Go and arrange for her ticket. Drink this.. I will arrange
for your departure. You will go very comfortably. Drink it. What is it? They have changed my child. Don’t be silly! – Really! It must be by some mistake. Nurse take this child in the ward..
– Our boy must be there. No sir.. there is no other
child except this. What?! – What nonsense..
it must be some mistake. I will go and see myself. Decosta.. Decosta.. Decosta.. what is this nonsense. Someone has taken my boy
and kept this girl there. Don’t you know my wife
is a heart patient? Don’t shout inspector Kapil.. This is a hospital.. not
your police station. Where is nurse Ruby? Ruby?! She must have committed suicide. Inspector Kapil.. she
was very worried.. ..after reading her
boyfriend’s letter. This is definitely
a case of suicide. This can also be a murder. Inspector Kapil.. you
always try to prove.. an accused on the
basis of your doubts. But I always.. Go scot-free.. but not this time. Where is our child? We’ll find him.. we’ll
definitely find him. These hospital people have.. What.. has something happened to him? Oh no. Is he ill? Oh no.. no.. Then bring him here..
I am very scared. I am getting very bad thoughts. Why don’t you keep quiet? There is no-one in this whole
hospital apart from this child. What?! Yes.. they have written
in the register.. ..that you’ve given
birth to a daughter. Who has written that? The hospital management. But don’t worry.. I will see them. I will arrest Decosta. But I won’t get my son back by that. Yes we’ll get.. we’ll get him. I will legally.. Shanti.. Shanti.. These people have hidden
my boy somewhere. I have given birth to a boy only. Nurse? Promise me that you’ll
bring back my boy. Promise me.. please. Shanti. Doctor! Nurse! Doctor.. see what has
happened to her? What is the proof of this
thing that you had a boy? The proof was that nurse who had.. ..given me the news
that I had got a boy. Suddenly that nurse
committed suicide. I think that nurse was murdered. So as there is no witness
to this case. The post mortem report
of that nurse.. ..has been submitted to
this court my lord. This is a lie me lord.. Because the chairman
of the hospital.. ..Mr. Decosta can do anything. This is a lie..
– Order.. order. Sorry sir. Inspector Khanna.. you will have.. present some witness
in this case. And till this case is decided.. you
will keep this child with you. No me lord.. I want justice. I don’t want consolation
in the name of justice. In this condition.. this court can
handover the child to any-one.. Who will take care of this child
till this case is decided. Yes my lord.. I will take
care of this child. This court is approving
five hundred rupees.. ..per month for the upbringing
of this child. And inspector Khanna will
have to pay that amount. Very well sir.. what more do I need. And this court is instructing
police department to.. ..submit the report to this court
after all the investigations. Inspector tell me that why
have you called me here? Mr. Decosta.. you would know
that some years back .. some students started their
practice after getting.. .. duplicate certificates
form a medical university. And they started playing with
the lives of patients. Out of those duplicated doctors.. You are also one duplicate doctor. What is this nonsense?! Shut up. You are the owner of the hospital.. ..where duplicate
medicines are used. Where patients are neglected.. and
they’re made to suffer and die. Many reputed doctors have become.. ..infamous because
of people like you. This is a lie and nonsense. These press reporters always
demand money from me. And when I don’t pay them, they
print anything about me. You are doing illegal business. You can not prove that. I can prove that. Oh that’s impossible. Its not impossible. Mr. Decosta.. your office is being
searched at this moment. What?! We have searched every corner
of Mr. Decosta’s.. ..home and office.. but
we didn’t get anything. You didn’t get anything?! You can go. Your file. I have heart that inspector Kapil
has gone to meet Aazam Khan. To ask him for his help. So as he can create
evidence against us. Mr. Dalal.. Aazam Khan
is in the jail. Welcome Kapil Khanna. Aazam Khan.. but what
you did is not good. Well what can I do.. it’s a habit. We have sent you to jail so as
you can get rid of this habit. But today I have come with
some important work. Just order me man.. my life
is at your service. Proof.. I can not get any
proof against Decosta. You must have opened many
safes for Decosta. But if you help the law just once.. I will definitely help the law.. Because of him your wife and
my sister lost her life. Because of him you were separated
from your child. I will send him to jail
along with proof. Thank you.. Government has pardoned your
remaining sentence for this. Thank you my friend.. thank you. Even if he is released.. he won’t
find the safe containing proof. But what if he finds that safe? I am still stuck on that
‘if’.. answer my question. Even if he finds that safe..
he won’t be able to open it. And what if he opens that safe? What if that ‘if’ thing
really happens? Kill him. ‘Aazam Khan has been murdered..’ ‘Go to the police station and
take its blame on yourself..’ ‘You will get ten thousand
rupees now..’ ‘And ten thousand after
your sentence is over.’ Very well. Hey Banto. What is it? My life’s stars are shining. See this.. I am going to get money. Speak with some sense.. You are always drunk. I swear by you my sweetheart..
see this. I have been given an offer
to go to jail for money. Dalal is paying me twenty
thousand for that. But what kind of blame
you will have to take? The blame of a murder. Twenty thousand rupees for
twenty years sentence. Twenty thousand rupees for
twenty years sentence?! How much money you got to take
this blame on your head? What are you saying
inspector sahib?! Who will go to jail for money? By god.. I have done this murder. How? Jeep’s light was very dim
and I met that accident. I got scared and ran away. No.. it was not an accident. My friend was deliberately
killed with that jeep. Who are these people? I don’t know.. I am telling
you the truth. You don’t know.. Tell me.. who murdered
my friend Aazam Khan? I murdered him. Tell me who murdered him? I am telling you the truth..
I murdered him. No.. you are lying. You are helping crime by taking
that blame on your head. Take him away! Don’t cry my dear. If Aazam Khan was your father.. Then he also was my son. Salaam sahib. I am your father’s friend. Don’t cry my dear. I will take care of your education. From today you’ll live with me. No.. no.. don’t touch me. Don’t touch me. My father would’ve been alive
today If you wouldn’t have.. him released from jail
and made him work for police. You are not my father’s
friend but his murderer. Go away from here.. I don’t
want to even see your face. No dear.. No.. – I am also very sorry
for Aazam’s death. No.. this is my father’s ash. I swear by this ash.. I will definitely revenge
my father’s death. And its not mine but it
is a government child. Government child?! Oh yes.. this is illegitimate child. It doesn’t have any
mother or father. That’s why the court
has given this to me. And its also paying me monthly
expenses for its care. Do you want to ask me anything else? Why should I ask you anything?
– Then go from here.. Your husband is waiting
to break your nose. What I have to do with you? Then get lost from here. Hey Banto?
– What is it? Come here.. you have got a lottery
of five hundred rupees. Lottery.. five hundred rupees?! Oh yes.. hurry up.. give
me that lottery. Where is that lottery.. take this. Well done my dear.. you
have unlocked my luck. Take these five hundred
rupees.. count them. Today goddess Laxmi
has come to my house. So from today your
name will be Laxmi. “Devotees are singing songs in
the praise of goddess Laxmi.” “Please be and give us your
blessings of goddess Laxmi.” “Please be and give us your
blessings of goddess Laxmi.” “Laxmi is the wealth
of rich people..” “Laxmi is the food
of hungry people.” “Laxmi is the wealth
of rich people..” “Laxmi is the food
of hungry people.” “Devotees are singing songs in
the praise of goddess Laxmi.” “Please be and give us your
blessings of goddess Laxmi.” “Please be and give us your
blessings of goddess Laxmi.” “Jai Jai Shri.. Jai Jai Shri..” “Say everyone.. Jai Jai Shri.” “Jai Jai Shri.. Jai Jai Shri..” “Say everyone.. Jai Jai Shri.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say again Hail Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say again Hail Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say with love.. Hail Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say again Hail Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say with love.. Hail Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say again Hail Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say with love.. Hail Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say again Hail Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say with love.. Hail Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say again Hail Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say again Hail Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say again Hail Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say again Hail Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say again Hail Laxmi.” “Come to our house goddess Laxmi..” “Take away our poverty
oh goddess Laxmi.” “Come to our house goddess Laxmi..” “Take away our poverty
oh goddess Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say with love.. Hail Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say with love.. Hail Laxmi.” “It’s yours.. it’s yours.. this
whole world is yours.” “It’s yours.. it’s yours.. this
whole world is yours.” “You are my mother in this
world oh goddess Laxmi.” “You are my mother in this
world oh goddess Laxmi.” “Whether it’s gold or silver..
come to me in every form.” “Whether it’s gold or silver..
come to me in every form.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say with love.. Hail Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say again Hail Laxmi.” “Oh goddess.. oh goddess..” “You are the goddess of prosperity.” “Oh goddess.. oh goddess..” “You are the goddess of prosperity.” “Oh goddess come to me.. come to me..” “You are the goddess of currency.” “Oh goddess come to me.. come to me..” “You are the goddess of currency.” “My pockets are empty.. come &
fill them oh goddess Laxmi.” “My pockets are empty.. come &
fill them oh goddess Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say with love.. Hail Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say with love.. Hail Laxmi.” “Come to our house goddess Laxmi..” “Take away our poverty
oh goddess Laxmi.” “Come to our house goddess Laxmi..” “Take away our poverty
oh goddess Laxmi.” “Hail Laxmi, Hail Laxmi.” “Say with love.. Hail Laxmi.” “Say with love.. Hail Laxmi.” Oh my god. Oh Nathulal has come.. let’s go. Hey you.. where are you? You put two extra charges on me.. I had to spend eighteen
years in jail. Did he give you the money? Oh yes I have brought
ten thousand rupees. Take this and count it. But where is my commission? What commission.. get lost from here. Hey man this is not fair. Oh come on.. get lost. Where will you take all this money? All this will remain
here when you die. Why don’t you shrug off some weight? Donate something to
this blind woman. Hey you.. how do you know
that I have money? You are blind.. I can see everything with
the eyes of my mind. I can see this also.. That here you are giving alms.. And there a palace is
being built for you. Give me.. give me something
more.. please.. Oh no.. take this one rupee more. But don’t let the work
of palace stop there. Where are you going my son? Please help this blind
woman cross this road. Your son?!
– Yes my son. Now listen to her.. she
is calling me her son. Come.. let’s go.
– Come on. Be happy son.
– Oh my waist. Let’s go my dear. Money is above everything. See this. What.. have you brought
something today? Open and see it. I have brought
ten thousand rupees for you. Oh well my dear lion. A sandal.. that girl. Blind. that beggar woman. Oh.. this old man has
reached my home! She is the that one. Oh Laxmi.. where are you going dear? Come here.. please come.. This is Laxmi. And dear.. this is your father. Oh.. this is my father! He looks like a father
but is not a father. What?! Looks like a father
but is not a father! Yes.. looks like a father
but is not a father. But how would I know.. That today I will have to
do this to my own father. But you had become a blind
woman outside that jail. I become anyone as per the time. As per the time.
– What? Yes.. a blind woman in the morning. One legged woman in the afternoon.. A girl in the evening. And
an old woman at night. Okay dear.. tell me one thing. Ask me. How did you take that money from.. armpit and put
that sandal there? Get up. Here I am. It’s nothing. Very simple See here.. this is your money. And this is my sandal. Just a slight push.. Sir please help me cross this road.. What happened.. what did you do? Nothing?
– No. Then just open and see it. Let me see.. sandal?! Yes sandal. My sandal is with you and
your money is with me. Well.. no problem.. Our money is safe in our own house.. And my sandal in my feet. By god you’ve trained
my daughter like me. What else could I do? Her father is not ready to
accept her as his daughter. I get only five hundred rupees
per month from the court. And what’s the value of
five hundred rupees. Hey listen.. tomorrow
is the court date. Tell the court to increase the
amount to thousand rupees. Okay.. okay. How unfortunate a child I am. I have a father.. but I don’t
get father’s love. Commissioner sir? You are aware that I have been.. with strangers
since my childhood. I’ve been longing for the love
of my mother and father. I don’t know anything about
my mother.. how she was. I know about my father.. But he also is not
ready to accept me. Will I have to live all my
life in strangers’ house? Will I have to live on
strangers’ earnings? Won’t I ever get my father’s love? Look Laxmi.. you can come
and stay at my home. You will get everything you want. But I won’t accept
you as my daughter. But why? Because the day I accept
you as my daughter.. This case will be finished. And I will never get my son. You withdraw this case. Cases are not decided merely
on faith and intentions. Maybe your son is.. No.. my son is alive. I agree that law can not help
me in getting my son. But I have full faith.. That wherever might be my son.. One day I will definitely meet him. “The clock of my heart
says.. Tick.. Tick.” “It’s telling me to always
you again and again.” “Come to me at six o’clock
in the evening.” “Go back at six o’clock
in the morning.” “The clock of my heart
says.. Tick.. Tick.” “Its telling me to always
you again and again.” “Come to me at six o’clock
in the evening.” “Go back at six o’clock
in the morning.” “Ding dong-Ding dong.. dong..” “Ding dong-Ding dong.. dong..” “Ding dong.. Ding dong.. Ding dong.” “I have come here only for you..” “I have brought this heart for you..” “Have you got the guts to
accompany me for lifetime?” “Sweetheart I am a real man” “For his entire life, o my beloved.” “Owns you someone here.” “I’ve made you mine.” “The clock of my heart
says.. Tick.. Tick.” “It’s telling me to always
you again and again.” “Come to me at six o’clock
in the evening.” “Go back at six o’clock
in the morning.” “The clock of my heart
says.. Tick.. Tick.” “It’s telling me to always
you again and again.” “I will come to you at six
o’clock in the evening.” “I will go back at six o’clock
in the morning.” “Ding dong-Ding dong.. dong..” “Ding dong-Ding dong.. dong..” “Ding dong.. Ding dong.. Ding dong.” “Where would I find
this kind of beauty..” “I am not able to take
my eyes off you..” “It’s magic, I’ve lost my senses.” “We’ll be together like..” “..the hands of clock
meeting at 12 o’clock.” “Let the world be upset.” “You and I will not be separated.” “The clock of my heart
says.. Tick.. Tick.” “Its telling me to always
you again and again.” “Come to me at six o’clock
in the evening.” “Go back at six o’clock
in the morning.” “The clock of my heart
says.. Tick.. Tick.” “It’s telling me to always
you again and again.” “I will come to you at six
o’clock in the evening.” “I will go back at six o’clock
in the morning.” Well done.. well done.
– Take care. You’ve done a great favour on us by
doing this show for our channel. Soon our sponsors
will deposit this..’s money in
your hospital fund. She is mad about her
hospital project. She brought me here
forcibly for that. You dance very well. Why don’t you make this
your profession? Oh yes.. why not. You mean to say that I should
make dancing my profession? No sir.. this profession needs
a lot of hard work and sweat. And I have a habit of earning
money without wasting my sweat. Hi dude.
– Hi Kimi darling.. how are you? You had told us that you
will make our passes.. And you will take us to
London for the show. You have to go to London darling.. Then what’s the big thing in that? You know that my dad is
a police commissioner. Oh really?! You all don’t know..
it’s very strange. He just has to put his
stamp on your papers. Where are you meeting us tonight? I will meet you tomorrow
in the hotel.. I mean I will meet you
tomorrow morning. Okay bye-bye see you. Bye.. bye. – But you are
son of Mr. Dalal Jutawala.. Since when you’ve become son
of a police commissioner? Try to understand darling. These are beautiful girls.. And I am trying to set them with me. Oh.. our marriage is being
fixed on one side.. And here you are trying
to set girls for you. Try to understand darling. Our marriage is being fixed.. We have not married yet. Once I am married.. Then I will leave all these things. I will not even look
at another girl. You hypocrite. Reeta darling. I think that he is romancing
me for my property. What?! That Jutawala wants to encash
me by marrying his son to you?! Dad.. I can kill him if you say so.
– Oh shut up.. You don’t know anything
except killing anyone. But dad.. I can do it.
– Oh leave me alone. Listen dear.. do one thing. You keep playing that drama
of love with that Om. Don’t let him have any doubt. Otherwise that Jutawala
will destroy such a big.. which I have
made in your name. Jutawala sir.. we are here. Oh.. welcome.. welcome. I am Chinnapa Mallapa Shetty. I have a readymade garment factory. Please welcome.. please be seated. Keep this dish here and
bag under the table. Tell me now. My daughter is sleeping with your
son’s photo under her pillow. And she has made a big photo of
your son and hanged it on a wall. And she dips his small photo in
tea and eats it like a biscuit. Seete.. Om.. Om my darling. We should immediately
fix their marriage. Oh yes.. its all right..
but what about this? What this? Don’t hold my thumb. Five lakh rupees alimony..
and half of it in advance. Five lakh rupees! Leave it if its too much for you. I have a party offering
six lakh waiting outside. Oh.. have you brought the money?
– Oh yes.. I have brought it. – Oh yes we have brought it..
we have brought it sir. Then why have you kept it
inside? Give it to me. Did you see it son? Yes dad. – This is called
Deepak Dalal Jutawala. And this is called Om
Narayan Lace maker. See how I took his money. One more party is coming. Look brother.. now you
fix the marriage. Om? Om. Om.. do you like the girl? Then give me two and half lakh
rupees advance of alimony. Take these two and half lakh rupees. Daddy.. we have take
these two advances. But how will I marry twice? What twice.. you won’t
even marry once. But how? Oh man.. we are not going to marry
but do the business of marriages. But what about the advance we have
taken? – We’ll return that. Okay.
– Have you got worms in your brain? We have taken real notes from them.. We will take real notes and return
duplicate notes to them. Isn’t it a business?
– Well.. very well. What are you saying?! My daughter is not going
to marry your son?! Look at him.. He had already married
to this bottle of liquor. I tried to make him understand.. That your daughter
is a bit less ugly.. Her father is a bit less
infamous in society. These people are a bit less cheats. But he is not ready to understand..
just look at him. We are less cheats?! Oh no.. I say everything reversely
and put less against it. If your daughter is beautiful.. Then I will say.. she is less ugly. If I am happy.. Then I will say that
I am less unhappy. Like he drinks very heavily.. But I say that he is
less in his senses. Its not so difficult. Like my father stays less quiet. But what about that
two and half lakh.. ..rupees of alimony
which we gave you? We don’t have that less money. But why are you returning
me the alimony? Look at my drunken father. He started drinking liquor
after sleeping. And he kept drinking till
he got up in the morning. Shameless father. Whole night drunkard! Full day drunkard. Your luck is bad.. your father
in law is a drunkard. You count your money. Oh yes I will count it.. you count
your steps back to your house. We will count our steps.. See this is the way
to count the steps. You fool. You stole that boy from my hospital.. And now you will marry that
boy with my daughter?! And then you’ll ask me for alimony?! Oh no.. alimony.. I am not that mean. Then how mean you are? I am meaner than that. I will demand alimony from
you.. shame on my life. I will spit on my own life. What do you think of me?! But why will I demand
any alimony from you. You will yourself feel ashamed
and give it to me. I don’t want your whole hospital. I will be happy with half of it. Hey.. what’s the number of this safe? Shut up.. listen with your open ears. Those are already open. My daughter doesn’t like your son. She is not ready to marry
him at any cost. Mr. Decosta.. you are my less enemy.. So I am regarding that less enmity.. ..and giving you this small advice. That you should not
keep tomatoes and.. ..your daughter for a
long time at your home. Because tomatoes will
remain fit to eat.. And your daughter will not remain
fit for the marriage. What do you mean.. tell me clearly. I will tell you very
clearly.. but later. But listen to this first.. you and
me are not separate from each other. We belong to the same
community of criminals. If you are Decosta.. then
I am Dalal Jutawala. If you are a question.. then I’m
the answer to that question. Yes. Birju.. there is a job for you.. There is a girl.. Decosta’s
daughter Reeta. You have to teach her a lesson. And you know how to teach
a lesson to a girl. Leave me.. leave me. Leave me. Don’t be afraid my dear..
we are your lovers. You are not my lovers..
you are my slaves. A slave.. A slave.. We are not slaves my dear..
we are your kings. King.. And there is an ace above the king. Who are you.. come out. A for ace and A for Akbar Khan. I will just come my dear. You son of a joker.. You must have played lot
of card game till today.. But today this Akbar Khan will
teach.. you a new game of cards. Keep this with you. Throw that cigarette here. Tell me.. you will do romance? You want to do more romance? Still you want to do
romance.. you idiot. What?
– What? Romance?
– Oh no.. Then give me the keys. Who else wants to see the magic? Fantastic.. no-one will believe it. Is it so.. may god bless you.. bye. Where are you going? Oh.. you just did the wonder. You beat these dangerous
thugs and saved my grace. Come.. I will tell my daddy
to give you some prize. Akbar Khan is not enslaved
to anyone’s job or prize. He earns his livelihood with hard
work and sleeps peacefully. He is not scared of death. Because he doesn’t have
anyone in this world. But what’s the harm
in taking a prize? And a brave man like you
should get a lot more. If I save the grace of
rich girls for prize.. Then who will save the
grace of poor girls? If I am rich, then what’s
my fault in that? Yes there is a fault.. Why do you rich girls wear
these kind of clothes? These kind of clothes?! What kind of clothes? These kind of clothes
will make me also.. Shut up.. Now leave that and come
to my home with me. Akbar will come when
he feels like coming. You can go now. Take this.. write your
address on any card. I will wait for you. R for Reeta and R for Rani. Who is it? Aazam Khan.. you were dead..
how did you come down? Have you come on a ticket
or without ticket? Have you come walking? Oh my god.. How can anyone come down like that?! This is a world record. Oh my god.. don’t come towards me. Hey Decosta.. What is it? What kind of thing you
have brought here? Who is it? Where’s your voice.. say something. Aazam Khan. You were saying he is dead..
see him.. he is alive. Who is he? Don’t touch him. What is it?
– It’s a soul. You regarded a living person dead.. ..after seeing a dead person alive. I have come here to ask both of you.. Who is responsible for my death? Who is the person who
had murdered me? So you are not dead.. You are alive and there can be
no murderer of a living person. What say Mr. Jootawala? You are very smart. Who are you?
– I’ll tell you daddy. He is the man who had saved
my grace and life. I have called him here. You had us scared.. But we didn’t get scared..
we are also very brave men. But we are less angry
with your bravery. Gentleman you are very brave. You can ask me for
anything you want. See that my safe.. I want
to give you some reward. Akbar Khan never asks for his
reward.. he himself takes it. Because he who ask for
something is a beggar. How to open this safe of yours? Akbar Khan knows about it. Sweetheart.. just see the magic of
Akbar Khan.. son of Aazam Khan. Shall I open your father’s safe? Open it. This is my reward. Oh great.. great. But tell me one thing dear.. Either I know the secret of
opening a safe like that.. Or your father Aazam
Khan knew about it. Where did you learn that? Decosta I know it
since my childhood. This body has my father’s
blood.. my father’s face.. Then the intelligence must
also be my father’s. Oh yes.. you got your father’s
face.. blood and intelligence.. But its very sad that you
didn’t get your father. How mercilessly he was killed.. And that killer is languishing
in the jail. Where is he? How would I know? What is his name? I will tell you his name
on one condition. But don’t tell my name to anyone.
– Tell me. His name is Nathulal. Nathulal.. come out. You can hide from your death.. But you can not hide
from Akbar Khan. Where are you hiding? What law will punish you.. Now I will punish you. You had killed my father.. And his son Akbar Khan
has come to punish you. Come out you rascal. Oh my god.. he is a
very dangerous man. Come inside. Nathulal. Oh my god.. don’t beat my husband. I have not killed your father..
I didn’t even know him. Then why had you gone to jail? For money. I’d been given money to take the
blame of murder on my head. What is his name? Oh no.. I can not tell you. You can’t tell me? Then be ready to die
for that murder. Wait.. please wait. You won’t believe him
even if he tells you. Read this letter.. read it yourself. See this.. its his letter..
read it .. read it. ‘Aazam Khan has been murdered.’ ‘Go to police and take the
blame on your head.’ ‘You will get ten thousand
rupees now.’ ‘And ten thousand after
your sentence-Dalal.’ Oh my god.. How insincere are people
in this world?! They kill people and send
innocents to jail. You people have become
slaves to money. You are afraid of poverty. You can do anything for money. But I will behead him and throw
his head at your feet. Not only his head.. but his
children’s head also. If you tell anything to police.. I have seen your house.. This Pathan will come back. Hey you.. come here. Is this Ganga Nagar? Did anyone come here? Was there any problem? Why don’t you say something..
are you people mute? You are mute? You said that there is a
problem in Ganga Nagar. This is not Ganga Nagar.. this
is mute Nagar.. idiot. Come on now.. let’s go. Hey.. stop it. Who is it my dear. I told you to apply brakes. I had applied the brakes but
she jumped deliberately. She is unconscious still
poor girl is mumbling. What happened.. what happened? Now take her to the hospital.. Or these people will beat
us and send us to hospital. Dad.. this girl is beautiful..
we’ll treat her at home. You want us dead! Pick her up! No-one will touch her. Pick her up quickly. – Yes. Oh she is a gem of a girl. Dad.. I am telling you.. make
her your daughter in law. Her face is shining like lightning. Hang her in our house.. you won’t
have to pay electricity bill. First listen to me. Our business is better. You set the girls and bring
there parents to me. I will fix your marriage and
take alimony from them. Then we’ll cancel the marriage and
return them duplicate notes. This is our business.. understood? There is a hospital
there.. stop the car. Which one.. that? Wait.. wait.. wait.
– What happened? She is awake. Yeah she is making noise. There is no need to
take her to hospital. I think she has regained
consciousness. No. Let us take her home.
– Again you are talking nonsense. Oh no.. she is such a beautiful girl. Oh my beautiful chicken. What happened? How come your foot has become bent? You dashed..
– You car over my foot. Oh.. your foot is broken.. very sad. Now go home. I won’t go like that. You want money? She is very smart. Take this.. go and have fun. I wont take one rupee. Then how much you want? Five rupees! Five hundred rupees.. five
hundred rupees dad. Five hundred rupees! Go and get lost from here. I have
not eaten since three days.. How can I pay you
five hundred rupees? What are you doing? If you don’t pay me.. I will tell public to beat you. Are you blackmailing me? Where did you come from to meet me?! Coconut oil.. why are you
scratching your head? Take this money also..
a gift from me. At least leave this bag here. You study? Listen? Didn’t you listen what
we were talking? You are mute? Your are deaf? Oh.. poor girl.. go. She is so smart. Dad?
– What is it? This girl is neither deaf nor dumb. What are you saying.. she is such
a poor and straight girl. Yeah she is poor and straight..
but she is not deaf and dumb. – Why? If she had been deaf and dumb,
then she wouldn’t.. ..have said yes or no
at your questions. It means this girl is
neither deaf nor dumb. This Dalal Jutawala.. Oh let her go dad. Our two and half lakh rupees
party is waiting for us. When that party is coming? At two thirty. Oh dad.. your watch is also gone. Mom.. see this. Very nice.. this also
has music in it. And see these thousand rupees.
– Thousand rupees?! It seems you got some
very rich person today. Not one but two persons.. both
of them were great frauds. They must have taken birth after.. ..death of hundred thousand frauds. Let them go to hell.. come
and eat your lunch first. Sit down.. I will bring your food.
– Oh.. the food can wait.. First tell me where my
father like father is. Oh what should I tell you.. Your father was an alcoholic.. But since he has got money,
he has gone out of control. But he was already out of control. Oh yes.. but he used
to drink only liquor. But nowadays he has started going
to brothels to hear the songs. He must have gone there..
to that Chamelibai. God only knows that
when she will die. Chamelibai.. Very nice.. very nice. Well.. very well. Oh why have you stopped
your harmonium? You?!
– Yes. How have you come here? Have some shame. These duplicate teeth and you
can’t even stand on your feet. What? You can’t even listen and you’re
coming here to hear songs. Why are you bothering me? Hey you.. get lost from here. Hey you shameless Chamelibai. He is your father’s age.. And you are dancing in
front of your father?! Let me be my father or grandfather. This is my business. These people throw money before me.. And I dance in front of them. Who are you to stop me?
– Me? Oh.. you can’t even fight.
– You bitch. Don’t abuse my parents. What happened? What happened my dear? What have you done this my dear? Tomorrow she has to
dance in a party. We have already taken advance.. Now how will she dance? I am sorry. If by tomorrow we do
not get 5000 rupees.. ..then how will she get operated? Is it very necessary for her
to dance in the party? Can’t somebody else go?
– Who else will go? I will. – What? I will dance and sing
for your treatment. They are telling such
big lies.. who are they? They are very big smugglers. They are India’s famous smugglers.
Do you know them? You didn’t call us in today’s party? Oh this party is for
rich people like us.. Not footpath dwellers like you. That dancer who is going to
dance today is my lover.. She will spend today’s
night with me. You’ll know about it
tomorrow morning. Is it so? “You have lightning in your feet..” “You have fire on your lips..” “You have clouds in your hair .. ..and wine in your eyes.” “If you keep cover on my face now..” “I will also keep cover on your faces.” “If you keep cover on my face now..” “I will also keep cover
on your faces.” “If you keep cover on my face now..” “I will also keep cover
on your faces.” “Accept my salutes and don’t disrespect or disgrace me.” “If you keep cover on my face now..” “I will also keep cover
on your faces.” “Oh your eyes have done such a magic on me..” “I can sing and dance for the whole night.” “Neither I am your enemy..
nor you are my enemy.” “If you make me infamous.. I will
also make your infamous.” “If you understand my signal now..” “I will also understand
your signal someday.” “If you understand my signal now..” “I will also understand
your signal someday.” “We should help each other.” “That’s why I am saying this.” “If you keep cover on my face now..” “I will also keep cover
on your faces.” “Your eyes have cast
such a spell on me.” “I think of you all the time.” “If you keep my word now.. I
will also keep your word..” “If you want I will keep
you also with me.” “If you bear this pain now..” “I will also bear everything
someday.” “If you bear this pain now..” “I will also bear everything
someday.” “Don’t uncover these things which should be kept secret.” “If you keep cover on my face now..” “I will also keep cover
on your faces.” “Accept my salutes and don’t disrespect or disgrace me.” “If you keep cover on my face now..” Oh come on.. take all the girls. Yes, pick her up. Leave us. This is my ring. Police.. police. Its not police.. they are smugglers. Driver.. why are they following us? Are these your fathers?
– What?! Hey.. get down.. come on. Hey Toni Decosta.. We were trying to get this
girl since a long time.. Where are you taking her? I have taken this girl.. and
my name is Toni Decosta. See this. We are ready to pay her price. My job is done.. now I will leave. Where are you going dear.. come here. Leave the girl otherwise
I will shoot you. You are so nice. – Shut up! My name is Toni Decosta.. Go away from here otherwise
I will shoot her.. understood? Move away Laxmi. Run away. I’ll not spare you. Come I will leave you home. Who are you to come with me? Who know you? Oh.. you don’t know me?! You stole my daddy’s wristwatch.. And I saved your life. Look.. If you talk about
wristwatch and money.. ..then I will go to police
and tell them everything. Okay.. okay.. I am leaving you
because you’re beautiful. But look.. I saved your
life.. didn’t I? Yes. I also saved your grace..
didn’t I? – Yes! Then at.. least give
me something in return. You are fond of becoming a hero.. So you sent these thugs behind me. I will not give you a single
rupee out of this. I will give some money to
that dancer’s mother. Okay.. don’t give me any money..
give me one kiss. What?! A kiss.. – ok! Turn your face here. Oh.. you are in your senses
even after drinking?! That’s called eating sweets
by acting like a dumb person. I keep red chilly powder
for situations like this. And it’s necessary for every young
girl to keep red chilly powder. Why.. do you want to cook something? No.. not for cooking.. but
for saving my grace. Remember.. you have thrown red
chilly powder in my eyes.. I will throw hot spicy
powder in your eyes. Sir.. today a person tried
to kill Nathulal. And he ran away even before
we reached there. His name is Akbar Khan. What.. Akbar Khan? Do you know him sir? I know him.. I know also his father. Akbar Khan has still not been able
to forget her father’s death. He has come to this city
after many years. We have set up traps all around. We will arrest him till tonight. No inspector.. remove all the traps. And let him roam around freely. This is my personal matter. Only I can take revenge
of my father’s death. And the fire of this revenge
is so dangerous.. Reeta I will burn in this fire.. And you also will become
an ash in it. I am ready to become an ash
in any kind of fire with you. No Reeta.. I am a dead body. Forget about marrying me. Because living persons can
not marry dead persons. You might separate
me from your life.. But I will always regard and
keep you close to my life. You can not take that
right away from me. We both are similar in one matter. You are also very obstinate
like me.. good bye. Hey.. hey.. who is it? Stop it! Who is it? Stop flashing the light. You are putting a torch
and beating me! Who are you? Do you recognize me? Commissioner sir.. you! Who will not recognize you? How can I forget you? How can I forget a person due
to whom my father was killed? Neither you have forgotten me..
nor have I forgotten you. Come with me.. I will save you
from going on the wrong path. You are.. I will take revenge for
my father’s death. And neither can you stop me
from that.. nor your law. It will be better for you to
remain imprisoned in a jail. You are under arrest. Try that also commissioner. I am very strict about my word. Only death can stop me. Oh no commissioner sir.. You have a pistol in your hand. Otherwise I would have
flown in the air. Take this. If anyone comes in the
way of my revenge.. I will kill him. But I have its key. Inspector? Yes sir. I will come out within
a year or two. Till then this ghost of revenge will not be there on your head. Bye.. bye.
– Take him away. Come on dear.. let’s go. Give me one Gold Spot. Please give me some money dear. God will help you. How will god help me.. I have
not earned anything yet. Bye darling.. I will be back soon. Oh god.. oh god.. Are you blind? I am blind and searching for light. But can’t you also see dear. But since when you became blind? Since yesterday.
– Since yesterday?! How? – What shall I tell you dear.. Yesterday I met a girl.. I
saved her life and grace. But she threw chilly
powder in my eyes.? Aren’t you that girl? Instead of thanking me,
she ruined my eyes. I ran to the doctor.. But doctor said no.. your
eyes can not be treated. You have lost the
light of your eyes. How sad.. oh my god I am very sorry. It’s all right.
– What happened then? What then.. I am in search
of a beautiful lady doctor. Aunty if you know any
such doctor. – Aunty?! Aunty.
– Aunty? Oh my god.. come on sit down. Not there but sit here. Oh not upon me.. sit behind me. Hurry up.. hurry up. Here we are gone.. Hey.. my bike. Hey thief.. thief. Inspector.. didn’t
you get that thief? Oh no.. what happened?
– What are you saying! He was trying to disgrace me. Trying to disgrace an Indian woman! I am coming from hospital
with my blind husband. Is your husband also blind my dear? Shut up.. I am talking about you. Yes I can understand something. Attempt of rape on a
blind husband’s wife! No.. this can not happen. You come to police station with me. Okay.. oh no.. you first catch them. I will go to police station
and wait for you. Oh yes.. I will go and catch him. You go ahead.. I will go behind. Got you! Come on. What are you doing? You are stealing.. you
are trying to rape? What are you doing? Oh that girl has take my bike.. Shut up.. everything else in court.. Come on get inside.. we’ll go to
police station. – How far is it? Twenty miles away.. go inside. Go straight.. hey where
are you going? You are very naught my dear. Sometime you call me your mother.. Sometimes you call me your aunty.. And sometimes you call
me your daughter. I am not a mother,
aunty or daughter. Okay.. are you young? What.. – Are you beautiful? Keep your hands at one place. Aren’t you that red chilly girl? I will throw hot spicy
powder in your eyes. You are looking like
dacoit Phoolan Devi. So you can see? Oh no.. I have become blind. I have become totally
blind in your love. Make me your husband..
make me your husband. You cheat.. you.. “Oh no dear.. oh no dear.. I don’t
want this disease of love.” “We want.. we want this
disease of love.” “Oh no dear.. oh no dear.. I don’t
want this disease of love.” “I want this illness of love.” “Oh no dear.. oh no dear.. I don’t
want this disease of love.” “Oh no dear.. oh no dear.. I don’t
want this disease of love.” “You boys speak only lies.. and set
and trap poor girls like us.” “We want.. we want this
disease of love.” “We want.. we want this
disease of love.” “You have four times more
love in your heart..” “But you girls say no to fool us.” “We want.. we want this
disease of love.” “I want this illness of love.” “Many a penniless boys like
you are behind me.” “Where ever I pass by.” “All the boys are dying at my feet.” “Do not think me penniless.” “I’ll build for you.” “A bungalow of notes.” “One two three four.. do
your want anymore.” “Oh no dear.. oh no dear.. I don’t
want this disease of love.” “We want.. we want this
disease of love.” “Oh no dear.. oh no dear.. I don’t
want this disease of love.” “We want.. we want this
disease of love.” “Oh no dear.. oh no dear.. I don’t
want this disease of love.” “We want.. we want this
disease of love.” “Don’t tell lies.. don’t tell lies..
don’t tell lies in love.” “Don’t tell lies.. don’t tell lies..
don’t tell lies in love.” “My intentions are strong and word
is true.. I swear by my youth.” “Don’t tell lies my sweetheart..
don’t tell lies in love.” “Today you love me so much..” “Will you love me like
this tomorrow..” “How shall I trust you?” “Don’t tell lies.. don’t tell lies..
don’t tell lies in love.” “Don’t keep doubts my dear.. don’t
keep doubts in your heart.” “Girls have more love than
boys.. I knew it from you.” “How do you know so much
about girls.. tell me.” “Tell me.. come on tell me.” “Shall I tell you..” “You feel the pain when I get hurt..” “A girl’s heart is a pool of love..
I have known it though you.” “Are you telling me the truth?” “I swear by my mother.” “Oh.. I’m in love..” “Oh.. you are in love.” “Oh.. we are in love.” “Now I have realized that
you are my love..” “You are my world.. you
are my sweetheart.” “And you are the shining
spot on my forehead.” “Don’t go away.. don’t
go away my sweetheart..” “Don’t go away from
me my sweetheart.” “Don’t go away.. don’t
go away my love..” “Don’t go away from me my love.” “Don’t tell anyone.. don’t tell
anyone that we are in love.” “We want.. we want this
disease of love.” “We want.. we want this
disease of love.” “We want.. we want this
disease of love.” “We want.. we want this
disease of love.” We will fill this white powder in
the heel of my shoes like this.. And then we will export them. Girls.. fill this white powder
in shoe heels like this.. And then pack these
shoes in these boxes. Jutawala.. take and
drink this liquor. Tell us.. whom are you working for? For police. Oh shut up.. tell me where
were you taking that stuff? To your house. Inspector. Yes sir. Make him eat that whole..
packet. Yes sir. I wont eat it.. I will die sir.. I will die.. I will die sir. Tell me now. If I tell you my boss’s name, he’ll
kill my mother and sister. It is our duty to protect
your mother and sister. Bring my mother and sister here.. Then I will tell you
name of my boss. Okay.. I’ll go myself and bring
your mother and sister safely. Sir.. your call. Ok. Yes commissioner Khanna here. Listen commissioner Khanna..
release our man. Otherwise your life
could be in danger. I had stopped fearing danger
the day I wore this uniform. Give me the keys.
– But sir.. I don’t include others in my risks. But sir you.. Thank you. Now commissioner will
not remain alive. Let’s go and call boss.
– Lets go. What did you say.. what’s there
in commissioner’s car? Bomb. Bomb?! You rascal.. Hey.. wait. Leave me. Come here.. where is Shastri Nagar? Go a little further then turn left. Thank you.
– Okay. Commissioner sir. Hey you.. what is this?
– Just move away from here. Whatever you want to say..
you can say it later. But what I wanted to
say has happened. How did you know about this bomb? These are the persons who
fixed bomb under your car. And he is their colleague
who gave them money. But how did you know? They told me sir. And you believed them. If he is the one who planted
the bomb in my car.. Then why did he save my life? Sorry sir. No.. you can go. Well gentleman.. thank you very much. Thanks for saving my life. Thank you sir. You know something.. Police department needs
strong, brave.. ..and intelligent persons like you. No sir.. there is no need for that. How will an officer
work if a strict.. ..person like you becomes
my commissioner? What do you mean? Actually sir I have a habit
of doing some wrong things. Oh yes.. and what’s there in
the salary of a policeman? They get the salary on
first of the month.. And its finished on very
next day.. why Mr. Sharma? And then you will not take bribes..? And you also won’t let
me take the bribes. Then I will die of hunger..
why Mr. Sharma? I will leave now.. bye sir. Did you see sir.. that boy
is speaking the truth. Shut up. What happened to him? Sir
he has committed suicide. He said that it’s the only way
to save his mother and sister. Oh goddess Laxmi.. today I am
taking an oath before you.. That I will live my
life as a housewife. I am leaving all the illegal
things from today. Because.. because.. Because I’ve found one Om
Narayan like your Narayan. Now I’ll be daughter in law of a
rich family & live comfortably. I don’t have a mother and father.. So you can become my mother.. Please bless me like a mother. Jai goddess Laxmi. Mother.. Your wedding necklace..
it had fallen down. Thank you my daughter.. may
god give you a long life. What daughter.. she is not
a daughter but a thief. She will return your necklace and
steal all your ornaments. No mother.. She had stolen my wristwatch which
I’ve not found till today. We should take her to
a police station.. Come with me.
– Mother you know that.. Come with me.
– Listen.. please listen.. Inspector!
– What? She has done nothing. What is this? – She has stolen
my wife’s wedding necklace.. Mother please tell them.. She had stolen my wristwatch which
I’ve not found till today. Come to police station with me. No mother.. you are witness that
I didn’t steal it. – Come on. You didn’t do a right thing. What you have to do..
get lost from here. Oh.. what happened.. what happened? Mr. Dalal.. your one kidney has
become totally non-functional. And second is also going
to be like that. If you don’t start the
treatment immediately.. Then we’ll have to do an operation. Operation.. but that will
cost a lot of money. I will have to take someone
else’s kidney? – Yes.. Where will I bring
so much money from? Doctor.. you have both
the kidneys? Yes. Then give me one kidney.. my
problem will be solved. Shut up. You people are really strange. You didn’t catch me
when I used to steal.. And now I haven’t stolen
and you have arrested me. You speak too much. Inspector Sharma.
– Yes sir. Had anyone come for
her bail? – No sir. Commissioner sir.. commissioner sir.. Why don’t you pay my bail? I don’t have anyone in
this world except you. I think when your case is decided.. I will turn out to be your daughter. Oh.. what that case has
to do with this case?! Inspector Sharma..
prepare her report. – Yes sir. Oh no dad.. I mean sir.. You can beat me if you want..
but don’t write my report. Hey you.. please don’t write it. If you write my report.. I
will come on police record. And once that label is
stuck on my forehead.. No-one will marry me. Commissioner sahib.. we are ruined. What shall we tell you sir.. Both of those butchers have
taken our hard earned money. Who?
– Those father and son.. You keep quiet. Commissioner sahib.. I will tell you. Both of them made a fool of us. Then even fixed the
marriage with me. And they took the
alimony in advance. And they cancelled the marriage. Yes. – Commissioner sahib we
got our money back.. But they took original notes and
returned these duplicate notes. But you must have got
some witness for that? I am the witness.. Yes, Commissioner.
I know that agent. – I see. I know both of them. Inspector Sharma – Yes sir. Bring this girl to my office. Okay. Hey you.. open it. – Okay sir. Oh.. where is the key.. oh. Take this. Africa’s richest princess on world
tour in search of her life partner! Very nice. This is the ray of hope
in the darkness of our.. ..poverty emanating from
the black sun of Africa. Look.. what’s written further. One who can win princess’s heart..
Who can dance on music.. Who is handsome.. partner Princess needs a life..
like that.. – Which I am. I can dance on music.. I am handsome.. I can win the hearts of girls.. I can fool beautiful.. girls.
– Very nice my son Om. “There is only one boy
in the whole town.” “There is only one girl in town..
with clear mind but black body.” “With clear mind and black body.” “There is only one girl in town..
with clear mind but dark body.” “With clear mind and dark body.” “Say something.. say something.” “Say something.. say something.” “Beauty is immortal.. the colour is irrelevant.” “My colour is also dark.. fair colour is out of fashion.” “Don’t look at the colour..
let our hearts meet.” “Don’t look at the colour..
let our hearts meet.” “My heart said.” “My heart said.” “There is only one boy
in the whole town.” “There is only one girl in town.” “Everyone is looking at you..
but don’t look at anyone.” “Sweetheart please save
yourself for me.” “We both are like each other..
then how come we are alone?” “We both are like each other..
then how come we are alone?” “My heart said.” “My heart said.” “There is only one girl in town.” “Heart is white and
the body is dark.” “Heart is white and
the body is dark.” “My heart said.” “My heart said.” I am a sincere person. I have brought back these dollars
which I had taken for alimony. Police had marked original
notes.. Dalal Jutawala. Who.. who Dalal?! Taking original notes
in the name of alimony.. Then returning duplicate notes
instead of original notes. I am arresting you on the
charges of.. Don’t move. Inspector Sharma.
– Sir. Oh no.. I agree that sometimes
I.. Its not my.. – Daddy?! Commissioner sahib.. arrest him.. This idea of changing notes
was his.. not mine. No.. he is lying. He was telling his son to
make this his business. I agree that I am a
very fraud person.. And I only taught you all
the tricks of cheating. But you are my son.. Will you hand me over
to police in this age? You will let him hang in this age? I’ll let them hang me.. but what
will happen to your mother? She will die crying. Will you let your mother cry? Will you let her die.. tell me? No daddy.. I can give my
own life for my mother. Commissioner sahib.. the idea
of this business was mine. No. Release my daddy on bail. And I am ready to bear the
punishment of this offence.. Inspector Sharma..
– Yes sir. Record the statement of Om
Narayan in police station. Please forgive me. I did not want this. I.. I deserve this. But after I serve the sentence for
my sins when I come out of jail.. ..I will return as a new man. Which might be good for you And
also for this world.. maybe. Om Narayan is my name. My father’s name is Dalpat Dalal.
He is a biog conman. This is amazing! Who is it? Hey you! Oh its you baldy..
you forgot that beating. I will have to make
you remember again. Thank you Khan brother. What a style! Khan brother.. thank you for
saving my life.. thank you. I don’t shake my hand
with the person.. ..who’s going to die with my hands. Then why did you save me? You are not going to die
at any other’s hands.. You will die with my hands. But what is your enmity with me? My enmity is with the person whose.. ..bad blood is flowing
in your veins. Khan.. Keep quiet.. Your rascal father
murdered my father. And I have taken oath
on my father’s ashes.. These ashes which are still there
in my neck in this locket. I swear by this locket.. Until I destroy your father’s
whole family.. By god.. I will not let
the death come near me.. And I will not take
coffin on my body. Stop it.. I say stop it. Separate both of them. Come on both of you. Jailer sahib.. jailer sahib.. My hand is heavy than
this Khan’s shoves. Hey you son of a bitch.. whom
are you trying to scare? These people interfered today.. Otherwise this ground would have
become red with your blood. Stop this nonsense.
– Shut up. Only the time will tell that whose
blood will flow on this ground. Om Narayan.. tomorrow’s day will
be last day of your life. Tomorrow is independence day.. And by god I will free
you from this world. Khan.. just let me get a chance
to put my hands on you.. Leave the decision of
life and death to god. Hey where are you going..
come this way. Come on.. come this way. Come on, have your food quietly. What happened, Inspector?
– Akbar Khan shot at him in the jail. Oh my God! Take him to
the operation theatre quickly. Doctor please save my Om. He is my friend. And my future husband. Please save him. Please save him. I’ll have to save him. Because if anything happens to
Om then my Akbar will be hanged. So Akbar Khan shot at Om Narayan? That why I’m requesting you to
pardon Om Narayan’s sentence. Om Narayan has taken his father’s
blame on his own head. Om Narayan can be released
as soon as he gets well.. On the conditions that police
withdraws its case. Sir this is the report. Inspector sahib.. operation
has been successful. Mr. Om Narayan is now out of danger. He will be regain consciousness
by morning.. Then you can take his statement. What.. Om Narayan is saved?! Thank god that he is saved.. Otherwise you would
have been hanged. Jailer sahib.. till when
you are on duty? Up to ten o’clock in
the night.. but why? Release me for a short while.. By god.. I will go and shoot Om. And I promise that I will return
before your duty is over. Oh you.. shut up. Om Narayan.. I will not leave
you.. I will not leave you. Hey.. who are you.. where
are you going. Hey.. have you got the card? Card.. look.. I don’t have post
card.. ration card or bank card. I have still not seen
my wedding card.. For which card she
is talking about?! Hey where are you going? Look.. I am a wife and going
to see my husband. I am coming from outside
and going inside. Have you got any problem? No. No.. then get lost. Give me one kiss.. just one.. Really.
– Yes.. Really.. What happened?
– Mother. Again you called me mother.. Oh no.. my real mother has come..
look there. Oh mom. Lie down dear.. lie down. Oh no.. I am all right.
I know everything. This girl has looked after
you for the whole night. Its good that you came here mom. Otherwise she would have
again taken care of me. My dear.. I like your choice. Did you hear? Oh yes.. touch the feet.
Not mine.. my mother’s. Have a long life dear. Tell her father to meet your father. So that we can fix your
marriage at earliest. Mom.. she has a father like a father.. But she does not have a father. Then who will talk
about her marriage? What’s do I need parents to
talk about my marriage? I will go and talk to him directly. Greetings. Your wristwatch. You’ve definitely come here
to ask for something.. .. very big after returning
this wristwatch. Yes.. for me it is very big. But for you, it’s very small. Tell me. I have come here to ask
for shelter.. for support. You have come at a wrong place. I have come at the right place. I have come to ask for the right
which every woman should get. A husband.. a house and a family. I have also dreamed about
making my own family. My own mother and father
didn’t accept me. Please be my father and accept me. I am also like your daughter. Daughter.. a daughter is
a liability on parents. She becomes a noose of parents’
neck when she’s born. So when I got a daughter I.. Its better to remain without any
child than giving birth to a girl. Understood? But elders have said that a
girl is wealth of the house. Its not the elders but
fools who said this. And I am not a fool. A son is real light of the house. Who brings wealth. He brings as wife and dowry along. What does a girl bring. A daughter is the darkness
of parent’s lives. You care for her the whole life. And one day she gets
married and goes away. And take wealth as dowry too. That’s why I hate daughters. Sir, if you had a daughter then.. would have had a soft heart. Just for once make me your daughter. Your heart will melt. I did not get a father’s love. You did not get a daughter’s love. Please touch my head. Give me father’s love. This unfortunate daughter will.. you her entire life. And will give you wealth also. So you want to become
my daughter in law? Do you know its price? Very big and rich families
sent their proposals. But everyone had to go empty handed. Its price is ten lakh rupees. Have you got that much money? Daddy.. I have not come
here to buy your son. I have come her to be the
wealth of this house. So you have come to become the
wealth of this house? – Yes. Then do one thing.. go and see
your face in the mirror. Then go and check your price in the
market.. Then ask your own heart.. Are you even worthy of being
a maid of this house? Get out.. No daddy.. don’t do this. Let me remain at your feet. Get out from here otherwise
I will do something wrong.. No daddy.. please don’t
do this. No please no.. Daddy.. today you have thrown
this Laxmi out of your house. But remember this.. When goddess Laxmi goes out of home.. It takes away peace.. prosperity
and happiness of a house. I am leaving your home with
shattered hopes and dreams.. But I am leaving my curse with you.. Today you have rejected me.. Tomorrow luck and fortune
will reject you.. Don’t forget it. Dalal sir.. the whole factory
has burned and become ashes. What?! Yes sir.. everything is gone..
nothing could be saved. “Oh man what have you done this..” “You rejected your daughter and your destiny with that.” Oh my god.. I am finished..
I am destroyed. My factory has been destroyed..
I am finished. I am destroyed. Dalal Jutawala is finished
within one minute.. Oh.. what happened.. what happened? Thank you for your help. But keep this in mind.. I will not help you in future.
– What are you saying sir.. A person who helps law can not do
anything illegal with the law. It’s not like that. Protectors of law can also do
illegal things if the need arises. Everything will be all right. God will make everything all right. And whatever is mine is yours only. I will even give my life for you. Your life?
– Yes.. Do you have any insurance? Oh yes.. but why? I was just asking. Is there kerosene at home? Yes.. but why? Nothing.. I was
asking just like that. I am feeling like having some tea..
go and make some tea for me. Ramu. Oh no.. not Ramu. I want this wife of mine
to make some tea for me.. .. and give me some hope in
this time of difficulty. Go and make some tea for me. I will go and bring just now. If I pour five litres
of kerosene over her.. Then light a small stick of
match box and throw at her.. Then I will get ten lakh rupees
from the insurance company.. This idea is not less bad.
Should I go ahead? Today the gas dealer has
not delivered the gas. What is it.. I was just
going to bring the tea. What are you doing this? I want you to go to ashes. I will get a lottery of five
lakh rupees.. Like this.. Mom.. mom. Please save me. Mom.. how did all this happen? Your father did this. He is going to get five lakh
rupees after burning me. Why did you do this? Who are you to speak anything
in between us? She is my wife and
I can do anything. For money you’d have
burnt your own mother. But I won’t leave my mother
here to be burnt alive. Come on, mother. Come with me. I should call police and let
them arrest you for this. No.. don’t do like that..
don’t do like that. Did you hear that? You should be ashamed. If you have a bit of
shame left in you.. .. then touch the feet
of this kind woman. I am leaving this house
along with my mother. From today our relation is finished. Today I have forgiven you. But I wont forgive you in
future.. remember that. Come mother. I have to give you ten lakh rupees? And Mr. Dhanraj I owe you
fifteen lakh rupees? You know my condition is very bad. Give me some time and I will..
Your time is finished. We have not come here
to give you time. We have come here to
vacate this bungalow. I have come here to
take my furniture. And I have come here
to throw you out. Constable.. throw him out. Oh no.. just listen to me.. Please listen to me.. where
will I live man? On that footpath.. now hurry up. How will I live on footpath..
my forefathers.. Shine my shoes.. hurry up. Didn’t you recognize me? I am Dalal Jutawala. Jutawala’s condition has
become like an old shoe. Come on hurry up.. polish my shoes. Are you feeling ashamed to polish
your future daughter in law? My dear.. I mean my daughter in law.. Did I ever misbehaved
or insulted you? Oh no.. you called me at your
home and welcomed me. You gave me such respect.. Once you had mentioned some alimony.. And I had asked a little
more alimony from you. Then my conscience
abused me and said.. You fool.. you are asking
so much money from her. You can give me a
bit less than that. Rest you can give me later. One rupee for polish..
and one rupee tip. Take me to doctor.. my
kidneys.. It’s paining. Driver please help him.. let’s
take him to a hospital. I will pay you the fare. Hurry up! Uncle.. both of your kidneys
are not working. You’ll have to immediately
take one kidney.. .. from someone from your
family and implant it. Otherwise you wont be able to live. Oh my god.. Uncle.. why don’t you take
a kidney from Om? Oh no.. he has left the house
after fighting with me. Who will give me a kidney
at this time? Oh yes.. – Uncle! Oh.. you are Banto? Oh yes.. but who are you? I am Dalal. Who Dalal? Court had given you a
girl for caretaking? Yes it had given to me.
– Where is that girl? Please let me meet her just once. Oh you have met her.. Didn’t you throw my Laxmi
out of your home? Laxmi?!
– Yes. She is my.. Please let me meet her once..
I am touching your feet. I am working there
at that shoe shop. Please let me meet her just once. Didn’t you go to hospital? Yes I had gone there.. They told me
my both kidneys are not working. I can live if you give
me one of your kidneys. Now you are only my Laxmi. Laxmi?! You had thrown this Laxmi
out of your house. That day I was touching your feet. And do you remember
what I had told you? That today you are rejecting me.. Tomorrow your luck will reject you. Now the price of your life
is fifteen lakh rupees. Five lakh rupees for a kidney.. And ten lakh rupees for alimony. Laxmi asked fifteen
lakh rupees from you! Shame.. then Jutawala its
better for you to die. And listen.. you are
already half dead. Who will spend fifteen
lakh rupees for you? You do one thing.. commit suicide. And I will spend fifteen twenty
rupees for your last rites. Decosta.. have mercy on me.. please. Oh shut up.. shut up. Throw him out. – Decosta..
– Throw him out. Decosta.. Decosta.. Decosta. Very well Mr. Decosta.. Don’t forget this blood. Now I will not die alone..
I will take you with me. This Dalal Jutawala who has
made you stand up on your.. .. feet will one day pull this
ground under your feet. I agree that physically I am weak. But my brain is still very strong. And one day I will beat
you with my intelligence.. And you will fall in the
feet of this Jutawala. And I will kick you and throw
you like this.. like this.. Remember it. Hey.. look ahead.. look ahead.. Keep driving. Hello. Hello daddy.. Daddy Dalal uncle has kidnapped
me and brought.. Mr. Decosta.. did you see the
strength of Dalal Jutawala? Give me fifteen lakh rupees.. Otherwise I will cut your
daughter to fifteen.. .. lakh small pieces and
send them to your home. Mr. Dalal.. your brain is really
very strong and sharp. You call me after some time.. Till then I will arrange
for the money. And take care of Reeta. Toni.
– Yes dad. I want that Laxmi who had saved
Dalal’s life immediately here. Go and bring her here. Thanks god that my son has
retuned to the right path. Now both of you get
married immediately. Who is it?
– Police. What is it? Is your name Laxmi? Oh no.. yes. I have a warrant for you.
Come to the police station. But I have never seen
you.. are you new? Yes I am new.. come on let’s
go to police station. Oh.. I have not done anything wrong. I have left all the illegal things. Come and tell all that at
police station.. come on. What happened.. Laxmi. Commissioner sahib.. they are
taking me without any reason. I have not done anything wrong. On what charges are you arresting
her inspector.. – Jhon.. Please save me Commissioner. You don’t also have your name tag. Maybe it fell down. Oh yes.. Haven’t you learned to salute
your senior officer? Oh salute him. You shut up. Where’s the arrest warrant
of this girl? He might have forgotten
that at home. I think you are a duplicate
inspector. What did you say? – Okay.. show
me your identity card? This is my case not yours. And we don’t need an identity
card in that.. what.. Oh I see.. Commissioner. Commissioner. Phone. Wait.. I will call police and
made them arrest all of you. Hello police? Yes police station. Some duplicate policemen have
killed police commissioner. And they have brought me here. Oh.. very smart. Toni.
– Yes dad. Call Dalal without Jutawala
that her Laxmi is with us. They have taken Laxmi
with them.. Who? Policemen.. but I think that they
were duplicate policemen. Go dear.. I am all right.. go. Don’t worry mother.. I will
go and bring Laxmi. Don’t worry mom.. don’t worry. Welcome.. welcome.. without
Jutawala Dalal. Immediately handover
my daughter to me. Otherwise I will shoot
this daughter.. .. of yours who had
given you a new life. Kill her.. she is not my daughter. Now there is no need
to hide that secret. The commissioner whose son
you had stolen is dead. I will shoot her with my own hands. Now I don’t have any
risk from the law. Commissioner is dead! My dear I am really your father. Why are you telling lies? You are ready to be a
father for one kidney? No dear.. for the first time
in life I am speaking truth. Then why didn’t you tell me earlier? I was afraid of commissioner.
Today he is dead.. And I have automatically
started speaking truth. Please say something Decosta. Dalal’s wife had given birth
to a girl in my hospital. And you are that girl. And police commissioner’s wife
had given birth to a son.. And Narayan is that son. But your father kept you in
Narayan’s room and took him. Please give me one kidney.. Otherwise I will die of this pain. No Laxmi.. it will be better for
a father like this to die. – No. Reeta.. don’t interfere. Till today you kept all
this hidden from me. This hospital is a memorial
to my mother. But you made it a centre for your
crimes and illegal business. No dear.. its not my
but his business. You rascal.. you’re trying
to be a good.. ..person in your daughter’s eyes Till today every illegal business.. ..has been done jointly
by both of us. Aazam Khan’s murder has also been
committed by your father. I have only helped him. Then he played such a trick
that Aazam Khan’s.. ..son became my and my son’s enemy. And he went scot-free. – Dalal. Shut up you rascal. You are revealing
everyone’s secrets.. And when its your turn, you’re
trying to hide everything. If you have guts then
tell you daughter.. ..that you had murdered her mother. No.. you killed my mother! You troubled her soul. I hate you! I hate you! I will go to police
and tell them everything. Dad.. shall I shoot her? No.. give it to me. If you move I will shoot you. Oh.. this pain will kill me. Anesthesia will not
be effective now. Now we will have to
do the operation. Oh.. please leave me.. leave me. You.. you are alive?! Law always becomes alive to catch
illegal people like you. Arrest all of them. But remember one thing.. If you arrest us.. you will loose
your lost son forever. You can get your son for whom.. were fighting the
case for twenty years. You can get that son back. But illegally.. not legally. These are five lakh
rupees commissioner. If you leave all of our men
and make us cross the border.. We will give this to you and also
tell you who your son is. ‘They have hidden my son somewhere.’ I want my son back. ‘Promise me.. that you will bring
my son back.. promise me.’ I am with you. Inspector Sharma..
– Yes sir. Leave all these men.. and take
all the constables with you. Sir.. I can arrest
you for this crime. But not until you have arrest
warrant against me. Go to I.G.P.. make my arrest
warrant.. then we’ll talk. Get out. Wait.. there is a Mustafa Jamaal
in crime branch.. right.. Tell Mustafa Jamaal to immediately
call me here.. out. Come on everyone. I am hearing this Mustafa Jamaal’s
name for the first time. I thought you are smart.. but
you turned out to be a fool. Mustafa Jamaal.. king
of the underworld. He is my best friend. He has got many aeroplanes
and helicopters. And I would like to cross the
border in his helicopter. Tell me now where is my son? I have run away from jail and
I will kill you at any cost. Your dead body will go from here. And I will take that
on my own shoulders. Akbar Khan I wont get another
chance like this to take revenge.. Reeta.. Reeta.. what
have you done this. Akbar Khan is not your enemy. And your commissioner’s son. What?! – Reeta.. Reeta.. what are you saying all this? I have heard everything. Dalal had picked you
from the hospital. You are commissioner’s son.. and
Laxmi is Dalal’s daughter. Reeta.. who has done all this to you? My dad.. he also killed your father. Take revenge of your father
from him.. don’t let him go. Please forgive me Om.. forgive me. No Khan.. this is a time
to fight them jointly. Save Laxmi’s life.. she is in danger. Khan.. please take care of her. Reeta.. No.. I have to go. Don’t leave me Reeta..
don’t leave me. Reeta. Commissioner sahib.. please
arrest them. – Why? I am ready to give kidney
to my father.. But they want to kill me. Your father?! Yes.. he had exchanged
me in the hospital. I am his daughter and
Narayan is your son. Tell him.. tell him that whatever
you said is wrong. Tell him.. Daddy.. arrest all of them. Give this pistol to me. Now these are not our enemies
but our friends. Mr. Kapil Khanna.. Dalal and me.. We have become partners
in this illegal business. Now you also come with us. No.. Oh yes my son.. This was the only way
to fulfil the promise.. ..which I had given to your mother. Now I am not a police commissioner
but only a father Don’t touch me.. it will be a
crime to call you a father. A commissioner who has been
caught in the net of crimes.. It will be crime to
call him a father. You are bound with the
chains of corruption.. But I will not let my future
be destroyed by your crimes. I am taking Laxmi with
me.. I am going. Wait Narayan.. This father who has given
birth to you can.. ..also shoot you for not
obeying his orders. No. No Laxmi.. come on shoot me. My father commissioner
Kapil Khanna’s.. ..true blood is flowing in my veins. Neither he was afraid of death..
nor am I afraid of death. Come on shoot me.
– No.. no.. Hello commissioner Kapil Khanna.. Man you have done wonders.. You have made a criminal
out of Mustafa.. ..Jamaal.. an inspector
General of police! Your inspector Sharma seems
to be very serious. How many people are coming to jail? Ten to twelve people sir.. You arrange for a helicopter.. I want to cross the border with
my gang today night only. They want to go to
a foreign country? I will beat all the bastards with
sticks and put them in jail forever. Call me as soon as you have
made the arrangements. Dad.. I am with you. You traitor.. son of a bitch. No.. don’t kill them like that. Kill all of them slowly.. Kill them in such
a way that no coffin.. world can cover their bodies. You bastard.. I have brought
a coffin for you. This one is on behalf
of my deceased father. And this is from my Reeta. I have buried Reeta
with these hands.. And I will bury all of
you with these hands. Idiot! Khan.. What happened Om? My friend.. I would have
died if a man.. you would have shot at me. But I won’t die even if a bastard
like this shoots me fifty times. Take this Khan.. take your
revenge.. Decosta.. Decosta.. Khan. Thanks a lot my friend.. You helped me in taking my revenge. No Khan.. you have just
become my friend.. You can’t leave me alone like this. No.. see this.. my Reeta
is waiting for me. Khan. Khan. “I don’t want.. I don’t want..
I don’t want this disease of love.” “I want.. I want..
I want this disease of love.” “I don’t want.. I don’t want..
I don’t want this disease of love.”

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  1. Only reason I remembered name of this movie was because of the soundtrack at starting. Watching it again still a good movie. Ashame movies aren't made like this nowadays. People pay too much attention on plot and how story got there rather than what story's about.

  2. بر روی پلکهای چشمهای درشت و سیاه عشقم سوار بر اسب مراد و آرزو میشوم تا دیگر هیچکس را به جز من نبیند و هیچ صدایی را جز صدای نبض قلبم نشنود که در گوشش می گوید عشقم دوستت دارم.ههههههههه.نسرین.

  3. قلبهایی که پنجره هایش به سمت یکدیگر باز میشود از هر راهی که بروند مهم نیست زیرا دوباره روزگار آنها را به یکدیگر و در آغوش یکدیگر می رساند و این یکی از عجایب کار عشاق است که بعضی وقتها روزگار را هم انگشت به دهان و متعجب می گذارد.هههههههه.نسرین.

  4. I think such good actors got lured into this movie because the overall plot is good but didn't realise just how ridiculous the writing and execution were going to be. It's like less than halfway through the movie they decided to turn it into a spoof if itself, or maybe someone in the creative team left. If it weren't for some killer performances, particularly Sridevi's, I couldn't have sat through this.

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