Game of Thrones: The Last Watch | Official Documentary Trailer | HBO

Game of Thrones: The Last Watch | Official Documentary Trailer | HBO

D.B. WEISS:This is strange.Here we are
at the last table read.
It’s like looking around
and seeing your family. (CHEERING) BERNADETTE CAULFIELD:
It’s our biggest season ever.
CHRIS NEWMAN:Every episode
has as much in it
as one feature film.It’s like, oh my God. CAULFIELD:
What was I thinking?
Winter’s coming. Yeah. ANDREW MCCLAY:
I can’t even begin to imagine
how this is going to look
We’ve been doing night shoots.
I could not have worked harder.
I really have given this
everything I have. CAULFIELD:
It’s such a magical place.
It’s hard to say goodbye
to everybody.
MAN:That was Emilia’s last shot
Game of Thrones. DAVID NUTTER:This is
a dream job for a director.
This show saved my life.(WIND WHISTLING) MCCLAY:It’s hard to fathom
that I’ll never be coming back.
Best thing I’ve ever done.

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  1. After Drogon burned the throne, he should have started talking… "I'm Drogon, aka Khal Drogo back from the Dead and I"M the King Beeeaatches!" declaring himself the rightful King and burning everyone else to ashes… I would have enjoyed that ending much more.

  2. Watching this documentary further solidifies my support for every direction this season took. I fully support this ending as I'm sure I will without a doubt fully support GRRM's ending 2 books from now. People seem to forget that A Song of Ice and Fire is a tragedy and Dany is a tragic hero. Also, Jon is a leader, not a conqueror, he did what he had to do. Which also reminds me of another famous uncontested story…. "Et tu, Brute?"

  3. All the hard work the actors did production design etc… All for the writer's just to FUCK it all up.

    7 best seasons of any TV show ever.

  4. As Global Warming is its way, Perhaps GOT team should try to build Alt-reality where The Snow King can have future colder than ours, better than prequels.

  5. To this show production crew and cast, all of you, you are amazing. Thank you for your hardwork. I am sorry that you had such a subpar script to work with from D&D. I just hope D&D remember as many of you as they can to help them with their Star Wars trilogy. Because from their writing chops so far, I can say they are gonna need every single one of you.

  6. The First Appearance of White Walkers and The Army of The Dead (Game of Thrones):

  7. Game of Thrones was never top notch, it was just rated by massive ammounts of fanboys. It had it moments, but went downhill after season 6. This is what I have waited for so long?

    Fucking garbage.

  8. If you think (and I think everyone knows who YOU is), that this documentary excuses the cataclysmic, catastrophe that you have loosed upon the world…then you are beyond all hope. As spokesperson for the masses, my response to this pitiful attempt to justify season 8 is this: we will track you down…we will make it our life's mission to apprehend you all and subject you all to the myriad tortures and deaths that you yourselves foisted upon society. We will flay you living for all the worl to see.

  9. If you were an extra in this TRAVESTY, then you need to know that we are coming for you. Have you even the vaguest conception of the shit we got up to on the got set? The parties…the capturing and torture of the local homeless. You ever wonder why homelessness has declined in Belfast the past eight years?

  10. where is the video of Season 8 Episode 6 Game Revealed & Season 8 Episode 6 Inside the Episode?…cowards

  11. How should have game of thrones ended? The cast were good, the music, the direction, the set were all good. Only flop was last episode. Here is some corrections,

    Everything ends as they were, Jon night's watch, bran king, Sansa queen in the north, but what about the drogon who took Danny with him?

    Drogon flying high in sky over the dragon stone, sad, screaming, for his dead mom. Bleak weather covering dragon stone. Drogon can't see the road in the air and he hits fortress of dragon stone and drops Danny. Dead Danny being dropped on beach near dragon glass cave rolls over some yards and stops when a dragon glass debry plunges her heart. Drogon alights and notices some thing not right. Danny opens her eyes but they are blue instead of green. Danny has turned into a white walker. She's night queen now. But is she a successful experiment that children of the forest failed or the same as the night King, not known. Danny walks to drogon. Drogon retreats of fear but doesn't want to as he believes she is his mother still. Drogon stops treading backward and Danny touches him turning into a white walker dragon. Now he could blow coldest breath.

    Danny flies to Kingslanding. Bran warging all of it. Danny alights in front of Tyrion standing with Brien, podrik, bronn, Davis. Every one's face has turned into pale. Danny walks to Tyrion slowly. King's guards try to stop her but are frosted as drogon breaths cold blue flame. Podrik, davos die of drogon. Bronn shows courage for the first as he snatches valyrian sword from ser Brian to kill Danny. But he is devoured by the dragon. Danny steps towards Tyrion, Tyrion eyes turned green. Danny strangles Tyrion lifts him and takes off the dagger from her heart turning it into ice dagger, she is about to shove but no bran interferes "stop, I know you. you are not like him, you are not the night King that children failed to succeed, you are the same danerys as before. You are confused and vengeance has overtaken you temporarily. First men were tyrants with children. That's why they created night King. But now you can stop all the tyrants, in future. Now you shall rest. That's all you wanted all along, to stop the tyrants." There was no smile or anger on night Queen's face, she drops the dagger. And goes back to dragon stone. End of game of thrones

  12. Jon Snow was different from the beginning of season 7 to the last episode of season 8 ! His storyline was one of the reasons of the downfall of Game Of Thrones. Kit Harington didn't put the same efforts in his character in season 7 and 8 because he knew that Benioff and his friend are stupid enough to end that tv show like that.

  13. The tittle of this video is wrong. This is a tutorial on "how to waste money and produce the most lame and horribly epic tv series finale of all times".

  14. I love this show so much. So sad the documentary about Season 8 was better than the entirety of Season 8. 🙁

  15. Guys I made a piano version of GOT in HD place check it out in my channel.. if u like it then hit thumbs up below

  16. "Every episode has as much in as one feature-film" HAH! How about the entire season has less in it than one feature-film?

  17. Jungle conclusions….

  18. Cersie should kill the army of Danny including the Gold Company and all "the good people of the city" with Wildefire for what they have done to her, and then kill one dragon. after that Jamie forced to kill her for what she become! Meanwhile Danny become Mad queen and destroy the city, John Snow kill her, Drogon fight with him, John Snow cannot be burnt because he half Targaryen, he kill Drogon in the air, John becom king or both of them dead and Bran become king! (my opinion).

  19. 10-year-old girl performs a number in the final of the Russian children's figure skating show in the role of Daenerys

  20. Where can I watch this documentary? Do I have to be subscribed to anything? I watched the last season on NowTV but I can't find this documentary as well. 🙁

  21. "Every episode has as much in it as one feature film" yeah right. Remember the part where Tyrion walks, and then walks, and then walks some more? How about the time he took like a full minute to fix some chairs?

  22. House Stark:

    Survivors of The Long Night.

    Victors of The War of Five Kings.

    Winners of The Game of Thrones.

    Conquerors of Uncharted Territories.

    When the white winds blow and the snows fall, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives;

    Winter came.

    The North Remembered.

    There is a Stark in Winterfell.

    The North is an Independent Kingdom.

    There is a Stark on a two-wheeled Throne.

    There is a Stark Beyond The Wall.

    The children of House Stark completely destroyed those who harmed their parents and family – Ned and Cat would be proud.

    To the Queen in the North!

    To the King in the South!

    To the King Beyond The Wall!

    To the Queen West of Westeros!

    To House Stark, and those who fell along the way!


  23. Bunch of spoiled Divas this was the worst season I've ever seen the acting was good the writing was the worst I've ever seen a five-year-old could have written better than that

  24. I think Varys' (Conleth Hill) reaction says it all. What an utterly terrible script and inept writing, it's staggeringly bad.

  25. I don't know why I've been trying so hard to avoid watching this. OH YEAH! Because I know me and my ultra sensitive self would cry like a baby knowing that it's really over. And yes, I'm crying right now lol. In my defense…I was being really strong until Kit Harrington started crying during the table reading for the last episode lol…DARN YOU KIT HARRINGTON aka JON SNOW😭!

  26. The piss-poor writing is indefensible and unforgivable since dumb and dumber don't have the common courtesy to even apologise for butchering this show. This will forever follow them til the grave unless they make a public apology.

  27. With time to digest the ending of game of thrones, I wish Benioff and Weiss Had taken the time to develop the relationship that basically this whole series is about-fire (Danyaeries) and ice (Jon Snow). The title Is after all, A Song of Fire and Ice. This book series, and hence the show centered on it, these two characters are The main characters. We saw very little interaction between these two characters to give credit to the story line. We should have known them, after they met, and watched their love grow stronger and stronger. We should have watched as they fought, and resolved, conflicts arising from their different strong characters. We should have watched their relationship Grow. And eventually watched the very slow dissolution of Danyaeries mind, along with Jon, feeling the grief, the conflict, the love, the alarm, where the ending was not a shock at all but a gut wrenching acknowledgement that the Queen and the woman Jon loved, has passed beyond saving. The world would have howled and cried as Jon slipped the knife into the love of his life, and felt totally empty and bereft after, just as Jon did. HBO had the right actors, they had all the supporting cast and the enormous cast involved in the smallest, most beautiful details. So, I ‘m sorry, from what I have read, Benioff and Weiss wanted to tie up “the ending” when they really weren’t even close to making the ending that would have honored the writer, the books, the money put into it by HBO, the hard work of Everyone involved. It could have gone out as one of the greatest series of all film history, and instead it went out with a whimper. Jon Snow and Danaeyis’s relationship consisted of two times where they had sex, one argument when Jon tells Dany who he is, then switch of scenes away from the two together. They each had more time with other lovers-Jon with Egrit, and Dany with Dario, than the time we saw of them together. It’s done, but in the end, badly done, and gives no credit to anyone except the cast and production people that soldiered on when handed such a lame, rushed season. It could have been truly great.

  28. make sure Andy the extra makes it to con of thrones

  29. I think all the essence of this Masterpeece is the quote: "" Life is A Journey, Not A Destination. Learn to Enjoy The Ride "" Thank you all for amazing journeys in 8 seasons.

  30. Just watched it.. so many people around, and no one had the to balls to say "Excuse me, but this suck". -.-
    Fucking pathetic.

  31. Honestly the ending should be that jon snow and daenerys both sit on throne or something like that, not fkin daenerys gets killed by jon snow wtf is that ending and he goes to the "real north" wtf cmon u can do better

  32. I appreciated that this documentary focused more on extras and the hard-working crew behind the cameras but I wouldn't mind watching a 3-hour-long footage of the entire season 8 table read and see each actor's reactions to their scenes

  33. "It's easy to do things that are shocking or unexpected, but they have to grow out of characters. They have to grow out of situations. Otherwise, it's just being shocking for being shocking." – George R.R. Martin

  34. The only way to fix this is for it to not be the end. If we get a trilogy of prequel films in the future with the same casting that’s gripping and well written

  35. If we are gathered today it is to celebrate the memory of a show that until then was extraordinary, but died brutally raped and murdered.
    RIP Game of Thrones, you didn't deserved to finish like this.

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