Ganapathy Iyer – Encounter Specialist | itisPrashanth’s Comedy Short Film | Siraj | S Focuss | CC

Ganapathy Iyer – Encounter Specialist | itisPrashanth’s Comedy Short Film | Siraj | S Focuss | CC

Ganapathy Iyer Put oil (shoot me) Unable to do right? Go and put coconut oil Coconut Oil Hums a old Song (Andavan Padachan) *Gun Fires* Omg… Gun shots.. A+B , 2AB. 2 Murder. But here 3 Murder. Have you find out? Yes Sir. He is from that Party. He will be from that Party. Only his party is hard to find out. Have you found out the murderer? Thats known to everybody sir.. See there pavada not pavada sir, Paavaadai, spelling mistake. He is getting out of hands. its not ok to leave him as such. Lets finish him in an encounter Encounter?? Sir… No need sir. Dont mess with paavadai sir. You ll be in trouble. More over in our department who has the guts to encounter him? We have one Sir…. Ganapathy Iyer I will get the order and will call Iyer. Brother, Police has planned an encounter on you. they even found out you are hiding here Brother, Black sheep is coming… what soma? friendship with police has been increased itseems? Brother? They ll be good only in the beginning. Later they ll show you their a** to you and leave you If they show something like that? Say what i tell. what brother? Tell them mine is bigger than yours… Is there any production boy? What? can i get tea, coffee or something? Sir Boost. Hmmm Brother?? Brother? you are in knee down for so long. Your Leg must be hurting, Get up brother paavadai… Hey… Pavaadai He is gone. Sir…Boost sir, who are you sir? Why did you shoot? He snatched the lollipop from my son. You murdered him for snatching a lollipop? He snatched not only the lollipop, my opportunity too. Am unable to understand. I ll tell as u understand. oh… Flashback? Will that be intresting? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10… Ready?? Ready. Marwadi is dead. daddyyyyyyy what? He snatched my lollipop. who is the bloddy begger. Son of a loafer… Ahhh… Pavaadai. Brother not you… Before you.. Before you.. Fear. Hearing the name paavadai will give fear. What? Hiccups.. Mocking me? Night No lunch for you. Stop it sir.. as if it is a problem, telling a lengthy flashback Thats not the problem. Then? What happened next is the problem Dei. Shop is closed. Take me to some other shop. Annachi shop is also closed da. I want Lollipop. I ll smash you… come. Daddy, I want Lollipop buy me one. Daddy i need Lollipop daddy. Buy me one dad. What my dear? Dad i need lollipop dad, Get me one. I ll get you in the morning. I need lollipop now dad. Get me one. Morning i have shooting da dad i need lollipop dad. buy me one. Daddy, i need lollipop daddy, please daddy, buy me one. please daddy… Daddy daddy please daddy, lollipop daddy. please buy me one daddy…please daddy. i want lollipop daddy.. Buy me daddyy, lollipop daddy… Daddy Daddy… please daddy…please daddy.. Daddyyyyyyyy… I want Lollipop daddyyy. *yawns* Did he wash this or not. Itching badly… Okay, Shall we go for take? Do you remember the dialogues right? Yeah that Lollipop matter only right? i ll do it sir What? Lollipop??? Just beacuse you followed me for 2 years, gave you an inspector role. Now you are blabbering Lollipop and so on. Get out of my sight. Lollipoppppp….?? Dont Laugh bro. Not everyone gets an opportunity easily. When you miss that one opportunity you got because of someone. Will you get anger enough to kill him or not? Anger will come bro… will come. Surely it will come. Please keep it down…cool OMG God…. Mr.Sir… Mr.Sir… OMG Are you dead? Why did you do this? He snatched lollipop from his son. Thats y. I didnt ask that Why did u take my Gun? What? Is that your gun? *Hums a Carnatic song* Greetings. Take the Prasadam. Give… Giveee What? Is this Shooting? Yes sir. yes . Give 500 Rupees. thats very high sir. May be i ll give you 200rs. Give 500rs or stop the shooting. You idiots……. Without the gun why did you come for the shooting??? go… Sir Keep it sir..
whats is this.. I cant accept this. What is this what will i do with 200rs. 4 members depend on me. i cant accept.
Sir Keep it sir. What? i am talking to him no… Director is shouting inside.. Whats your problem now? Sir, Art department forgot the Gun. Do something sir. What… forgot the Gun? take it… go go…
ayyyyyy you are giving my gun… Sir, anyway its idle only no.. even i wont use it. Department gun it is. without gun there is no ganapathy. Sir you have asked for 500rs right? , Have it sir. Have fun. Whatever it– Coffee? Filter coffee? Give one filter Coffee to sir. Gun sir… Shoot him down… Nooo…. it is an original gun. he will die. Original??? *Sings carnatic song* Sir… Coffee.. *Continuous singing a carnatic song* Aha ha.. What an flavour. What??? Lollipop??? Get out. What the hell did you act, to laugh so hard? Shut the ** and act. We lost our chance beacuse of that Paavadai. Hello… Has the director called? No no. Give the costume and leave. Son of **.. Costume my foot. Catch it. for Shoe size 8 u are giving size 10. he wont spare me itseems. Is this even a costume? Used by sivaji in thangapadathakam.(very old movie) Have everything… you loser. what is he doing? Paavadai.. i am going to kill you. Sir. He is taking the gun and running. Ohhhhh Myyyyyyyy Godddddddddd Loser… Loser.. What have you done. If the department finds out, i am dead. Why did this happen to me…. Oh Lord. why are you doing this to me. Ewwwww. Sir.. if you take the gun like this wont the mucous be stickkyy during forensic investigation? Nothing will be stickyy. you just shut up. See. Whatever you want to say.. say it in the court. Come with me. *Mobile Rings* Commisioner calling… Greetings, Tell me sir. Just now constable Kanthasamy told highly about you. We have one sir. Ganapathy iyer He is good for nothing. Yes sir. its been 2 years since took charge as an inspector. He didnt even get a petty case. Thats what am also saying sir. Give him a chance, If we give him this chance. that will be his 1071st chance. But, How can we leave him like that sir? it is our responsiblity to give opportunities to our fellow people sir. After all, we belong to a same family isn’t? Stop. You are not a gandhi. Whats your real intention tell me. what else sir.. Whenever we go rounds he buys us tamarind rice and curd rices only. Its been 2 years since i saw a briyani sir. even that we can manage. but he is not at all allowing non veg inside the station. I came like Arnold. Now became like Dhanush. Thats why i am telling. Either Paavadai has to kill him Or he has to kill paavadai Thats all sir. Hmmm. I ll get order and will call iyer. What did kandhasami told sir? He spoke only highly of you. I ll Send the encounter order in whatsapp. Kill Paavadai and get your promotion. Okay sir. God is great. Lets put our finger print in this. Could you please stand up? Please bless me. Why? I have got promotion. Everyone will get an oppurtunity easily. But to do that you need some guts. Which i dont have. You have given me this opportunity. I want to do some favour for you. What should i do? Please tell. Man… Give me the dialogue. Hero speaks and leaves the place, you see your gym boys and tell Have you notice while he speak? his ear shaked. He seems like our caste guy. This is your dialogue. stop it. Man. I have seen this scene already. Director sir… hey hey.. that ear matter only no… i will do … i wll do. unable to handle… cool… Sir… Cap Sir. Sir… Cap. Sir… Shall we go?? Yes sir.. will go. Okay.. Lets go… What? Sir’s Cap Sir. Rolling.. Camera.. What are you blabbering? I have agreed to cast him no? Can you please put it aside. Written and Direction.
S. Siraj

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  1. Dear frnds movie good or bad first appreciate their work… And he is not actor ini tha palaganum.. so konjamavhu encourage panunga.

  2. கருமம்.. என்ன எளவு இது? இந்த குண்டு பெருச்சாளி ஏதோ ரொம்ப கேஸ்வலா நடிச்சி கழட்டி இருக்கோம்னு நினைச்சிக்கிட்டு மயிரு மாதிரி பண்ணி இருக்கான்

  3. எத்தனையோ பேர்த்த நம்ம நடிக்க தெரியலனு சொல்லி சிரிச்சோம். இன்னைக்கு நம்மல பாத்து இந்த ஊரே சிரிக்கப்போகுது. பிரசாந்த் வாழ்க்கை ஒரு வட்டம்…

  4. Our honest comments :
    Making was good..especially cinematographer did his excellent job
    bgm was also good
    production wise u have done it bigger
    but content and screenplay wise its completely poor and its such a weak script and it did not want such a high production value atal..
    acting wise prasanth bro had to improve..
    direction was good but content is completely weak and poor
    comedy did not work atal.

  5. Nice screenplay 😊nice one from director 👌👏Prashanth suits 👌different attempt …. 🤝🤝🤝Good work from the team

  6. என்னடா பண்ணி வச்சிருக்கீங்க… டேய் பாண்டா … சத்தியமா சிரிப்பும் வரல. .. ஒரு மண்ணங்கட்டியும் இல்ல இதுல.. டோடாலி waste

  7. Semma mokkai…Prasanth, no reaction at all…How long will you drink that boost…just because of your shape, all other police were shown with Tommy… Please don't act from now on

  8. CIVIC NEGLIGENCE- someone who is negligent which causes some one else to die or it causes misfortune. EXAMPLE: Recent Subhashri's death due to someone who raised the hoarding.

    CIVIC BENEVOLENCE- someone whose misfortune has actually caused fortune to someone which has brought benificiary. It is the opposite of CIVIC NEGLIGENCE. Example for CIVIC BENEVOLENCE: the story of this short film.

  9. ஓசி பேப்பர் படிப்பதில், தகராறில் கத்திகுத்து.ஒருவர் மரணம் என்பது போல "குச்சிமிட்டாய்க்கு கொலை".

    ஒண்ணுமே இல்லாத கதைக்கு ஏதோ இருக்குன்னு சொல்றமாதிரி படம்,விறு விறுன்னு 17 நிமிஷம் போயிடுச்சு.

    ஆனா….பாண்டாவ ரொம்ப எதிர்பாத்து,வந்து பாத்தவங்களுக்கு "DISAPPOINTMENT"

  10. Dai ne ne ne… Naan enna solla… Review na enna nu thriyadha ne ellam review pannura… Ennoda friends kooda solluraanga review panna solli… Deiii karadi… Onnumey theriyama mela vanthuta
    .. Sambarichiko… Enjoy
    . paid reviewer

  11. Comments பார்த்த பிறகு பார்க்கனும்ங்கிற எண்ணமே இல்லை… Almost dislike on this short film..

  12. பாவம் இந்த மனுசனுக்கே இந்த கதின்னா பின்னாடி ஒருத்தன் பெருசா தூக்கினு வரானே அவன்கதி

  13. குப்பைகளில் இருந்து விலகி நிற்கும் ஒரு தரம் தெரியுது..ஒளிப்பதிவு கண்ணில் நிற்குது…ஒலிப்பதிவு துல்லியம்..சிறப்பு சப்தம் சேர்க்கை பதமாக இருக்கு.படம் முழுக்க விறுவிறுப்பு …முழுப்படம் பார்த்த நிறைவு..திறமை கொப்பளிக்கும் அற்புதக்கலைஞர்களின் அருமையான கூட்டு முயற்சியில் உருவான ஒளி ஓவியம்..வெற்றிச்சிகரத்தை தொட வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

  14. இது ஒரு ஸ்க்ரிப்டு…இதெல்லாம் ஒரு நடிப்பு…இந்த இலட்சனத்துல பாகுபலி சரி இல்ல…கபாலி சரி இல்லைனு நீயெல்லாம் ரிவ்யு பன்னிக்கிற….த்த்தூ….

  15. மொத்தத்துல இந்த படம் பயங்கர மொக்கை , உட்காருவதற்கு ரொம்ப ரொம்ப கஷ்டமா போச்சு , பண்டா அவருடைய தொப்பைக் ஏற்றமாதிரி costume தெரிவு செய்திருந்தால் இன்னும் நன்றாக இருந்திருக்கும் பாக்கவே சகிக்கவில்லை

  16. Honest comment: prasanth please don't make review videos. You don't know acting and you don't know how to pick script and you don't know casting. Ur body language doesn't suits to any location.

  17. Dei unga kita neriya kasu irundha enta kudunga ya nalla short fim ah na eduthu tharen , vayathu erichal ah kalapikitu 🔥

  18. Final : Andha Dealing Enaku Romba pidichirunchu! 😂😂😂 Super Funny Short Film 👏👏👏 Congratulations Team 👍🥰

  19. நேர்கொண்ட பார்வை படத்தில் ரங்கராஜ் பாண்டே நடிப்பு பரவாயில்லை ஆனால் நடிக்கிறார் என தெரிகிறது என Review பண்ண பிரசாத் உங்கள் நடிப்பு சகிக்கவில்லை Over acting

  20. Na music composer ithu en composing Hero's Theme Music Collection epdi iruku

  21. U r un fit for movie review
    intha job ah resign panitu ethachum maliga kadaila potlam podra vela iruntha parunga
    Ungala ketta varthaila thittanum nu asaiya iruku but na lam nalla kudumbathula poranthava parungooo…

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