Ganesh – Just Ganesh Telugu Full Movie || Ram, Kajal Aggarwal || M Saravanan || Mickey J Meyer

Alas! Don’t weep, lndhu!
You just sit here… Madam! Yourbaby…Auto is leaving! Alas! Catch it, madam!
– lndhu! lndhu! Alas! Baby…stop theauto! lndhu! lndhu! Baby! Baby! The baby may fall down… Excuse me! Please move… lndhu! Thank you very much!
– Becareful! Hey! l am telling you because
l am your friend! There is a limit for everyfhing… Are those adventures necessary for you? lf at all that car’s brake failed,
what would be your position? lf anything happens to you…
– Yes! Yes! lf anything happens to you… Who will lend us during month ends and
give us space for liquor party?. ln a flow…
– Hey! – Ouch! You should not beat me, but him! lts futile whatever you say!
He won’t listen to you… He does whatever he wants to do
though it’s risk or difficult! Hello! lt’s Ok if they love… How if she said they would keep loving? Every time his father comes from Dubai,
he wants to get her married! l would say some lame excuses to
avoid her marriage and send him back! This has what been happening
for the past 5 years! Her father is coming from
Dubai next month! Ask Rakesh to get consent
for marriage before that! lf not…ask her to marry the guy
shown by her father! When he comes for this time
he will definitely get her married! You have been friends
since childhood stage, right?. She listens to your words!
You tell her… What’s your problem?
– Family problem! My father promised
my grandpa that… l would get married with my cousin
during my childhood stage! After grandpa passed away, my father and my aunt were
parted because of arrogance! No terms between our two families
for the past 10 years! Above all… Whenever my marriage topic is discussed,
my father’s response is only one… lf you show the photos and horoscopes of
girls once again, l will kill you! l promised my father that l would get her
married with my niece! Don’t you understand if l said once?
How many times should l tell you? lf so, you can go and ask them, can’t you? Why should l ask them? lf they show that much arrogance having agirl,
how much should l have? They will come! They will come
bythemselves! lf l discuss my love at this time… He forgets everything that happened due to the
promise he gave my grandpa… …and fixes the alliance going to my aunt! That’s why we planned to stop from expressing
about our love until she gets married! lt’s a while guess! lf she also loved someone and
was waiting like you… There will be no problem if she did so! Saying that as a reason, l will make
my father agree for our marriage! So…if she also loves someone,
your problem will be solved! Okay! l love that girl!
– Don’t talk rubbish! How can you love her without the
knowledge of how she looks like? l don’t love her in real sense! l just
pretend as if l love her! Do you pretend? – Yeah! l will pretend as if l love her! l will make her fall in love with me!
l will call you then… lf you bring your father and show both ofus,
your problem will besolved! After that, wecan settle the matter by
asking sorry to her! Tell me something which happens… Hey! You can do nothing for our love! Let him do this help for us… lt’s not help! Tell me the address… Express Towers! Kondapur!
– What? Express Towers? Ask for flats anywhere except
there! l will show you… What’s thep roblem? Give me…go away! Even the own flat holders are planning to
vacate their flats from there! Why? Hey! Why do you rub like that?.
How if the car bears scratches? All the flats are full! Don’tgo there
though there is vacant… Why?
– Have you seen Hitler? Bin Laden? Dawood lbrahim? Abul Saleem?
Poolan Devi? lf you get into those flats…
Hitler with 4 years old! Bin Laden with 5 years old! Dawood with 6 years old!
You can find everyone over there! Their attacks also look strange, sir! When that dog runs after us,
itwon’t bite ifwe hug anybody! lt’s trained so by the children
of5 years old! Hey! Do you think our plan will work out?
– Hey! Don’t get tension… l will somehow get into flats
and trap that girl! Keep the girl’s matter aside!
You first take care of those children! Hey! Don’t turn suddenly… The girl with blue colour churidars
is my cousin! Hey…- Bye! Hey! l haven’t seen her face yet! Whom do you want, sir? A girl with blue churidars went
inside, right? – Name? Her name itself is blue churidar!
– You go away, sir! Sir! lt’s really blue churidar…
– Go away, sir! Hey…Divya! Hey…please! Aah! Hey… You are the one who stole the
cable last week, aren’t you? You are the one who robbed the
jewels in 502, aren’t you? Why have l been trapped by them? Hey… Tell me the truth!
You are the superman, aren’t you? How did you identify that?
– l know it! Superman? Hey! How do you know?
– Yes! lt’s written in comics that superman
comes in search of our house! Alas! Decide something quickly… How to believe that? Don’t you understand as he stands in air?
– Okay! Come on…let’s see! He doesn’t look like so by dress? Hey…He won’t be with the
same dress all the day! Hey… We play cricket in terrace as we were not
allowed to play in ground floor! lt’s difficult to bring the ball
if it falls down, isn’t it? So…it’s better to join superman
in our team, isn’t it? Yes! We have no good fielders
in our team! Shall we join him? This deal is okay for me! You have to play cricket with us!
– Okay! Okay! Let’s go… Batting team can sit! Sethan! You go there… Me? Back! Back! Hey! Ball…Ball! Hey! The ball fell down… What superman? Why did you leave the
ball without catching it? Fell down? Where? There lies the staircase, doesn’t it?
– ls it?. We will also be ableto bring
through staircase… You are superman, aren’t you?
You simply jump and bring it! What?. Should l simply jump and bring it? Yes, superman! You are
superman, aren’t you? Go, superman! Go… – Hey! Hey! My leg… Ouch! Superman! Superman! Superman! We like you very much… Why don’t you stay here? They have finally come onto the track… Okay! But one condition! You should tell nobody that
l am a superman! Why so? That’s the formula of superman! No flat is vacant here, right?
– Which flat do you want? 801? Oh! 802? Sir! Courier…- Oh! Sign, sir! Tenali Ramakrishna?
My name is Vasanth! Sir! This is 802, Express Towers,
White fields, Kondapur! The address is correct, isn’t it sir? The address you say is correct!
But l am not Tenali Ramakrishna… l am Vasanth!
Let’s go, darling! Here itis… Okay, children! l have asked for the hug! Humma! Humma!
Hey! Hey! Humma! Humma! Humma!!!- Shit! What? – Sir! Register post!
– What name? – Birbal! My name is Vasanth! Sir! Express Towers, white field… The address you are about to
sayis correct! But l am not Birbal! – Sir! Does the kiss taste bitter? lt’s the bell of neighbour house!
– ls it so? lt’s our bell only! Sir! Pizza, sir! You, pizza! Sir! Biryani, sir! Sir! Provisions…
– Why do l need provisions? lt’s been 2 days since
l got married! lt’s been 2 days… No!- Darling! Darling! lt’s not my fault…
– l can’t bear it! l bow before you! Please… You are my gold!
You are my honey! You are my darling!
You are my sweety! Heis finished! – Sir! Happy birthday, sir! lt’s been 6 months sincel
celebrated my birthday! What have you brought?
– l have newly come to this flat! He says he has newly come…
Take that! Grand success! lt’s beautiful, isn’tit? What uncle?
– Will you do me a favour? lt seems you are prepared well… Tell me! Will you find if Divya weds me? Okay! Divya! What?.- A secret! Secret is meant to be said loudly! Kumar uncle asked me to find
if you marry him! Kumar! You have come to visit your sister! You stay for 2 to 3 days… l promised my father that l would get Divya
married to my brother’s son! lf so…you can discuss with your brother
about Divya’s marriage, can’t you? Why should l discuss? He was brought up under my observation… lf he has such an arrogance,
how much should l have? He will not come, she will not go! l don’t think your marriage will take place! You don’t talk! l will get her
married with Rakesh! Out, sir! Children! Not out…
Go to your positions! Go…Go! Ball! Who is she?
– Sheis a devil! Her nameis Divya!
She runs tuition for us… She gives major punishments for
every minor mistakes! Divya never uses the lift! She always
walks through the staircase… lf sheis asked why it is,
she says it’s an exercise! lt’s okay with her… But she tortures us too
to use the staircase! She poses like a basketball champion… No news of her triumph till now! ln order to in culcate mother tongue
to everybody… …she always kills us by taking
Telugu class! The name of the girl who went
behind her is Vasavi! Divya’s xerox! She smiles,
walks and talks like her! Monkey!- She gave a plant to
each student in tuition… We have to water our respective
plants as soon as we reach! lf the plant fades,
she gives punishment! lf anything said, she asks us to
learn the responsibility! We missed the tuition yesterday as
we were playing cricket with superman… …l fear if Divya will scold me! Hey! Give me some idea… You lie for everything
at home, don’t you? Silence! Silence!
Divya is coming… Why didn’t you attendthe
tuition yesterday?. l am asking you… The last boy! She is asking you! Come on…
– Did l come to play? Sai! l suffered from loose motions, miss! l suffered from typhoid, miss! l suffered from chicken gunia, miss! l suffered from heartattack, miss! l suffered from Dengue fever, miss! l suffered from malaria, miss! l suffered from H.l.V, miss! H.l.V is mine!
You say someother thing… H.l.V is mine, miss! He is lying, miss! Who has given these ideas to you? You will all be beaten
if you don’t say… Alas! l am caught…
– Oh! Hritik! Everybody, sit! Hritik! Stretch your hand… That hand! This one… Stretch this hand! Why is he here?
l still doubt… He is not superman!
He is a wandering man! Silence! Hritik! Sit down… You have to finish the homework
by tomorrow! lf not…you will get punishment! Vasavi! Come on… lf anyone didn’t do your homework
tomorrow, l would beat you too! Well said! You go… Come on! Come on! Move… Come on! Come on! Move…
Come on! Move…l say! This air is ours! This earth is ours!
Let’s proceed with our deeds… Let us be how we like to be!
There is no wrong in it… l will bearthe entirerisk with
the parents who say silence! lt’s our choice…we will be so! Bliss is our oxygen! Hey… lf anybody rebels,we undergo war! This is the battle for freedom… Come on! Come on! Move… Come on! Come on! Move…Come on!
Move…l say! This air is ours! This earth is ours!
Let’s proceed with our deeds… For the classroom…
l give crazy ideas! l will teach how to make the
teachers move like friends! l will give many techniques for school… l will change the syllabus to very easier! l will do the entire homework! l will get the tuition cancelled! l will give the exam paper
earlier itself! l will teach fast track to everybody… Come on! Come on! Move… Come on! Come on! Move…
Come on! Move…l say! This air is ours! This earth is ours!
Let’s proceed with our deeds… l will change all the
TV channels to POGO! l will buy you a wrist watch
in order to play video game! l will give coaching in martial arts… l will make you eat the gigantic boomer! l will bring mountain
full of Maggie! Wow! l will shower fanta
like a fountain! l will give ice cream from ATM! Your smiley face is enough for me… Move! Move! Move! Move! Come on! Come on! Move… Come on! Come on! Move…
Come on! Move…l say! This air is ours! This earth is ours!
Let’s proceed with our deeds… Let us behow we like to be!
There is no wrong in it… l will bear the entire risk
with the parents who say silence! lt’s our choice…we will be so! Bliss is our oxygen! lf anybody rebels,we undergo war! This is the battle for freedom… Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Alas! How much water! Alas! How much water! Having blocked the water so,
what are these boats and plays? Do you have sense at all? Things are getting spoilt
as water enters into the flat! lt’s been abig headache
with them… Tell me! Hubby! Rain has just stopped…
wearemoving! Okay! Come carefully! Hey! What are you staring at? Who are you? – Brother asked us
to bring you! Move… Move! Walk on… Move! – Leave me!
– Move! Move! Move, l say! Move…Move! Get in! – Listen to my words! Why arethey so serious? Have l committed unnecessarily
with emotion? O God! lt seems they will smash me… They are coming!
They are coming! You go! They are going! Please…go!
Go, superman! What happened, superman? Someone among you
has said alie… Power reduced! Will the power get reduced
ifwe said alie, superman? ls it so? How come
it will be reduced? Hey! Superman formula is so…
You come, superman! l don’tknow who has written the
comics that he reads… …l really have to
fall at his feet! Sir! Sir! Hey…Who is he?
– He borrowed Rs.17 lakhs at Madhapur! He doesn’t pay even the interest… Oho! When he had come to
ask for debt… …he looked like an oldman, didn’t he?
– Yes, brother! Hey… Have you dyed your hair?
– Yes, l have! You have perfectly covered
your age… New car! Which model?
– Honda- Accord! Honda- Occured?
– Honda- Accord, sir! Leave it! How much? Rs.20 lakhs!
– 20!!!! You…scoundrel! l, who lent you money,
roam in second hand ambassador! You,who borrowed money,
have such a big honda! Hey… Deduct Rs.5 lakhs for car and get his
signature for the rest amount! l will buy the old one for quarter rate! Sir! lt’s anew car, sir…
lt’s just been a week since l bought! lf so… You leave your daughter
and take tomorrow… Sir! Sir! My daughter, sir…
– What man? ln spite of being one week since
you bought,the car is new for you! One day! lf you leave your daughter
for only one day, will it become old? Hey, Siva! Their signature…
– Sir! Sir! We sign wherever you ask us to!
Please leave us, sir… Good mother! Hey! Get signatures from them… Sir! My friend…My friend ran away, sir!
– Hey…what man? You are saying very lightly
that he ran away! l lent him Rs.15 lakhs! You made a guarantee
signature, didn’t you? Sir! Give me a week’s time…
l will bring him anyhow! Not oneweek…
Take two weeks! But…you don’t bring him! Bring money! Sir! How come…
– Hey! Has he made the signature? Cut him! Hey…. Not head!
Just the finger! Finger… The thumb! Hey…brother! lt’s very common over here! Try to avoid happening to you
which happened to him! You go now… Come with money! Great! See you! Hi, Divya! As l’ve been trying for a week,
she has just seen today! Ganesh! This is the right time…
put her on the track! l’ve been observing since yesterday!
You’ve been following me… What’s your problem? That is…l’ve been following you
for the past 2 years!- 2 2 years? l love you!
– What do you like in me? l like your walk! l like your smile! You look like a princess! Oh! Thanks! You liked
those many things in me! l should like at least onething
in you, right? – Yes! You once walk and show me! l have to walk once…
That’s it, isn’t it? How’s it? You don’t know even
how to walk properly… Why do you need love? What’s your name?
– Apparao! Look Apparao! The person, who loves,
should have guts! There should lie originality
in love! …sincerity too! And should at least
have a nice name! ls it enough? Or should l
proceed further? Thanks! Well said! Taketherose! ltmay fade… l will kill you if you are seen
around this area! Get lost… Your bad luck! As she has seen the person,
who followed for 2 years,just now…. …when would she see me? When would she love me?
When would Archana get married? lt’s difficult to have
such good qualities! Hey, Rakesh! lt’s better to convince you
instead of convincing her! l am coming… What do you want, sir?
– Three pieces of Black current! What?. ls he the one you found?
How did you love him? His eyes, nose and legs! Doesn’t he look like an
assembled person in spare parts? Archu! Listen to whatl say… You wisely marry the guy
brought by your father! Better… Okay! lt doesn’t seem to work out! Takeit! Thanks! Hello! Tell me… No Maria! l won’t forget… Rakesh! Why is your taste so nasty? Why? lsn’t the cake tasty? Not about this…about her! You once look at her face!
You may find many spelling mistakes… Yes! l will bring… But your cousin, Divyais superb! That’s why l am saying…
you say something to her and cut! What buddy? Did the thing not work out
what you went for? No! No! How come it will not
work out when l go? No way! Just like that… l have just tested how strong
your love is! Good! Good! You both Passed… l am failed! Hey, Ganesh! You will have September
if you lose the March! Meanwhile…you take a little
bit coaching! You will be passed! lt’s very easy to make agirl
fall in love… lt’s very easy to make agirl
fall in love… You keep watching that girl
for 24hours! Shewill automatically be trapped… Don’t pay attention atall!
They will get trapped by themselves! Learn from Hutch puppy, buddy! You follow her as if it does,
it will work out… ln love, it’s not fair to copy
the others formula… …everyone has to create a new
formula for himself! So…l need a new formula! oops! Only 2 chips packets have fallen!
Don’t expect sorry or anymore, okay?. Hi! You?
– l am the friend of Ganesh! Who is Ganesh?- Why do you
ask that who your lover is? Hello! You took me for someone and
talking with me, right? You are Divya, aren’t you? – Yes! Express Towers, 8th floor, 801… Then…why do you ask that
who Ganesh is? Ganesh is in 802!
He stays in your neighbour flat… Ganesh loves you!
You love him sincerely too! For the past 2 years,
you both have been… Excuse me! l don’t know anyone by
name Ganesh! Okay?. Don’tknow? Hello! He stays in 802!
You warn him if he is seen… l don’t know for how many people
he said so… – Okay! l will look into it! You move on… Hello! You warn him strongly, okay? Ganesh! Yes! Ganesh! Oops! YOU TOUCHED NOT MY NAME,
– BY GANESH 802′ Coming… Who is… How come you are here? Okay!
Where is he? – Who? Your friend, Ganesh! Hehas left for Office…
– Which office? Carvi & Co- Okay! Come on…
show me who he is! Alas! l don’t have bike…
– l have scooty! O God! What’s this? l have been booked so… Hello! – ln our lucky draw…
– Hey! Hang up! She is leaving… Who is Ganesh here? Who are you?
– She is the lover of Ganesh! Then…who are you? l am the friend of Ganesh! We all together have had
lunch too, right? Oh! You? Hey, guys! Listen…- What dear? He is the friend of our Ganesh!
– Hi! She is the lover of Ganesh!
– lfl over, is she Divya? Have you seen?
You didn’t believe when l said… He said to everybody in the office!
This is his system! Come on… Where is he now?
– That is… Where is he? Pizza corner?
– Yes! Pizza corner! Pizza corner! Lets go… What have you done now? lf an ambulance is moving,
it means someone is in danger, right? So, l made a small prayer for his
speedy recovery, that’s it! Shall we sit over there? What do you want?
– l want Ganesh! Ganesh! Ganesh! Ganesh! Oops! That item is not
available here… Hello! l asked about your friend!
– Oh! Ganesh… lt seems he hasn’t come yet! lt will be indecent to stay
until he comes… Shall we order something? 2 lrish Blend! – Okay, madam! Will you have two?- For both of us…
– l don’t like it… One! – Okay!- Okay! Okay!
As she is so fond of…bring two! Say clearly, sir! One or two?
– One/Two l have a doubt for a long time… Do we dream in colour or
black & white? Alas! lt seems you are so angry… Excuseme!
– Yeah! Do we dream in colour or
black & white? What?- Your dreams! l think…in colour!
– No! No! ln black & white… Hey! lt’s colour…
– No! No! ln black & white! No! ln colour…
– You ask them if you want! Yes, correct! ln black & white! Yeah! Black & white!
– Hey! lt’s colour, isn’t it? Hey! lt’s black & white…
– No! lt’s colour, right? No! ln black & white! Hi, Ganesh! How are you? – l am fine! No! He is not our Ganesh… One minute! Let mecall him… lt’s ringing! Why hasn’t Ganesh come yet? What? Has he gone to cinema?
Cinema…Which theatre? Shall we go? Why are the tickets? ls it our own theatre to be
allowed freely inside?- Oh! Hey, Ganesh! Hey! What are you doing? Or else…how can he hear us?
– You firstsit! What?. lf you don’t mind, please only once… …shall l whistle? Do you want to whistle? Okay! First… Putting the fingers like this…
– Yeah! lt has blown! Try once again… Come on! Come on! Come on! What are you looking for?
– Ganesh! We have come for him, right? As you are with me,
l forgot why l came for! Yes! What are you looking for?
– Ganesh! Do you know how Ganesh looks like? Lets go… Hello! You can come by lift for me,
can’t you? 8 floors! l forgot to ask you… Do we dream in colour
or black & white? You will come in dream, won’t you?
l will observe and tell you! l mean you will come in
Ganesh’s dream, right? l was about to say that
l would ask and tell you… Shit! Don’t raise his topic… How come good chap like you made
friendship with him? Hello! Please…Don’t say so! You don’t know about Ganesh! Ganesh…is a great guy! He is a very intelligent guy!
My intelligence is just 1%… He will crack jokes and make laugh!
My ability is just 1%… He is very naughty!
My… As you were unnecessarily
misunderstanding Ganesh… Okay! Bye… – Bye! Ganesh! l have come to your flat for
4 times since morning! Here are your dresses!
Give me Rs.60/- lt’s Rs.60- only, isn’tit?
– Yes! You go… Hi, aunty! Why did you call me?
– Bye, aunty! O God! Hi! Beas Ganesh’s friend! lf you try to become Ganesh,
it will be blast! This sort of words from ladies’ mouth,
will not be good! lt will be good! l will kill you! Take care… No use! Have to find a
new formula… Hey! Look over there… Hey! Hey! Will you at least believe
now that he is a superman? Magic is done by P.C.Sarkar too!
ls he a superman? Superman! Okay! Okay! Hey, Divya! Hey…come on! Let’s go and hide… Hey! Move…
– Hey! Move and get inside! Why do you fear Divya in such a way?.
– Yes, superman! Everybody in flats fear us!
– But we fear Divya! Divya should be controlled somehow! Give us some idea, superman! There is a source for that…
– What’s it?. Divya has to love somebody else… Or else…somebody else
has to love Divya! lf loved?- Then…Divya won’t have
time even to love! How come she pays attention
towards you? lf so…you love her, superman!
– Me? No! No! Don’t get me stuck
in such things… l am very happy! Hey! Shall we ask your father to love? lt may create a problem
to my mother… Hey! Not only to your mother…
it’s a problem for all mothers! Okay! Okay! Okay! lf you all
have problem, l love her! No, superman! Divya is a devil!
– No, problem! For all of you…
l do for you! Okay?.- Okay! Since Ganesh stepped in, children’s
naughtiness has been increased! Whom did he ask and
take the children? That too…outside!
lf anything goes wrong with anybody? lf so…ls it safe to
stay always at home? How is it guaranteed that the earthquake
would not collapse the apartments? Correct! Earthquake may
occur at any time… Should we leave the flats for that?
– Hey! You sit down… Look Ganesh! We are getting
many complaints about you… We give you a week’s time!
Vacate the flat… This is the decision
of the association! Who are they to ask
superman to vacate? What is association?
Are we given membership in that? Have they at least
listened to our words? Yes! Let’s start an association
for ourselves… As my father is the president,
l am the president! As my father is the secretary,
l am the secretary! As my mother is treasurer,
l am the treasurer! Superman has to stay here… We start a revolution
for this decision! Okay?.- Okay! warning! The association, which ordered Ganesh
to vacate, should change its decision! Or else…you will have to face a
strange consequences! By…Children’s revolutionary club! Have they started? What is revolution?
Fully matured… Okay?. – Okay! He just preaches, but not
does the work properly! l have to get children ready for school… What’s this, sir? No water
since morning… – Ssh! Ssh! l know that! No water in my flat too… lt’s urgent! That’s why l am
leaving early to office… We shall discuss after l come
in the evening! Madam! Please control yourselves…
please move aside! warning! As you did not respond to our demand,
we are going to execute our next plan! l don’t know what they do… Children are losing discipline
now-a-days! How were they before…
how are they now? Children don’t behave like children! They have taken off the power too… How to control these children?
– You need not do anything! You just say that Ganesh can stay here…
they don’t do anything! lf he stays here,
children will be spoilt! How come they get spoilt? After Ganesh stepped in,
their plays got increased! When will they do naughty deeds
other than this age? Look at my grandson… He studies now how he
studied before! lf so…our daughter is
also studying well! Our son is also studying well! Then…why do you want to
send Ganesh? lf we leave it here, if children
go out along with him again… How tension we felt that day?. Make sure such things would not
take place again! Children! lf you promise that you will never go out
without the permission of your parents… …Ganesh can stay here! ls it okay?. Oh! You? Morning!
– Come, superman! – Where? Come! Come!- Hey! – Come!
– You come,we say… You come, l say… Move! Move! No! No! Stop there! You will fall down… Alas! What happened? Aisu has locked the door!
She is unable to unlock… Hey! Has anyone made a call
to fire service? Fre service? What for?
You are there, aren’t you? You jump and rescue her!
– What? Should l jump and rescue? Yes! Move…
– Come on…- Where? You need distance to jump, don’t you? What?- Okay! You run
from here and jump over… What happened? What could have happened?
The power would have been reduced… l have seen trials! l will do all reals! What Aisu? Does anyone weep
for such a tiny thing? Here you see… This is open!
And this is close! That’s it… l know it, superman! That chubby boy asked me to act like this
to test if you are a superman! Hey! Will you believe now that
l am a superman? You jumped only 8 metres… ln Olympics, someone jumped
more than that… ls he a superman? You stupid! Why did you test?
Why did you test?. No pain! No pain! No pain! Who asked Ganesh to jump? lf not said, everyone must
accept the punishment! lt’s better to accept before
they all say… You! How if he fell while jumping? Why does she have such
interest towards him? Come! Stretch your hand! Leave me…
– You hit us if we don’t study! But don’t interfere into
our personal matters! l don’t take tuition for you!
Go… Yes! l thought so…
Come on! Lets go… Hey! Why do you call them all? We have all together decided! Go… Hey! l am not intelligent enough
to take tuition for you! We don’t ask any doubts!
Don’t fear, superman… Hold a book by one hand!
Hold a stick by one hand! …and roam to and fro!
That is tuition! Hey! l can’t do it…
– Divya is passive! She takes tuition…what for you? What? Am l passive? After l started taking tuition,
you got ranks! Do you know that? What? You say that you have
done everything… Have you written exam for us?
– Hey! You don’t talk… When you failed in all subjects,
l made you get 40%! He got only 40% in your tuition! But he will get 70% in
Ganesh’s tuition! For him? 70%? Ask him to pass!
We shall see the rest later… What if he gets 70%?
– Let him get it first… What is the bet?
– l am ready for anything else! lf he gets 70%, you should say,
‘l love you’! l love you? For you?
– Not for me! For him… For me??? Let him get it first!
We shall see later… Hey! You get 70% somehow!
– Are you joking? lt’s great even to get passed! 70%?
Sorry! Hey… We made the bet believing
in you, didn’t we? l don’t believe in myself…
who asked you to believe me? l will not get… Why don’t you get when
superman is with you? Will l get 70%, superman? For me! For you! For me!
For you! For me! For you! For the union of we both…
done! What buddy? lt seems l may get… Two little hands go clap…
clap…clap! Two little legs go
tap…tap…tap! Two little eyes are open wide! Hey! Hey! Hey! Please honey… Tell me at least the last line!
Please… One little head goes
side to side! Three fives are fifteen!
– Three fives are fifteen! Three sixes are eighteen!
– Three sixes are eighteen! Three sevens are twenty one!
– Three sevens are… Superman! l have a doubt…
– Ah! How good that sounding is! Getting doubt gives the education!
Ask me…Ask me! Are you making me study to get
70% or to love Divya? You got the doubt which
you should not get in this age! Repeatwhat l say… Three sevens are twenty one!
– Three sevens are twenty one! Three in the mind and three
fingers open! Three after… Four! Fve! Six!
– Write down! Nani! lt’s 12 O’clock now! Enough studying…come and lie down! Mother! lts my prestige matter… You go and sleep if you get!
l have to study… Good! Write the next! You remember all the
tables, don’t you? You write neatly, don’t you?
Good! Go! All the best! Sumathi! Nani! Sai Kiran! Hurray! What is this getup? Divya will not fear us!
That’s why this getup… What children? The lion is laughing… Superman! Lion should not laugh…
it should roar! What?. l did not get 70%… l have already said that
you would not get, right? Don’t talk too much! l got 72%… We won the bet! Say, ‘l love you’ to him!
– Say, ‘l love you’ to him! You are lion, superman! l don’t say, ‘l love you’
to animals! Above all…lion should come alone! lf so…do you say,
l love you’ to him? No! But Nani got 72%… Okay! You move…
– What?.- Move! ls it he? Move! He is handsome! l shall sit
for a while and move… Go away!
– Okay! Hi! l am Deepa’s friend! You are Ganesh’s friend, aren’t you? Oh! Deepa? Hi…- Hi! Leave my hand! Hold her hand… Don’t look at me in such
an angry manner! l did not come to ask you to say,
‘l love you… Children behaved very mischievously
that day, right? Just to say sorry… One strawberry icecream! l can have icecream
with you, can’t l? Actually l wanted to tell you
some other important matter… l love you! l love you! Fake love?
– No! lt’s really true love… lf so…say loudly! l love you! l love you! l love you! l love you! Congrats! All the best! As you speak the known words,
l newly listen to it again! As the dreams are coming true,
l am very glad for that! As l keep seeing…l become the
shell that smiles! As l keep thinking so…
l become like you! Though it’s a drizzle,
it’s rain without wet! Will it shower over my heart
at this time? Even my shadow looks like
the rainbow… The entire body shivered
with bliss! Have l ever immersed into
romance like this? How could you strangely make me so? Your celebrations stay in my heart! Will it grow thousand times? Like the strange thing that
vanishes in air! As you speak the known words,
l newly listen to it again! As the dreams are coming true,
l am very glad forthat! Hence forth, being the sky… My world is above you… Shall l touch your lightning
with my lightning? How ever magic you are in… What ever word you speak… Will the Love speak through my voice? As you speak the known words,
l newly listen to it again! As the dreams are coming true,
l am very glad for that! As l keep seeing…l become the
shell that smiles! As l keep thinking so…
l become like you! Though it’s a drizzle,
it’s rain without wet! Will it shower over my heart
at this time? Even my shadow looks like
the rainbow… The entire body shivered
with bliss! You can’tkill me, Ruther Ford! lf one Sitharama Raju is killed, lakh numbers of Sitharama Raju
will exist! Each person rebels as a warrior… Hey! Your cousin has fallen on my track!
– Really?. How could you keep her
on the track so soon? l can’t believe it… Hey! Firstly this good news to be
reached Archana immediately… Your father! Not to Archana…
you first tell your father! Father has left for Kasi!
He won’t be available for a week! A week? Hey! lt’s very difficult to
bear her even for one day… lt seems she may ask me
to marry her by tomorrow! He left yesterday only…
we can’t come till then! lt’s very difficult if it’s a week!
Please try for something better… Please, buddy! Manage somehow…
our lives get settled! lt seems my life may go to shed
before that…hang up! Hey! lt’s gents toilet! l know! That’s why l did not
come inside… Full of intelligence! Hey… Do you know how long l waited for you
in terrace last night? Why didn’t you come? ln terrace? You didn’t
inform me, did you? lf informed, what you?
Even the watchman comes… lf fallen in love, should know
in spite of being not said! Radha! Hey… Come here! What? – Brother!
– Brother? They won’t leave even the place
where children study! Shit… Do they study here? What about you? You wanted meto express
loudly if loved… Why do you hide with
your brother then? Because my mother promised my grandpa
that l would get married to my cousin! lf so…will you betray me now! You will not do so…go ahead! After grandpa passed away… …my mother and my maternal uncle
got parted because of arrogance! No terms between our families
for the past 10 years! lf she comes to know about our
love at this time… As my mother promised my grandpa, she goes to my maternal uncle
and fix the alliance! That’s why…
– Shall l tell the balance? You stopped as its not correct to express
about our love until your cousin gets married! Am l right? How could you say in such a
correct manner? l don’t know…it was managed so! Full of intelligence!
– lsn’t it? Let’s go… Children rocked! Simply superb… You rocked with dialogues! Grandpa! Grandpa! Are you okay? Move… Lavanya! No! Don’t harm me… Brother! Hey… Brother! Doesn’t your hand know to
return the money it borrowed? That’s why you should not
have this hand… No brother! Don’t harm me, brother! lt should not be… What Ganesh? Would you have coffee?
– No problem, aunty! Aunty! Where are the children?
– They will be playing in terrace… Divya! We want to tell you an
important matter! lt’s very serious… You don’t love Ganesh, Divya!
– Why?. Listen to what we say… Don’t spoil your life by
loving Ganesh! Well cried! Get lost… What is this?
They suddenly reversed… Come on…let’s go! Hi! Are you a superman? Tell me if you are a superman! What happened? When the hand of my friend’s father
was cut, you were just staring at! What is this? Your father was
also staring at, right? My father can stare! Her father
can stare! His father can stare! Because they are all ordinary men! You are a superman, aren’t you?
Why didn’t you save him? We don’t like you! Vacate the flat… The matter of Rakesh will get settled
if waited just for a week! Hello! Who is this? Hey! lt’s me, Divya…l am waiting
down stairs! Come quickly… She is the one…
– l am coming! Where are we going now? –
First tell me if tank is full? – yes Yeah! What Divya madam? – Hey! Are you fine? – Superb! Superb! Come… Come on!- Where?
– Come, l say! Who is she? Divya! Aunty… Happy birthday! – Thank you! Your birthday? Happy birthday!- Thanks! Say loudly… The day you expressed
‘l LOVE YOU’ to Divya, she told everything about you! l prepared pudding for you!
Go and bring it… Come, Ganesh! You are very lucky, Ganesh! You got a girl like Divya… l had worked as nurse for 33 years! ln my service…3162 deliveries
done by me! l also gave birth to three children! But now… l don’t know how they are
and where they are… …along with my children! But Divya, as soon as she
came onto this world… Saying that l was the one who firstly
saw and touched her… …she remembers me till today and stays
along with me for her every birthday! She shares all matters
in her life with me! She does whatever l need… lf anyone suddenly comes
and asks me who she is… l don’t know if to say she is
my daughter or a relative! Naughty girl! She feels upset!
She cries and gets anger… But her heart is gold!
That gold loved you… What luck do you want
more than this? That’s why l said you were lucky…
Sit down! Pudding! How’s it?
– Superb! Give me! l will take it… Thanks, aunty! lf l did not come to here,
l would miss many points about Divya! You are right! l am really very lucky! This is your birthday gift! Take it! May you live long! l love you… Bye, aunty! Aunty! You like Ganesh, don’t you?
– Super! Thanks, aunty! Bye…Bye!
l make amove! – Bye! lt’s okay! When is your birthday? l don’t have any flashbacks
like you had! l don’t know when and where
l was born! When l was roaming across the road,
a gentleman came and asked me… …if l would go along
with him and said he would offer me with food,
clothes and education! l liked the sentence that
he would offer me with food! i went along with him… Later when l was admitted
into school, l was asked for the date of birth! l said l did not know! They themselves
fixed it as August 17th! August 17th? Just 10 days left… Don’t get excited in such a way!
lt’s not my original birthday! Original or duplicate?
Birthday is birthday! Let us celebrate grandly this time!
– How? How in the sense…
At 11 :30 pm. on 16th night! l wake up and take head bath
and l wear new dress… Hey! The birthday is mine,
why do you wear new dress? Listen to! You also wake up and take bath
and wear new dress… You should have to buy the cake already!
There should be extra cream, okay? Extra cream? What for?
– l will tell you… Taking that cake,
we go to terrace… Sitting on the tank,
if we look up… Sky full of stars!
lf we look down… City lights here and there!
A stars feel! Exactly at 12 O’clock… You cut the cake and feed me first… …l will feed you after that! Then…cream will stick here, right? l will look into your eyes!
You look into my eyes! As l come to kiss you…
you have to take right! Why? You should do,thats it!
– Okay! Now l come to right,
you should turn left! l will come to left again… As we turn right and left… l suddenly hold your head
and give you a firm lip kiss! That will be my birthday gift!
My first kiss! lt will really be the
first kiss forme! Hey! That will be the
first kiss for me too! Hello! You have kissed your mother,
haven’t you? Your brother and Vasavi? They have also kissed you, right? As far as my knowledge,
l have never kissed anybody… …nobody has kissed me! lt’s okay if it is duplicate birthday!
Give me the first kiss then… Please, Ganesh! – Please! Hey… l am very happy today! Will you stay with me
so throughout my life? l truly don’t know what she said
and if she said or not! l don’t know if it is an event
or not! But it’s not a dream! O life! lt’s futile to get
excited by so early now! lf we get immersed into emotions,
can we come up ? l truly don’t know what she said
and if she said or not! l don’t know if it is an event or not!
But it’s not a dream! l don’t know if it’s not enough though
there is another heart right side… …to hide this light! lt seems l might see my heart today…
it’s full of love! The world which l have come,
has been surrounded me… …when l was standing near you! O life! lt’s futile to get
excited by so early now! lf we get immersed into emotions,
can we come up? l truly don’t know what she said
and if she said or not! l don’t know if it is an event or not!
But it’s not a dream! Let this second… …stand still like a statue! Let us always stay together
like this! l don’t know till today
that this is the life! l lived for 100 years as
your pair by today! l don’t know what she said… l don’t know how strange it is… l truly don’t know what she said
and if she said or not! l don’t know if it is an event
or not! But it’s not a dream! O life! lt’s futile to get
excited by so early now! lf we get immersed into emotions,
can we come up? l truly don’t know what she said
and if she said or not! l don’t know if it is an event or not!
But it’s not a dream! Which flat do you want to go to?
– l want to meet Ganesh! You stupid! Please…- Thanks! Yes! Divya! Divya! No… Divya! No… No! No! Divya! You give the first kiss
on my birthday! You take it as the second first kiss… l won’t spare you today! Bye! – Bye! Hey! How come you are here? Thank God! You have seen
at least now… l have been following for an hour!
Do you know? Oh! Have you seen?
– Yes! l have seen…l have seen! …she was laying her hands upon you
and hugging you! …she was saying something into
your ear and you were laughing! l have seen everything! – Catch! lt’s okay! City girls will not believe
though the love is true! As you pretended and made
Divya believe it… …either you must be really a greatman
or she must be a fool! Archu! As you think… Hey, Divya! Actually, all l said is… Have you pretended
as if you loved me? Not that…Divya!
– Have you pretended? Come on…shoot! Hey…Divya! Hey…- Hey, Deepa!
– He has come…- l know! You can ask him once why he
pretended so, can’t you? Why should l ask him? Every person who committed a mistake
will have a reason to say! That’s none of my business! Above all…l am not interested
even in seeing him now! Hi! – Hi! What happened, buddy? She is not interested even
in talking with me! Sorry, buddy! lt’s all happened because of me, isn’t it? l talked something else as l didn’t
know that you truly loved her! Actually with the tension as
my father was coming… Or else, shall l go and convince her
saying something else? What will you say?
– Thatis… …you have done all these for us! Don’t take such violent decisions… My father will kill me if he
comes to know! Hey! Don’t get tension…
take it light! l made Divya believe when
l was pretending… l truly love her now!
Won’t l be able to convince now? But l have to stay in the apartments
if l should convince Divya! lf l should stay here, l have to
convince the children first! They forced me to vacate the flat!
Only that thing… l am thinking how to resolve! You vacate immediately… When Mahadev was cutting the
hand of my friend’s father, you did not rescue! The one who rescues is the
superman! You are not… Will you vacate or should we
make you vacate? Come on! Let’s go… This Mahadev is in the middle now! Mahadev brother says about the
time at the time of lending! Did he say or not? – Yes, he did! Mahadev brother won’t repeat
for the second time! He will cut… Look Kali! Your brother will not repeat
for the second time! My brother will not say even
for the first time! Who is he? Don’t try to see the Sun during summer
and the sea during tsunami… …and my brother now!
You can’t bear… ls he such a person? Call him… Brother! The one who hits and makes the
mind get blocked… His boss is Yadagiri! You?
– Giri! Yadagiri! The great don! Hey, Giri! Brother spared you as you are
running business separately… lf brother comes to know this matterr,
things will be disrespectful! Hey…get lost!
– What man? ls he a big grove? He can even not pluck my hair off! No, sir! lt’s already less… Okay! Hey…He had food as l stood in queue
to get ration rice and cooked! He had tea as l prepared for him! He lay down as l arranged cot for him! lf so,were you the servant of Mahadev? No! l was a cook! Hey… Why are you laughing? l am a gentleman who worked
as a cook for the money l lent! Hey…rascal! You go and tell your guy… Hence forth, if he roams
in this area… lf he lays eyes, legs or
sight upon our guys… Tell him! Stop! l should go before you, right? Follow! O God! Save us… Hello, Kali!
– Brother! When l went to collect money in
Naveen’s bar yesterday… …Yadagiri brother came
against me, brother! ls it? Where is he now?- He is
at the temple in Srinagar colony! You had worked for me… l heard that you said if l was a big grove!
– lt’s my fault, sir! …and said that l was your hair! l said that l had not had, sir! …and you added that my wife eloped with
someone else because of my torture! Mother! When did l say, sir? And said that l was the third for
Kukatpally aunty… – ls it?. What’ls it’?
– Sir! l have understood, sir! Kali might have expressed his dialogues
in the form of my intentions, sir! Hey… – Mother! Alas!
– Hey…shut up! Don’t pretend… l will hit less if you surrender
yourself, Okay?- Okay! Hey…you go away! Sir! l will come to your houseand
get beaten if necessary! Don’t do it in the public, sir!
My image gets spoilt, sir! Does the image get spoilt? – Yes, sir! Do you have such a thing? You said that l was eating the
people for the interest! Will you talk whatever you wish?
– Why did he come to here? He looks like our Pandav! What is your range and my range? Yes! lt’s he… Hey, Ganesh! lf you beat Mahadev now,
the children come onto thetrack! This is the chance! Go and gore… No deficiency for such build ups! Hey… Brother! Please leave him…
traffic jammed! Will you hold my hand?
Who are you? How dare you??? Who is that? Superman! Superman!
– Yes! Superman! Superman! Sir! Sir! Sir!
Glad to meet you, sir! l am Giri…Yadagiri!
The great don! And you?
– My name is Ganesh! Just Ganesh! Your fan! Fan? Hey… Heis really a superman! How our superman hit that Mahadev is… Divya! We did not understand
Ganesh properly… Ganesh is a very good chap!
You love him! You stopped when we asked you
not to love him before, right? Why do you stare at so,
when we ask you to love? Should l do whatever
you ask meto do? Get lost… lt’s all happened because of us, right? Ganesh will be veryhappy
ifDivya loves, won’t he? Hey! What happened now? They both got parted because of us… We shall combine them and
make them stay happy! Okay?.- Okay! l am along with you like your shadow! l say that l don’t part
even just a second! Sonia! l enjoy your presence… Shall l discuss with youngsters
and celebrate? O princess! O princess!
You are my heart and soul! l can live no more without you… O prince! O prince!
You are my heart and soul! l can live no more without you… l am along with you
like your shadow! l say that l don’tpart
even just a second! Anyway…l accept your thoughts! l am ready to undergo
anything here! l am the soldier who doesn’t
care fo rhimself… This robo lover does everything
whatever you say! l ever staylike chocolate though
there is dynamite attack! l lose my love fear with a megabyte kiss… ln the heights of Eiffel tower… Shall l give you happiness? Shall l give you the enjoyment
beyond the gravity edge? ln the heart of superman… Shall l get settled safely?. Am l not the Nightingale
who speaks love? O princess! O princess! O princess! O princess!
You are my heart and soul! l can live no more without you… O prince! O prince!
You are my heart and soul! l can live no more without you… The wild fire which is spread
because of volcano flood! This wizard would immerse into
vapours from all directions! l blissfully welcome you… l changed the atmosphere like a
Rock ‘N’ Roll colourful dream! ls it strongly sealed? Will l get tiredness to perform that? By seeing the miracle in folds,
shall l become cool? lf so…you hug me! l am becoming tempted! l am touching the milkyway
while touching you! Sonia! As you arehere,
l feel glad about it! Shall l discuss with youngsters
and celebrate? O princess! O princess!
You are myheart and soul! l can live no more without you… O prince! O prince!
You are my heart and soul! l can live no more without you… Brother! Juice…
– l don’t want! l feel pain… First time!
As someonehas hit me… That idiot Yadagiri made me lie that
l slipped and fell in bathroom! lf so…- He grew up to hire guys
for hitting me… l want that Yadagiri! Hey! Who are you? What? Have you come to see if
brother is alive? No, sir! l have come to hand over
my body to you… Punishment will beless
if surrendered, right sir? Sir! Ask them to hit in a normal way! Hey! l hit to make someone fear…
l don’t hit anyone who fears! You do how ever you fixed!
But one thing is true, sir… l promise that
l don’t know who he is! Hey! Hey! Hey! He hit me in your area
supporting you, right? How can l believe if you say
that you don’t know? That is… How come the people from small
scales are known by MLA’s? Then…How would he know you?
– l don’t say, sir! Tell me…
– You will hit me if l say! l will kill you if not said… Sir! He said he was my fan! Hey! l don’t know
if he is your fan or A/C… Before l get discharged,
l want his address! lf not…you will stay here!
Understand? Sir! When will you get
discharged, sir? Within 3 days… Sir! Giri! Yadagiri! Sir! The great don!
l am your fan, sir! Thank you, sir! Thank you so much!
– Okay! Thank you… Hello!- Hey! Where are you going?
– l close the door and come! Broom sticks! Broom sticks! Vasavi! walk carefully… How much is beans? – Rs.20-
– How much!- Rs.20- Don’t shuffle like that!
Everything is fresh… Madam! Madam! Who will buy
if you cut all so? l know what and how to select! Lady’s finger to be
checked by cutting! Drumsticks to be checked by twisting! Bottlegourd to be checked by pinching! Coconut to be checked by patting! lf everyone does like this,
we shall have to close the shop! Brother! Give me that papaya… That is not ripe yet! lf it’s left for it has not ripe yet,
can we eat the fruit in future? Give me, brother! Brother! The raw fruit today,
will become ripe tomorrow! The same raw fruit was a
tender fruit before a week! lt was a flower before that!
lt was a bud before that! Before that…it was nothing! So,the one which was nothing
2 months ago… …will become bud,flower, tender fruit,
raw fruit and ripe fruit! So, as there was nothing
2 months ago… lf we think that there is
nothing now… lt’s wrong, isn’t, brother?
– Yes, sir! We should not see today,
we should see what tomorrow is! Would you give cabbage for 10 rupees?
– No, madam! Give soon! Ouch! Stop! See! As my assistant’s body is so… Can you imagine how
my body will be? Hey! No! Sir! Your body is strong, sir! Sir! Haven’t you recognised me, sir? Are you Genelia or Anushka
to recognise? Sir! You hit Mahadev and rescued me… Giri! Yadagiri! The great don, sir! You said that you were my fan…
– lf so? Sir! l want your address, sir!
– What for? For January 1st, your birthday,
fathers day, mothers day! To send you greetings
on all thesedays! Why did you forget lovers day? l forgot as it was so painful… Takecare!- Sir! Why did you shout so?
– Sir! You hit me, scold me…
no problem if you bury me here! Give me your address, sir!
Please sir… Superman! Superman!
– Hey, Vishnu! Happy birthday! One second! l don’t want this gift, superman! What else do you want then? Ask him…Ask! Hey! Ask him…- Hey! Ask him…
– Ask him!- Ask him! Ask him! Ask…
– You make me too as a superman! You would save me with superman’s formula
whenever l was getting into problem! Why did you book me so?
– What superman? Should l not become a superman? O God! l have to manage
saying something… You can… But you should work
very hard for that! l am ready for any sort of hard work! l must be come a superman!
That’s it… l will also become a superman!
– l will also become a superman! l will also become a superman!
– l will also become a superman! Ah! You area girl! How come you
become a superman? lf so, l will become a superwoman! Superwoman doesn’t exist in the world
till today! Do you know that? lf so, l am the first superwoman
in the world! l am the second!- l am the third! l will become a superman!
l will become a superman! Hey! Keep silence… Tell me, superman! Can’t l
become a superman? You can…
But you should not lie for that! Since you said your power got reduced,
we gave up telling lies! Oh! lt was used, right? Okay! Should not create any problem to anybody!
– Next! Everything will not be
said at once… lt’s a step by step process! Okay? Okay! You come…
– Where? Look over there! Hey…it’s very nice! What’s very nice? ln Vishnu, letter ‘U’ is missing, superman! Yes! lt should be corrected, superman! Okay! Come on…let’s pull it! Come on… What superman? You always
forget about your power! You area superman, aren’t you?
Climb up and correct it… Up?
– Take this… Go, superman! Go, superman!
Go, superman! Go, superman! Go, superman! Climb up, superman! Climb up! Climb up quickly… Superman in your apartment? Go away! Superman is not in
lndia at all… Hey! He is telling lies! You wait at terrace tomorrow morning!
You will know it… Okay? Bye! l caught with great difficulty, sir! Hey! Bring this fellow…
– Let’s go! Hey, Kali! What? – To see you for the last time! Hey! Do massage…
– Okay! This hand was broken! Why do you beat again? Here! – Okay, sir! Here! Slowly! Slowly! Slowly! Slowly! Sir! What would you do if the person,
who hit you, straight away jumps in front of you? l will first make a call to ambulance! After that, booking aroom in hospital… …l will hit him to bed ridden
for minimum one year! lf so, book ambulance immediately…
He has come! What? Has he been brought so soon? He is not an ordinary man
to be brought! He will fly in sky and jump down… What are you blabbering?
Do massage… l am not blabbering, sir!
You once look over there… What to see??? Hi! Kali!- Kali is not here! You sent
him out, didn’t you? lf so…You go! You go! What can l do?
– Go and catch him! Stop!
Get caught if you have guts! Hey! Get caught if you
really have guts! l will see your end! Get caught…
Sir! Caught! Caught! Hey…He was not caught by you!
You were caught byhim! Kali! He has come over here…
come on! Come, sir! Come… Come!- He is fleeing, sir!
He is fleeing… Hey! l haven’t seen! He has gone that side! Catch him…
– Let’s go! Hey! Stop…
Hey! Come on… Stop! Stop! Heis going… Brother! He has jumped…
– Close your eyes! Close your eyes! You have the address, don’t you? Brother! lt belongs to a
sex doctor… Keep it, sir! lt will be
useful sometime! Now write Portugal! POR…- Okay! TU… GAL! Atmosphere! Hi, superman! Hi! We want to ask you an
important matter, superman! What’s it? What is the remedy
if said lie, superman? Lie? What did you say?
– l broke aquarium at home! Mother will beat me if she
comes to know that l did! That’s why l want to lie
saying that grandma did it! Lie! There is remedy if it’s
said for necessity! But it will be wrong if
said deliberately! There is no remedy for that… So, go to your mother and tell her
that you broke the aquarium! Okay? – Okay!- Go! Look! l don’t love you now!
Don’t disturb me…understand? Hey, Ganesh! lt’s not working out
if moved directly! Take diversion! l don’t help! l don’t help! l don’t help! l don’t help! l want you to not help… – What?. lf you help me, it means that you
betray your friendship! And if you don’t help the friend
who is under trouble… What? – Betrayal!
– What have l done? This is too much… Your friend Divya loves a guy!
She likes him very much… She avoided talking with him
due to some problem… Shedoesn’t like itand feels
worriedwithin herself! ln fact, he is also a good guy! He looks handsome!
He is very jovial… He says, ‘Sorry’
if he does any wrong! He says, ‘Thanks’
if he gets help from anybody! When your friend is missing
such a well qualified guy… ln fact, as she is missing her life… ls it correct to roam hither and thither
without any intention? No! Wait! wait! Wait! lf so…Should l tell her that you are a
good guy and not to miss you? lt’s correct if it’s seen directly… But if it’s seen in a longway…
– She said correctly about you! lf we talk with you for half an hour,
you will halt us for the whole day! lf we talk for the whole day,
you will halt us for the lifetime! Verykind ofyou!
– Oh! Dammit! Hey, Deepa! Please do only this favour… Look! lf you don’t help me
in this matter… What? Whatwill you do? One second! As Divya remembers what you said,
shehas not forgotten you! – Has she? What should l do now? You have to arrange for a meeting
with her for 5 minutes! ls 5 minutes enough?
– lf not…5 days?- 5 days? lt sounds more, doesn’t it? She also feels the same! So…
5 minutes enough! 5 minutes?
Why should l meet with him? We love each other, don’t we? l don’t love now…
don’t disturb me! lf you spare that 5 minutes,
l will not disturb you lifelong! He will not disturb, will he?
– He will not… You won’t disturb, will you?
– l won’t… lt’s okay! What will you do
during this 5 minutes? l will disturb… Sir! What do you want?
– l want some time! Hi! Come! Sit! Sit! Speak out… l know what you will say… lt was my fault! l am sorry… …it’s true love now! Trust me!
That’s it, isn’t it? What do you wan tme
to believe, Ganesh? You shouted ‘l love you’ among
everybody here then… Shall l believe that? Your smile, talk, the love
seen in your eyes, bliss… Shall l still believe that
these all are true? lt’s not true what l saw and heard! You want me to believe that
it’s true what you say! This is what you wanted
to say, isn’t it? ln my 5 minutes, 1 minute
is completed… This is enough as ofnow! l will take the rest 4 minutes
whenever l want! Okay?. You said for 5 minutes!
So, l have come… l don’t come whenever
he wants to meet! Hey! He came and was silent for
1 minute and left! Still 4 minutes more… He says that he won’t disturb for
lifelong if you meet him, right? What dear? Do you fear that you may get
disturbed during those 4 minutes? Why should l fear? Let him come… Madam! Try this… You asked for just 5 minutes!
You wasted one minute in that… You could convince her saying
something else, right? She said what l wanted to say!
What could l say then? Okay! ls it nice? Not this…that one! Pack the both pairs! – Okay! Has the hand got stuck? Shall l pull it out? You have selected, right?
Pay the bill… lt’s fair for guys to pay bills! ls it so? What else for girls?
– …to receive gifts! lt’s okay! When is the
next meeting? l will phone you! – Okay! Hello! Has he phoned you?
– No! Has hephoned you?
– Not yet! He hasn’t phoned yet, has he?
– He has phoned… Hi! What is this?
– That’s it! You will feel so… You will know itif you
fall in love! According to my horoscope, if l wear
yellow clothes over the body… ..Astrologer said that my love
would get succeeded! Hence…Yellow shoes! Yellow pants!
Yellow shirt! Yellow banian! Yellow cap! Yellow…
– Hey! Enough! Enough! Stop it… lt’s kerchief, madam! You said you would meet at market!
That’s okay… lf you had fixed in a flower market,
it would have been colourful! l feel nauseous for this smell… She doesn’t like all these!
She will definitely not come… She will come! – She won’t! She will come! – She won’t! She has come, right? Countdown starts… 1 minute is enough for this time too! We shall meet again! Bye… Sorry! l did not say about the time
last time, right’s Tomorrow sharply at 03:27. sharp. 03:27 pm.? What’s that? As per the prediction,
it’s said that time will be good! Said by the astrologer! Why were you silent during the
second minute too? Could you have talked
something else? Who said that l hadn’t talked? l saw her…she saw me! Our eyes talked with each other! lf to write what we talked, it requires
atleast 2000 pages! Do you know? lt’s all love…
You don’t know that! Deepa! You don’t have boyfriend, do you?
You will not have… Because he has to have bank,
not purse to maintain you! Pay the bill and come! Hey…l don’t have money!
– l have money, sir! You? – Yes, sir!
Giri! Yadagiri! The great don… You are my fan, sir! Sir! Why did you give me wrong address
at market that day?. Keep it aside if it’s right or wrong!
Did l give address or not? Have you come to ask this? Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir!
Just 5 minutes, sir! l won’t disturb you for lifelong! You have touched!
– Thank you, sir! Come on! l have to make a phone call, sir!
– To Mahadev, right? You can get shocked later! You first phone him.
Let’s settle the matter! Sir! Hello! Hey…nasty stupid! Brother! Phone for you… Hello! lt’s me…Giri brother’s fan! When l hit you once,
you couldn’t getup for a week! Why do you have these revenge dramas?
You stupid! Scold him, sir! Scold him
to the highest degree! Hey…squeezed palm fruit face!
– Hey! Why do you have rowdyism?
You scoundrel! Hey! Has your wife eloped as she
couldn’t bear your torture? Brother says so! Hey! Hey! Are you the third hand for
Kukatpalli aunty? Brother says by whistling… Tell me where you are
if you have guts! Hey! l am in reliance market
opposite to Charminar…Come! Be there! Be there! l am coming… Come! Come! Come! lt has to be finalized by today that
if it’s you or Yadagiri brother! Come… Hey! Move… He is finished! That’s it, isn’t it? – That’s it!
– Here it is!- Take it! Sir! Why do you leave asking him to come? You asked for 5 minutes!
l gave you 10 minutes… Where 10 minutes, sir? lt’s just
5 minutes, isn’t it sir? Don’t get confused! How long did you ask for?
– 5 minutes! How long did l give? – 5 minutes! How long is it if the both
are combined? – 10 minutes! Not that, sir! You gave me
just 5 minutes, right sir? How much if 5 is added to 5?
– 10- That’s it! Sir! Super, sir!
l love you, sir! But he will come now, sir! He shall not come at all!
– Why?- Because… Reliance market is not opposite
to Charminar! Charminar is not there opposite
to this reliance market! Super idea!
We can also use it! What is he thinking? As he said about time, he should say
about the place also, right? He switched off the phone too!
Where will we go? l know where he will be…
Sit! Ah! What a time sense! Come on…
– Do you have sense atall? How can we come if not said
about the place… You have come though
l did not say, right? Before the auspicious time crossed,
let’s board the boat! Takeit! Hey! This time,
we shall use my stopwatch… Okay! Mine is not a lucky one! Start! Okay! You say that my love is
not true, right? You decide it by yourself now! You hold any one of these two… lf it’s written ‘True Love’…
mine is the true love! lf not…no! Oh! lt seems she fears that
‘Not True Love’ may come… Hey! True Love! Have you seen? You agreed that
you’ve true love upon me…Yes! Show me that hand! Ask him to show…
– Show it! Hey! Cheating! Cheating! Cheating!
– What cheating, cheating? lt’s my true love!
And its your true love! As ours is the true love,
how can we write it’s not? Tell her! Hey! Small break! What?. Yeah! l will be back… Hello! Sir! l am Giri!
– Don’t you feel shy to say so? Stupid! Nasty fellow! Tumri!
– Tumri? Why did you love?
– Love? Where did l love, sir?
– Shut up your mouth! Do you know how many qualities should a
man have to use the word ‘Love’? There should be touch! Originality
required! Sincerity required! Above all…should make the girl
laugh, believe! Shouldtake her for shopping
and buy gifts! At least the name should be nice!
– lt’s nice, isn’t it? Giri! Yadagiri!
– Giri in rind! What is Giri, nastily?
Take my name… Ganesh! How cute! How sweet! The one she likes! To feel to touch if seen…
– Sir! l don’t have money! l am talking from the coin box… lf you get caught once… …l will hand over you to Mahadev
and leave for my hometown! Sir! At least…tell me your
correct address! You want the correct address,
don’t you? Write down… Okay! Tell me, sir! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Okay! l am back… Let’s continue! – Hey!
You are cheating… We don’t accept this!
– Go and file a police complaint Not that…
– Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! One minute is finished!
l don’t talk anyfhing… lf you want to say anything,
tell me in the next meet! Okay? Bye! Actually, have we given time
to him or he given us? l think you felt worried for
l haven’t informed about time and place! Tomorrow at Deccan park!
Sharply at 5 O’clock! Be there… Hi!- Hey! Why did you ask me to
come at 4 O’clock, saying that we would meet
at 5 O’clock! Just for timepass! – What?. What?. lt won’t be fair if anybody sees!
– Oh! ls it okay if not seen? You…- Okay! Okay! Hey! Why did she come
before an hour? Find out! Why is she not attending the call? Hello! Where are you? Where are you?
– l am in traffic, now! Traffic? Don’t you hear the sound? Not for that…She told you
to come at 5 O’clock! There is still one hour
left, right? Bye… Stupid! Look how she lies! Hello! Hello! Excuse me… You are Ganesh’s lover, aren’t you? Why has he come to here?
– lts me, Ganesh’s friend! Haven’t you recognised me?
On that day in office… Good habits! Bad habits!
Pizza corner! Hey! Don’t shuffle her… Theatre! Can’t you recognise me? Nasty fellow! He shuffles the
things that were forgotten! She is coming! She is coming!
Move… You phoned after seeing me, didn’t you? Turn that side! Turn that side!
Don’t look at me… So! Are you both together testing me? Hello! Hello! Don’t drag me
into your business! Your countdown starts…- Hey! Hey! l said at 5 O’clock!
lt’s just 4 O’clock now… Start! Look Deepa! She is very angry now… So…she can’t understand
whatever l say now! So…tell her that l gave this
1 minuteas a gift! Ask her to celebrate it! lt will be entered into the history that
Ganesh gave up one minute to Divya! That’s enough for me… Bye! Hey! Don’t look… Taking that cake…
Going to terrace… Sitting on the water tank… lf we look up… Sky full of stars! lf we look down… City lights here and there!
A stars feel… Exactly at 12 O’clock… Cut the cake and feed me first! After that…l will feed you! Then…cream will stick here, right? l will look into your eyes! You look into my eyes! When l come to kiss you,
you have to turn right! Ramesh! What mother? Because of the controversies and
arrogance between me and my brother… …l don’t want to get
Divya’s marriage delay! So…you talk with your uncle! Okay! Here you take! What happened, aunty?. You phoned and asked me to
come so urgently! ls basketball practice more
important than Ganesh’s birthday?. His birthday, right? Don’t you have to stay
along with him? Has Ganesh come to here? Where is he? Ganesh! Hi! l did not think that you would do so! What have l done? Having done everything,
look how he asks innocently! l have competition,
l should go for practice… l will come early in the evening!
We shall go to aunty’s house… l made him sit with me and
said gently for an hour! Did l say or not? Yes, you did! Look! Though l said so, he came and
complained about us! l did not complain at all…
– You don’t talk!- l will talk! Talk… What to talk?
– Happy birthday! Say loudly… Happy birthday! Thanks! Why are you staring at, aunty?.
– Nothing! l’m thinking how you could stay away
since morning having such a love upon him! l have said, haven’t l, aunty?. ls competition more important
than my birthday?- What? Nothing! She said, didn’t she?
How if you are still angry?. l got angry for that… You go, aunty!
l will clear that anger! Okay! You keep on talking…
l will be back! Aunty! You can stay, can’t you?
Please… Not required, aunty! You go… Divya! l actually did not say
anything to aunty… What?. New plan? ls it anew plan to enter into my life
taking the advantage of aunty?. Don’t you understand however l say?. Why do you run after me saying
‘Love’ ‘Love’, Ganesh? Do you actually know what love is? Confidence! l don’t have that upon you… lf we love a person, we will know
though they don’t say anything! What do you know about me? Do you at least know my phone number? Your phone number is…9177213676 Everytime l phoned you, l would expect
that you might call, Divya! But you would say that who it was… Do you know which colour
l like most! You don’t know! You like blue… Whom do l like and what do l like? What is my education and ambitions! You don’t know any of these things! Even though, l have to believe
that you loveme! lsn’t it? l can’t believe, Ganesh! Notall these…
Tell me what you wanted! Tell me! What do you want?. l want the fifth minute now! ln five minutes you gave me…
l want my last minute! You want 1000 reasons to love, Divya!
l don’t want any one… l love you,that’s it! You love me too, Divya! l don’t! – You do!
– l don’t! lf not loved, how come you understood
my feelings without expressing! lf you can explain that, l believe
that you don’t love! Though you were not informed,
how come you come our school… Why did you come an hour earlier to the
spot where l asked you to come! For the one minute, you gave me… Why did you wait for each and every
second for that phone call! Why did you weep looking at me when
l was on the tank… Then, l will believe that
you don’t loveme! You say that l cheated in the
name oflove! lf l say that l don’t love….
what were you doing, Divya? l am asking you now! What do you want? You have to believe and make others be lieve,
that my love is true… ls it enough or you need life too! Let us feel that we both are
Laila and Majnu! Let us find the meaning for LOVE! Let us deny if said we both are two! Let us appear outside in
alternate ways! lt’s not enough if we both become one!
What shall wedo to our shadows? Let us combine them together as one
and name it as love! Let us feel that we both are
Laila and Majnu! Let us appear outside in alternate ways! l will look for the space
over your body! l will stick like a small mole! lt’s enough if you touch me once
everyday when you take bath! l will turn into a tattoo! l will stay over the warm chest! l lull myself and dance grandly! l will stay as the fold of your hip! l will turn black in your braid! l will stay as sparkling in you! l will make sound becoming
your bangles! Has the tenderness of your
age spoken all these? The love we grew, said that
you had pulled my string! Let us feel that we both are
Laila and Majnu! Let us find the meaning for LOVE! l am ready if you ask me to
perform thetask! l am ready if you ask me to
jump over higher mountains! l do without any hesitation
whatever you ask me to do! l am ready if you cover the breeze! l am ready if you take me
into the love party! l sing love melodies by touching
and stroking you! Whatever you say…l say’Yes’ l will stay as the smile at the
edge of your lips! l will stay as flower in your palm! lf l am asked where the East is,
l will show you! l remove the curtain…
l will come before you… And give you whatever
you wish to have! That’s why l will be waiting
day and night for you! Let us feel that we both are
Laila and Majnu! Let us find the meaning for LOVE! Let us deny if said we both are two! Let us appear outside
in alternate ways! Stop! Stop! Stop atrightside! Oh! Birthday gift! First kiss!
lt’s here, right? Not that hand…this hand!
– Not forthat… l am checking if you cut this hand too
for convincing anybody else! What? Did you believe? Did you think l would love you again
if you cut your hand? As l pretended for only one minute
to make my aunty happy, you feel worried this much! You cheated me those many days by
pretending as if you loved me! How worried l might feel then! l have answers for every question
you ask like why l did so or so on! But there is no necessity
to tell you… Because…l hate you! l hate you! The 5 minutes you were given,
has been completed! l hope you will not disturb me
again in mylife! Bye… watchman! Has Divya come?
– She has not come, sir! Their uncle’s family has
come and been waiting… l feel happy as you arrived
as soon as l called you! Why do you say so, sister?
l was waiting for your call… Where is my daughter-in-law?
– She will come now, uncle! Hey, Divya! l haven’t come to talk about us!
l have come to talk about your life! l am not asking you to accept me! l say it’s not correct to marry
someone with the anger upon me! Divya! Please… The decisions we take during
anger will not be perfect! You are in agreat anger now! Divya! Love and marriage are
not same, Divya! lf anything goes wrong in love,
it affects the lives of two! But if anything goes wrong in marriage,
it affects the lives of many! Divya! Please…Divya! Stop… Divya! Please listen to what l say… Divya! You say that l pretended
as ifl loved you…okay! But it’s truethat you loved me, right? Sir! Some personal problem, sir!
Please… Divya! Please understand
whyl am saying so… Hey, Rakesh! Get up…
where is your mother? Brother!- Get ready!
– What happened? Whereis your daughter? l phoned her, uncle!
She will becoming now… How comeshe comes?
She is upstairs…go and see! Sheis doing romance with
someone else! – Uncle! Sister! l thought you called me
with love… l have understood now that
you called me with fear! You have brought up very well, sister! Why do you stare at? Move…
Come! Come on… She has brought up her daughter!
– Uncle l havealso brought up my son…
– Uncle! Have l brought up so?
– You are mistaken, uncle! Nothing like that…
– Divya! Please… Look! Ramesh! – Alas! Sir… There is no fault with her!
– Who are you to say that? Hey…who are you? l am asking you… l phoned brother!
l was about to come… The time given for you is completed… Hey! Hey! Leave him…
– Who are you? Listen to what l say…
– Brother!- Ramesh! Leave my father… What is this? Ask them to leave… Why do you say new stories
each day? lf you don’t believe me,
you call brother and find out! What to phone? – l have phoned… Move! – Listen to…
– Move, l say! Please leave my brother! What can my brother do if the
people who took money ran away?. Get in! One minute! What is this? Why do you behave like rowdies
without talking? Please leave him… Alas! Divya! Why don’t you understand
when l tell you… ldiots! Rascals!
Bloody third rated fellows! His name is Ganesh! ln the same apartments,
he resides at 802! Sweet! Take a piece of sweet, sir!
Sweet news… His name is Tony Blair!
10, downing street, London! Sir! He is not an lndian at all…
He is not a gentleman! To tell you in other words…
heis a stranger! Nevertheless, l caught him, sir! l have told him totally about you! He was scared off!
She got shivered! He finally ran away! He said he would never
come this side! Who is he?
– lt’s he, sir! The one who smashed you that day…
my fan! Name is Ganesh! Express Towers, 802, Kondapur! Who is he, sir? The one who rescued you…
your fan! Hit him from top to bottom Sir! Take this and leave me, sir!
– Hey!- Sir! – Go! hey…Don’t smash me thinking of the blows
l gave you in bar! You take this if you want…
– Walk on! Mahadev! Here is your money!
Check if the counting is right! lt’s okay… But… whats the relationship
between Ganesh and you? There is no relationship
between him and me! One more thing… You never send such street rowdies
to home again! – Hey!- Hey! Go! lfl ask him, he says he was
no way related to him! lf he is asked,
he also says the same! Why does he hit us without
any relationship? Actually…who is he? As if you sent rowdies to
Express Towers to fight… …a girl by name Divya
filed a complaint! Hence, you are under arrest! Divya is the sister of the one
who has just come, brother! What superman? Being a superman, why can’t you
resolve your love problem? Superman! Spiderman! Batman! lf anything goes wrong in love,
everyone will bean ordinary man! Ouch! What?. What? Happy birthday? Comein… How old are you… Why have you all come as crowd? Actually, whose birthday is this? Nothing, uncle! To discuss the
wedding alliance… Sorry, Vasavi! Not about you… About Divya! Hey… Get out! Not that, uncle! Get out, l say… Go! Divya! ln Gandhiji’s autobiography… lf we read the first 30 pages,
we feel that he is the thief! You said that we feel that he is a
great man if we read the full book, right? As it is so, without knowing
fully about Ganesh… Hey… Don’t you understand as
l asked you to get out? Get out! Do you know who actually Ganesh is? Hey…walk out first! Walk on! Move… lf you want, you take one week time! But say, ‘Okay’ uncle!
– Hey…you!!! Move away from here…
Get out! Father! That is…
– Shut up your mouth! As l did not know your drama… …l suspected my niece and
insulted my sister! You are the reason for everything… lt’s no the, uncle! You are the reason! Yes, uncle! As you scolded when aunty talked
about an alliance… …he feared what you might do if
he talked about his love! Children should have love towards
their parents, but not fear! This all happened as it was missing… What wrong have they done, uncle? They both loved each other and
request you to get them married! ls it wrong? What do theylove? Do we get them married to
spoil their lives? We think in 100 ways before
getting them married… You may think in 100 ways
before marriage! But nobody thinks before
falling in love… Because…love doesn’t
blossom with permission! lt blossoms, that’s it! Even the arranged marriages
are not working out… Will this love marriage be
working out? lt will definitely work out! lf there is dying love over there…
it will work out! lf there is dare enough to rebel
against anybody for his lover… lt will work out! lf the belief they have while love
till the last breath… …then it will definitely work out! Uncle! There is no such big difference
between you and us… You ask us to understand after
getting married! We say that we get married
after understanding! You think what is better! But a small request, uncle! Not to deny…you think to accept! Not as a father! Think as a friend… Everything will be seen positive! He is the reason for
all these, sister… Ganesh did all these to combine
him and his lover! As l did not know that…
…l talked wrongly! Forgive me, sister! l don’t understand if to feel
happy for our family union or to feel worried for
Divya’s matter! Hey… Don’t think that
l am supporting Ganesh! He was liked by the children!
He was liked by the elders! Even your uncle liked him!
What upto that? Even l like him… As he was liked by
these many people… lf you don’t like him…
the problem is not with him! lt’s with you… Yes! As he played with children,
they like him! As he brought changein children,
their parents like him! As he helped in Rakesh love,
uncle likes him! He has not cheated anyone of them… He has cheated me! He pretended as if he was the friend
of Ganesh that day, right? Didn’t you feel that
it was cheating then? Can lie to love! But the love should not
become a lie! How did l love him? He ran after me to see
my face, right? l liked it! He expressed his love saying that Ganesh
who stays in 802, loves me! l liked it! He said, ‘l LOVE YOU’
loudly before everybody, right? l liked it! What and all l saw to love… …all that were a lie, right? Not that…
– You don’t understand my pain! What to you?
Nobody can understand… Have to fall in love in order to
understand it! That’s it! Divya! You have unnecessarily misunderstood…
– l know, aunty! What Divya? All are looking at me as if
l made a mistake! l can’t stay here, brother! l stay in hostel along with Deepa! l don’t want you all to
vacate the own flat and come! lt’s near to your office
and to Vasavi’s school… That’s why… Problem is not merely yours…
it’s all ours! l will inform my friends! We shall leave as soon as
we get a good flat! Okay? Hey! All of you…come here! Decision No.1… On Vinayaka Chavithi day,
a big Vinayaka statue should be placed! Decision No.2… We have to combine Ganesh
and Divya tomorrow! These are the decisions
of our association, okay?- Okay! O mylord Vignesh! Please remove the blockades! l offered my desire to you! Show mercy upon us, O Ganesh! O my lord Vignesh! Please remove the blockades! l offered my desire to you! Show mercy upon us, O Ganesh! O king! O king! You are the one for all people! O king! O king! l want to belike you! ln the name and pattern…
l stay along with you! Life should run with love
till the end! O king! O king! You are the one for all people! O king! O king! l want to be like you! Let it go… Let the distance,which makes the
hearts distant, go anywhereelse! The world should become small! Let it come… Let the happiness,which keeps the
worries off, come! We should celebrate one
festival everyday! Would trees, ant, hills,
stones be able to laugh? Have the different things over here,
been born with us? Would trees, ant, hills,
stones be able to laugh? Will they deny if our lips laugh? Have the different things over here,
been born with us? Won’t the happiness come down
if we strike the fingers? O king! O king! You are the one for all people! O king! O king! l want to be like you! lt’s very strength to a human
who has good support! lf we think what might happen
if we talk with others… …we will stay how we are! The neighbours around us
are our people! lf we move closely with them,
they will become our relations! The neighbours around us
are our people! Flowers of different colours
in the same string! lf we move closely with them,
they will become our relations! We all belong to the same
earth and sky! O king! O king! You are the one for all people! O king! O king! l want to be like you! Pooja took place very well, mother!
– Yes, my son! Our secretary has organized
very well! You are really great, sir!
– This is the co-operation of everybody! What Mr.Ramesh?
Are you leaving by today itself?. We? No!- Sir! We have loaded all the things… Ganesh! Are you vacating the flat? Yes, unlce! lf l am here,
she is disturbed to the most! Theirs is the own flat! lf they vacate now, they will have to face
new place and new people… …it will be difficult for them! lt’s not like that forme, uncle… l have been accustomed to new places
and new people since childhood! That’s why l am leaving… Don’t go, superman! You stay here,
superman! Please… You have all become supermen now! You should not weep…
– Have we really become supermen? He who could never get even pass marks… …is getting 72% now! You are a superman! You who would wake up late everyday… …are first sitting in school bus now! You are a superwoman! You are the first superwoman… You who would make everybody lie…
…are not lying now! You are a superman! You are a superman! You are a superman! You are a superman! You wait, Ganesh! l will talk to her… Divya! l am saying with my experience… lf you miss Ganesh,
it means you miss your life! Look! l am controlling myself
as you are older than me! l know about my life!- You wait, sir! Yes, l pretended! A girl told me that she would die if she
couldn’t marry the guy she loved! l felt it’s not wrong to pretend as if l
loved in order to save a life… …so, l did so! The day l wore ring to your finger…
Since that day! Since that moment! l started to truly love you… Shall l tell you what your problem is? Though you knew the fact,
you don’t want to believe me! You closed your eyes by seeing one lie… …and gave up seeing 100 truths,
that’s not correct! Nobody can prove the love
that lies in the heart, Divya! lt should be felt and understood,
that’s it! You said that if a person was loved, things would be known about him
without foreign knowledge! Why don’t you know about me, Divya? You think that you can forget our
love if you go far away from me! l think that l love you though l stay
far away from you! That’s why l am going… You believed when l pretended! Why don’t you believe as l
truly love you, Divya? l don’t listen to anybody else now! You don’task anybody else
if it was right or wrong what l did! But only once… You close your eyes and
talk with your heart! Talk the facts! l believe that l will be there in that fact! l don’t know how pain a person feels
when he is about to lose his life, Divya! But when l part from you now, l feel that
if the pain would be so! One more thing, Divya! The one who knows to
forgive can love more! You close your eyes and
talk with your heart! Talk the facts! l believe that l will be there in that fact! ls it enough or life required too? Brother! Here she is, brother… ls it you who filed a complaint
against me? l heard that he hit when you were touched… Where is he now? What is the relationship
between you and him? Tell me! – Hey!
– Talk respectfully! Hey! Get lost… What’s the relation…. Leave him! Hit them! No! Don’t beat the children! Don’t beat… Hey! Kill them! Come! You come, Superman! Come! Superman! You come… Come, Superman! O my lord Vignesh! Please remove the blockades! l offered my desire to you! Show mercy upon us, O Ganesh! O king! O king! You are the one for all people! O king! O king! l want to be like you! ln the name and pattern…
l stay along with you! Life should run with love
till the end! O king! O king! You are the one for all people! O king! O king! l want to be like you! Letit go… Let the distance,which makes the
hearts distant, go anywhere else! The world should become small! Let it come… Let the happiness, which keeps the
worries off, come! We should celebrate one
festival everyday! Would trees, ant, hills,
stones be able to laugh? Have the different things over here,
been born with us? O king! O king! You are the one for all people! O king! O king! l want to be like you! ln the name and pattern…
l stay along with you! Life should run with love
till the end! O king! O king! You are the one for all people! O king! O king! l want to be like you! l have come as l just wanted to come… l am leaving! l am leaving! lf so…you leave! l am really leaving…
– Go, superman! Go…Go! l am really leaving…
– Go, superman! Go…Go! l don’t know if it’s not enough though
there is another heart right side… …to hide this light! lt seems l might see my heart today…
it’s full of love! The world which l have come,
has been surrounded me… …when l was standing near you! O life! lt’s futile to get excited
by so early now! lf we get immersed into emotions,
can we come up? l truly don’t know what she said
and if she said or not! l don’t know if it is an event or not!
But it’s not a dream! l don’t know till today
that this is the life! l lived for 100 years
as your pair by today! l don’t know what she said… l don’t know what event it is…

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