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Tomatoes… Lady’s fingers… Ridge gourds… Brinjals… Chilies… Hello, brother! What kind of vegetables do you have? Everything. Do you have tomatoes? Yes! Lady’s finger? Yes! What about coriander? Yes, madam! Will you come here or stay there? Brother! What’s the cost of lady’s finger? It’s 30 rupees per 1/4 Kg. Look! These seem to be rotten ones like you. It looks like that from outside, sister. Look inside, how fresh it is! However, it may be. Give Kg for 60 rupees. Sister, You are asking it for half of the price. (shocking) How come you ruin my life? Take it for 80 rupees. 80 rupees? Weigh it for 65 rupees. You don’t even need to spend money on petrol. As you came by bicycle. You mean I get a profit if I come by bicycle? Yes! I came here sweating all the way It’s not a big deal. Oh, God! Sister! What is this? Tell me. Give some extra. Please don’t do like this sister. I’ll sell it somewhere else if needed. Please don’t take extra Sister… Stop! Brother! What is the cost of chilies for 1/4 Kg? 20 rupees per 1/4 Kg. Everything is too costly to buy Give 1/4 Kg for 10 rupees. It’s not possible, madam. Give it, brother. Let’s discuss the cost later. Give! Give some extra. What’s this sister? Buying less taking more Go and bring money, madam. I have to go. Why are you so angry, brother? Angry? Am I angry? What work does your wife do? Will she come to the field to work? My wife… No, sister. She won’t come to work. She won’t get time as she takes care of the children. She sends children to college arranging all the things So she won’t come to work. I manage to do all the things. Okay then As a whole take 50 rupees, brother! Fifty? It’s 70 rupees, not 50. And you are saying 50. You should shower some love when a lady calls you brother. I will bring 50. Take 50 rupees, brother! No, sister. It will be a loss for me. It will be a huge loss! You won’t have a loss. You shouldn’t hurt your sister. You have to take the 50 rupees happily. I will tie you a rakhi on Rakshabandhan (Hindu festival). You made me speechless with the sentiment, sister. If Gangavva bargains… What! Did it really happen? Hmm I have said this before also That you have to marry the one you love. But these youngsters don’t listen. This generation’s youngsters never understand anything. No one. This is not our generation. In this 4G generation, youngsters are in a confused state Let’s see what happens… Let’s see! Okay, tell me the list of groceries you want. 1/2 Kg of Peanuts 1/2 Kg of Peanuts 1 Kg of Gram flour Gram flour 1 Kg of Wheat flour Excuse me. Yes! Give me one salt packet. Wait, madam. Let me take the groceries first. Wait for a minute. I will give you immediately after him. Tell me. 1 Kg Wheat rava What’s your problem, madam? Why did you throw it off? Don’t you have a sense why are you eating this spoiled sweet? Why are you talking like that? This shopkeeper sells only good quality items. Shopkeeper! I forgot to say weigh loose oil. 1/4 Kg Don’t you understand? Why are you eating this even after listening to my words? And why are you saying to weigh loose oil? Recently my son said not to use loose oil. Selling loose oil is banned By Government As the oil is being adulterated. We should use oil which has this symbol Why do you want to ruin your health by using adulterated oil? We should use oil which has this symbol. Madam! Mind your business. Why are you trying to ruin my business? You just leave. Early morning ruining my business You tell me. 1/2 Kg of Peanuts Peanuts… Hey, Anji! Buy good quality ones otherwise, you just leave. If you want to buy anything bargain for a low price But why are you talking about all these unnecessary things? Bargaining doesn’t mean asking for a low price. It’s about buying by analyzing the product’s quality Madam, you are really great! You are a skilfull person. What did you think of me! Hi Sir! I’m Anil Geela. I have completed my M.B.A in a reputed college. My brother suggested me To meet you for a job appointment That’s why I came here. Please… Please give me an opportunity. I have so many skills. What nonsense are you speaking? You want a job, right? Thank God! That’s the thing. Then why are you talking all this nonsense? I beg you, sir. It’s becoming very difficult to secure a government job. It’s better to die! 1 lakh people are applying for 100 jobs… What’s this sir? Educational qualifications are worthless these days. I beg you. Give me a job. I have 4 types of business. Do you want to join the kitchenware business? No, sir. It won’t suit me. What about joining in a petrol pump? Foul smell, sir. Then work in my footwear shop. Oh no, I have to touch everyone’s feet How am I looking, sir? I have a clothing business. Do you want to join in that? Clothing business? Do you mean clothing business? Sir! This one is fixed. We can work easily while sitting in A.C. Fix! Hey! Usually, I’m a good person But if anything goes wrong in business… I’ll smash you up. Hey, don’t worry brother I’ll prove myself. Stop talking this nonsense. It’s not good to use this language in business. Okay, brother. Okay then, I’ll come tomorrow morning. Okay. Yes!… Yes! (excitingly) I got the job. Yes! In the name of the study, he learnt a lot of swear words. Clothes… Sarees… petticoats… blouses… innerwear… Goshi sarees… Anushka sarees… (saree types) Oh, God! I thought clothing business involves working in A.C. I’m exhausting under this sun What is this God? Hello, brother! What did you bring? Sister! I brought Bordered sarees, Anarkali sarees… Bahubali sarees… Anushka sarees… Kajal sarees… Goshi sarees… I brought all types of sarees. Why are you standing under this hot sun? Come inside. I got a good customer. Coming, sister. Stay healthy, sister. By the way, what’s your name? I’m Gangakka. Gangakka! What do you want? I want sarees. You want sarees? This saree… Emanuel wore in ‘Shailaja Reddy Alludu’ movie. If you wear this you look awesome Everyone in the village will look at you only. It is too dark… It won’t suit me. Sister! This one Flower printed saree. If you wear this it looks like the real flowers have fallen on you. Take this sister. It suits you a lot. I don’t want this also brother I don’t like this color and it is too slippery. Oh no, sister. Sister! Hmm… Take this saree sister. It’s a woven saree from Siricilla. The border looks nice and it will perfectly suit you. Brother! Try this. Ofcourse I’ll try. I liked this saree. You liked it? I like this kind of sarees. Price? What’s there in the price? You already knew it. 1200 rupees per saree. 1200! (shockingly) 1200! 1200! Brother, If you say inappropriate prices no one buys your clothes. Give it for 400 rupees. 400..! (disappointingly) Hmm My boss said to me not to sell this saree for less than 1000 rupees. As you are asking… And as you are my first customer… Take it for 1000 rupees. Please! Brother, you give this to me for 400 I will bring my neighbors to buy your sarees. Brother! Give me this saree. It’s not possible, sister. He said not to sell less than 800 If I will sell less than that I will get a loss. Take the saree and give me 800. No. I will give only 300 rupees. Don’t ask me anymore. You will have lots of sales Not a single piece of cloth will remain in your bag. You will remember that Gangakka had made my business run very well… And next time you will bring all the clothes to sell to me very happily Sister! You take it for 300 rupees but… Say to everyone that it costs 800 rupees. Please! As this is my first sale I’m giving it to you. Okay? This single saree has sold for 300 rupees All others buy it for 800 rupees… Hence, I will get a profit. Sarees are not good. Shh… Give me another saree. This is not so good. Ahh… Don’t you have other colors? Sister! I have so many sarees If these sarees are not enough I will bring more sarees Why do you take tension? Take it. Do you like it? Yes! Give 800 rupees each. We liked it but… Give each one 800 rupees, sisters. 800! Leave 800 rupees… If you give anyone a saree in our colony at some cost we all take the sarees at the same cost We don’t take it for different cost 200 rupees per saree! The entire village will come and buy all your clothes All your clothes will be sold even in your next visit. Brother! Same cost… We all are neighbors to each other. How can you give sarees to us at a different cost? Gangakka! What did you say to them? What did I say, brother? Don’t they know the cost of sarees? It’s not a 200 rupees saree… Sister! Don’t you understand? (Indistinct voices) Sister! Give the saree. You said you have done a marketing job? S… Sir… Slap! You are not suitable for this work. Just go away! Go! Sorry, sir! Please, sir! My brother will rebuke me. Give me one more chance. I will prove myself. I will prove myself. Please… Please… Please… Please… Okay… Okay… Wait You can’t work in villages. In the city, we have a footwear shop Work in that shop Do you understand? Shoe shop?? (low voice) Go! I will buy it for you. Come! I want it. Excuse me. My boy wants shoes He is not listening to me. Hey! Why are you hiding? Show shoes to this boy. Go that side. I’m going out. You give the bill. Son! Show shoes to my grandson. Brother, Is it you! (joyful) It’s not me, sister. He is another person. Brother, how sweetly you are calling sister It’s you! This shop is ours Take whatever you like. Sister! I’m saying now itself Everything has fixed rates in this shop You shouldn’t bargain There is nothing new to you, brother. Bring them This entire shop is ours. Shop! Amma…(Crying in pain) Sister, 1200! I thought brother Seeing these glasses and lights. How big is he? I’ll give 300 Take it. I knew it I knew that you will do something like this You won’t get them even for a single rupee less than 1200 If you want then take it otherwise leave it. If we pay 1200 for this small kid we will develop a lot (sarcastically) Then why do poor people like you come to big shops? Tell me. You lose your breath if a single rupee is lost You people don’t have the courage to spend a single rupee but come for shopping. If you want then buy it otherwise leave it. Fixed rates! Brother, you think poor people are worthless? We are living by saving every single rupee We don’t want your shoes and anything Come on dear, let’s go out. Please! No! come outside. We don’t want your shop or anything, brother. We are leaving. Sister… Sister! Give as much as you want I’m giving 300 rupees, brother. Slap! Slap! Is this the way to do business? Ten members say ten stories… You will give them What do you lose? It’s a loss for me. If you come again to ask for a job… I will break your legs. Get lost! I thought getting a government job is difficult But dealing with Gangavva is very difficult. The hell with life! Okay, friends! Thanks for watching this video How is Gangavva’s performance in this video? She bargained a lot… And how is Anil Geela’s get-up? Hereafter we are thinking to try a new and different kind of get-ups. Another thing is… Hereafter, not one video weekly… We will try to do weekly two videos Why because we pushed ourselves in this hot summer We shot videos somewhat fast… And gained confidence. Gangavva also worked very hard Gangavva! Shall we do? Yeah, let’s do! He said that the video didn’t get as many likes as I want We are working very hard still why are we not getting likes? So I’m a little bit… Gangavva is hurt. Yes! This time we will definitely get How many like do you want this time? How many you want this time? This time? I want 60K I’ve increased it by 10K We didn’t get at least 50K last time then how can we get 60K this time Okay, let’s see. Maybe. I’m wishing… As I’ve worked hard we should get 60K likes Okay, friends! Like the video. Thanks for watching this video. Yes!

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