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  1. I loved it, I loved it, it was a beautiful couple. And this little gay drama teaches us how to be a better person with what we have in our

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  4. Too bad , can not engage english subtitles please fix this problem ? looks like a really good film if I could understand . thanks

  5. Hello
    Ive been watching gay short stories lately and its kind of different for me as im straight. Its just telling me that being gay is a total different world to be in. You concernly have to look behide you ,because you life is in danger by other people who dont like gay people

  6. For all those complaining about subtitles: there's no obligation to put subtitles… English is not the only important language, and maybe the author don't know a second language. If you can translate it go ahead, but don't force other to make it

  7. Casal Lindo Smp me emociono quando Vejo , sei bem como é essa situação , pq passo por isso quem a gente ama tá distante 😔

  8. 🏳️‍🌈جمهورية مثلي💘 طيبة ذات قلبون راقية 🏳️‍🌈

  9. انا موجب الدمام اي واحد يبي يكلمني خاص ولا يكلمني قناتي فديتكم جميع

  10. Agosto 2019. Revendo..belo ainda ..mesmos quedtiinamentos..Lamentavel tao poucos canais lgbt de filmes ..que Acontece???👫👭👬👪💕🌈🏀😍💋❤🌍🎼

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