GAY SHORT FILM – First Date Feelings in London

GAY SHORT FILM – First Date Feelings in London

[indistinct conversation] -[conversation continues]
-[plates clatter] Jamie. Put that thing away
and come and talk to the guests. Go on. [sighs] -Alright, little man?
-Yeah. -How you doing, guys? Alright?
-All good. -I see.
-Yeah! -Here we are.
-Oh, Mum! -[phone buzzes]
-I know it’s not homemade. [laughter] I think it will still be tasty. -Do you have a lighter?
-[man] Yeah. There we go. [woman] You haven’t opened
all your presents yet. Such self-restraint. [man] You must be Jamie. I’m sorry I’m late. It took a lot longer to get here
than I thought. I’m glad you made it. Last guy didn’t even show. I’m Ben. Jamie. You look like your pics. Is that a compliment? Some guys don’t even
look like their pics. Well, I don’t feel
I look like myself. I, um… I went out last night
to The Glory with some friends, so… I don’t really
go out to gay pubs. So what have you been up to? I was surprised
you said we should meet. Well… I didn’t really
have anything better to do. You know, you can be chatting to
a guy and chatting and chatting, but when it actually
comes to meet… Well, the flirting? I hate it. I thought that only happened
to me. No… It happens to everybody. They don’t know, do they? No. Not all of them, anyway. I remember when my friends first saw me
get pulled by a guy at a party. You know, it wasn’t
anything at the time. Till the next morning
when I realized they’d put everything
on Facebook. -No…
-Everything. And my sister obviously
saw the photos and didn’t realize I was
actually seeing guys then, so… That’s rough. Yeah. Yeah, and I was 17. What happened to that guy? Was
he your boyfriend or did he… No. What about you? What about me? Well, you said not all
of your friends know, so… I’m assuming someone knows. -My dad knows.
-Yeah? He told me not to tell
my younger brother. Eesh! No wonder you wanted to leave. [chuckles] OK, alright, um… What about…
What about your first guy? You really wanna know? Yeah. I really wanna know. Well… There was this guy from school, called John. We used to do everything
together. You know, we were close. He used to love football.
I hated it, but… I liked going to watch him play. So what was it about this guy? [sighs] It was this look. When he looked at me it was… It was like he was looking
right through me. Anyway… So after one of his games we
were walking through the park to go and have a smoke
like we used to. And… I don’t know if it was him
or it was me or… But we got closer… and we kissed. Um… And we were by this fence. Behind the fence there were
these guys from school and… They just started shouting
and laughing. And John just bolted. We didn’t really speak much
after that. Cool. Alright… Well, it was…
It was really nice to chat. Yeah, it was. Well, I’ll see you around. Yeah, see you around.

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  1. Naturellement certaines personnes dont bibi espèrent un long metrage ou une suite. Ce que les gens peuvent être avares!!😕😂
    Super court métrage😏!!

  2. thought this might be the start of something especially when Jamie entered his phone number in Ben's phone. But, with the "I'll see you around" line and not "I'll call you soon" or let's get together again soon", I think this encounter was it with no more to come.

  3. "I didnt really have anything better to do"…….OUCH! anything else after that would have been lost on me

  4. I experienced meeting a few but I always end up not being romantically interested after. I offered friendship but they refused.

  5. Why did they say "See you around.."?? Usually that line actually refers to "Good-bye", but used in a courteous way possible. Didnt want to hurt the other party… The older bloke Ben said that first.. I think Jamie likes him and that made him cried at the end of the clip..??? He felt like guys just ddint like him enough..??? Poor Jamie..

  6. I see so much of myself in Jamie, specially after I first came out at 18. I was painfully shy and awkward and had zero self confidence. I really connect with his character so much, even to the point of crying on the platform after the date ends! ❤️❤️

  7. Anyone have any idea why Jamie cries? Is he crying out of sadness or happiness that he kissed Ben? I'm confused.

  8. Wonderful short film. Thanks for sharing this. Peccadillo Pictures folks, if you get to read this– I think you might be mistaken in your notes above where you refer to the actor playing Jamie as Sam Atkinson. The film's credits list Sebastian Christophers as the actor who plays Jamie (very wonderfully). Thanks very much.

  9. I couldn’t remember of when was the last time I went on a date. In fact, I forgot how a first date should be. I’m just tired of going out and meeting new people then eventually lose them. It became a cycle to me. I felt tired of trying again and so here I am single for so many years now…

  10. Okay children, what was the meaning of the end? What was the significance of the kiss and how is it connected to the weeping conclusion?

  11. I think I'm addicted to stories about people falling in love with each other, no matter their gender or sexual orientation. Love is beautiful, period.

  12. Great performances & lots of valid observations made by people who related to this situation but this is yet another short film with an ending that leaves me thinking “And…?” What was the point? A complete non-ending, and soooo many short films suffer from the same syndrome. If you’re making a short film understand that there’s a big difference between an open ending, an ambiguous ending, a cliffhanger ending & a fizzle because the writer didn’t have a clear goal beyond writing something as a writing exercise. Offer some insight beyond just replicating a slice of life. Have a twist to the tale. Or even just find a better ending. For example, it might have been touching for him to get home & be comforted by the dad, who see him confide in his younger brother, or meet someone nicer on the train. Or even just show him deleting the number because he knows Ben will never reply. Or radical idea: let the 2 men have an honest adult conversation about the fact that it was nice to meet but let’s not go through the pretence of swapping numbers. That would be a message worth spreading. Offer hope for better communication skills.

  13. I’m just glad the actor in the lead role is FINE (but then it’s NOT Hollywood) this guy has strong rugged features he still hasn’t fully developed his bone structure around yet. He looks like. Jock that ends up a for😊 the people politician, OR an actor

  14. I’m not sure why he cried, I have a few guesses but no answers. Was it because he was overwhelmed? That he didn’t think he’d see the guy again? That he had to return home?
    Is it all of the above?

  15. Whatever the sexual orientation is, when it comes to low self esteem, uncertainty of a new partner, and the feeling of the possibility of being left out and lonely ; it is so tremendously heart breaking.

    I guess that was what the tears for. So frigging relatable. 😥😔

  16. It was overall very sweet and innocent.. but I don't understand why he was crying after the date? Was it the relief of finding a nice guy (finally) or was it something else yet not revealed?🤔

  17. This spectacular short film reminds me of the first date I had after coming out. The emotions, the tension, the apprehension, and the mental reeling from acting on something you've been wondering and waiting for forever… Which eventually begins your journey

  18. My reaction is that they had a meeting but older guy didn't feel any chemistry. Maybe because the kid was too young or too inexperienced or not into the bar scene. Or maybe the older guy just wanted a hook-up, no obligations. As I watched it a second time, I noticed the older guy gave no compliments at all — a tell-tale sign he was going to bail, maybe not in the first minute but after 30 minutes of polite small talk.

  19. This is well done. Acting is great and it draws you in emotionally. I love being left with the idea of what happened after they met up for their first date.

  20. Why is it so hard to put into the title what language a movie is, while not this movie, on others, i feel like they are a huge waste of time

  21. You know, when you've been lonely for so long, sometimes you don't even want to rush things. It just happens, and you just can't stop yourself. And then you did it., not even knowing what's going to happen next or how the other person would react to what you've done. And then you just feel.. regret., because you did it, and you did it too fast, even you truly are not intended it to., and now you live with all this anxiety of what will the other person's going to think about you..

    I know how that felt..

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  23. He cried because he felt the same thing would happen when he was in high school with his first kiss. They never talk after they kissed

  24. Is there any one else from India here watching this, rather than me.
    Btw I felt like Jammie was playing my character, so lonely and searching for someone who can take care of him, can support him and love him.

  25. Well done! I haven't seen a Pecadillo film that wasn't. This managed to be short but engaging, endearing, and sort of depressing. But we needed a short film on this subject: an inexperienced teen going from chatting on an app to meeting, being attracted, and experiencing polite rejection in person.

  26. For a short film this one really goes right to the heart of the anxieties. And he just doesn't get any real positive support from Ben and realizes he may never hear from him again. Only the most beautiful qualify…

  27. Being gay is NOT lonely or depressing.Time you got over yourself and got out of your bedroom closet into the world.


  29. On a second look over perhaps one could be wrong. Ben really might care about Jamie, but clearly Jamie has misgivings about whether he will hear back from Ben . This is the terrible lonlyness of being gay, the inner insecurity, the lack of positive reinforcement. Very well captured

  30. The ending SLAYED me: yet another disappointment; another false start? Poor Jamie! Sam Atkinson (who has the most beautiful mouth) gives a lovely performance.

  31. I hope I can found someone before I reach 30.
    Someone who we can support each other and talk about us and share experiences in life.

    Now I'm 24 and " I'm so lonely!"
    Shit .. haha

  32. I have met my love in about 5 years ago, it was beautiful at that time. Then I went back to my country. Both of us are married with children. Now we have separated and been in ldr. I am sick now, he asked me to move there, but at present I can't. Now I want to plant Red Poppy flowers to be a surprise for his birthday. What funny from our relationship is that I am a humanity activist for Palestine and he is an Israeli. But we love and respect each other. 💕

  33. Why not make a film on what it's really like to do this??You know the shock that the person is super big very unattractive and ten yrs older then they said they were and forgot to mention there own going drug and alcohol issues or wife.Not to mention who shares all that intimate information with a stranger they just met?/Stop making films where gay people look like all they want is sex or drugs or are all sad and stupid.

  34. What lies ahead for these two? Jamie clearly wants to make a go of it if Ben can overcome his cynicism of failed relations and cut Jamie some slack in developing a sustained relationship based on mutual love for each other. From living at home Jamie is under greater family pressure and not free to spend the night with Ben. Perhaps over a few weeks and Ben meeting Jamie's father to substantiate that he has potential to be committed can the two of them start living together as a step toward marriage.

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