GAY SHORT FILM – The First Last Kiss?

GAY SHORT FILM – The First Last Kiss?

Good to be back? – Yeah. It’s alright.
– Cheaper. The missus wanted to do it out here,
Near the old schools… You, uhm, you ever wanted to leave? Not really, no. Each to their own. Thank you. Nicky restores cars, Sam. What kind? Anything, really. Mainly British
classic ones. 50s, 60s, Jags, Aston Martins… – There’s loads of collectors out here.
– That’s cool – Obsessed by anything vintage this one.
– Nice! – I was never much into cars.
– No? It’s just willy waving, isn’t it? Not
interesting. Give me a plane any day.
That’s how you make a statement. Depends what statement you want to make. A massive one, obviously! – Roland?
– Yeah? Are you coming up? Yes! A beautiful bride awaits. – Good to see you mate.
– Congratulations. – Can I join you?
– Oh the seat’s taken (!) – Just joking!
– Oh! Fine. – Don’t worry.
– Yeah. Cool. Amazing reception. Enjoying it? Not even a little bit! Your brother’s good, though. Happy. That’s all that matters I guess… Enjoying being out of the city? Er… it’s fine. So what have you been up to?
What are you doing? I finished my first year at uni. – It’s medicine, so…
– Right! – Yeah.
– Are you in for the long haul? Yeah. Saved any lives yet? – Oh, erm, no I’m not quite there yet.
– Right… – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Nice?
– Yeah! Try some. – Nah you’re alright.
– Oh no, go on! I insist. – What did I say?
– Mmm, lovely (!) – Weddings are weird.
– Yeah. It’s like… It’s like celebrating being normal. Well cheers to that! – Come on!
– What? I’ve got something to show you. Bought and restored it myself! New body shell.
Reupholstered the interior. It looks fantastic. You wanna get out of here? Have a look around! Want to go in? Okay. Cheers. Can you just hold them as well? Cheers. – Can I have a go?
– Sure! – Okay, so grab the oars.
– Ok… That’s it. What you do is basically
pull it towards you, yeah? So you want to put it in the water,
and then pull it towards you like that. No… Sam… are you alright? I don’t want to, no please… – Can you…
– Alright, relax! – Can we go back please!?
– Alright, sorry, my mistake. – Can you take me back please.
– Ok, just calm down, alright? – Sam it was just a mistake, ok? Just calm down alright?
– No please don’t touch me! Sam! Sam! Sam! Oh shit… Sam! Sam! For God’s sake, man! What are you doing, eh? I’m sorry. I don’t want to be like this. It’s fine. It’s okay. No worries. Come on. Get up. You alright? Nothing happened mate. Ok? Come on. I’ll drive you back. Sam? Yeah.

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  2. He made the first move, but he cannot even handle his own interest in the other man. How many times have I seen this over and over in the real world. So much internalized homophobia, it's really sad actually. It's still very much alive in spite of all the progress we have made.

  3. Why does every gay film seemingly involve one of the leads not accepting their sexuality or just being straight up depressing as hell?

  4. This is heart wrenching. I know for a fact that this happens. A lot. Thank you for making this, this is a treasure.

  5. Yes life can be tough, as my great,great grandad, Albert, used to say, when at the Somme, stuck in a trench, up to his balls in water " If only I had an umbrella". Yes Albert, at times life really sucks ! !

  6. I pretty much lived this general plot line, but over a few weeks – and in a much more intense way for both of us. I'm Nick (and a good amount older), and my Sam is still standing near that stone wall. I hope to — some day when he's ready — hear his complete thoughts. My door will forever be open for him, if only as a friend. Our connection, though brief, was so intense and natural, never pressured by either of us. But he seems to have walls he needs to scale. I'm giving him time and will always support his journey.

  7. Yet another guilt ridden gay short with a miserable ending…thankfully in the real world the two guys in the boat have guilt free fun sex in the rowing boat and when asked by the newly weds about the wedding smile.

  8. A powerful and beautiful depiction of the torture of the closet, the prison and pressure of heterosexual patriarchal conditioning. A destructive force and joy killer. Come-out! One way or another. Just don't live a lie or go along with it. Its better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not. Haters are numerous and will cancel-out ANY importance they may have in your life sooner or later. Even if it's a boss and costs you your job, your life will be happier and more liveable with your integrity than the wages they effectively use to get all kinds of people to sell it out, sell out their value and principles, the things which underpin happiness, love, families and communities.


    If you were watching a movie and that guy was you, what would you want the character to do and why? How would you like to see it play out and why? Would it make the most people happy or just you and those who share your values and beliefs? Are you for all, or just for yourself, your group?

  9. I’m scrolling through related videos and literally all I see are white guys. 😂
    People wonder why the majority of gay relationships on screen are always either white or biracial.
    Easy answer is racial stereotypes. Filmmakers want a calm romantic film so they pick any race except black because most stories involve coming out of the closet and closeted black men are stereotyped as being more paranoid, extremely self conscious , and sometimes violent when maintaining their cover.
    That’s why I stopped watching the LA Complex. Two black guys in love. One is a walking cliche and ends up beating up his boyfriend half to death when they got caught to make it seem like he was a victim of sexual harassment. Smh. Oh well, that’s how the world is I guess.
    Good job on this film by the way. It was very moving.

  10. Why kiss him first if you can't come out the closet? If you can't be yourself than why live a lie. Like uggghh whatever.

  11. I've read that the medical profession is hostile to gays. Sam, as a medical student, has another reason to stay in the closet.

  12. This short is very well acted, directed and produced. I suggest to watch the trailer for this upcoming film too. You may like it. @

  13. This was beautifully acted a really high-quality performance from both actors I really hope this sensitive storyline gets picked up for a full-length film I would definitely watch it

  14. This is what people call GAY PANICK. On a more serious note, I really enjoyed this too short movie. The location looks lovely and the actors were really good. I'd love to see more of it!

  15. Gosh he was such a weirdo, and I mean that in the most offensive way possible. Pitiful. Plus he was way too ugly and unattractive compared to the other guy. In Nick's place I would have pushed him into the pond myself if he ever tried to kiss me like that. Disgusting.

  16. Oh, for fuck sake when are they making a gay film with an optimistic, uplifting ending!!! We need hope, not more despair!

  17. What an insanety!!! Sam is crazy! He kissed the another boy first then fell hysterical. If you are not sure in something just don't do it!!!

  18. How can we expect the public to accept us, when we can;t accept ourselves. Thankfully it is much easier to do today. Praise be..

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  20. Thank you for uploading this sad-but-sweet film. So sad for those, like Sam, who "don't want to be this way." Poor Sam may never know if Nick was meant to be the love of his life. The sexual tension in the air from the moment they first spoke was thick enough to cut with a knife. Sensing a glance and Sam's shyness, Nick made all the first moves: asking to join Sam on the terrace when they were the only people there; inviting Sam for a drive and the boatride where he put his hands on Sam's. Finally, when the tension became too intense, causing Sam's emotions to explode and kiss him, Nick kissed back with even greater passion. Would so love to see how these events played out in their lives long term. It has all the makings of a great love story. Certainly I'm not alone in this belief. Please ask director Anderson to consider, at least, a Part Two.

  21. I got so excited but Sam ruined it 😫 like come on yes ur scared. But ur with a sweet guy, explain ur self and then give him one more kiss. He’s not gonna tell or out u or some shit

  22. If a guy kissed me and I kissed him back And he acted like that…I'd go in the other direction and never look back.
    We All want to be 'normal' in a world that cannot define normal without judging.

  23. Brits are so stoic. We latin gays be like " wtf dude? You kissed me and RAN? And why did you jump from the boat you big drama queen?"

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